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13 Jul 2013

I think I understand why the regime has injected itself into the Zimmerman trial.  This keeps it as a shiny object to focus on so more damage can be done to our country.

The NYC  Metro Transportation Authority recently released a “harmless” gas into the subway while filled with people.  All part of a “terrorist readiness drill”.  The people were even thanked.  For what?  Being guinea pigs?  For staying silent?  For not knowing about this?  There were no gas masks involved.  The Transit Authority admitted they don’t know the side effects of said gas but that it can lead to early menopause in women.  That’s a powerful punch to a woman’s reproductive system.  What about those already pregnant?  How about those wanting to have children later on?  Apparently there is no danger to men.  Who’s brilliant idea was this?

The Android OS smart phones are connected to the NSA.  This involves one third of all smart phones.  Get them while they’re hot.

Good news is that Janet Napolitano is leaving the Department of the Motherland Security [DHS].  I’m sure her replacement will be just as incompetent.

Continue watching the Zimmerman updates.  The TransAtlantic US-EU Trade Agreements merger is about to happen.  Lame stream media barely mentions this.  This will destroy America’s sovereignty.  We already lost individual state sovereignty.  Of course this leads to the North America Union.  No borders.  Just one big happy family.  Here we will get to experience the true distribution of wealth.  Since Mexico has so many poor they will be raised up while Americans and Canadians drop in income.  Must maintain equality for all.  No longer will personal responsibility and good work ethics matter.  Of course the globalists will not be included in this equality.  Their wealth is sacred and protected.

For those who are unaware, when the European Union was created the supreme leader was selected by a group of globalists.  There were no elections or consideration of the citizens.  Read up on Greece and see how well they have done in that Union.  Italy and Spain are floundering as well.  France hiked their tax rates up to 70-100%.  All is well though.  Now they are all equal and ever so happy.  Not.

Let’s say you are an American or Canadian with $100.  A Mexican has only $10.  Not fair or equal.  Therefore you are now only allowed to have $70 so the Mexican can be equal.  That’s before taxes.  Now the governments and the globalists will want their “fair” share of your money.  Don’t forget the climate tax.  Forget that the Earth goes through cycles.  Forget that the poles change position.  Forget how the globalists will never be taxed or have to give up their mansions or jets or lifestyle.  Forget that climate change hasn’t changed in 15 years.  If you have money you earned, they will take it.

Speaking of money.  If you have [or think you have] a pension coming to you when you retire, think again.  Those funds have already been raided.  You might want to research it.

I do believe most of our politicians are being blackmailed.  Mr Dick Tator rules by executive order.  He bypasses the lawmakers every chance he gets.  He disregards the Supreme Court’s decision that several of his recess appointees are invalid because there was no recess at the time.  And yet Congress [both houses] say nothing or quickly shut up if they dare speak out.  Thanks a lot, you bunch of spineless wimps.

The idiotic sheeple constantly say none of our rights have been taken away.  Free speech?  Gone.  Right to bear arms?  Gone in a lot of places.  Journalists that dare speak the truth are arrested or fired [oops. even killed].  Several homes were invaded by the police in order to stake out neighboring homes.  Illegal under the third amendment.  Fourth amendment?  Warrant-less searches.  Unreasonable searches and seizures.  Your home, your vehicle and your person.  Doesn’t matter.  Cop wants your blood?  Some take it by force.  Fifth amendment?  Seems that’s only for the IRS, DHS, FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup.  Clapper lied to Congress but it’s okay because he said he lied.  WTF!

Three and a half more years of Mr Dick Tator [if we survive that long] and then what?  Billary?  God help us all.  If you want a warmonger, murdering traitor, then by all means vote for her.  You will be pleased when she puts the draft back in and sends your children off to the slaughter.  Perhaps it will be you sent to the FEMA concentration camps if you don’t like living under the New World Order.  You should also like living in tiny apartments under the UN Agenda 21.  It’s okay.  The globalists and elites live by their own rules, pay no taxes, don’t have to comply and enjoy having you as a slave.  They claim it will save the planet.  Bill Gates wants up to 95% of the planet’s population dead in order to save the planet.  Truth be told, they only want Earth as their private playground.

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