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22 Aug 2013

I would like to thank Pvt. Manning for his service to the United States of America.  It took great courage to come forward with your information and be a whistleblower.  The video of the murders of the unarmed journalist and those around him until the street ran with blood just confirmed what I had thought all along.  Those sitting in a nice control room with their joysticks just waiting for their orders to kill truly have no idea of what they are doing.  Mechanically they know but not through the eyes of moral and immoral.  It is murder to kill unarmed civilians.  The journalist was clearly holding a camera.  Those near him were clearly unarmed as well.  If war crime trials are ever held then Mr Dick Tator will have plenty in which to be held accountable.

I would also like for Eric Snowden to remain safe.  He spoke the truth and revealed the truth.  His only “crime” was exposing and embarrassing the regime we now live under.

It has been just over two years since the Navy SEAL Six team were murdered on the orders of dear leader.  He gives the orders because he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty.  But the blood is still on his hands.

We are coming up to the first anniversary of the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  No true investigation and still no truth nor answers.  The families grieve.  Those of us who still love America grieve.  Billary wants this to all go away.  What difference does it make.  Right, Billary?  As long as you get crowned as Ms Dickette Tator.  You’ve been working on that goal for many years now.  Did you enjoy your Mother’s Day this year?  Chris Stevens’ mother did not.  Nor did the mothers of the others you helped murder.

As I’ve said before, things are moving rapidly for total take-over of our once free nation.  The only journalists allowed to report are the spineless wannabes who report on only what they are told and how they are told by their handlers.  We have The Time rag reporter who wanted his two minutes of shame by announcing he wants Julian Assange murdered.  Did he cause the death of any one?  No.  His “crime” was he embarrassed Billary and others for their nasty gossiping about other leaders of nations.  Stick out a charge of rape and the sheeple listen and believe.  There is no longer innocent until proven guilty.  Mr Dick Tator was given a Nobel Peace Prize for what he might do in the future.  Wow.  That means murders, wars, invasions and drone attacks are A-OK in Oslo’s mind.  Meanwhile legal, lawful American citizens are guilty until proven innocent and can be charged and detained indefinitely for things we might do in the future.  And the sheeple  applaud and wet themselves.

Doctors are actually telling their patients they are expendable.  Church leaders are actually telling their money givers to obey the government no matter what.  Don’t stand up for the truth.  Don’t be for good or morality.  Just obey.  And continue to hand over your money like good little sheeple. - Go to the 47:00 mark.  Listen to Dr. Blaylock. He speaks the truth 
about ovomitcare.

As you struggle to pay your bills and make ends meet, watch this video: be sure to read the comments if you want more scandals to research.  Just because the media refuses to report on this does not stop folks from dying. Russians are already here for “sports events security”.

Yes, Russian troops, Chinese troops among others have been here in America for years training.  Training?  For what exactly?  Golly gee whiz.  Think about it.  Chinese troops are on the west coast and the Russian troops are on the east coast.  What could this possibly mean?  Isn’t that slightly illegal?  Doesn’t that go against our Constitution and Bill of Rights?  Militarizing our police force is against the Bill of Rights.  Do you really think this regime cares about America and her citizens?  Pfft!

Those not born from test tubes in labs or cloning won’t be needed once the robots have been installed.  Do your research.
it is the first and last video that matter most.

Just a few tidbits you might not know about:

It’s been known since at least 2010 that the GMO corn from Texas helps transmit HIV/AIDS.

Warren Buffet gave the Bill Gates Foundation $2 billion.  Nice tax deduction.  Now Gates can produce even more polio vaccines that contain SV40.  These are cancer cells from the Rhesus monkey kidneys.

Monsanto received a world/global food prize.  I think I’m going to be sick.

IRS “accidently” released over 2300 conservatives’ Social Security numbers on the internet.  I’m sure it’s the fault of those nasty minions.  Their punishment?  A promotion or a raise and a trip to Hawaii.  Yippee!  Something, something about militarized police.  All is well.  Move along.  Look the other way.

I weep for my country.  I’ve tried all my life to do what is right and help others.  Please pray for our honorable military.  They are now all [except officers who follow the “plan”] forced to be on psychotropic drugs.  It is by design.

America is run by the elites, globalists, UN, NATO, Bilderberg, and the central banks.  We have more “reality” shows than actual TV programs.  Sports figures are like gods.  So is Hollywood.

Seek out the truth before it is too late.  If you refuse to help yourself and fellow Americans, well, what can I say?  Enjoy the new taxes on your cell phone as you try to hide from this regime.

Good morning NSA.  Kiss my butt.

God have mercy upon America and bless us all.



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