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24 Aug 2013

Delbert “Shorty” Belton.  An 88 year old WWII veteran.  Just before he entered the Eagles Lodge for some games of pool with his friends he was savagely beaten by two black youths who left him for dead.  He died later on in the hospital.  Here was a man who served honorably for America so that even these punks could live in freedom.  A man who was always kind and helpful to others.

Anything you would like to say, Mr Dick Tator, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or any of the other racists?  Not one of you can relate because you have never been any near a man like Mr. Belton.  Any comments about Christopher Lane?  How about Matthew Owens?  Even the little baby in the stroller shot to death?  All white people murdered by blacks.  Your silence is not only deafening but speaks volumes.  These are hate crimes committed by racists.  Oops, one of the racist murders is bi-racial.  Makes no difference.  A racist is a racist.

Mr Tator, Sharpton and Jackson.  You are to blame.  You constantly spew racism and hatred.  You want this country to be  racially divided.  You love the power and control you have over the simple-minded.  You do not, however, have power nor control over the rest of America and the world who are not racists.  There are far more of us then you want to believe.  You will not succeed in your evilness.

The Muslim Brotherhood over in Egypt and other parts of the world are burning churches, slaughtering Christians and even taking nuns prisoners of war to parade about like some trophy.  No comments?  State-run media barely mentions this if they do so at all.  For a “Christian” you sure act and think like a Muslim, Mr Dick Tator.  Your supposed father and your step-father were Muslims.  Most of your family in Kenya and other places are Muslims.  You speak Arabic better than you read English from the teleprompter.

We mustn’t forget that old Tator has control over the internet.  It’s for our “security” don’t cha know.  The NSA ordered Lavabit and Silent Circle to spy on their customers.  Rather than submit to such illegal actions these two internet providers shut down their businesses.  Now the Feds [Eric Holder] want to prosecute them.  On what grounds?  For being decent human beings?  For not wanting to cause harm to their customers?  Mr Holder, you still have Fast and Furious, Benghazi and many other things to answer for. Your attempt at throwing shiny objects around won’t make them go away.

Mr Dick Tator “secretly” stopped military aid to Egypt.  I guess he got miffed that the Egyptian army threw out his choice for the Egyptian people.  Of course that doesn’t stop the monies from still going to the Muslim Brotherhood now does it.  Shh!  Mustn’t speak of such things.

Chemical weapons killing hundreds if not thousands of Syrian civilians.  So many are children.  Those still alive are paralyzed as this was nerve gas that was used.  It doesn’t matter so much as who released the nerve gas as it does to whomever gave the nerve gas.  Was it from the American government’s supply?  Was it conveniently left by the American government to, oops, fall into the “wrong hands”?  Who will invade first?  Russia or America?  And what will the true purpose be?  Why?  Why the constant need for more wars, killings and turmoil?  I’m thinking eugenics, profit and New World Order.  So much easier to control 300 million than 7 billion people.

Are the following true or false?

Gay Bill of Special rights.

Homosexual Classroom Act.

Offense of Marriage Act.

All three are true bills floating around both houses of Congress.  I firmly believe that we are born to whatever sexual preference we are.  It is what it is.  I am a child of God.  I am an American.  That is all the special I need to be.  I have the right to Freedom, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  God and the Constitution give me those rights.  Perhaps I am just wrong in my thinking.

I need to demand my “special” rights because I am left-handed.  Because I grew up in a nuclear family.  Because my children were raised in a nuclear family.  Because I am Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, Flemish, etc.  Because I worked and paid taxes.  Because I have morals and ethics?  Because I have never been arrested?  Because I speak English and have a good grasp of the grammar?

Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it.  I am special enough in God and that I live in America.  Look at the rest of the world with so many being persecuted every day.  Being droned and murdered every day.  Being homeless and hungry every day.  I have been so blessed and I hope I never take any of this for granted.  For the me me me, mine,, mine, mine, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie group – get off your high horse.  Stop with the envy and jealousy and hurting fellow human beings.  Do what is right by yourself and family.

God bless America.


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