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23 Jul 2013

Definition of ‘Quantitative Easing’

A government monetary policy occasionally used to increase the money supply by buying government securities or other securities from the market. Quantitative easing increases the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital, in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity.

Investopedia explains ‘Quantitative Easing’

Central banks tend to use quantitative easing when interest rates have already been lowered to near 0% levels and have failed to produce the desired effect. The major risk of quantitative easing is that, although more money is floating around, there is still a fixed amount of goods for sale. This will eventually lead to higher prices or inflation.


In a nutshell, if I understand correctly:   Bill Clinton deregulated the too-big-to-fail banks.  Deregulation is the reducing or elimination of government power.  Bill Clinton also either deregulated or privatized the US Post Office and you see what a mess that is.  High priced, pensions in jeopardy, losing money every month.  Do we really want yet another Clinton in the Oval Office?  Go away, Billary.  Please go far, far away.

Anyway, Bush II and then Mr Dick Tator both bailed out these same banks.

Bill Clinton wanted everybody to own a home.  Did not matter if they could afford one or not.  Bush II warned several times that the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing bubble was going to burst.  Congress wouldn’t listen. Democrats were in charge then.  Oops.  Bubble burst all over the place.  Now American citizens who bought mortgages for homes they could not afford were facing foreclosure.

In 2007 Bernanke [selected by both Bush II and Mr Dick Tator] announced the mortgage crisis was “contained”.  This is where QE I, II and III Unlimited come into play.  QE III without the unlimited part is equivalent to 20.4 million jobs paying $50,000/year.  But that’s not where the money goes or went.  Bernanke prints and sends $85 billion each month which is paid to those same banks to buy the mortgage derivatives that were dumped on We The People as our very own debt.  It is not our debt!  The central banks do not give this money out to the citizens.  They instead invest it into Wall Street, the stock market and stash it into off shore bank accounts.  $85 billion each and every month.  $85 BILLION each and every month!

There are approximately 114,800,000 households in the United States.  That $85 billion averages to just over $740/month for households.  It comes to $8885/year.  That is quite a chunk of change.  Money that We The People could certainly use that is paying off a debt that is not our debt.  Iceland had the same problem but they grew tired of their corrupt government and threw out the criminals and jailed the corrupt bankers.  We need to follow their example.    Too bad we have such a spineless and corrupt criminal government.

Central banks, elites and globalists run the world.  You can see the destruction all around the world caused by them.  It is by design as they are controlled by their greed.  The bankers consider themselves to be technocrats.

Google wants to implant RFID chips into every person’s brain.  No thank you.  I like being able to think for myself.  Google is part of DARPA and the CIA.  Look it up.  Research these wonderful people.

Did you know that Congress held hearings in 1969 about the cancer viruses in the polio vaccines?  Did you know those same cancer viruses are still in those and other vaccines as well as Mercury and other poisons.  Is it any wonder why cancer of all types is exploding all over?  So many ads proclaiming we need to give more money for cancer research while our government is allowing the cancer viruses to be given to us.  If this makes sense to you, then please give away your money and take those vaccines.

You might want to check the Harvard study on fluoride in our water system.  Yummy stuff there.

IF Congress makes the laws, then how come Mr Dick Tator changes laws?  Ovomitcare is one such law.  Kathleen Sebelius adds more regulations all the time and the employer mandate has been delayed.

If Ovomitcare was completely repealed then companies would start hiring full time again.

It’s time old Tator was forced to realize he is NOT above the law.  neither are Holder, Piglosi, Reid, Feinstein, Napolitano and the others.  Time for We The People to stand united and throw the bums in jail.  They can be provided trials with juries of citizens and not of the elites.  Let’s have war crimes included so we can once again be a free nation.

What difference does it make, Billary?  The difference between Liberty and Freedom versus slavery.

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