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14 Jul 2013

The Zimmerman trial is over.  The unfounded hatred is not.  No matter how hard Mr Dick Tator, the lame stream media, the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and all others tried to make it into a racial civil rights violation the prosecution failed to prove it as such.  Mr Tator is upset because there were no riots and he could not declare Martial Law.  The New Black Panther Party and Al Sharpton are upset because there were no riots and they won’t be in the spotlight until the next “crisis”.

This was not a federal case.  Why did old ‘Tator feel the need to inject himself in the middle of it?  Why did he send people to stage protests and memorial services?  Because he is a racist and wants to wield power over this country. The elites and globalists demand it.  He failed.

The New Black Panther Party will have to wait until the next election so they can try to bully white crackas.  Don’t you get it yet?  Folks are tired of the race card, race baiting, lies and those who like to play victim.  It is old and tiresome.  Find something constructive to do.  Use your brains.  There are important things going on.  Stop letting Mr Dick Tator and others control you.

We don’t need immigration reform.  We need the existing law to be enforced.  Deport the illegals.  They must understand we are a nation that has laws.  Immigrate legally and there is no problem.  Break our laws and you should be sent home.  Fix your own country first.  Wow.  Such a novel idea.

For those still fuming with hatred, listen to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.  They wanted peace for all.  Equality for all.  You are to be known by your character; not skin color.  Listen to Larry Pinkney. Stop listening to the bullies.

Apparently Eric Snowden “leaked” information about HAARP.  How do you leak something that is already known?  Research it.  A wonderful place to start is with Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program.  They are on youtube and very informative.  Listen carefully to the son of the inventor of HAARP and what he had to say.

California is putting non-citizens in charge of polling places.  Oh, California.  Were would we be without you and Feinstein and Piglosi.

Toll roads all over America.  So many with long leases to foreign countries who get the monies.  One foreign country has a 99 year lease.  Too bad the citizens of those states get squat.

Be your own person.  Think for yourself.  Stop being sheeple.  Believe in yourself.  America has far more decent and intelligent citizens than the regime wants to talk about.  We don’t have to agree about everything.  By defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights we will remain free.  Right now we are becoming slaves under this regime.

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