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19 Jun 2013

Perhaps we need a new set of politicians.  Ones who never went to college and ones who especially never went to law school.  The ones we have now are incapable of rational thinking.  They cannot see further than a few moments in time.

Prime example is this nightmare/amnesty for illegals bill/act/whatever.  It involves letting around 20 million law-breaking non-citizens to stay in the USA.  Ahead of all who have waited up to ten years to legally enter our country and become legal, law abiding citizens.  Assimilating, English speaking citizens, I might add.

One major reason is the thought that this will produce a whole new group of taxpayers.  Watch the economy explode, right?  Nah.  Think about it.  Just how many of these illegals are being paid “under the table”?  Does anybody truly think their employers will then add them to the books, register them as employees and deduct taxes?  Why weren’t those millions to billions in tax dollars already being collected?  Do you think these freeloaders will actually want to start paying taxes, pay into Medicare and Social Security?  They already get food stamps, free ER medical treatment, free phones, etc.  Do actual research and you will see this is true.

The “welcome to America package” includes more food stamps, free ovomitcare, free education, drivers licenses and voting privileges without having to show ID.  Ah, there is the true reason.  Votes.  Surprised?  Just about everything a politician does these days is for votes.

And yet it still does nothing to secure our borders.  Which means open borders, loss of American sovereignty, North American Union, amero for currency, more terrorists coming from the Middle East via South America learning Spanish and crossing our very insecure borders.  There are Congressional reports on this listing the countries and number of illegals caught from each enemy country.  This report used to be made public.  No longer is it available to We The People.

Mr Dick Tator has committed treason.  Eric Holder has committed treason.  Billary has committed treason.  Janet Napolitano has committed treason.  John Kerry just gave the Muslim Brotherhood how many millions of US taxpayer dollars recently in Egypt?  Add him to the list.  There are probably 50 more that can easily be added.

Hey, NSA, go screw yourself.  I’ve been sending you messages for years in my emails.  Same for the FBI, DHS, CIA and the rest in the alphabet soup.  Traitors committing treason each and every day.

I’ve seen the FEMA camps, I’ve seen the UN Agenda 21 book.  I’ve seen the Re-education Training Manual.  I’ve seen the FEMA coffins, the Council of Governors list and map of America under UN Agenda 21.  I’ve seen the black helicopters and the three cameras on the trunk of police cars.  I know about Bilderberg.  I know about the globalists and elites.  The cancers in vaccines.  The Georgia Guide Stones.  You are all scum.  You will not be among the living after you have totally destroyed The United States of America.  You will start destroying each other for more power.

“What difference does it make?”  There is a big difference because too many Americans have died by your hands.  What difference does it make indeed.

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