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24 Sep 2013

I do not like being treated like a mushroom.  Kept in the dark and fed BS.  This is what Mr Dick Tator and his regime do constantly. Put out a false flag, hold up a shiny object or just tell lie after lie all the while knowing the sheeple will just nod their heads and agree.

The following video is one I found yesterday after hearing some rather interesting things.  I cannot say it is news as I don’t know if it is true.  I hope it is true.  If true, there are fear factors included because it goes to show just how much of a dictatorship we are under and how incredibly worse things are about to become.

Freedom at last.  This is very good news for the man put in federal prison for violation of probation.  Federal prison and not local. Did the added bank fraud charge  make the difference or was it really to keep folks from discovering the truth?  This is the man who made the video trailer that no one saw that “caused” 4 Americans to be murdered in Benghazi.

This next bit of information should take people way back over 6 years when the community organizer stated new coal, plants could open but he would bankrupt them.  Right after the election we saw electricity prices soar [which Tator also said would happen].  I will bankrupt businesses.  I will make utilities soar in price.  Vote for me.  And the sheeple said, sounds mighty good to me.  And so it came to pass all the Messiah said [except for jobs, strong economy, etc.].  Recently Mr Dick Tator said he was putting in stronger emission control rules/laws/whatever.  And here it is.

More videos/articles on different subjects.   Well, duh.  Affordable my butt.  Free my ass.   Poisoned food is now normal?   Mr Dick Tator sent troops to 30 nations in Africa.  Why?  Domination.  This is a must see video.

I go to our local newspaper and read the stories making headlines that interest me.  I glance over the others.  I go to the Opinion page and have noticed of late that most of those same articles are from the front page.  WTF!  We don’t get real news but merely some hack’s opinion?  Oops, I did forget.  All this media falls under “entertainment”.  Explains a lot.

I don’t know about any one else but I want to hear the Boston alleged bomber speak out and tell his side of the story.  I want to see him appear in court without being drugged up.  I want to hear if he truly needed that trach or did the cops just slit his throat to keep him from talking or possibly even die on the way to the hospital.

I want to know why the Boston cops were at the Navy yard during or right after the shooting.  I want to know why the SWAT team, was ordered to stand down.  Why was Aaron Alexis allowed through 2 checkpoints with a loaded sawed off shotgun?  I want to know the names, rank, positions of all those murdered.  I want to know if those murdered were on their way to arrest Mr Dick Tator on treason charges.

So, NSA, what was the chatter before all this happened?  Are you in cahoots with Dick or what?  What do you suppose will happen to you and/or your families when you out-live your usefulness or grow a pair and decide to be a whistleblower?  Tator and Billary love adding notches to their invisible gun belt.  Will you be disappeared, suicided or deemed a terrorist after your bullet ridden corpse is found?

I am not a mushroom!

God bless America.

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