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25 Jul 2013

I do not like any kind of hatred in my life.  It drains me of energy and wastes my time.  I do, however, simply and absolutely loathe this government.  I love my country.  I am loyal to my country but I will not accept traitors of any sort as my “leaders”.  To the members of Congress – are you being blackmailed?  Have you no moral ethics or backbone?  Why have you miscreants melded into one party?  A party against the citizens of The United States of America.  You had a chance to limit the amount of spying on US citizens and yet you chose to not do so.

$85 billion each and every month goes to central banks to pay for derivatives that are not our debt and you remain silent.  You allow immigration laws to go unenforced while trying to make even more laws that will only continue to destroy MY country.  And why?  All in the name of getting votes.  You are not worthy of being an American citizen much less a representative of any sort for me.

You party hardy, you blame each other for your failures, you lack morals and ethics.  You praise the almighty dollar and lick the boots of your handlers.  You allow Mr Dick Tator to run roughshod over you and the Constitution.  You have turned the power of the purse over to him.  You claim to not know things so you cannot be held responsible.  You work in secret behind closed doors.

Please explain why I should have to obey any rules or laws you present to me?  If I spent just one day like you and others I would end up in jail.  You cater to illegals.  They are criminals.  You need to stop texting and sexting each other, grab a dictionary and learn the meaning of legal versus illegal.

You need to stop the campaigning, the partying and going on long vacations you refer to as “recess”.

You swore an oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of rights of The United States of America.  Instead, you give your loyalty to the UN, NATO, DHS, IRS, NSA, lobbyists, unions, illegals, New World Order, elites, globalists and so many more.

You allow other countries here with buying parts of our country, housing and training of foreign troops, endless wars, taxation without representation and no redress for the grievances of We The People.

You are unfit for office.  You are abetting old Tator in all he is doing to destroy us.  Your silence speaks volumes. While many foreign nations ban the poisoned Monsanto food and poisonous vaccines you just sit there.

There is a huge human trafficking problem including using children and adults as sex slaves and you just sit there and say nothing.  You don’t care about individual state sovereignty and certainly not the sovereignty of the USA.  You truly do not care that ovomitcare will bankrupt this country.  MY country.  You voted for that monster without even reading the bill.  You allowed your cowardice to show when you allowed the Piglosi to order you to sign it so We The People could be led to slaughter.  You think you are protected by your perceived elitism?  Think again.  When this treasonous regime goes down so will you.  There will be no place to hide.  Your owners and masters will gladly offer you up to We The People in a heartbeat to save their sorry skins.  You have sold your souls to the devil.

One last thing.  NSA – kiss my ass.  I am a free American citizen while you are the traitors to The United States of America.

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