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20 Nov 2013

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November 20th, 2013 Posted 10:46 am

I see we are getting close to Thanksgiving, Christmas and another New Year.  For so long I had hoped the next year would be better.  I do not feel that way right now.  I guess too many years of watching things get worse for all around the country and world.

For right now I would like to see if I can create some critical thinking in folks.  Just on two topics.  Global warming nonsense and health insurance crap.

Global warming.  Climate change.  Dying polar bears.  Too many people.  Green energy.  Stop eating meat.  Eat insects for protein. It goes on and on.

Oops.  In the 7-9 sub regions where polar bears live, they are thriving.  A couple regions are over-populated with…..polar bears!

The polar ice caps recede in the Summer and they INCREASE during the Winter.

As for eating insects, what will happen to all the critters who rely on insects to live?  The food chain is there for a reason.  The eco-system exists for a reason.

Green energy is not so green when the wind turbines kill tons of birds and bats.  Solar panels are not so good when they fry birds extra crispy.

Green cars are made using petroleum.  Their batteries are toxic.  Electric cars use ELECTRICITY!

Just a short little note first.  Anybody remember Greenpeace?  Not the greenies of today but the ones who tried to stop the whaling ships years ago and deforestation of the jungles.  They no longer are the same people.  They were taken over by the likes of Al Gore, the Rothschild family, Buffett and others.

Al Gore spends his time jetting around the globe, talking about saving the planet all the while maintaining his mansions, jets, yachts, etc.  The Rothschild family own the central banks and control the money along with Dupont, and the others.

Here’s the plan.  In order to save planet Earth from humans destroying it, folks will pay a carbon tax.  Pay those taxes and the pollution levels drop, animals thrive, temperatures stop rising, etc.  Bwahahahaha, good one.

If there is a corporation that emits any kind of pollution/emission/whatever, all they have to do is buy “carbon credits” from Gore, Rothschild, Dupont or any of the others and they stay in business.  Because these corporations pay for the “carbon credits”, they must raise their prices so they can maintain their profits.

Non-developing, under-developed, non-industrialized and under-industrialized nations do not pay.  Taxes for citizens of all the other nations pay more in taxes for emissions.  Prime example in the USA is California.

Okay, we have corporations buying “carbon credits” to continue to pollute.  Countries that do not pay is because they are poor. Other countries paying taxes/buying “carbon credits” because Gore, Rothschild, Dupont, central banks and celebrities say so.

Global temperatures have not risen for about 16 years.  Evidence [not speeches] indicates we are entering a cooling off period. Anybody who paid attention in school before the government/political slant was fully implemented should recall that Earth goes through cycles of warmer and colder.  This has been going on for eons.

Where do we get our heat?  The sun.  Fancy that.  Some months we are closer and have Summer.  Other months we are further away and have Winter.  Some years we are closer to the sun and some years we are further away.  We have rainy seasons.  We have times of drought.  A year with snow and a year with none or very little.

A big expensive “scientific” report comes out but it was years later that we find deletions of the opposite side’s findings occurred.  A slanted, one-sided report does not tell the truth nor the whole story.

After all these years what have we seen?  Gore, the Rothschild family, etc., have grown their bank accounts by the billions in dollars.  Corporations buying their “carbon credits” have continued on with business as usual.  Smaller companies who could not afford to pay have gone out of business.  Taxes keep rising.  Prices keep rising.  Has the Earth been “saved”?  Of course not.  The Earth is not in danger from people.  The people of the Earth are in danger from the likes of Gore, Rothschild, etc.

The elites and globalists [which include the central banks] are in collusion with each other to get their long sought after New World Order.  A One World Government.  They wish to save Mother Earth from the people.  The Georgia Guide Stones show their plan. These are real stones in the state of Georgia.  The rules are in several languages and any body can go see them.  You can also read them on the internet.

The world population is around 7 billion.  The guide stones say the population must not go above 500 million.  If you know basic math, then you realize that means 6.5 billion have to go.  That’s an awful lot of folks.  But here’s the fun part.  This is where another globalist/elite plan comes in.  Bill Gates and his merry band of eugenicists.  A Rothschild family member started eugenics.  Sent it to Germany [Nazi’s extermination of humans] and then it came back to the USA in California via Margaret Sanger who developed birth control to get rid of the black weeds.  Sanger referred to black babies as “weeds”.  Bill Gates learned about eugenics from his father who was a major partner in Planned Parenthood.  Do you see how they are all connected?

Humans = bad.  Carbon credits/taxes paid to globalists/elites = good.  A New World Order/One World Government with absolute total control over 500 million peons = excellent.

New World Order is being accomplished through…..ta da…..The United Nation via the UN Agenda 21.

While Gates is off killing as many folks in third world nations as he can, UN Agenda 21 is busy telling people there are too many humans and we should not have things like private property, vehicles, families, electricity or dwellings other than micro-apartments.

“Green” cities are where people are cramped together in small apartments, walk, ride a bicycle or use public transportation only. The children belong to the collective, i.e. government.  The government will do all the education to have the children ready to enter their work force.  No private property or homes.  No individual states with sovereignty.  Totally open borders.  No country having any sovereignty.  All minerals, property, land, water, seas and oceans, air space, etc., is to be owned by the New World Order.  The leaders to be chosen.  No more elections.  You will have a job.  You will pay taxes as long as you live and you will eat the poisoned GMO food while the leaders have the only access to their private mansions, organic food, uncontaminated meat, water, jets, vehicles, etc.  The globalists and elites will not have to give up anything.

Mr Dick Tator promised $millions to African nations so they can have electricity.  I thought electricity was bad.  We cannot have non-leaking coal powered plants but Africa can?  We have leaking nuclear power plants and dear leader wants more?  Numbnuts also told them they cannot have homes and cars because that harms the planet.

Yes, you will have a job except for the ones where the robots do the work.  Time to cull the herd.

Japan claims full compliance by 2020.  They will rely on “body heat” for warmth in the Winter.  Oookay.  Germany also wishes to be ready by 2020 and will rely on wind turbines for air.  Well, alrighty then.  They are all set for compliance.  Fools.

So, we see where money must be given to a select few who put it into their bottomless pockets so corporations can continue business as usual.  The evil, polluting people need to live in green communities without electricity, private anything, must work and have zero emissions.  Yes, zero emissions is the plan.  Impossible?  Yep.  But so what?  It’s for the planet Earth to be saved!  I guess that means no pets allowed.  They eat, emit gas, don’t work and pollute.  Buh-bye Fluffy.  Buh-bye Fido.

Want to know the real kicker?  The sheeple love this.  They agree with everything because they do not see the death machine coming up behind them.  Take away their cell phone for a day and they drop into the fetal position.

But wait.  There’s more.  We must talk about how to cull the herd.  Get ready for the real celebration.

Forced sterilization has been going on all over the world for years and years.  Thanks to the lamestream media we hear no evil, see no evil and dare not speak of evil.  Vaccines, endorsed by Gates, are full of mercury, formaldehyde, live cancer cells, live viruses and other wonderful goodies.  Vaccines that sterilize, give cancer and just plain kill.  Psychotropic drugs to keep all sedated that cause murder, suicides and even more illnesses.  Fluoridated water that sedates [thanks to Nazi Germany] that is toxic waste sold to states to put into their water supplies.  Poisoned GMO food products void of any nutrition that when the insects eat the veggies they die.

Now enters universal healthcare, affordable healthcare, ovomitcare.  So many other nations that have this system have tried to warn Americans to NOT do this.  Stay away from it.

But no.  The trendies want to be liked.  They want to join the popular kids in the class and be just like them.  They want to strut around and feel good about themselves and superior to all others.

