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31 Aug 2013

Mr Dick Tator – are you about to commit yet another act of treason?  Why are you so bent on murdering innocent people in Syria? You claim it is for the integrity and safety of America.  That is such baloney.  It is your ego and your own lack of integrity you are concerned over.

Assad did not murder his people.  The rebels you help finance along with Al qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are the true terrorists and you are aiding and abetting them.  These are acts of treason and war crimes.

The American people are not behind you.  Only about 9 percent still pee on themselves in their adoration for you.  That means that 91 percent are against your lies, treason, racism, hatred and murderous ways.

It does matter who did the chemical attack.  You are so incredibly stupid.  Chemicals found in rebel caves.  Videos of rebels loading the chemicals into missiles for launching and bragging about it.  Rebels openly taking credit for the attacks.  And yet you and Kerry scream it was Assad whose weapons are still being guarded by Russian troops and still accounted for.

Tell you what, you piece of garbage.  You and Kerry put on the uniform and go to war.  Please take Billary, McCain, Piglosi, Holder, Feinstein, Reid, Janet Napolitano and all your other anti-American warmongering comrades with you.  Let’s also include Rev Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  That is twelve.  Enough for the Buffoon Unit.  Go into Syria and have fun.

I have great empathy towards the Syrian citizens and all other citizens being terrorized and bullied by this most corrupt piece of shit.  I go to bed at night wondering if they are being bombed and slaughtered.  I wake up in the morning dreading what I will read in the news.

To the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA and all other dupes working for this corrupt regime.  Do you really think that once your usefulness is over you will be allowed to live?  Ask the families of SEAL Team Six, Tillman, Hastings, the FBI from 9/11, Benghazi murders, Sandy Hook, Waco, Brian Terry and Oklahoma City bombing.  You will be suspect because you know too much.  You will be suspect because you just might grow a conscience and become a whistleblower.  You think just because you have been armed to fight against the American people that you are safe?  Just how safe are your families?  Pre-crime persecution will apply to you too.

Citizens of the World.  One nuclear bomb set off will release all the others.  There will be place to hide.  No place to go.  The trigger happy leaders of the corrupt governments are just bullies cowering under their beds praying to their master Satan that they will survive.

Will WWIII be blamed on a video that nobody ever saw?  What difference will it make?  Right, Billary?  May the rest of us be able to live long enough to read the autopsy reports of the Buffoon Unit.

God bless America.

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