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26 Aug 2013

I just realized this morning that come November it will have been 50 years since we had a real American president.  By American I don’t mean of any party, male or female, color or ethnic background.  I mean someone whose main purpose is for the good and well being of America and her citizens.  President Kennedy signed his death warrant the moment he said he would not tolerate secret societies in his administration.  He was not aware of the treason being plotted by Johnson, Nixon and others.  He might have thought something was up during 1963 because there was talk of dropping Johnson from the ticket.

President Kennedy was wanting to remove American troops from Vietnam.  The corporate interests of Johnson and others were at stake.  So a false flag was needed.  The Battle of Tonkin.  And off to war we went.  So many young men and women died in those jungles.  Of all those I have known who returned not one was ever the same again.  So many in their late teens.  So many who went only because they were forced to go because of the draft.  So many spat upon and denounced as baby killers.  Jane Fonda was one of the worst accusers.  As far as I am concerned she committed treason with her visit to Vietnam and turning over those messages given to her by the POWs who blindly trusted a Hollywood celebrity.  They thought she would help.  Jane Fonda helped all right.  She helped the enemy and those men were tortured more and some died from that torture.  She aided and abetted the enemy.  Ah, but the war was portrayed as a “peace action”.  At one point our soldiers had guns but not allowed to have ammo.  Curious little tidbit.  The Battle of Tonkin didn’t happen.  What difference does it make, right Billary?  You draft-loving, warmongering weasel.

President Kennedy wasn’t perfect.  No president has been perfect but at least Kennedy loved America and America loved him.  Johnson got his wish to become president and this country has been in war ever since.  The Military Industrial Complex, globalists, elites and all the wannabees are loving it.  They have power and all the monies they can stuff into their pockets.  President Eisenhower warned America about the Military Industrial Complex.  Over 50 years later it is thriving and getting bigger each day.  It truly is a monster.

Look at some of the things happening today:

From the Public Advocate:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued an updated policy statement on homosexual behavior to its 60,000 members.

In this statement, pediatricians are told they should use their examination rooms to encourage acceptance of homosexual behavior in young children.

The AAP states, “Doctors should make every effort to eliminate heterosexism.”

Not sure what “heterosexism” means?  That’s because ultra liberals invented it to confuse people and make them feel guilty.

The simplest definition: the belief that a man-and-woman marriage is normal, and that homosexual relationships are abnormal.

Among the techniques these pediatricians are encouraged to use are:

–Displaying brochures with homosexuals on the cover,

–Placing rainbow decals and other pro-homosexual imagery throughout their offices,

Keeping a detailed list of Homosexual Lobby groups and websites to hand out to confused children.

–Making all paperwork forms gender neutral, including the elimination of the titles “mother” and “father”!

Worse yet, these pediatricians are not allowed to let parents know if their child is struggling with homosexuality or engaging in sex.

This is an absolute outrage.

But it’s hardly surprising.

For years now, the Homosexual Lobby has made our children their primary target.

The Homosexual Classrooms Act, the Homosexual Training Bill, and several state laws banning homosexual therapy — are all clear attempts to normalize and promote the homosexual lifestyle to our children.

From Pro Life Alliance:

A fact not reported by the mainstream media is that President Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, refused to support legislation to give health care to newly born babies who survived botched abortions.

Words fail.

That said, after getting over the shock of such a position, it is not difficult to see his position as the natural outworking of the lack of respect for human life.

President Ronald Reagan said it best:

“Every legislator, every doctor, and every citizen needs to recognize that the real issue is whether to affirm and protect the sanctity of all human life, or to embrace a social ethic where some human lives are valued and others are not.”

By refusing to value the sanctity of all human life, the abortionists clearly embrace a culture of death.

This culture of death brings with it a class of individuals who believe that they are qualified to determine the value of other human lives.

A prime proponent of such dangerous views is so-called “ethicist” Peter Singer, a man the New Yorker called “the most influential living philosopher” and Time magazine named one of the 100 most influential men in the world.

Singer publicly endorses medical experimentation on the mentally disabled, denying care to the elderly, and even denying rights to infants under the age of two.

He believes mothers should have a trial period where they decide whether to keep their baby.

In fact, Mr. Singer actually advocates the slaughter of the unborn and the born up to age two, purely based on whether or not that child may be “inconvenient” or “undesirable.”

Of course abortionists, trying to distance themselves from people like Singer, want to pretend that the life they take when performing an abortion isn’t a human being until he or she is born.