Stupid mo-fos should have read the bill.  Should have used critical thinking.  I read the bill.  I saw the death panels.  I saw the extra taxes on any thing  remotely connected to medical use.  Sell your house?  Pay an extra tax.  Just how is selling your house even a possible part of healthcare?  Need a mobility scooter to get around?  You must rent one for a year before even being considered for a prescription.  Over 65?  Bean counters will decide what and if you get any surgeries, treatments, drugs, etc.  After all, Bill Gates says the choice between extending a life or hiring 10 new teachers is a no-brainer.  So just die and we get 10 new teachers.  Buh-bye grandmom.  Buh-bye granddad.  So long handicapped, disabled, non-functioning, non-productive people.  So sorry but you must die so more teachers can be hired and the Earth is saved.  Free birth control.  Free abortions.  One child policy [being considered]. Abortions don’t require a medical doctor anymore.  Two deaths for the price of one.  Genius!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Healthcare was NEVER about health care.  We have/had good health care.  It has always been about insurance.  Insurance corporations and big Pharma that have continually had their profits rising.  They are literally in hog heaven right now because of ovomitcare.  There has always been charity care.  That ends with ovomitcare.  Buh-bye clinics.  Don’t have insurance?  Just plain buh-bye.

I’m sorry.  You don’t like that?  Off to the re-education camps, the FEMA family centers [concentration camps].  After all, they all have incinerators.  Hint:  Nazi Germany anyone?

I saw where the lamestream media was saying the New World Order was a conspiracy theory.  Funny.  Especially since it has been in the works since the late 1800’s.  Funny since Hitler spoke of it in his speeches.  Absolutely hilarious since Bush I brought it back from the Rio conference of 1992.  A conspiracy?  Yep.  A theory?  NO!

Everything I have written today is easily re-searchable.  Everything.  Others can probably explain it better than myself.  Charlotte Iserbyte, Rosa Koire, Lord Christopher Monckton.

So go ahead, give up your guns.  Give up your rights of freedom, life and liberty.  Keep those blinders on.  Never question dear leader.  Never seek out the truth.  Who needs the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  You have no rights anymore.

Speak up or shut up when you and your children are dragged off into the night.  I, for one, will not comply!

How soon before we all are expected/forced to wear these?

Bwahahaha.  The scheme is working according to plan.

Are you planning on camping out all night in front of the store just to get yours?

Oops.  Yes, we did see that one coming.  So sad.  Too bad.

I think he’s serious.  He should do stand up comedy.

I really like Mark Steyn.

Wow. Just wow.

Must be another one on crack.

Got no words for this one.

This can’t be true.  Not just before an election.

Just love living under a regime.  Don’t you?

Remember, going further into debt does not make you go further into debt.

Kudos to the judge.

Will tjhey soon be hooked up to the gas lines?  Seig Hiel!

How curious.  If there is no indictment then let him be a free man.

All makes sense now.,0,2929974.story#axzz2l20Vwgy6

Don’t you just love the open borders and invading illegals?  Sure you do.  Don’t you want to be a trendie?

Can we deport this jackass?  Please?  Along with so many others just like him?

How fast will he plummet down to zero?

This phucktard and those who voted  for him are almost through killing America.  There will be no freedoms left.  Thanks.  Thanks ever so much.

If she truly feels that way, why not have her perform the murder of a human baby live on stage for the world to see?  Then they can all laugh as they write their checks.

So sad.  Too bad.  Let it bite the dust.

Wow.  I thought it was impossible for a black person to be a racist.  Take note, Oprah.

Yeah, he’s ever so worried about deadlines.

God bless America and our veterans.  Fly that flag proudly.

Let Freedom reign.

God bless America forever.

Good morning NSA.  How ya doing?  Got your insurance?  Family all safe, sound and secure?  Ya sure?  How much longer before your usefulness expires?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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19 Nov 2013

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November 19th, 2013 Posted 10:22 am

No Pledge of Allegiance.  Reason given?  It takes up too much time during school.  8-10 seconds is too much time?  I recited it twice without hurrying.  8-10 seconds.  Wow.

Students are too fat.  Solution?  Cut out recess.

Somebody might get hurt.  Translation:  somebody might SUE the school!  Solution?  No more ball playing at all.  No more running. No more activity at all.

No more learning cursive hand writing.  Please sign your name on the dotted line.  Huh?  What’s that?

No more phonics.  Can’t even begin to sound out a word unless you know phonics.

Mexican flag flown over an upside down United States of America flag.  Principal says nothing because he is pc person, i.e. a doormat.

No more failing grades because the self esteem of those not learning might be affected.  Yippee!  Everybody is a winner!

No more bake sales with home made goodies.  No more car washes for fundraising.  Why bother when there are lots of cheap Chinese junk to make students sell.

Common Core Curriculum.  Developed by Communists for making good little obedient robots.  And somebody actually thought that was great?

Textbook companies rewriting History slanted to the left.  No need for facts much less debates or critical thinking.

No praying of any sort.  There are no atheists in fox holes nor the classrooms before a major test.

No more school libraries.  Everybody, uh huh, everybody has all the electronics.

Winter Holiday break.  Happy Holiday trees.  Spring Break.  Don we now our happy apparel.

No touching, hugging, holding hands.

No school nurses.  Get sick on your own time.  Keep that illegal aspirin at home.

Zero tolerance of bullying.  Really?  Some of the most racist bullies are:  bus drivers, teachers, principals and administrative staff. Shh!  They are somehow exempt as the students are too afraid to report it.

No brown bag lunches prepared by anyone.  All must eat industrialized food loaded with salt, sugar, preservatives, etc.  Don’t have the money?  Starve.  No one cares.

Hello?  Any parent out there?  Any one who gives a damn?  What has happened here in America?  When did so many adults just stop caring about their own children and the children of others?  When did so many stop caring about our own country?

I suppose we will start being like France and ban the words “parents” “mother” “father”.  We could be like Seattle and ban the word “citizen”.

That just doesn’t sound right to me.  I know this will “offend” many folks but I am a CITIZEN of the United States of America.  I was raised by my PARENTS, both a MOTHER and FATHER in a nuclear family.  I PRAYED and recited THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE every day at school.  I was taught PHONICS, CURSIVE writing, MANNERS AND RESPECT for all others.  The flag of the United States of America was proudly raised in the morning and then taken down at the end of the day with respect each and every day of school.  We celebrated CHRISTMAS and EASTER.  Classmates’ birthdays were celebrated with homemade cupcakes.  We had Christmas parties.  We exchanged valentines.  We had RECESS and P.E.  We played tag, Red Rover, kickball.  We ran and played and laughed. In the classroom we learned.  We either passed or failed.  Our teachers and principal were involved.  Our parents were involved. For most of us our parents dropped us off at school and picked us up from school.  There were days we walked.  We went to school in our own district.  We were not bused hours away from home.

We learned to debate with respect.  Our teachers maintained control with respect.  Our teachers were at school before the students and stayed well after the students left.  There were no teacher assistants.  Field trips and end of school parties were always local. We held bake sales and car washes for things needed.  We brought in canned good to help feed the poorer families during the holidays.  Taught “There but for the grace of God go I”.  We learned empathy.  We had classes of around 36 students each.

Homework?  Oh yes, we had homework.  Lots and lots of homework.  We used the library when necessary.  We also had art, music and assemblies in the cafeteria to watch movies at times.  OMG.  We had a school nurse who was actually a nurse.

There were quiet times where we laid our heads down on the desk and listened to classical music.  Other times we helped grade papers with our teachers.  All of this, all these things took place within regular school hours.  There were no early out Wednesdays. Our teachers had their staff meetings once a month after school.

At the end of the first semester and end of school we scrubbed the tops of our desks clean, packed up our book and cleaned the classrooms.  And you know what?  We had fun because we were friends and worked together as a family of friends.

