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26 Jun 2013

I see great joy in the land of killing babies.  I don’t know how many times just this morning I read it was a great day for women and babies.  Women and babies.  Doesn’t really make sense now does it?  How is anything good for babies that are killed by women?  Perhaps it refers only to women who abort the baby girls because they really want a boy.  Oh the irony of it all.  Women who want power over men because of a conceived notion there is a “war” on women so to even the playing field, these women abort their daughters in order to have more males running around.

Make no mistake about it.  If you are pregnant that child is your son or daughter.

Let’s talk about the “war” on women.  If you look at the first year of Mr Dick Tator in office with both houses of Congress being held by the Democrats you need to look at the bills presented for votes.  The ones which would have actually benefited women were voted down by Democrats.  Look it up.

I keep reading how Republicans love the baby but don’t want to raise it once born.  Could that really be that Republicans are raising their children because of personal responsibility and do not wish to raise other people’s children because others lack personal responsibility?  I generalize because baby killing folks love to generalize.  There are many Democrats who are pro-life.  There are many Republicans that are anti-life.  But in today’s society we must put all into one or the other category.  Just like all Republicans are filthy, stinking rich and all Democrats are gutter poor.  Then why are the top money makers in politics Democrats?  Look it up.

I have never known a woman who had an abortion that didn’t have regrets or feel ashamed they killed an innocent life.  You do realize that birth control was the brain child of Margaret Sanger in California, right?  She loved eugenics.  She wanted to make sure that black babies [“weeds” she called them] were killed before having a chance at life.  For those who are so in love with abortion, have you ever asked your mother why she didn’t just abort you?  Perhaps you should.

Let’s generalize again.  ALL abortions are because of rape.  No, ALL abortions are because  of threat to mother’s life.  No, ALL abortions are due to incest.  It is more like 99% are due to “inconvenience”, baby daddy not wanting a child to be financially responsible for and selfish woman who feel that precious child [a gift from God] will ruin their own lives.

Yes, a gift from God.  There.  I said God.  I wonder how many atheists exist simply because believing in a supreme being would mean they have a conscious.  You know, critical thinking, morals, knowing right from wrong, being responsible.  Instead, if you say you don’t believe in God you can just blame everybody else for your misery.

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