But here’s what they can’t explain:

If, as they claim, an unborn baby isn’t a human being 2 minutes before he or she is born, why should he or she be a human 2 minutes after – or even 2 months after?

The fact of the matter is that there really is no difference.

This is what’s in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities:

Article 4(10)(a) requires that ALL American law that could affect anyone defined as disabled conform to the “standards” of the one-world socialists at the UN, while section 4(5) forces state and local governments to change their laws to please the UN;

>>> Article 4(1)(e) gives UN bureaucrats the power to make “any person, organization, or private enterprise” conform to their standards, thus allowing them to impose costly, job-killing regulations on private businesses and give international bureaucrats unprecedented authority to violate our property, association, and even free speech rights;

>>> Article 4(2) creates an entitlement to government-provided “economic, social and cultural” rights, thus creating a legal obligation for Congress to continue welfare spending;

>>> Article 4(2) also creates a legal obligation for “wealthy countries” like the United States to provide “the maximum of its available resources… where needed, within the framework of international cooperation….”

This creates an open-ended obligation for the US to provide ever-increasing levels of “foreign aid”;

>>> Article 7(2) creates a new legal “best interests of the child” standard, while Article 23(4) allows for the removal of children from their parents anytime “competent authorities” decide the government knows the best interest of the child better than parents do.

The bureaucrats do not even have to prove the parents are unfit or grant the parents any due process rights before taking their children!

Greed and lack of morals is the fuel running America and much of the world now.

Mr Dick Tator wants college education for all, especially illegals.  Tator recently announced “An educated consumer is the best customer.”

College sounds great if you can afford it, you want to go and you qualify.  A few things wrong when a tyrant is in charge.  All citizens [well, taxpayers at least] should not have to foot the bill for all qualified, non-qualified, citizens or illegals to go to college.  Colleges cost way too much because of salaries and sports.  I think I just ticked off a lot of folks there.  There are no jobs so a junior college or community college might get you into a fry cook position faster and cheaper.  I think the main problem with all this rhetoric about college is that from kindergarten through high school the students barely learn.  They can’t read or write.  They can’t think.  Not all students but the majority.  Grammar?  Penmanship? Phonics?  Nah.  Politics?  You bet.

What will happen when the power goes down or the satellites are stopped?  So many idiots panic if their blackberry is off for just a day.

Food for thought:

“According to our lovely Ann, (is anyone else completely annoyed by the way she talks?) the people of Japan should be thankful that the earthquake is causing a nuclear meltdown and they should stop complaining. In her opinion, they’re now going to live longer than anyone in the continental United States. Yes, Ann, because nuclear radiation worked so well for the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did she spend her entire life completely oblivious to photos of the survivors of the nuclear bombs? That is the kind of radiation exposure the Japanese people would be getting should Fukushima fall apart.”  yummy!  Watch the whole thing or just go to 1:40.
The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, also called the FISA Court) is a U.S. federal courtestablished and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) to oversee requests for surveillancewarrants against suspected foreign intelligence agents inside the United States by federal law enforcement agencies. Such requests are made most often by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Congress created FISA and its court as a result of the recommendations by the U.S. Senate‘s Church Committee.[1] Its powers have evolved and expanded to the point that it has been called “almost a parallel Supreme Court.”[2]

Since 2009, the court has been located in the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse in Washington, D.C.[3][4] For roughly thirty years of its history, it was housed on the sixth floor of the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building.[3][4]

In 2013, a top-secret order issued by the court was leaked to the media by Edward Snowden. It required a subsidiary ofVerizon to provide a daily, ongoing feed of all call detail records – including those for domestic calls – to the NSA, and sparked considerable public controversy.

The FISC was designed to secretly approve surveillance targets, not decide whether and when indiscriminate mass surveillance is consistent with our democratic principles. The secret intelligence court dates from 1978, when, in the wake of the Church Commission report documenting decades of law-enforcement misconduct against domestic civil-liberties groups, Congress reformed America’s foreign and domestic intelligence policy. As part of this effort, it passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, establishing the FISC and a process for classified judicial review of surveillance for foreign-intelligence purposes.,0,1310703.story

Americans are among the best and most intelligent in the world.  This regime, this militarized police state are bullying the good folks of our nation into silence while the evil runs amok.  I understand fear but I will not let traitors to my country win.  I will not remain silent while America is sold into slavery to the globalists, elites, UN, and the New World Order.  I was blessed enough to be born a free American and I will die a free American.

Good morning traitors at the NSA.  Kiss my ass.

God bless America.

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