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20 Sep 2013

I love Autumn and Winter.  I love my windows open and listening to the birds and my wind chimes.  Not too sure how things will be for the rest of this year.

I had to clear out over 150 pieces of spam this morning.  These folks need to get a life.

It’s taking me a long time to start this.  The words just aren’t there and I’m not sure where to begin.  Everything seems to be connected and it all spells doom for America.

A known mentally disturbed man on psychotropic drugs is able to gain access to the Navy yard through two check points with a sawed off shotgun.  Am I reading all this correctly?  Was he a contractor or IT person?  Was that really his first day on the job?  Why do the stories keep changing?  How come no body knows anything?

A SWAT team was on the scene ready to defend those innocent people who were murdered.  They were told to stand down!  Stand down.  Reminds me of Benghazi.  Some body was in need of not only a body count but a high body count.  I remember hearing the body counts during the Vietnam War.  It was not a “police action”.  It was a war.  Many thanks to those who served.

The Boston Police who were at the Boston Marathon bombings were at the Navy yard.  How did they get their information to be there so quickly and why did they show up in the first place?  Washington, D C doesn’t have enough qualified police?  Something is just not right.

Update at 11:25 a.m. ET. ATF Team At Scene:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has about “20 specially trained, locally stationed special agents” at the scene, NPR’s Carrie Johnson reports. She says it’s the same team that was instrumental in capturing accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


Another shiny object to talk about because…drum roll…we are going to war with Syria.

John Kerry’s speech:

“United States secretary of state John Kerry has mocked the notion that Syrian rebels were responsible for last month’s chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

He has called on all United Nations member nations to “stand up and speak out” on Syria’s chemical weapons at the upcoming General Assembly.

Mr Kerry said the Security Council must be prepared to act in the wake of what he says was a definitive report into the chemical weapons attack.

“The world can decide whether it was used by the regime which has used chemical weapons before, or whether the opposition secretly went unnoticed into territory they don’t control, to fire rockets that they don’t have, containing Sarin that they don’t possess, to kill their own people,” he said.

“And that without even being noticed, they just dissembled it all and packed up, and got out of the centre of Damascus controlled by Assad. Please!” ”

If anybody who knows the truth about anything is wanting to become a whistleblower, I suggest you do it loudly with lots of witnesses and publicity.  Public attention seems to keep you from being killed by Mr Dick Tator.  Don’t say you are going to appear before whomever to say what you know on Monday.  You will be found suicided on the Saturday before.  Or you will be disappeared.  You might even be labeled a terrorist or drug dealer or whatever.  You just might even get droned.

Mr Dick Tator willingly funds Al qaeda by stealing American taxpayer monies for this.  Oh, that can’t be true because Al qaeda is the enemy.  Funding them would be aiding and abetting  which is TREASON.

Ireland gets it.

Get through the first video of 23 seconds and then click on Illuminati Surprise,  That’s the one I want you to see.

Just a tidbit here.  The Internet Tax Mandate is up again for another vote.  May it fail.

What is going on with the police these days?

Where is the outcry from Mr Dick Tator, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Holder, Feinstein, Emanuel?

I couldn’t go through all the photos of the school lunches as they were making me feel quite ill.

A little BS for the day:

“On July 11, 2013, the United States and Communist China agreed to restart negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT). “The two sides agreed to enter a more substantive stage of negotiation as soon as possible,” said Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng to reporters following the 5th round of the annual China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, on July 11. “China announced its intention to negotiate a high-standard bilateral investment treaty with us that will include all stages of investment and all sectors,” said U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew in his closing remarks.

According to China Daily, the state-owned Chinese newspaper, on July 13, “the US pledged to treat Chinese investment equally and fairly and to welcome investment from China, including that from State-owned enterprises.” ”

When have any trade agreements been fair and equal?  My guess would be never.

I really enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas times.  They are colorful and festive.  What will this year be like?

Virtually no American military troops in the USA.  Thousands of foreign troops here fully armed and trained under FEMA and DHS control on American soil.  More ammo, weapons and supplies to be given to FEMA and DHS with the deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  All training of foreign troops to be done with a deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  Tons of emergency rations and water for FEMA and DHS to be delivered with a deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  Mr Dick Tator out of country during part of October.  Region III gets a drill of some sort by FEMA and DHS this October.  Region III includes Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, D C, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. FEMA included gas masks for that region’s “hurricane” supplies.  Can we just connect the dots now?  This will not be a “drill”.  This is yet another false flag to see how much this regime can and will get away with.  That’s our October Surprise.

Our November Surprise is the “drill” of  the USA, Canada and Mexico power grids going down 13-14 Nov 2013.  But it will only last 48 hours.  No, 72 hours.  No, at last report up to a week IF the grid comes back up.  Wait, wait, wait.  FEMA says we should have seven days worth of food/water stored.  No, no, no.  DHS says that would make us “preppers” which makes us terrorists.  Wow. More dots to connect.

I would truly enjoy a remake to the beginning of “King Ralph” but an American version and real.  And let it be filmed in high def.  And let us be able to slow it down and play it over and over again.  Just the thought of it makes me smile.

May we all have a great day and many more for as long as possible.

God bless America.


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