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18 Sep 2013

I found this little video helpful and insightful about universal healthcare.

At Janet Napolotino’s farewell dinner, Vice President Joe Biden boldly proclaimed to Attorney General Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s cabinet members, and others in the crowd. . .

I think Janet should be in the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Shall we raise our glasses of Hemlock and toast them all?  Please, let’s put good old Uncle Joe back in his cage.  Give him a cookie and keep all microphones away.

And the beat goes on….DUBAI, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that President Hassan Rouhani had exchanged letters with U.S. President Barack Obama, confirming direct communication between the leaders of the two countries.

The United States and Iran cut off formal diplomatic ties in 1980, shortly after students and Islamic militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took American diplomats hostage.

Aren’t there rules in place for ambassadors to do this?  Is there even an ambassador to the main country this regimes wishes to attack after Syria?  Way to set up another soon-to-be-labeled tyrant, Dick.

After reading so many intelligent comments from such well-informed citizens about needing to ban all guns from Americans, I need to say that Washington D C is a gun free zone.  Just like Chicago.  Put a “Gun Free Zone” sign in your front yard and see how long you remain safe.

Love how we are under International Law crude as American citizens.   

I am so tired of hearing how this and that undermines our “National security” without any specifics being given and no troops have died because of leaks.

I can think of four American citizens who died from the inactivity of those in the Situation Room and those playing Spades on a certain night during the Benghazi attack.  I can also recall how a certain film maker is still in jail for making a movie trailer that virtually nobody will admit to seeing.  Is there is movie?  Has anybody seen it?  Ah, but the charges were violation of probation.  Guilty before being proven innocent.  It’s the regime’s way.

I really enjoy Steve Crowder videos.

I just realized a whole mess of my stuff disappeared.  I will try this again.

Propaganda from CNN on the Navy yard shooting.

Oh, this is just not right.  Mr Dick Tator is aiding and abetting the enemy even more.  I do believe that is called treason.

With all his rhetoric about carbon footprints, how come we never hear from Al Gore on this subject?  He makes loads of money off his carbon taxes on a phony global warming climate change that is actually in truth just the opposite.

Poor little Mr Dick Tator wants so badly to punish Syria by attacking them that he is beginning to sound like a very sadistic dominatrix.

It is long past time to audit the Federal Reserve.

We need to get out of the Middle East before more of our troops are slaughtered.

Why is FEMA shutting down the very program that was being helpful for Colorado during their floods?

It’s really sad when some are wanting America to become more like China.

Are we about to have yet another citizen disappeared or suicided?

Looks like cold and flu season is starting as flu shots are being offered and the sheeple are gobbling them up.

All is well with our ocean waters.  All is ,,,,,.well,,,,,not really well.

Still not ready to comment on Navy yard shooting.  More questions now.  Was the shooter really a Buddhist with severe mental problems that required some serious medications but allowed the ownership/rental of AR-15/s that were either rifles or shotguns or something else, still employed by the  US government as a contractor with clearance, blah blah blah?

It seems that so many itty bitty things [mental issues, medications, dismissal from Reserves, anger issues and who knows what else] would make a sane person think twice before allowing this individual access to weapons, to the Navy yard or even not having to go through security.

All in all, is this just another shiny object to get our minds off Syria?  France is still itching to strike, attack, kill, main in Syria and still blaming Asaad instead of the rebels for the use of chemical weapons.  Kerry hasn’t spoken for five full minutes about Syria.  Perhaps he is in need of new drums to beat.  Dear leader is packing his golf clubs to go to out of the country and Feinstein still yells for American citizens guns.

“Just another day in Paradise.”

Good morning NSA.  How’s it hanging?  A little to the Left?  bwahahahaha.  I made a funny.

God bless America.


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