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19 Sep 2013

A multiple choice pop quiz.  The answers are:

A.  the comet heading near us.

B.  Solar flare.

C.  Cyber-attack from someone.

D.  Syria attacked us so we had to blow their country up.

E.  All of the above.

The question is:  Which excuse will the regime of Mr Dick Tator use for the failure of the power grid coming back up?

I can see answer E since the story on everything changes every five minutes.  Answers C and D together could also be plausible.

You can research all day long on the subject of the 13-14 Nov 2013 Power Grid “Drill”.  Most of the stories are really just the same.  I went to the FEMA and DHS websites.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  They only have generalities and past events.  I did finally come across the ones in charge?  It’s hard to tell who exactly is in charge because no one takes responsibility for their actions.  Please check this one site.  They name no names.  They are treating this like a game.  I am simply not amused.

Here are some others about the “drill”:

I first thought okay 48 hours without power.  Have gone up to 3 weeks without electricity from Hurricane Charley but still had water.  Used a battery operated TV for news and a grill for cooking.  Shade was provided on the front deck from the oak tree on the roof.

Now I read and hear things like 72 hours without the grid.  FEMA saying we need 7 days of food and water,  Doesn’t that make us “preppers” which according to FEMA and DHS also makes us terrorists?  Plenty of talk about the failures during the drill from those about to participate.  The failures are the grid not coming back up.  That should not be an issue.  The “players” response should be the issue.  So, is this a false flag and we are not going to have our power grids back up and running?

Our water supply needs electricity to keep it safe and transported into our homes.  We need that water to drink, cook and in the bathrooms.  We need our lights, stoves and refrigerators.  So many depend on power for oxygen and respirators.  Gas pumps use electricity.  Street lights, grocery stores and countless other things.

This raises no concerns from our elected officials?  This isn’t worthy of news media to report?  If We The People are forced to participate, shouldn’t we also be informed thoroughly?  We are not mere players in some sick and twisted government video game.  This is a matter of life and death for many.

What is to be done about the panic from some?  The looting and rioting from others?  Most cops have families.  Whom will they protect first?  You or their family?  Multiple vehicle accidents which will involve injuries and possible deaths.  Loss of wages because of no businesses able to operate.  No ATMs, no food stores, no gas, no air conditioning, no heat.  Who’s brilliant idea was this?  Each and every death that occurs from this “drill” should be declared a murder.

No military leave whatsoever until the middle of November.  Most troops deployed to the Middle East.  Are you finally seeing a false flag?  Coincidence?  Pfft!  I do not believe in such nonsense.

Perhaps, just perhaps the October FEMA “drill” for region III will be enough of a disaster to stop the November attack on Canada, Mexico and America.  Why doesn’t any body question why?  Why all three nations?

Good morning NSA.  How are you doing?  I’d like to report a terrorist attack being planned at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D C.  Mr Dick Tator is planning to attack the USA and blame it on Syria.  John Kerry, John McCain and many others are involved.

Gotta love all the shiny objects being thrown our way.

Let’s move on to others news.–sector.html

This one is just sickening.       

This one is very interesting.

In this time of great struggles for many folks it is heartwarming to know that my county mayor and commissioners are getting a 21 percent pay raise come January 2014.  I think they are being most generous in giving themselves that raise.  Let’s give them a round of applause, shall we?

Stay safe.  Stay alert.  Research until you are content with what you hear, read and know.

God bless America.  God help us all.

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