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11 Jul 2013

I remember way back during the 1960’s while in grade school we were learning about German history.  More precisely it was about Nazi Germany.  The German citizens were told which citizens were the “enemy”.  Didn’t matter that those “enemies” were also Germans.  Some had been friends and some family members and still others were neighbors.  The citizens were told to report on these other Germans if something seemed “fishy” or out of place or if there was talk against the current administration.

Children were taught to spy on their parents and turn them in to the KGB.  Those good little and innocent soldiers of the government didn’t really understand when mommy or daddy got dragged away never to be seen again.

Churches were closed.  Christmas was celebrated in hiding as well as all other religious holidays.  Prison and perhaps death to those who disobeyed and were caught.

“Papers, please” was the usual chant when out and about during the day or night.  Prisons and concentration camps were built.  Everybody was spied upon and young children were dressed in Nazi uniforms when they belonged to the collective/Nazi Party.

Food was uber high in prices.  The mark was devalued to the point of almost being totally worthless.  Everything cost more and the prices just kept rising.

Eugenics was alive and well in Germany.  Adolf Hitler was elected by the people because he promised them every thing.  He wanted a pure German race consisting of tall, blonde, blue-eyed citizens.  Hitler himself was short with dark hair and dark eyes.  Hitler even had Jewish ancestry.  Schools taught children only what the government wanted people to know.  Hitler wanted world domination.  Only state-run media existed.

Six million Jews and ten million of other religious faiths were imprisoned, tortured and killed.  So many into the gas chambers.  So many children taken from their parents.  Prisoners [citizens] were tattooed with numbers identifying them.

Hitler invaded other countries that never threatened Germany.  The citizens became as sheep and adored their leader no matter what.  Fluoride was added to the water for the prisoners in order to make them docile and dumb.  Skin was removed from people in order to make lamp shades for wives of the officers and others.  Tattoos were especially desired.

Does any of this sound familiar?  It should.  Replace Germany with the USA.  Replace Hitler with Mr Dick Tator.  Replace the mark with the dollar.  Replace the number tattoos with the Real ID card.  Replace the KGB with the NSA, IRS, DHS, TSA and other agencies.  Replace countries like Poland with Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and lots more.  Replace the children in Nazi uniforms with American children in Mr Dick Tator’s personal army and scouts.  The guns were taken away from the German citizens as well.  They were defenseless.  Replace the concentration camps with FEMA camps and Re-education Camps.  Replace the number tattoos with the RFID chip.

Hitler was a traitor to the citizens of Germany and a war criminal.  Mr Dick ztator is a traitor to the citizens of The United States of America as well as a war criminal.  May we all survive to see the trials as were held in Nuremberg.

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