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28 Aug 2013

To all the citizens of the nations around the world.  I hope you realize that we Americans are just like you.  We love our families.  We try to do what is right in this life.  We want to live our lives in peace and be left alone.  Just like with the other nations, our government is corrupt.  I can safely say our government is one of the most corrupt in all of history.

I’ve seen folks from other nations ask what will become of them if America falls.  I do not know.  I don’t even know what will become of us if our own country continues to go on its most destructive path.

I see us in Syria before the week is out.  The answer as to why is very obvious.  War is profit.  The rebels used some of their stash of chemical weapons to kill innocent Syrian citizens.  The chemicals have already been found in the rebels caves.  However this is not what is being told.

Mr Dick Tator, Cameron and the UN want to go to war.  So they have already denounced Assad as the criminal.  The UN was already there on the day of attack so it is total bs to report that Syria won’t let them in.  The UN is to determine only IF chemicals were used and not who did it.  Talk about being totally screwed up.  Assad has been targeted no matter the truth.  End of story.  But is it?

Tator and Cameron say Assad used his legally obtained chemicals on his own people.  But they are being guarded by the Russians.  The weapons are still there.

Will Congress be asked if allowed to go to war?  I doubt it.  Just another act of TREASON to be committed by Mr Dick Tator.  I believe McCain’s brain is not in good shape these days.  He wants far than just a cruise missile.  I think he has severe dementia.

Come on, Egypt.  Expose our piece of trash for the war criminal he is.  Stand up to him.  Expose how he funnels American taxpayer monies to the Muslim Brotherhood while his step-brother Malik Obama manages that money from Kenya.  Bring it all into the light of day so we can destroy the monster.  War crimes and crimes against humanity should be brought up in an international court against the peace prize winner.  He is not a god.  He is the scum of the Earth.

Egypt.  Tell the world what our own media is too spineless to report.  Tell the world about Billary and Kerry and all others so that those of us who wish to remain free may do so.  The globalists, elites and New World Order need to be held accountable for their actions.

If we are once again sent into yet another illegal war, we will see Martial Law world wide.  Hunger world wide.  Mass depopulation world wide.

What is it going to take, citizens of America and the world?  Seek out the truth before it is too late.

God bless America.

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