We need to go back to our roots and traditions.  Really want to know why?  Because they worked.  It wasn’t a broken way of life like today.  We weren’t selfish or “trendy”  We just did what was right and decent and good.  Time to get the government out of our schools and families.

And the non-thinking only saw the word “free”.  Gee, retards, thanks a whole lot.

Truly a socio-psycopath.  She needs to be medicated and locked up.

This is what Congress does.  Make, change and delete laws.  This is not part of the job description for Mr Dick Tator.

I suppose it is high time we all thanked Monsanto for Agent Orange.

If we close the borders we are racists.  Fine!  Close those borders.  Sure beats getting beheaded.

Hey Oprah, ever say a racial slur?  You know, like tell the truth.  Are you related to, you know,, racists?  Do you hang around, you know, other racists?  Well the, you know, perhaps you and your retarded ilk should take, you know, your own advice.

Wow.  Really, cops?  Without just blocking her in and realizing there are children inside you just open fire?  Bravo, you win the imbecile award for the day.  Great job accessing the situation. 

Truth, like reality, is a great concept.

Bill Gates and his ilk along with Monsanto need to be charged with crimes against humanity.

So when do we all get our refunds?

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to join the military.

Aren’t you ever so proud of Mr Dick Tator, America and Britain’s government for being so uber good at killing people?

I guess We The little People had to wait for you guys to say the very same thing before it is taken as truth.

It is greatly possible.  Just do it.

Here’s another refund we will never see.

Another egomaniac.  Almost too funny.

Is this what is meant by chickens coming home to roost?  Not a bad thing.

Fight!  Fight!  Fight!

What does any one expect from a poser celebrity?

Yeah. You just stay classy as ever, Cher, while living in your glass house.

I went for the article but stayed for the cartoon.

Go home, Piglosi.  You are a retarded drunk.  Folks really just don’t like you.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.




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18 Nov 2013

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November 18th, 2013 Posted 2:51 pm

History.  What a wonderful thing.  When written purely on fact one can learn, explore problems, debate the questions of why things happened and what were the results based on those decisions.

When history is based on views it becomes opinion.  When history is altered, changed or slanted it becomes fiction.  Debate it all you want.  It is still fiction.

History based on only the known facts at the time are subject to change as new facts come to light.  Still history but changed hopefully for the better.

Seems like politics have always been allowed to mix with the facts.  Great for giving one’s points of view and a good place for honest discussion.  Throw in some bullying or peer pressure [beer pressure for some] and you have the recipe for where we are today. Today is tomorrow’s history.  We should never distort or cover up the facts.  We do the future no justice.

Years ago were simpler times.  One could discuss the facts and their views at the same time.  Rarely was another killed.  I am talking about folks and not governments.  Big difference.  In the end there was always the option to agree to disagree.

Now?  Now we have the politically correct bullies.  And bullies they are.  Think only what we think or you are a [insert slur, criticism, insult].  Do only as we do or [insert same response].  Say, act or feel only as we do or…well, you know the rest.

In today’s world we have the truth, half-truths and lies.  We have the leaders, followers and just plain groupies who want to fit in. Groupies who want to be on the winning team.  Groupies who have no self respect, no self esteem and are incapable of critical thinking.  If the leader is good and truthful there will be mostly good and truthful followers.  If the leader is corrupt then you have followers willing to recruit more followers for the personal gain of the leader or followers.  Groupies will change sides as quickly as those changing lanes on the highway or grocery store check-outs because they think they will go faster or get someplace sooner.

I look at the world around us and I observe my fellow American citizens.  I see the bullies.  I see the peer pressure.  I see the groupies.

Used to be people were known by their character.  Quite a lot of folks already knew this and didn’t need Martin Luther King, Jr., to tell us that.  We knew it.  He knew it,  But a little bit of reinforcement never hurts.

There has always been and will always be those who must make themselves feel better or holier or smarter or trendier than others. Right or wrong, they exist.  I do not have to follow.  There will always be racists, bigots, haters, snobs, the jealous and the victims.  I simply do not have to follow.

Being politically correct is not the same as being right.  It is being a doormat to fit in with the “winning” side, to make one’s self feel better and definitely in hopes of no one criticizing or thinking poorly of them.  That adds a lot of pressure and worry that is totally unnecessary.

Not too long ago American citizens were very capable of having real feelings, real ethics and morals.  We lived in the land of the free.  But we are free no more.  We have to dress a certain way or a reality show will make fun of us.  We have to act a certain way even if it makes our skin crawl.  We have to think a certain way or we are demonized.  I simply cannot and will not comply.  I know right from wrong.  I choose the right and the truth for me.  I have free will.  I obey just laws and refuse to go along with unjust, unconstitutional laws because it is wrong to do so.

There were people true to themselves in our forefathers’ time.  During the Revolutionary War there were those who truly believed in the fight for freedom.  There were those who truly believed in their loyalty to the king.  Many were killed.  Many went back home.  Many stayed to fight for freedom.  Right or wrong both sides followed their hearts for what they truly believed.  The British monarchy backed off and America was born.  Patriots on both sides.  Both with the freedom to either stay or go back.  Both sides living by their beliefs.

Not so much today.  Nations all over this globe are fighting for their own freedoms.  That is how it should be.  So why do so many Americans worry about what other nations think?  Why the peer pressure?  Why the bullying allowed?

America gets a “first” black president.  Wonderful!  According to the rest of the world we are now no longer racist bigots.  Yippee! The rest of the world likes us.  Forget about the facts and the leader is of mixed heritage.  Semantics, I tells ya, all semantics.

America gets health insurance for all and the Earth explodes with cheers because America has now entered the 21st century.  And they now love love love us.  Why?

Now Americans are paying more in taxes than ever before for a “product” that has nothing to do with health care.  American citizens are finding their personal purchasing power is dropping, plunging into an abyss.  Forget that it was citizens of other nations warning us about this boondoggle.  The important thing is that we are loved and fit in with the “in crowd”.

Once a beacon of liberty the USA finds itself divided in the gun control battle.  Once again the citizens of other nation try to warn us not to relinquish our weapons.  Those living in those wonderful, magical “gun free zones” have the most crime.  A gun of any sort is not needed to kill, main or murder.  The citizens of the United States of America are told to “fire a shotgun from the porch” [highly illegal], wet ourselves, throw up and……grab a pair of scissors!  Men and women weep and faint for we are saved.  We now have the perfect means to protect ourselves, families and homes.  Oh my.  I actually just typed that with a straight face.

Statistics?  Who needs statistics?  The FBI puts out statistics proving that crimes are down by 49% where there are no “gun free zones”.  Obviously Chicago, Washington DC and NYC are not doing so well.  Their crime rates continue to go up because the legal law-abiding citizens are not allowed to own a gun.  England and Australia.  Wow.  Crime ridden, murders committed but look how wonderful it is to live in a “gin free” nation.  Murders by knives, hands, blunt objects, sharp objects, etc.  The criminals still murder with their guns because they are still criminals.  Go figure.

Today’s guidelines for being “trendy”, on the “winning team” and politically correct are:

1.  Do NOT think for yourself.

2.  Listen ONLY to state-run media.

3.  Demonize, criticize ALL others who do not follow dear leader’s thinking points.

4.  Totally disarm yourself to feel safe.

5.  Vote ONLY for a member of the DRAINO party [Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only]

6.  NEVER use critical thinking.

7.  Use the RACE CARD against all who disagree with you or the beloved leader.

8.  BELIEVE there are no conspiracies nor false flags now or have there ever been any such things.

9.  Believe with all your being ONLY whatever the regime tells you to believe.

Excuse me while I go throw up.  I just will not comply.

