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23 Jun 2013

Two very serious issues need to be addressed.  The first is ovomitcare and the second is the UN Agenda 21.

Ovomitcare is designed to install a government healthcare insurance from which there is no escape.  Premiums are still skyrocketing since it’s passage into law.  The ultimate plan is to keep costs rising until folks see no other option but to buy into the government plan.  Then you will still see the premiums go up.  More and more fees are being included under Sebelius.  She has free rein and answers to nobody.

More doctors are leaving the medical profession.  Insurance companies are offering policies that do not include children.  So much for pre-existing conditions or keeping your doctor or plan.  Companies are laying off workers and cutting back hours so they do not have to comply.

Selling your home?  It comes with an extra tax.  Still can’t figure out how that has anything to do with healthcare.

I read about the death panels before the vote to pass this insane, unconstitutional piece of bunk.  Having bureaucrats decide your fate instead of you and your doctor is dangerous.  These bean counters will think of the bottom line only.  You are history once they decide you are expendable.  And yes, some people have already been told that.  Over 65?  No Lasik eye surgery for you.  No more mammograms.  Develop cancer?  Make out your will.  You are expendable.

Hospitals are closing.  Doctors are turning away patients.  Just like England and Canada, the wait for treatment will be longer than the time you have left.

More people are becoming poorer and do not qualify to buy the insurance.  Up goes the premiums of those still paying.  Free healthcare is being offered to the illegals and so the premiums will increase a lot more.  It’s been in the news.  Research and decide for yourself.  Please remember that our beloved leader, his family and others in government are exempt from this nightmare.  Bottom line – eugenics.  You will see the population dramatically decrease.  Those not complying get to go to the FEMA camps where they will die.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  Death certificates will just say “natural causes”.  DHS and the IRS are fully armed to help you comply.  Some states are already ordering more death certificates than they should need.

Vaccines filled with Mercury, live cancer viruses, aluminium, etc.,  will be mandatory.  Thank you, Bill Gates, your eugenics loving father taught you well.

Need a scooter to get around?  You have to rent one for a year first before the decision is made as to whether you get one or not.  Probably not.

Onto the UN Agenda 21.  If you think of massive dominoes lined up and ready to fall on you, you will understand this more easily.

2020 is going to be a very bad year, if we are so lucky as to have survived to this point in time.  Agenda 21 means living [?] without any emissions.  Zero emissions.  Think about it.  Gates, Gore, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other globalists and elites [which includes Mr Dick Tator and Billary] want the world population decreased by 95% and more.  Get a calculator and do the math.  That’s an awful lot of folks to kill off.

Germany and Japan are fully committed to be comply-able by 2020.  People will live in cities and in apartment buildings.  Japan will rely on body heat [seriously] while Germany wants to use turbines.  You just can’t make this crap up.

The map of the USA is all over the internet as to where people will be allowed to live and the areas off limits.  It is quite astonishing.  These will be small apartments.  There will be no garages or places for your vehicles.  You will get to work [and yes, you will work] either by walking, public transportation or riding a bike.  You will have a job because your children will go to government schools to be indoctrinated…I mean educated.

What will you do for fun?  No time for that.  No money to rent vehicles for a vacation as most of the land is off limits.  Getting taxed for owning that electric vehicle yet?  On its way because the taxes for road maintenance are falling.  Anyway, you want to walk your pet?  Oh please.  Pets expel emissions.  There will be a limit on number of children you will be allowed to have and there will be no pets.  Think about it.

Do you really think the globalists and elites are going to give up their mansions, private jets, pets, lifestyle just because you have to do it?  Bwahahahaha.  They are raking in millions to billions just on carbon taxes and other means.  They will still have their steak while you get the Japan’s poop steak.  They will spew their emissions jetting all over the globe while you work like slaves to benefit them.

Those curly light bulbs have already been proven to lower IQ.  Those “smart” boxes on homes are making people in entire neighborhoods ill.  The vaccines are loaded with Mercury, live cancer cells, aluminium, etc.  They will be mandatory because that is Gates’ wish.

What happens when you crowd people into small spaces?  Diseases.  Research it.  TB and meningitis just for starters.  I think even cemeteries will be a thing of the past.  Can’t pollute the land so just get burned up and ashes flushed.  Only you will be drinking this water so do not worry.

The elites do not eat GMO food nor anything by Monsanto.  The water they drink is non-fluoridated.  They get only “clean” vaccines if any at all.  They are gods.  Kiss their asses now!  Do not forget to eat your insects for protein.  So what if it really destroys the ecology by way of the natural food chain.  So what if the wind farms are killing birds?  So what if the contrails are making solar energy decrease by 20-30%?  What difference does it make?  Right, Billary?

If you do not believe me, just do some honest research and see for yourself.  The truth is very frightening but I would rather fight against the globalists, elites, Monsanto, Bilderberg and this regime we live under than live through their idea of our future.  Educate yourself and decide how you will live.

Don’t you feel ever so safe knowing those smart, energy efficient appliances are listening to you, know when you are home and watching your every move?  Now that’s freedom.  So are the drones flying overhead.  Are you on Mr Dick Tator’s kill list yet?  You will be if you disagree with these plans.  Your choice.  Chances of dying from a lightening strike are greater than a terrorist attack [unless of course it is provided by our own government].

I intend to live my life as a FREE American with liberty.  I do not want this dictatorship saying they will keep me safe as long as I comply.  That is not liberty nor freedom.

You can research [read] the UN Agenda 21 book and the Re-education Training Manual online.  You can actually buy the UN book from the UN.  Look it up.

God bless America.

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