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10 Jun 2013

The news seems to be getting more depressing with each passing day.  There is good news but it doesn’t sell like celebrities and their sex lives or their plastic surgeries or their arrest records or drug habits.  Whether Hollywood, sports or politicians, they are all they same.  Quite frankly, they are very boring.  To find the real and important things that affect us in our lives you have to dig deep.  You have to research.  Critical thinking is very important because each side [and there is more than just two] only seem to give their version and leave out anything that would make them look bad.

Mr Dick Tator ran partly on whistle-blowers being able to openly tell their information of wrong doings without persecution.  Sadly, such is not the case.  First it was if something seemed “fishy”, tell the White House.  But when the fishy things being reported came out about the government it wasn’t received so politely.  People started getting persecuted and prosecuted.  The whistle-blowers were now targets of the very government that encouraged them to come forward.

Want to go to college?  Great; here’s the stimulus money.  But the dictator was none too pleased when folks chose private or independent schools to attend and actually learn a trade instead of the crappy public institutions that dictate you must think and act like them.

Now whistle-blowers are the enemy for exposing nasty secrets of things happening.  Once again it is involving some part of the government or corruption in society.  A member of Anonymous came forward about high-school football players raping a girl and posting the photos on the internet.  The FBI raided his home and confiscated things that most likely aren’t connected to their “case”.  I hope this brave man isn’t disappeared or suicided like others in the hands of the FBI or CIA and sometimes local authorities.

I think of Pvt. Manning.  So many call him a traitor and think execution would be great as a punishment.  He exposed how cruel and inhumane some of our military are towards innocent people.  All should see the video he exposed of trigger happy soldiers begging for permission to kill an unarmed photographer and those around him.  It is heart-wrenching to watch and listen to.  The murderer may have been in a safe and far away location doing the killing by remote control but it was no video game.  This is real life and those giving the orders to shoot are just as guilty.  All should watch until the end where the blood covers the road.

Now Pvt. Manning looks pasty and a bit emaciated.  He has spent too much time in a 6′ by 8′ cell for 23 hours a day.  He is forced to sleep naked because the elastic in his underwear might harm him.  I pray for his safety from this regime.

Then there is wiki-leaks.  I read all I could find on the leaked articles of such monstrous “national security”.  Not once did I find anything that could ever put our troops in harms way.  What I did see was heads of state of quite a few nations bad-mouthing each other, gossiping and such.  This included, of course, Billary.  She is such a nasty, vindictive witch.  I think billary got a bit embarrassed but What Difference Does It Make?  Right, Billary?  You and your ilk are the true traitors to The United States of America.  It is you, Billary, who has committed treason and should be charged, arrested, indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Did you enjoy attending the Bilderberg meeting this past week?  Surrounded by all that evilness must have thrilled you to no end.  I think I counted over 40 murders you and your “he makes people laugh” husband have committed from the days in Arkansas through the days in the White House.  But let’s add at least four more Americans from Benghazi, shall we?  Have you tried on your crown and purple robe for 2016 yet?

Our Founding Fathers gave  us The Constitution and The Bill of Rights to protect us from the likes of Mr. Dick-Tator, Billary, Holder, Feinstein, J Napolitano, Piglosi and so many others.  So many others.

God bless America.

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