This professor is quite the idiot.  Mr Dick Tator has a standing army.  He has militarized the police.  His own army had it’s first class graduate last year.  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are involved. The Second Amendment is very much needed and relevant today.

I think this congressman knows more about things that the idiot professor.

James Madison stated it correctly that legislators and the elected/selected are NOT above the law.  That includes  Dick, Horrible Harry and Piglosi.

I much prefer tar and feathers over being taken to the wood shed and horsewhipped.

Not really listening to the people.  It’s election time again. Still better than nothing.

Piglosi is so funny.  Not!

If the dude is against guns then why would he have one at home?

If they drive me to drink, will they drive me back home later?

No, you stupid numbnuts.  It will force legal American taxpayers to pay even higher premiums for the illegals.  Are you a new kind of stupid?  [Thanks, Bill Cosby for that line.]

And even more doctors bite the dust.–finance.html

NJ must have some very polluted water to drink.

It’s highly toxic.  So is the Mercury in the vaccines.  And the fluoride, formaldehyde, etc.

Go home Seattle.  Your are retarded.  There are no zombies except for the ones you create.  Starving people are not zombies.

Usage of critical thinking would have let you know you can’t promise everything to everybody.  Just not possible.  You thought he cared about you over power and money just because you are black?  Didn’t you really vote for him just because he is part black?  Come on, tell the truth.

It’s a whole lot easier to have all your private data stolen if you just put it on a sign in your front yard.  Cheaper too.

Excuse me but have you never heard of “on-the-job-training”? Apprentice, Journeyman and Master?  Trade schools?  We have the legal American work force if they are just given the chance.  We do not need even more illegals entering our country against the law.

Let’s see now.  Nuclear plants are leaking.  Coal powered plants are not.  Solar panel are literally frying birds extra crispy.  Wind turbines are killing birds and bats by the hundreds and thousands. Electric cars are made using petroleum.  The electric cars have highly toxic batteries, are not selling well and the owners get to pay taxes because the gas tax revenues are way down.  Great job, Mr Dick Tator.

The state run media just do not like women at all.  Duh.


Terry Family – keep on fighting.  God bless you.

Why?  Because it was wrong to do so or you had to admit to it?

Good morning NSA.  I am a Freedom loving, Liberty lover citizen of the United States of America.  How about you?

That you God for all the blessings and rights you have bestowed upon me and my family simply because I am your child.  May I never take them for granted.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.  Long may our flag fly in FREEDOM!




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16 Nov 2013

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November 16th, 2013 Posted 9:38 am

We tend to forget most of the time that a government has no money.  Even our regime has no money.  This regime takes the money of its citizens in way of taxes and spends as they please.  Things would be better if that meant living within its means like most folks are forced to do.

That would be too easy, too simple.  There are bribes to be made and taken.  There are votes to be bought.  There are wars and wars and more wars.  There are notches to be added to Mr Dick Tator’s gun belt so he can pursue his passion for killing people because he is good at it.  There are covert schemes and plans that must be hatched and drawn up and covered up when exposed.

American citizen taxpayers’ money is not enough for the games and toys.  Enter the private bank known as the Federal Reserve. You would think those printing presses would burn up at the rate they go.  Printing out lots and lots of devalued dollars and worthless rag linen.  No one knows just how much nor where it goes.  This private bank is above all.  Can’t be audited.  Horrible Harry Reid sees to that.  And his minions will vote his way.  We The little People have no say.  Kudos to Ron Paul and Rand Paul for trying all these years. But crooks don’t like to be audited.  The Chicago mafia has too much power.  Such a shame.  We could actually be a far more peaceful country if things were reined in, monies spent wisely and for truly important things.

Kudos to the citizens of Iowa!  They grew greatly concerned about the Grid Ex power grid shutdown that could have thrown them back into the 1800’s.  Those wonderful people made their state government listen to them.  Iowa opted out of the “drill”.  Bravo Iowans for standing up for yourselves.  You are heroes.  You showed America that all you have to do is be united and stand up against the evils plaguing our country.  Who knows how many lives were saved because you made sure they had water, electricity, fuel, heat, running respirators, functioning hospitals, food, traffic signals, etc..  I applaud you.

Kudos also go to the Aussies of Australia.  You are standing united against the bogus global warming/climate change/carbon tax scam of Al Gore and his ilk.  You see this money stealing plan for what it is, theft of your money to line the pockets of the thieves. Good for you.  You are also heroes.

Are you watching and taking notes, America?  It can be done.  United and peaceful or the regime’s way with violence, death  and misery.

The blame game begins.

And the executive branch breaks the law again.

California stopping fraud 10 at a time.,0,2885876.story

By law not allowed to operate in the USA.  Eh, what else is new.

Secret forces.  Secret courts.  Secret government.  Too many secrets.  No transparency.

Oh silly Mr Tator.  By law you are not allowed to do this.  But then you are Mr Dick Tator.

Perhaps if you had taken the time to read this boondoggle we would not be in mess we find ourselves now.

Woo hoo!  More debt.  Further devaluation of the dollar.  What else could go wrong?

A young person using critical thinking.  How refreshing.

I simply will not comply and buy this pig in a poke.

We are being spied upon?  By our own loving government?  Really?  No joke Sherlock.

Oh my.  Some states opted out of the Grid Ex shutdown and still no media dare report.

Seattle, Seattle.  Why do you keep on lying to your citizens?

Time to shut those backdoors and brick them up.

The DHS needs to be jailed in FEMA concentration camps.

Billary is as believable as Mr Dick Tator.

Did you try a little super glue or a bandaid?

Major bullshit alert.

Hey Seattle.  First you spy on your citizens.  Then you say you stopped but really didn’t.  You say the word “citizen” is offensive.  And now all the dead shit is attracted to you.  Perhaps you are the offensive part.

Now hiring more liars to “fix” ovomitcare.

She’s got my vote for bimbo of the century.

No, Oprah.  It’s because he is a sociopath, pathological liar, unfit for any office, megalomaniac, fascist moron.  You are both “former” crackheads.

Bad enough those wind turbines kill thousands of birds and bats. Now we get crispy fried birds from solar panels.  So good for the Earth.  No birds means more insects, more diseases.  Go Green Go.

Go Aussies.  You rock.

Come on, Japan.  Don’t fall for the lies of the greenies.  They just want your money, land and for you to die.–business.html

I really have to ask.  Is this part of the job description?

Perhaps the clergy should enforce the reasoning of following the laws instead of breaking them.  Hmm?  You certainly won’t see them housing any illegals.

We need a lot more Hollywood conservatives to speak up for values.

Must be a shallow pool of applicants.

I guess this means no Oscar or Emmy.

I have empathy for the people of the Philippines.  If they would look at Haiti today all these years after the hurricane destroyed them.  All the monies collected but not spent on the populace.  All the Hollywood celebrities getting publicity and the UN giving them cholera.  Perhaps they would be better off rebuilding by themselves.  They need food, medical help and help in burying their dead.  If they accept UN and American “help” they will still be in the same place as today years from now.  There has to be a better way.  The anger some display because no magic wand has been used to put them back to where they were a week before the typhoon hit is not going to help,.  They need to unite and help themselves.  Others will come along with true help instead of photo ops.  Americans need to do the same to help fix our own messes.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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15 Nov 2013

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November 15th, 2013 Posted 10:30 am

Woke up this morning to some clear thoughts.  Am grateful to God we still have our electricity and water.  Enough proof out there the grid shutdown was going to happen.  A couple states told their citizens and one of the major government players announced it.  So, was it a test?  A test to see if preparations were being made by citizens?  Was the weather not cold enough to shut off heat so many more would suffer?  Did the satellite not fall in the right place?  Curious it was seen from land by some but not from a satellite or telescope actually coming in from space.  Somewhere off the Falkland Islands but little pieces.  Any recovered yet?  La la la.  I just don’t believe anything this regime and its media has to say.  Perhaps there wasn’t enough solar flares to blame or not enough patsies to kill.  I just don’t know.

