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12 Jul 2013

Several months ago I sent the same three-page letter to six different elected representatives.  I was very serious in my opinions and questions.  It was also an experiment to see if I would get any response or just form letters.  Well, there were no form letters and only one response.  I can’t even remember which subject the senator chose but it was a safe one.  I had talked about  the UN Agenda 21, Re-education Camps.  FEMA Camps,  Second Amendment, Constitution and so much more.  None of that was mentioned.  Are any of our senators and congress members worth trusting with our country and our lives?  I am beginning to think not.  Out of six and just one lame response.

Mr Dick Tator is campaigning once again.  He is trying to “sell” immigration reform telling folks that it will be good for our sagging economy.  Keeping American jobs here in America for American citizens would be great for the economy.  But they are still being shipped overseas.  He wants the illegals to work what jobs are still here.  That will just bring down more wages, over-crowd even more our schools and cause more crime.  Those who adore Mr Tator also probably agree that we need to replace our national anthem with an Amanda Bynes song and most likely thought the Lady Gaga version was cute.

Ovomitcare gets delayed for businesses.  This gives businesses more time to reduce employee hours so the employees have to pay for this scam on their own.  Yes, his evil plan to bankrupt American citizens is coming along quite nicely.

Mr Dick Tator injected himself into the Zimmerman trial.  Totally disrespecting his daughters because he really wanted a son.  There was no reason to arrest Zimmerman and certainly no reason for this circus act just because racist agitators around the country wanted to stir up trouble.  Now the judge has told the jury that they can always find Zimmerman guilty of another charge if not second degree murder instead of finding him innocent.  WTF!  Pressure from the White House?  Guilty until proven innocent?  The cop in Chicago needs to stop saying there will be riots all over the country if there is an acquittal.  Looks like a plan to install Martial Law.

Spain, China, Italy, Russia, the Middle East and more.  What do they have in common?  Their troops have been here for years training on our soil by American troops.  I wonder why.  They are not training in the desert to fight in deserts.  They are training in the cities.  Doing drills in the cities.  They are good little soldiers for the New World Order.  God help us all.

Mr Dick Tator dare not speak the “coup” word.  To do so would mean all those millions to billions being sent to Egypt would be illegal.  Not that he would ever do anything illegal but because The People might rise up and say “No!”.

Affirmative Action is expanding.  Soon employers must hire a certain amount of gays, qualified or not, in order to stay in business.  Easily researched with S.815 ans H.R.1755 bills.

Medical records [once private but no more] are being merged with the National Gun Database.  Not just your recent records but your entire life’s records.  ALL medical records.  Think about it for a while.

What sequester?  There is a sequester going on?  Who’d of thought it.  Our elected representatives voted to give themselves a raise.  Yep.  Dated for July of this year.  The ones I saw ranged from over $55,000 to over $253,000.  Must be nice.  First bonus I ever got was for $25.  Last one I received was one of those coupon books for restaurants.  You had to activate a plastic card in order to use it.  What an insult.

How’s your thyroid and those of your children?  The toxic particles from Fukoshima reactor explosions from two years ago are still falling from our skies.  One of the levels for a radioactive isotope was just raised.  This regime doesn’t think it important to report on or tell the citizens.  In just two years the leader of the group who volunteered to go in and seal the reactors the best they could and others are dead.  The leader just died this past week.

Mr Dick Tator is threatening all foreign nations considering giving Eric Snowden sanctuary there will be consequences in doing so.  Love how the regime dictates to others for doing the very same thing to other nations.  The spy business is very lucrative.

Hey Germany.  Still asking for your gold back?  Good luck there as I doubt it still exists.  Perhaps you should just request some of that gold smuggled out of the Middle East.

God help us all.

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