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22 Jul 2013

The song “Another One Bites The Dust” comes to mind when I think of Detroit.  Long gone are the automobiles rolling off the assembly lines.  Mo-Town?  How passe.  Unions certainly didn’t help when they made sure those sitting in seats on wheels going back and forth across aisles piecing together vehicles while being paid $75/hour. Keep those wages very high.  Union leaders are very grateful for your dues.  Didn’t want to join a union and give your hard earned money to thugs?  Too bad.  So sad.  No work for you.  Let’s add very corrupt leaders, more union thugs, gangs, etc..  And no one noticed the decent people leaving for freer pastures.  The poor were stuck.  Jobs were being shipped overseas  so wages could be in the slave category while prices for vehicles kept going up.  No maintenance on the tunnel between Canada and Detroit.  No upkeep for the parks, roads and schools.  The ruins of once beautiful homes is hard to grasp and when you look at photos it looks like third world slums.  The population has dwindled and most folks are on welfare.  The entire nation of taxpayers pay for those EBT cards.  Still welfare.

Seems like only a year ago Mr Dick Tator promised Detroit would not go bankrupt.  Oops.  It was last year.  Now Detroit has filed for bankruptcy.  We’ve known for months that those wonderful huge pensions were going to be cut.  I believe it was Bernanke who recently announced that the funds would be replaced once the economy got better.  Hello!  That means the monies were already being stolen from those who worked to earn it.  Good bye retirement.  The economy is in the toilet.  Those retirement/pension funds will continue to be drained until there is nothing left.  Where did the money go?  Only the Shadow and Bernanke know.  We need to fund another committee to think about how to investigate.  I know.  Let’s have the union leaders do it.  And please make sure they are paid for all their hard work.  Of course the American taxpayers will pay for it and much more.

Ovomitcare will now raise it’s costs even more because those still unfortunate to be living in Detroit cannot afford to pay their premiums.  Another huge domino falls toward the American citizens.

It seems that “national security” is fast becoming the cause of death for quite a few people.  Take the Boston Marathon bombings.  A friend of the alleged bombers is shot several times in the body with a shot to the back of the head.  A citizen who told friends he knew the FBI was going to kill him was murdered just as he was about to sign his statement?  A person who cooperated fully for hours suddenly attacks armed FBI agents and others?  Hogwash.

Speaking about the surviving alleged bomber, he will not get a fair trial.  The Rolling Stone magazine has already defined him as THE bomber.  Forget all about the “drill” taking place with lots of FBI, DHS, private security teams and SEALS near the finish lines.  Forget about the bomb sniffing dogs.  Forget about the news of a white conservative man taken into custody as the bomber.  Forget about the FBI stating to ignore all photos except of the two brothers.  Forget about the news conference that was cancelled because of a “bomb threat”.  Forget about it all.  Do you hear me?  Forget about it!  Doesn’t matter that there was no 7-11 robbery and that the one cop may have been killed by friendly fire.  A backpack with a pressure cooker would be bulky.  Look at a photo of THE bomber and his backpack is flat.  What happened to the other brother who was handcuffed and naked while being placed into the cop car?  How did he end up laying on the road only to be run over by his brother?  Or was he run over by another vehicle?

And please forget about THE bomber in the photos as he exits the bullet-ridden boat with absolutely no weapon and no wound to his throat.  The blood only started to gush once the cops slit his throat!  Both brother declared their innocence.  The older worked for the CIA [most likely as a patsy].  They went back for a party after the bombings instead of running and hiding.  This is what a false flag looks like.  Must blame either a white conservative or Muslims.  The photo of the blown up backpack does not look like the backpack THE bomber was carrying.  It did look like those carried by the “drill team”.  Ah, forget about it.

Where was the gun the younger brother supposedly used to shoot at the cops during the boat incident?

Used to be in America that an alleged suspect would be given a trial.  Now THE bomber will not get a fair trial.  If it is proven that an alleged bomber committed the crime with his brother then so be it.  But you don’t keep changing the official story again and again and keep lying about so much.  You don’t slit a man’s throat so he cannot speak.  Only hearsay about his confession before his rights were given to him.  Why was his hand bandaged during his first appearance before the judge?  Why did his aunt agree to give an interview only to back out at the last moment because she needed to think about her children?  The whole thing reeks of the government using a false flag to stir up trouble.  Marshall Law and total gun confiscation.

Were you aware that Mr Dick Tator promised millions of taxpayer dollars to Africa so those nations could have electricity?  Did you know that IF they have houses and cars to drive that the Earth will MELT?  Yep.  That’s what old Tator told them.

Let’s see now.  The oceans are reported to be rising less than 2″ per century.  Quick!  Build thyself an ark.  Temperatures have not risen in the last 15 years at least.  Any one remember the warnings of an ice age a few years ago?  Globalists and elites are so funny and the sheeple are incredibly stupid.  This is all for money.  And it goes to Al Gore and Bill Gates and all the rest of the scammers.  That includes the UN.  But let’s scare the superstitious African tribes that they will cause the Earth to melt if they get houses and cars.  At least their huts and lean-to’s will have electricity.  I wonder just how many Americans can barely pay their electric bills?  How many live without heat in the Winter?

Africa will get their coal fueled power plants while we continue to lose ours.  Our electric bills are way too high and keep rising.  We shall all soon have to declare bankruptcy.  That is unless we all rise up and stop this regime.  The sheeple need to wake up out of their love trance for old Tator.  True American citizens need to stand together and tell this regime, “NO!”.  No more.  We have had it.  We are tired.  We are broke.  Did you know Mr Dick Tator bypassed Congress [I know, a shock] and gave himself a raise?  He now gets $500,000/year for being a traitor to the USA.  For committing war crimes and high treason with his murdering innocent people all over the world with his drones.


To “fix” global warming/climate change/scam-of-the-century will only cost each person around $13,000.  That’s not each American family.  That’s not each family in the world.  That is each and every person on this entire planet.  But since Africans, Chinese, Mexicans and so many other citizens of the world will never be able to pay, just who do you think will pay and pay way more than $13,000 per person?  Think about it.  You might just want to listen to Lord Monckton and others so you can make an informed decision.

A few more things you should know.  Government employment is up while the private sector is down.  More folks have part-time jobs than those with full-time jobs.  This will cause the price of ovomitcare to rise even more.  But hey!  It’s FREE!

Hi NSA.  How are you today?  Kiss my ass.  You already told people how you can go back through all our records, make a timeline and open up all those recorded conversations and emails.  Please don’t worry.  It is still hidden in plain sight because the sheeple think you are just super for protecting them from the boogeymen.  As Bugs Bunny would say,  you are such maroons.

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