I do know that years ago We The People used to be at the top of the flow charts for this government.  Can you imagine that?  We The People.  Such a joke.  I think we are at the bottom.  Don’t have to believe me.  Look it up.

Fascism:   a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

Yes, my little chickadees.  We are under a fascist dictator.  That tree of Liberty isn’t capable of living with no branches.  Judicial branch is only there filled with whatever by whichever dictator can stuff in during his reign.  The Legislative branch has been severed and both houses of Congress refuse to take notice and action.  The Executive branch is judge, jury and executioner.

Now we are looking at NAFTA II and no one is noticing.  No one is caring.  The few in Congress that have been allowed to see the “secret” papers of the “secret” court of this “secret” government had to sign disclosure papers to keep this all secret and away from the others and We The little People.  We have no say in this.

The self-proclaimed king of the Pacific is about to put the final crushing blow onto us.  It’s about trade alright.  Slave trade.  This most foul and unfair trade agreement will deal with every aspect of our lives that Mr Dick Tator sees fit to impose.  It will involve the internet.  How much you will pay.  What you can see and read.  What you can write.  What you can post.  Three strikes against the rules and you are banned from the internet for life.   Didn’t any body question why he gave himself the power of the kill switch to the internet?

And to Congress [both houses] – You just sit there and allow this?  You write the laws and you let this miscreant circumvent you time and time again?  You watch him commit high treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity time and time again and yet you do nothing?  Did you or did you not swear an oath to defend the United States of America against both foreign and domestic enemies?  And still you say and do nothing.  You are not only worthless but complacent in these crimes.  You stopped being for We The little People long ago.  You sold out to the banks, the lobbyists, the globalists, the UN, the New World Order.  For what?  An extension of power?  Now that’s a laugh.  In hopes of surviving a little longer once the great culling begins?  Ha!  You will have to continue looking over your shoulder for the rest of your miserable lives.  You allow yourselves to be blackmailed into submission by your own greed and stupidity.  You are truly retarded.

Was there any apology to our wonderful, honorable and beloved veterans for the abuse put upon them?  They have been called terrorists.  You say nothing.  They have been physically and mentally abused with some even killed.  You remain silent.  They were banned from visiting the very memorials erected to honor them and their fallen fellow military.  You were and still are too busy prepping for re-election.  You are an abomination and thoroughly disgust me.

You want open borders purely for new voters.  You refuse to declare ovomitcare a scam.  It never was about health care.  It was always about increasing the power of the insurance companies.  All Americans had health care.  It was always about the insurance and you just kept shoving more and more knives into the backs of the American citizens.  You care not because you are, as usual, exempt from all the laws.

You make the laws!  You allowed UN Agenda 21 to happen.  You allowed NAFTA to exist.  You allowed UN and NATO control over our military.  You allow the Patriot Act.  You allow the funding for the MIC.  You allow all the funding for the entire alphabet soup of agencies, especially the spy ones.  You are allowing NAFTA II simply because you are too much of cowards to stand up.  That idiotic race card is so worn out and yet you allow it to prevent you from doing any sort of decent job.  But I bet your dance cards are filled already because there are holiday parties to attend.

Yep.  You make the laws.  You make the wrong kind of laws.  You don’t read the laws.  You don’t have to follow the laws.  You certainly don’t object to the Dick Tator for changing the laws even though that is not allowed.  You just blooming do not care.

Hey!  How about those 15,000 Russian troops here on American Soil?  The Polish troops?  The 10,000 Chinese troops?  Oh, I see. You are too busy on a committee trying to decide who ‘s picture goes on a new postage stamp.  Silly me.  Here I was thinking you cared.

And to you pro-choice idiots.  So desperately waiting for Billary to don her crown.  She will not be the first woman president.  I won’t even bother suggesting ant sort of research.  Your minds were made up for you too many years ago because you refuse to accept personal responsibility or use critical thinking.  I am including both males and females in this.

You do realize that Billary wants the draft back.  She doesn’t mind sending citizens children to war.  She likes racking up the numbers killed.  She and Slick Willie are up to 54 at least by now.  What difference does it make, right Billary?  I had no idea that beheading fell under “natural causes”.  I learn something new every day.

Pro-choice folks are really going to cry tears of joy once eugenics really takes off.   Yippee!  You will soon get to be aborted just like all those millions of innocent babies.  Your lives are not precious.  Your lives are not important.  You are polluting the Earth just for existing and breathing.  You are using up the resources that your gods demand you recognize as belonging only to them.

You will save the planet with your deaths.  Do not complain when it is your turn.  Nobody will care any more.  Just go willingly. Have you cursed your parents to hell for giving you, you worthless glob of crap, life and a chance to be somebody?  How dare they to even think of giving you life.  What were they thinking?  They should just rot in hell, right?

Don’t like those cold, hard facts, trendies?  Don’t like the truth, liberated, selfish retards?  You might want to think about things before you continue wishing death on others.  Especially the innocent.  Before you are aborted, I hope you curse your own parents for giving you life.  Seems only fair.  And yes, we should call eugenics abortions.  Only difference is that most will not be innocent. That HUMAN heart beating long before you know there is even a pregnancy?  Yeah, that’s an innocent life.  Those who are in favor of murdering those unborn HUMAN children?  Not so innocent.  But rest assured Bill Gates will be pleased.

I want to live long enough to see The United States of America a free and sovereign nation once again.  I want to read Mr Dick Tator’s autopsy report.  I want to be able to read where We The People are at the top of the flow chart once again.  I want to see all those derivatives shoved down the throats of the big and central banks.  The Federal Reserve private bank gone.  The UN deported. Our military back home to defend my country.  A government that works for and not against its citizenry.  A president that is 100% American.  That means one who is qualified and strictly for America and Americans first.

I have never been politically correct.  I never will be that stupid.  I refuse to be a doormat for others to tread upon.  I will continue to thank God.  I will continue to say I love Jesus.  Merry Christmas.  God bless America.  And so much more.

I really don’t want to leave anyone out.  So I will include the journalists.  Your masters were greatly pleased when Dick Tator rescinded those propaganda laws.  Now, instead of actually investigating and reporting the truth, you get to be handed a government script.  Instead of “The Neverending Story”, we have The Ever-changing Story.

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted in response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, a type of general search warrant issued by the British government and a major source of tension in pre-Revolutionary America. The Fourth Amendment was introduced in Congress in 1789 by James Madison, along with the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, in response to Anti-Federalist objections to the new Constitution. Congress submitted the amendment to the states on September 28, 1789. By December 15, 1791, the necessary three-quarters of the states had ratified it. On March 1, 1792, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson announced the adoption of the amendment.

ConstitutionFree  Photo didn’t come through but it is in the link below.

I want a body scanner for Christmas.

Looks like the King of the Pacific is going to royally screw us over yet again.  All these “fair” treaties are never fair to American citizens.  Prepare for NAFTA II.

A repeat of the above but… Merry Christmas!

Who needs a family when the village [government] is doing such a good collective job?

If I just put on a uniform for a day, may I please have $2.1 million?

I already had to stop eating poultry because of the listeria in it. Add the hormones and arsenic in it and now you expect Americans to eat that chicken from China?  Oops, my bad.  There are those who will do so willingly.

This is what war does to our sons and daughters.  May we please just stop all the wars and stop going to war.

If Wall Street were to totally collapse tomorrow, the vast majority of American citizens wouldn’t feel a thing.  The globalists and elites would feel the pain only up to the point when their bodies hit the concrete.

