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23 Sep 2013

It doesn’t bother me what others think about me.  I do not like the idea of the many misconceptions folks around the world have about America.  Just like all the other nations on this planet, the citizens are not the government.  Americans citizens don’t sit around in their mansions with staff waiting on them hand and foot all the while plotting on how to take over the world.  Our government, on the other hand, is filled with such people.

The New World Order, Bilderberg group, elites, globalists and central/world banks control everything in terms of money.  No nation goes untouched by them.  At the top of each you will find the most corrupt, evil and vile entities on the planet.  Their ultimate goal is to rule Earth and eliminate most of the population where only their slaves will be left to do their bidding.

So many different things to observe.

Eugenics is occurring through wars, vaccines, GMO food, abortions and more.

Wars are started through false flags.  Meaning a country will kill their own citizens just to blame it on their enemy for justification to attack.  Citizens who survive fall for it and demand their government save them and extract revenge on those accused.

Bankrupting countries by overtaxing, phony schemes such as climate change/global warming/carbon taxes.  Give us all your money because you are destroying the planet.  The money is given to those who continually jet around the world, live in luxury and give speeches about how bad all the lower classes are in their evil ways.

One set of folks are demonized so another can step in as the rescuer and monopolize or dominate.  And the sheeple believe.  A prime example is ovomitcare.  America’s healthcare has never been the problem.  It has always been the insurance corporations. Amazing how inexpensive it is to see a doctor when you pay in cash.  Amazing how the cost for medicine, tests and hospitalization would be without insurance corporations and Big Pharma.

Holistic medicine was favored far above medical doctors and drugs until the propaganda created by pharmaceuticals and the AMA decided they wanted that money.  Just look at all the lethal side effects of modern drugs.  Look at all the doctors pulling out their prescription pads while not even looking at you or listening to you.  Doctors [not all] make money off pushing the drugs and Big Pharma gets richer with each patient.  Doctors treat.  They do not cure.  Vaccines are filled with Mercury, formaldehyde, preservatives and live cancer viruses.  There are “clean” vaccines but they are provided to the highest in the food chain.  Cold and flu season really gets a jump start once the flu shots are given.

The H1N1 is patented.  Scientists in labs developed it to give to humans so they can sell the vaccines.   HIV [man-made] was and possibly still is in the vaccines given to males in California.  Anybody care?  Some do.  Others?  Meh.

UN Agenda 21 wants all the lower classes of citizens and nations living in crowded, congested, small apartments with zero emissions.  Japan wants folks to use “body heat” to stay warm.  Germany wants to use turbines of some sort for…well, they just never said.

Most of American soil will be off limits to the citizens.  Most are to be relocated into major cities.  No private vehicles.  Only walking, riding a bike and public transportation.  You will have a job given to you by the government and your children, if you allowed to have them, will be taken by the government for training.  Sounds pretty far fetched, right?  Research it and see for yourself.  MSNBC has already had their ads about children not belonging to their parents but to the “collective”.

What happens when you crowd folks into small areas?  Diseases break out.  Tuberculosis, meningitis and others.  Crime really goes up.

Small Pox was once totally eradicated.  Totally.  No more did anybody in the entire world have this terrible disease.  However, two countries did have the virus kept locked up in laboratories for “study”.  America is one of those countries.  Not quite sure what the other country is so I will not guess.  Now guess what disease has suddenly been making its appearance?  Yep, that’s right.  Small Pox.  Of course it didn’t show up in America.  These things are started in third world nations for deniability reasons, pleads for more vaccines and it’s great for eugenics.

Remember Haiti?  Any one?  Hit by a hurricane and left devastated?  Lots of money donated?  Lots of celebrities showing up at fundraisers?  Lots of politicians running around?  Oh, you mean the one where people still live in tents or have no shelter, no electricity, barely any food Haiti?  Yes, that one.  Please do not worry.  The resort towns are doing just fine, thank you for asking.

How many know it was the UN rescue team workers that brought the cholera with them and infected the Haitians?  I couldn’t understand how a disease outbreak could happen so quickly until it was traced back to the UN workers.  Just where did all those donations go?  Hardly any money was spent on Haiti and the country is still not up to livable standards by any means.  Who cares. After all, the new cell phones are out!

War!  War!  and more War!  Yippee.  Mr Dick Tator and John Kerry are beside themselves.  They just can’t wait for one of their false flags to be committed so they can go to war.  Oops!  I meant to send more American troops to war.  Not enough Syrians have been killed.

Iranians are next.  Nuclear war is certain unless the citizens of the world and especially American citizens scream STOP to the Dick Tator.  He has committed so many acts of treason and war crimes that make Hitler and Mao look like choir boys.

The recent “re-plumbing” construction at the White House was a bit too large, too deep and too secretive no matter how much shit old Tator spews out.  It was more likely an extension of the bunker or a new one.  Do not fool yourself.  Tator will be hidden safely away along with the others once the killing spree begins here in America.

What difference does it make, right Billary?  Your blind sycophants are already calling you madam president.  You are a much bigger warmonger than Mr Dick Tator.  You’ve always wanted absolute power.  One of the first things you will do is reinstate the draft.  Please fall down again and don’t get up.  Did “he makes us laugh” Billy Boy give you syphilis and your brain is rotten or are you just that evil?

Media refuses to report on the extremely toxic waters headed our way from Fukushima.  They don’t mention the tar balls, mutations or marine life still dying from the Gulf of Mexico.  Miley Cyrus is still making headlines.  All is well.  Can’t have coal for use but all the alternative “green” energy sources are proving useless right now.  Love how those foolish enough to buy into the “green” cars are now paying more in taxes because they are not using enough gasoline.  Wind farms are killing the birds.  Solar panels can’t function at full capacity because the deliberately placed chemtrails are interfering.  “Smart” meters are making entire neighborhoods ill.  Utilities are still rising in costs.  Food is poisoned and yet still getting more expensive.

Get your phones!  Get your free phones!  Get your healthcare!  Get your free healthcare!  DO It! or you are a racist, terrorist, anti-American, white ass cracka, patriot, veteran, libertarian, anti-abortionist, conspiracy theorist, conservative, constitutionalist, liberty-loving person.

Mr Dick Tator called over half of American citizens the enemy.  Billary told us Al qaeda was our friend.  Piglosi said we must vote yes on ovomitcare in order to find out what is in it.  Tator and Kerry said it does not matter who used the sarin gas.  We must kill, punish and go to war.  The world drew the red line and we must kill, kill, kill.  Drone them all.  The “innocent” that have been killed should not have been in the strike zone anyway so they must have been in cahoots with the terrorists, rebels, protesters, regime, etc.

No wonder other countries are confused about Americans.  We are enslaved by our own regime.  Just like the rest of the world.

All those “shovel ready” jobs were meant for the grave diggers and crematory workers.  FEMA Re-education Camp for all!

Please research the Phosgene gas that is stashed away at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.  Ever wonder why all those birds died two years in a row on New Year’s Eve?  Make sure to read about the murder and cover-up of the whistleblower.

God bless America.  God help us all.


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