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25 Aug 2013

Way long time ago when I was in school we learned about real things as we didn’t have politics injected into everything.  We learned real science with evidence.  We were taught how the Earth goes through cycles.  Evidence shows that the Sahara Desert was once a very fertile area with all sorts of plants and living creatures.  The Osage area of Kansas was once under water.  You can virtually piece the continents together to form one massive chunk of land.  Plato wrote of visiting Atlantis.  There are vast amounts of old cities hidden from sight beneath the oceans.

So what happened?  Oh gee. I don’t know.  Perhaps a great flood occurred.  Perhaps earthquakes happened.  Perhaps the plates of the earth shifted.  One thing I do know is that mankind did not do this.  Why the mountains may have been created from volcanoes erupting.  Was that because of the cavemen?  Nah.  How about those pre-industrialized tribes all over the world?  I don’t believe that is true either.

Oh, dear Lord!  It was the methane gas from those flatulent dinosaurs.  Dang their hides.  That must be why they died off.  But wait a moment.  It was an Ice Age that killed them.  Aha!  It came swiftly and silently into the night and blasted them, all to dino heaven.

How about it happened gradually so that over time certain critters started to evolve into prehistoric mammals.  The Woolly Mammoth and the Saber-toothed Tiger.  Those which couldn’t adapt simply died off.  Evidence shows us that dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures did live together at some point in time.

We still have active volcanoes all over the world, even in the oceans.  They will partly decide what comes next.

Now in the present we have scientists telling us an ice age is approaching.  Most likely will be minor compared to the last one.  But one of the demigods is crying foul.  He is making way too much money from selling carbon taxes, speaking all over the world, flying his pollution-spewing jet across the globe, selling books and just plain lying about everything.  You know the guy.  He’s the one who invented the internet.  Snicker, snicker.  The elitist demigod Al Gore has convinced many suckers that he speaks the truth.  These fools who believe in global warming…no, it’s climate change…no, it’s total BS, give so much money to help the planet because of their demigod.  But where does all that money go and what gets accomplished from it?  Well, it goes into Gore’s and other elites’ pockets.  It creates faux foundations that receive grants and make more money for the elites.

Let’s look at some more facts.  Climate “change” has been at a standstill for 16 years.  The Polar Ice Caps recede  in the Summer and come back in the Winter.  Just like they have always done.

There are about 7-9 areas where polar bears live.  In one such area the population of these bears in 1993 was 1,400.  In the same area in 2007, the population was 2,158.  OMG.  Despite what uber smart Al Gore said, the polar bear population rose.  They are not in danger of becoming extinct.  The entire population is around 20-25,000.  In fact, some areas are over-populated.  Fancy that.

Must talk about Fukushima disaster.  The reactors are still leaking.  About three more are on the verge of a melt-down.  The original research/rescue team is about all dead.  The toxic waste is spewing into the ocean.  You can find maps on the internet showing it.  It is headed towards the west coast of America.  What blew upwards into the atmosphere showed up in California, Alaska and Colorado within days of the explosions.

Alaska has radiation in the fish and wildlife and plants.  Folks are getting sick.  The Yellow fin Tuna off California is toxic.  The milk in California, Texas and as far away as Vermont test positive for radiation.  Thyroid problems including cancer are on the rise.  California crops are mutated.

The next time you hear some idiot say “just nuke” an enemy you have to realize they know nothing of jet streams, trade winds or even how the oceans flow.

It has now been 27 years since Chernobyl had their melt-down.  Almost one million people have died from that.  Mostly from cancers.  The children are still getting sick from it.

Take heart, my little chickadees.  For Japan has announced the cure for all these problems.  Smile.  That’s right.  The radiation will not harm you if you smile.  Egads!  You just can’t make this crap up.  Let me try it.  I’m smiling.  Wow!  I feel better already.

Citizens of this planet:  the globalists, elites, politicians and all other charlatans are trying to sell us the biggest snow job ever.  If you give in, we are all doomed.  Please educate yourself and others.  Those who worship all these demigods are most likely lost causes.

God bless America and all who are still capable of critical thought.

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