The real reason American troops are still in Afghanistan.

Oh wow.  I think the shrinks might need some mental health care. This is truly loony.

Now just compare this number to the number in the next article. Yeah, things are going great, aren’t they.

bwahahahahahaha.  Things still going as planned.

Some will reap what they sow.

All I can say is if you voted for Mr Dick Tator and just love love love that union you pay dues to faithfully, I guess you get what you deserve.  Those who give can take away.

Many, many years ago in school some of us were taught that one day robots would do the jobs many people did then.  We asked about what will happen to the people.  They will be out of work.  Well played, New World Order, well played.  Must be time to cull the herd.

I just loves my lithium from those chemtrails.  Don’t you?  O  M G   You will need your waders to deal with all the bullshit this guy spews out.

Piglosi needs to be sent to China for processing.

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me”.  Love that song.

Not like it’s used for anything like food.  It just kills our vehicles.

Oh come on now.  We saw this coming years ago.  Yes, years ago.

Their refusal to appear speaks volumes.

This is truly sad to have gotten so bad for this to happen to good American citizens.

Good morning NSA.  How y’all doing this fine morning?  Sleep well?  Family safe and secure for now?  I’d like to report acts of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity and terrorism going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.  Take care of that ASAP, okay?  Thank you.  Thank you so very much.

God bless America.  God bless our military and veterans.  God help us all.


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14 Nov 2013.

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November 14th, 2013 Posted 1:16 pm

I hope all is well with every body on this entire planet.  I truly do.  I wish we never had hardships and could live in peace and harmony.  Eh, it will never be.  I feel at times I am just kidding myself and should join the dark side for real like others and live in a woe- is- me world.

But a part of me has that will, desire and even passion to do what is good and help others.  Make a difference in someone’s life and I have done well.  I don’t have to save the world and I’m not sure I would want to.  I realize we must all fulfill our own destiny.  Good or bad.

Why do I still  have lights and water this morning?  I do not know but I give thanks to God,.  I thank God every day for I never want to take things for granted.  I have been very blessed.  I look around the world and see the hell in which others are forced to live. Their pain, physical and mental.  The true torture placed upon them by others.  Such abuse that I’m not sure I could deal with even half of it.

I went looking yesterday for something, anything to help me understand that or just prove to myself my research on the powergrid shutdown was true.  I found the following.

Gotta love that last one above.

And finally there is this one:

So, if a state here or there actually informs their citizens about the “drill[s]” and one of the main government players does the same, I have absolutely no explanation for my lights and water still on this morning.  I am just thankful.  My prayers have been answered.

What I do not like nor have ever liked is the tolerance and placation I have had placed upon me from time to time because there are those who feel they must do so for whatever reason.  I don’t like feeling that I’ve been played and I need to remove the knife or knives from my back.  I grow tired of it and the games people play.  The gossip, the lies for whatever reason just do not impress me. I choose my battles.  I am content in my life.  No matter the outcome I feel I have done what is right and necessary.

I look forward to this holiday season.  My finger gun is fully loaded so I can open fire upon my grand chillins as they will with me, each of us dodging those imaginary bullets while laughing ourselves silly.  And we will do crafts and hug each other.  We will tell each other of our love.  May we always have that unbroken bond between us and the freedom to be as silly as we want.

I saw these ads before.  Am glad they appeared in an article. Really ladies?  You are most concerned about free birth control? How shallow.  Too bad you have no self respect.

As long as it is “trendy”, right?  Certainly wouldn’t want others to think I’m not cool.

Geez, dude.  Then why are you all up in my business?

How about “must be an American citizen”.

I guess Who, What, When, Where and Why have been replaced with “here’s your script”.

These bought and paid for politicians have got to go.

What a wonderful woman.  Such a great letter she wrote.

How about we have prices cut?

Keep drinking that poison and soon you will not care.

If Mr Dick Tator won’t eat it and the workers st Monsanto won’t eat it, what does that tell you?  Do Not Eat It!

Go pro-gun citizens.
So what if over 2 million American CITIZENS has lost their insurance.  What difference does it make, right Billary?  These might be your new voters.  Old Tator doesn’t care.  Never did.

This is more like Mr Dick Tator’s legacy.

This headline is quite wrong.  It should have “illegal gun culture” in it.

Hey Dick!  Here’s more of your legacy.

Egads!  NY just invaded Canada.

Just more of the UN Agenda 21 crap.,0,5444176.story#axzz2kWJfel9u

Aspartame in milk is NOT a natural ingredient.  Stop screwing up our food.

I can live with this.  It’s a good plan while living under a fascist tyrant.

This really makes me smile.

Don’t look for that union label to remain in English.

Kerry needs to have a bunch of kindergarteners kick the shit out of him.  He thinks he’s such a big bad bully.

Cause, ya know, being an American veteran is so like, ya know, unAmerican.

I love this.

Serious question.  What happens when they cannot pay?

Good morning NSA.  How are you doing this beautiful morning?  I look forward to the day when all the agencies in the alphabet soup start turning on each other in hopes of trying to stay in the regime’s good? graces.  Evil graces is more like it.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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13 Nov 2013

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November 13th, 2013 Posted 9:22 am

Yahoo!  Woke up this morning with electricity and running water.  So far so good.  I give thanks to God.  I really do enjoy my coffee in the morning.  I hope everybody wakes up to the same wonderful start of the day.  May it continue.

Seems to be a little quiet in the world of politics so far today.  Perhaps the “officials” are sheltered in place where they can do no more harm for a while.

I did see where it already looks like we have our two evils to choose from already for 2016.  Christie and Billary.  No campaigning, no debates and no one else.  Gee such a democratic way of doing things.  I think I’ll just write in Jesse Ventura.  Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

Oh Seattle.  You be so trendy.

Oops.  Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

Gee.  What ever could go wrong?

A preview of what is to come right here.

Oh please, yes let this happen.

Why do they keep doing this?

And we need this because?

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Bridge for sale.  I got bridges to sell.

Take that!  Dick Tator.

The total government control takeover plan is working wonderfully.

Another troll crawls out from under his rock.

Definitely never wanted to serve our country.  Fascist pig.

I feel so good this morning.  I am prepared for whatever occurs.  Time to go off searching for news.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.





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12 Nov 2013

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November 12th, 2013 Posted 11:19 am

Here we are.  Are we to continue as usual tomorrow or will we plunge into a third or forth world in an instant?  I pray mightily that God spares us from what this regime has planned.  I don’t want this power grid shutdown.  I don’t want the chaos that will ensue. The rioting, looting and deaths that will occur.  The possibility of not knowing if family or friends are okay.

And I grow angry.  Angry at each and every person who voted for Dick Tator.  “America is a great nation.  Help me fundamentally change her”.  Redistribute the wealth.  Free healthcare for all.  Bring our troops home.  Transparency.  The list of LIES goes on ad infinitum.  Ad nauseam.  I am angry at these greedy, self-centered, our party at all costs, low moral, no ethics, mental midget retards.

Centuries ago in America and elsewhere if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat.  The young, elderly and handicapped were provided for. The shiftless, lazy able-bodied to ousted to fend for themselves.  But look at us now.  Those who work hard, pay their taxes and strive to do right are punished by taking what they earned and given to those who just want to sponge off others.

Communism’s first rule:  destroy the family.  Check.  Second rule:  dumb down the population.  Check.  Get all dependent on the government.  Just about there.

Forget character, morals, ethics, qualifications.  The fools of the United States of America voted for themselves a black guy.  Woo hoo!  See how great we are?  We have entered the 21st century at last and now the world loves, loves, loves us.

