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16 Jul 2013

While Mr Dick Tator is busy interjecting himself into individual state’s matters and having his sycophant minions such as Holder and Reid keep up with the race-baiting, it is quite obvious just how dumbed down so many Americans are.  I’ve never seen such an openly racist person occupying the Oval Office and the rest of the government too cowardly to call him out on it.

Did anybody say a prayer, hold a vigil, conduct memorial services or even care about Daniel Atkins?  Any protests or statues erected or candles lit?  In a nut shell, Daniel Artkins was a 29 year old mentally disabled Hispanic who was walking his dog in Arizona.   After a shouting bout with a 22 year old black man in a truck, Daniel was shot and killed by the black man.  Daniel was unarmed.  The black man is not identified.  He claimed self defense.  He was not arrested nor charged.  He is free to live his life without fear of violence or lynching by the government for the rest of his life.  I guess it is okay to now kill unarmed Hispanics as long as you are black, armed and in a truck.

No outcry from Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, bleeding heart liberals. No justice for Daniel Atkins.  Sounds so much the opposite of the news today.  Mr Dick Tator will read about it in the media only if it gets on lame stream media which, of course, will not happen.

To all the racists out there:  you are so incredibly stupid.  If you had an ounce of  intelligence you would see how you are being played by this regime.  Your faux god is so cozy with La Raza it is treasonous.  La Raza is an extremist organization.  They want all whites killed.  Now before you start celebrating that you should also know something else.  They consider blacks to not be even human.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?  Why do you think he put Soto-meyer in as a Supreme Court justice for life?  She was or still is a member of La Raza.  Oh please do not take my word for it.  Research this and learn.  Think for yourself.  You have been played and it could cost you your life.

That certainly doesn’t mean you go around killing Hispanics.  You need to face the problem and put the blame where it truly belongs.  It belongs to the racist Dick Tator.  He hates whites and blacks and America.  I know.  I know.  You got a free phone[s] that the taxpayers pay for.  You get to check the “I am special” boxes for freebies and you have this huge bright and shiny Race Card to do as you please.  You are going to absolutely love the FEMA concentration camps, re-education facilities and death.

Forget that the gun free zone known as Chicago has had over 500 blacks killed so far this year.  Forget that last year blacks were being shot and killed every day.  What difference does it make?  Right, Billary?  You definitely want her as your next president because she sold out America to the UN, the New World Order and just loves the Muslim Brotherhood along with Al Qaeda.

All is well in America.  The regime, celebrities and sports figures want a lynching of a man deemed innocent by a jury of his peers.  Rest well knowing this is all propaganda for gun control and Martial Law if you start /continue rioting and spewing hatred.  It pleases your master greatly.  While you continue to be a slave, he will think about you while playing golf and jetting all over the world, living in luxury while you accept it or die.  Let’s all pop the bubbly, shall we?

While you were so focused on the shiny object that was the trial the anti-propaganda law was overturned.  Did you know that?  Do you even care?  Now we will have true state media.  State run media of only what the government wants you to hear about.  You will, of course, take Mr Dick Tator’s word as gospel.  Take dear leader’s word as gospel or else!

So continue to drink the fluoridated, Mercury and Arsenic laden water.  Continue to eat the poisoned GMO/Monsanta food.  Dear leader has his food tester with him at all times.  I wonder why.  The military is unarmed while in his presence.  I wonder why?

Please add some apple juice to your daily intake of fluids.  It’s jam-packed with yummy Arsenic.  So good for you.  Eugenics is good for the Earth.  You just keep on believing that.

God bless America.  God help us all.

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