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10 Jul 2013

I’m not sure how to begin as I wish to be polite.  So much is hidden in plain sight.  I see no outrage by those in power.  I think politicians are only thinking about elections and getting re-elected.  Am truly wondering if any deserve it.

It’s been known as far back as 2010 that the GMO corn out of Texas helps transmit HIV/AIDS.  From a nutritional point of view GMO corn is dead.  But to produce and sell what helps spread HIV/AIDS is deplorable.

Monsanto got a world food prize.  Monsanto got a global prize for poisoning our food?  You just can’t make this crap up and it’s easily searchable.

Warren Buffet just gave $2 million to the Bill Gates Foundation.  Mighty charitable of him.  They are such good friends.  It makes for a nice tax deduction, don’t you think?  Now Gates can produce even more GMO-DNA vaccines.  These vaccines contain SV40.  This is a cancer causing virus taken from the kidney cells of the Rhesus monkey.  It is used in the polio vaccine.  You get cancer but hopefully not polio.  Fancy that.  The citizens in the nations of Africa are ever so thankful.  Good for eugenics.  Bad for people.

The IRS “accidentally” published  as many as 2319 Social Security numbers of conservatives on the internet.  Just how do you do such a thing by accident?  Must have been those pesky “low level” employee rascals, again.

Of course the IRS also spent $50 million [damn that sequester] on luxury hotels, booze and baseball tickets.

$70 million is still slated for bonuses.  That has not been cancelled out.  Certainly wouldn’t want these misfits to not get rewarded for all the mistakes and scandals.

More dominoes about to fall towards We The People.  The number of part-time workers is higher than full-time workers.  Guess the companies realized they didn’t want to pay for ovomitcare.  So that means more workers will struggle even harder to meet the continually rising cost of premiums for healthcare.  As long as our precious regime is exempt who cares?  Golly gee whiz.  I care.  Why is the regime exempt from everything that hurts We The People?

Let’s mention that we have Predator Drones flying around in our skies.  I hope folks do realize that the Predator Drones are the armed ones.  Think they are for our safety?  Think again.

To the citizens in foreign countries – The United States of America is under a tyrannical regime hell-bent on world domination, eugenics and New World Order.  Please do not confuse American citizens with the regime.  We The People are losing our rights every day.  This regime is pure evil.  Mr Dick Tator still thinks the world adores him.  The Egyptians are correct.  This regime is the cause of their misery.


God bless America.  We need as much as we can get.

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