Except the world doesn’t love us.  We have more enemies now than ever before.  We have more wars than ever before.  We have lost so many allies.  Why?  Because of a dumbed down populace that refuses to use critical thinking.  The imbeciles who believe that the distribution of wealth will make them richer.  The government has made themselves richer and turned the citizens into slaves and all are vastly poorer for it.

We have state-run media.  Militarized police.  Secret courts.  More intrusive and abusive agencies in the alphabet soup and czars. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Nero, Bonaparte, and others are greatly pleased.  This once most industrious, powerful and prosperous country is about to crumble.  Please, dear God, don’t let it come to pass.

I feel no sympathy towards those who willingly are allowing this.  If you want to be destroyed that is your business.  But why did you have to destroy the rest of us?  Those of us who do no harm.  Those of us willing to earn our keep, raise our families and live in peace.

What will tomorrow bring?  I hope for the best but have watched the citizens of this country tested.  Each time there is rioting and looting the regime wins.  Innocent folks all over the world murdered and slaughtered by this regime.  Too many stay silent.  Ask the questions but receive no answers.  Vilified for asking and some murdered for finding the truth.

So many false flags that end in murders that aren’t allowed to be questioned.  Our military is being destroyed.  It’s not even ours anymore.  So many acts of high treason have been committed but you dare not speak up because others will claim you are racist. Too many spineless wimps in office.  Too much bribery and blackmail going on.

Let’s say all electronics and power grids are fried to a crisp tomorrow for the citizens.  Did you know that those transformers that connect the power grid are not made in the USA?  Were you aware they could take months to years to be produced and get here? Of course not.  America doesn’t even grow enough food to feed her citizens anymore.  Mr Dick Tator has closed so many coal power plants that many will go without heat this Winter.  Too many of the nuclear power plants are leaking.  The Keystone pipeline could have already been built except for old Tator.  The central banks dumped their debt onto most of the nations of the world.  We pay out $85 billion a month towards that debt that is not even ours.

Our borders are not secured.  Illegals are allowed to remain.  They get everything that so many legal citizens do without even though they worked most of their lives and paid into the system.  All for votes.  Illegal votes.

Rest assured that the government will not be part of those who will doing without.  They will eat.  They will drive and fly.  They will have heat in their homes or bunkers.  They will party.  They will know what is going on while we slaves go hungry.  While our elderly, ill and handicapped die.  They are not just the elderly, ill and handicapped.  They are our family members, our friends and our neighbors.  They are our veterans who fought for our freedoms.  It is called eugenics and this regime fully knows what will happen.

There finally is nothing left to do but pray.  This regime has finally taken over.  Only a miracle can save America now.  I do believe in miracles.  Perhaps there will be a “glitch” in those diabolical plans.  Perhaps there will be enough Americans to take out this regime and its cohorts such as DHS/FEMA, IRS, both houses of Congress and the NSA so that all others waiting in line to do harm will stop and rethink their actions.

Do we have any allies left that can help us?  Canada is to undergo the same “drill” at the same time.  I don’t think of Mexico as an ally.  They get the same “drill” but won’t help us either.  Other nations have their own controllers and problems.  No help there. Most of our military are thousands of miles away.  The Russian and Chinese troops are not here to help us.  Well played, New World Order.  Well played.

For all who have and are still going along with this regime, just what do you think you will get once your usefulness is over?  No one has any use for traitors and cowards.

Good morning NSA.  You are a bunch of traitors and cowards.  You could have stopped this.  Accept your fate.

You know it won’t just stop with the guns.

Everything he has done has cost more money, ruined our nation more and just plain failed to work.  He won’t be satisfied until we no longer exist.

I am so shocked.  Shocked!  I tell you.

Nah.  Will be this regime that orders his death.

You do not let a child go hungry because you are on a power kick you fucktards,.

Every weekend?  Away from family.  Such a “family” guy.  NOT.

I do not want this.  Send him back to Kenya.  The village needs its idiot back.

Will they send flowers?  Go into mourning for a day off from work?

Salon is so silly.

Oh, please.  Any food from China should not be eaten.

Those who want the illegals should have to be the ones who pay for them.  The rest of us want those borders sealed.

Because we all need to laugh.

Okay, enough of the laughter.

Getting a bit expensive?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Seig Hiel! to fascism.

Not like we haven’t been warned so many times.

Let the beheadings begin.

To all the RETARDED MO-FO’s out there that voted for that piece of shit Dick Tator – YOU voted for this.  YOU caused this.  YOU own it.

Let the trials begin.  Let death be the sentence for the entire regime.

How I loathe this regime.  I want it out of MY country.

Sit back and do nothing or stand up and be heard.  It’s only going to get worse.

This is a most worthy video.

Just because we need to laugh in between crying.

Last one for today.  I just couldn’t face any more for right now.

I will still research and seek out more news and truth.  I will still plan to write this blog tomorrow.  I will continue to pray and believe in miracles.  I ask for God’s blessings and protection for all of us.  Please stay safe.  Watch over your family.  Do what is right.  May we all live long enough to see this regime fall and America restored.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.

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11 Nov 2013

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November 11th, 2013 Posted 10:18 am

Happy Veterans Day.  God bless all our honorable veterans both past and present.  I thank you for your service to our country.

I was told yesterday that one of the lamestream media actually had a sentence or two on the power grid shutdown.  I must confess I was a bit shocked.  The report had where it was for National Security, to be in various places for anywhere from one to four hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.  No mention of DHS/FEMA.  No mention of Russian and Polish troops.  No mention of Chinese troops arriving in Hawaii tomorrow.  No mention of Canada and Mexico.  No mention of  ATM’s not working or gas pumps not working.  Dare I mention the EBT cards not working again?

At least they can say it was “announced”.  But it wasn’t announced ahead of time enough for folks to ask questions and even to prepare. It most certainly was not announced there would be no service for internet or phones or water.  All which need electricity. Businesses, traffic lights, filtered running water, etc..  They all need electricity.

I am as ready as I can be.  I hope everybody is also ready.  When all is said and done I hope there is an outrage and uprising against this regime.  I feel that this is just a push to incite rioting and panic along with looting so dear leader can install Martial Law and suspend our Constitution.  Mr Dick Tator will of course announce he was forced to do all this for our own safety.  Will Bush be blamed? Most likely.  GOP?  Yes.  TEA Party?  Of course.  The story will change a half-dozen times until the leaks start to appear. Might be too late by then for any accountability to happen.  Rest assured that those most responsible will not be anywhere near the area[s] targeted for the “drill” or a place that might turn into a war zone.

Bats eat tons of mosquitoes a year.  Their guano is one of the best fertilizers.  We need them along with the birds.,0,212913.story

Perhaps we will hear what Ereich von Holder really thinks.

You won’t see this on lamestream media.

Prepare for Hurling Day.

How about we all just do not comply.

For those who never had a chance to watch.

Number is going to be a lot higher.

But Ereich von Holder does not want this.

Mr Dick Tator’s new BFF.

Maybe if the problem was taken care of years ago while there was money there wouldn’t be this today.

Give me a doctor that takes cash over insurance any day.

Thank a veteran today.  Hug a veteran today.  Feed a veteran today.  Pray for veterans today.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.


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10 Nov 2013

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November 10th, 2013 Posted 11:04 am

Ever people watch?  I mean really study people as you are out and about?  Not to do it while driving so you are distracted but look at the other drivers while at a red light.  Start counting the ones on the phone or texting as they go across the intersection.  The pedestrians are doing the same thing.  Folks inside and outside stores, walking on the sidewalks, riding their bikes, all the same.

So much for being aware of your surroundings.  Can’t make eye contact with others.  Can’t even acknowledge a cashier at the checkout.  They just keep on yakking away, swipe their card and go on their merry way.  Just plain rude for starters.

