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21 Jun 2013

Mr Dick Tator has put into his new budget a proposal to limit the amount Americans can put into their retirement plans.  How ever so nice and thoughtful that a multimillionaire can dictate how much money you can live on if you are even lucky enough to retire.  That’s similar to saying politicians can use insider trading to make millions but you can’t.  Oh, wait.  It’s already like that.  Gotta love globalists and elites.

Now Mr Tator is trying  to enlist professional sports teams to endorse ovomitcare so more sheeple will join.  Another way to eat up your retirement savings.  Not to worry.  All those illegals here will gladly get jobs and pay taxes to help out.  Well, except the Islamic.  They will be exempt because they are just like family to Mr Tator.  Just like auntie Illegal in Boston and good old drunken illegal uncle.  I’m sure they are enjoying living off American taxpayers each and every day just as they have done for years.

How come we no longer hear anything about mom-jn-law voodoo queen?  Too busy chopping off chicken heads and drinking the blood, I suppose.  One can only guess.

“What we’re seeing taking place in Syria is heartbreaking,” President Obama said during a debate with Mitt Romney last October, “and that’s why we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we are helping the opposition.”

Let’s demand another peace prize!  Pentagon is funding [crap, American taxpayers are funding] al Qaeda who is fighting the Syrian rebels.  We are also funding and arming these same Syrian rebels.  I guess funding both sides makes it a win-win situation.  Meanwhile peace-loving, anti-war John Kerry wants to bomb Syria.  What fools these mortals be.

It’s still sequester time.  Makes perfect sense that the IRS is planning on giving employees $70 million in bonuses.  Yippee!  More debt for Americans.

God bless Monsanto.  They are going to receive a World Food Prize for pioneering  GMO research.  The very GMO’s that are being banned all over the world [except the USA] because the food is killing people.

Our cows, hogs and chickens are being pumped full of steroids to ensure that they’re bigger and fatter.

“And the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the livestock industry uses 29 million pounds of antibiotics each year.

Have you ever heard of ST398?  (You likely haven’t; the government would like to keep it hidden, too.)

It’s an antibiotic-resistant staph infection – sometimes called “Pig MRSA” – that’s slowly spreading into the general population of farm animals.”  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Pesticide use is through the roof. In fact, to foster the highest possible crop yields, approximately 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States every year.”  And we are ingesting it all.

Glyphosates in our drinking water.  CA has 1000 times the recommended dosage.  We want more in all the water.  So what if that is Round-Up weed/grass killer.  We all want to die to save the planet.  Such a moronic regime we live under.

Now we are being told to eat insects for our protein.  Must save the cattle for the elites to consume since they are so much more important than the rest of humankind.

For all the numb-nuts out there, let’s get real.  Insects are part of the food chain.  We need some for plants.  We need some for putting nutrition into the soil.  Animals, birds, fowl and other critters need them as their food source.  The bees are already dying in great numbers [thank you Monsanto] so the crops are affected.  Go to where the people eat insects as their main staple of food and what do you see?  Desert, wasteland, no life basically.  Just starving, malnourished humans.

Bloomberg of NYC.  Bless his heart.  He wants all to compost.  Who will pay for the compost bins?  Where will all this compost be used in a city with mostly apartment buildings?  Perhaps Bloomberg and the rest of the rats will eat roaches.  Will they have to compost?  Pfft!

The FDA does such a great job in keeping our food safe.  You might want to check out all the recalls lately.

So glad the Mr Dick Tator family pays for their own vacations.  Too bad the American taxpayers are the ones forced to pay for all the millions wasted on security, vehicles, transportation, staff [including food tester], etc.  By all means go to Africa and please just stay there.  Somewhere a village needs its idiot back.  What sequester and what difference does it make?  Right, Billary?




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