Perhaps they are part of a “Me” generation.  I don’t know.  I was at a fabric store years ago buying material.  A women a few people behind me announced she was a very important person and needed to go first so she could get back to her job.  I announced we were all important.  She shut up and waited her turn.  The others in line just smiled.  Don’t get me wrong.  I come across way more polite and considerate people than the me me me group.  I don’t mind waiting in lines.  I take the time to speak to the cashier and use my manners.

I wait for the day some one announces “don’t you know who I am?”.  I want to be able to ask clearly and a bit loudly if anyone is this person’s caretaker because they don’t know who they are.  They have forgotten and need help.  Self-serving pompous butt-heads. Quite a bit like our politicians these days.  Most of them anyway.

Things that truly matter to this country don’t get talked about or dealt with.  Trying to garner votes is at the top of the list.  Quite interesting is when the TSA mistakenly put out a document where they stated there is no terrorist threat for them to be doing those horrible things to citizens at the airports.  Of course that soon got redacted.  Too little too late.  Some already had grabbed it.  I would think that is a major bit of news.  But don’t hold your breath waiting to see it in the media.

When an incident takes place where a shooting is involved there will always be two stories.  The “official” story and that given by eye witnesses.  Look at the LAX shooting.  Eye witnesses were saying the shooter was a heavy-set man in a TSA uniform.  I believe they said hand guns.  “Official” story was a thin 23 year old in camo? with an AK-15.

Shot himself in the mouth? and now can’t talk.  Another one unable to speak.  If you have a handgun then you can shoot yourself in the mouth.  A bit harder to do with a rifle.  It’s similar to exiting a boat with no weapons and no blood on you and then suddenly being on the ground surrounded by cops getting a trach put in your throat.  And then you are shown on the stretcher covered in blood.  What are the odds for such a thing  to occur?  Slim to none unless it is once again a false flag.

A man on the subway pulls out a gun and points it directly at a passenger.  No screams, no panicking because all were on their cell phones and did not notice the danger.  The gunman left and went into another car where he shot and killed another person.  I guess she must have noticed.  Would make a good comedy sketch except it did involve a person dying.

All need to take those blinders off and notice everything.  The lies just from Mr Dick Tator’s mouth is a good place to start.  The sycophants accept each story even when they contradict each other.  Utter madness.  The total non transparency of dear leader and Billary.  Their adoring fans are too busy worshiping their idols to even notice, much less care.

Ah, but some are noticing.  They have noticed their paychecks got smaller due to more taxes that were promised not to be there.  Over 4 million citizens have gotten cancelled from the insurance policies they liked, doctors they liked.  Lifestyle they liked.

All is well.  Dear leader said he was sorry.  Sorry people can’t keep their insurance policy.  Sorry that people can’t keep their doctors.

Even though he stated over 30 times that you could keep that policy PERIOD and that doctor PERIOD, he said he did not say that. And that, bunnycakes, is called gaslighting.  He didn’t draw all those red lines in the sand, the world did.  You drew those lines.  Not him.  You saw nothing.  You heard nothing.  And he knows nothing.

Put down those phones.  Communicate with one another.  Discuss openly what’s truly going on.  You might find yourself becoming angry at such betrayal.  You might find yourself getting vocal and loud.  Nothing wrong with that.  You might even find yourself unwilling to comply with this regime.  Certainly nothing wrong with that.

I do wonder if the Hawaiian greeters will be all smiles as they place the leis on the Chinese troops that will be arriving in Hawaii on Tuesday.  Aloha.

Is this “grassroots” organization even legal?

Ah, the truth comes out.

Thank you.  May I have another?

Yahoo.  Kerry is a complete maroon.

I hope he enjoys what he asked for.

Once again, who has the war on women?

Hey, you kinda, sorta claim you gave birth to him.  Deal with it.

It’s just part of eugenics.

Could it be that even the sheeple are waking up?

Oh look.  More truth comes to light.

How else can you justify Martial Law?

The door is wide open.  Please come get him and his cohorts.


Such a hypocrite.

Hello!  There is no privacy.

Dropped Israel like a hot potato.  Mr Dick Tator seems to have another BFF.

Thrown under that bus?  Yep.

I am proud to say I never wanted him and never voted for him.

This is so sad I may need a tissue.

Let me know when it hits zero.

This has to be a joke.

I have absolutely no sympathy.  Not even pity.  Only loathing.

Good.  Now lets get rid of the monster.

Just might be because the vaccines have the LIVE viruses in them.  Keep drinking that foolaid.

I heard they didn’t quite like Hitler either.

UN workers took cholera to Haiti.  Now from where do you suppose the polio came?  It’s called eugenics.  Bill Gates loves it.

I wish more of Hollywood would come out and admit this.

What the hell?

So glad I don’t go to the movies and barely watch TV.

This is just not right.

Send in the clown…he’s already here.

Were you aware that California has to check folks out for TB?  Tuberculosis was once wiped out of the USA.  However, when you allow open borders you get the fleas along with the dogs.

From Grassfire:  “The Barack Obama presidency has presented the most serious threat to your freedoms and your family that has arisen from the Oval Office in the history of our nation.

We didn’t transition from one president to another. We transferred to a movement with a mandate for “change” — a mandate that nearly six years later we are seeing firsthand … and it is frightening!

With Obama at the helm, the federal government has expanded into a power-hungry leviathan, aggressively seeking to increase its scope of influence while pursuing policies that trample our God-given constitutional rights.

And when those actions are questioned by the people, Obama throws up his hands and complains that he didn’t know anything about it:

  • “Fast and Furious”
  • The deadly Benghazi attacks
  • The IRS targeting of Tea Party Americans
  • The NSA security breaches
  • The truth about ObamaCare
After suggesting that he wasn’t briefed and didn’t know that tens of millions of Americans would lose their health insurance, our Liar King took to the airwaves — offering up a non-apology for another “change” that stands to negatively impact nearly every man, woman and child.”
Also from Grassfire:”I just got my ObamaCare cancellation letter.

A few days ago, the letter arrived from my insurance provider telling me that my plan did not include all of ObamaCare’s “mandated benefits” and that my current health insurance “will no longer be available as of Feb. 1, 2014.”

Everyone on our staff got a similar letter. Grassfire’s entire staff got cancelled by ObamaCare.

cancelClick here to see my cancellation letter.

Despite Obama’s blatant lie that less than “five percent” of Americans will receive cancellation letters, the reality is that tens of millions of Americans will get a letter just like mine.

According to a health care expert at Duke University, more than two-thirds of all people with private health insurance (some 129 million Americans) will receive a letter like mine notifying them that their health insurance has been cancelled by ObamaCare.

As a small company, we were told Grassfire would be exempt from ObamaCare. LIE

We were told that as long as we didn’t reduce our benefits, we would be “grandfathered.” LIE

We were told we could keep our plan. LIE

Now, we must scramble to get a new plan, and we know the costs are going to go up.

+ + We Can’t Tinker With ObamaCare

I’m fed up. And I’m done playing games when my family’s healthcare is at risk.

Obama knew prices would skyrocket. Obama knew millions of Americans would get cancellation letters. Even the failed website works into their overall plan to push more and more people into the exchange, so they can accomplish their ultimate goal — a single-payer, socialist health care system.

The fact is, ObamaCare cannot be modified or improved or amended … or even delayed. OBAMACARE MUST BE CANCELLED! That’s because ObamaCare is about fundamentally transforming our health care system and only a cancellation of ObamaCare can stop it.”

You can keep those blinders on.  You can continue to stay glued to your phone.  You can wake up to foreign troops pounding on your door.  Or you can start researching, learning the truth and communicating with others.  The choice is yours and yours alone. Do not blame others once the SHTF.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God bless us all.



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