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31 Oct 2013

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October 31st, 2013 Posted 9:28 am

Happy Halloween.  Happy All Hallows Eve.  Time for imagination.  Spooky stories.  Trick or treating and candy.  Mmm, chocolate.  I watched the beginning of the hearing of the Sebelius circus yesterday morning.  Was glad to go run errands after the first hour of blah, blah, blah.   Everybody thanking everybody for being there.  Long speeches instead of getting straight to the point.  Why not just say good morning and ask questions?  Politics must be for those who love to hear themselves talk.  After all is said and done there are still no clear answers to the questions.  A song and dance routine without any music.

That would be fun.  Add the music.  Carousel music for anything light and dramatic music for the uh oh moments.  DA da da dun.  Peter and the Wolf music comes to mind.

I do find it truly sad that Billary sold the USA to the UN.  I do not like the idea of the UN flag flying over the Alamo or any other American landmark just because the UN designates such sites as international landmarks.  In America our flag must fly above all others.  Will this still be the case?  Why does there have to be a treaty?  Do Billary and Kerry get kickbacks?

Wait a moment.  Why is this regime already arming and funding al qaeda if numbnuts is entertaining this idea?

If JP Morgan Chase did wrong, the American taxpayers should not have to help pay their fine.

With the EBT cards lessening in amounts and talks of sealed borders to where no body leaves, this sounds just like America.  Here comes November.  Power Grid still going down?
DAMASCUS (Reuters) – One Syrian security official called it the “Starvation Until Submission Campaign”, blocking food and medicine from entering and people from leaving besieged areas of Syria.

Fine.  You are a butt-ugly wart hog.  Feel better?

Excuse me, but just what the hell are students being taught in school these days?

I’m starting to feel ill.

WTF!  I told you Billary sold us out to the UN.

I find myself quite intolerant to this idea.

Silence!  The Senate Retard Committee has spoken!

I pray we are all able to stay safe this November.

Mr Dick Tator’s folly.

Will I be shot if I have gas or burp?  Seig Hiel!

I can handle the truth.  I know you can too.

Stay strong, doctors.  I am with you.

Oh boo hoo.  Profits might be cut.

I know nothing!

Called death panels because patients and families have no say.  Got it?

Ha!  He says he has the right to privacy.  Funny man.

Going to go throw up now.

Read carefully.  They talk of votes and not jobs.  They talk of bigger government and not doing for themselves.

NO bill has been even voted on much less passed but DHS has already granted 474,000 illegals “legal status”.  WTF!

Get rich from ovomitcare?
I warn you, this is 6 pages long.  I barely made it through the 1st page.

“It’s not a government takeover of medicine,” he told the crowd. “It’s the privatization of health care.”

No matter what investors thought about Obamacare politically — and surely many there did not think much of it — the law was going to make some people very rich.”

“The Affordable Care Act, he said, wasn’t simply a law that mandated insurance for the uninsured. Instead, it would fundamentally transform the basic business model of medicine. With the right understanding of the industry, private-sector markets and bureaucratic rules, savvy investors could help underwrite innovative companies specifically designed to profit from the law. Billions could flow from Washington to Wall Street, indeed.”

I certainly never asked for this regime to take my money to make others rich.  These people are slime balls.  We have been bamboozled.

What?  Come again?
“I want to apologize to you that the website does not work as well as it should,” she said, adding that “can and will be fixed.”

“The fact is that the Affordable Care Act delivered on its product: quality, affordable health insurance. The tremendous interest shown in shows that people want to buy this product. We know the initial consumer experience at has not been adequate. We will address these initial and any ongoing problems, and build a website that fully delivers on this promise of the Affordable Care Act,” Sebelius is expected to say.

“By enlisting additional technical help, aggressively monitoring errors, testing to prevent new issues from cropping up, and regularly deploying fixes to the site, we are working to ensure consumers’ interaction with is a positive one, and that the Affordable Care Act fully delivers on its promise,” Sebelius will say.

Can we just screech to a halt right now?  PRODUCT?????  I thought it was a tax.  We get fined for not paying that tax.  But it is a PRODUCT.  I do not want it.  I never wanted it.  I will not comply.

Damn right we deserve better.

Meanwhile in a secret, secret back room another rehearsal is going on.  Mr Dick Tator is looking into his vanity mirror and tries to say “I did not know” without giggling.  Carney is cowering in the dark recess of a corner crying “It’s Buuuush’s fault”.  Billary enters the room and bitch-slaps them both before trying on her royal crown.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said on Wednesday that he supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, meaning the entire Democratic caucus is now unified behind the legislation that would make it illegal to discriminate against LGBT individuals in the workplace.

It was always illegal.  This just means that straight people will be out of a job and will not be able to get one no matter how qualified they are.  There are no “special” boxes to check if you are white or straight.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, the Washington Post reported, citing documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

According to a secret accounting dated Jan. 9, 2013, NSA sends millions of records every day from Yahoo and Google internal networks to data warehouses at the agency’s Fort Meade, Md., headquarters. In the last 30 days, field collectors had processed and sent back more than 180 million new records — ranging from “metadata,” which would indicate who sent or received emails and when, to content such as text, audio and video, the Post reported Wednesday on its website.

I am shocked.  Just shocked I tell you.  Putin spied in the G20 folks and NSA spied on the Vatican.  Oh, the horror of it all.

If you really believe “cannot read the stored emails” means they won’t, I have a bridge to sell you.

She says “sorry”.  Her responsibility.  Will be fixed end of November.  He says it’s his “full responsibility”.  Will be fixed over the next several weeks and months.  I just love he said/she said, don’t you?

I know nothing!  I see nothing.  I say [literally] nothing.

Not American citizen’s government.  It is “his own government”. Does having no faith in the government mean he has no faith in himself?  I know I don’t.  I know I don’t trust this regime.  I sense the rats are abandoning ship.

Before I forget, I must apologize.  I keep saying that the NSA and google are the same.  Wrong spoonful of the alphabet soup.  It is NASA paired with google.  Please forgive.

Affordable Care Act.  An action that is not about care nor is it affordable.  It is for profits for insurance corporations, collection of citizens private data and more control from a still growing government.

Tomorrow brings us into November.  The larger cities like NYC and LA have already spent millions of dollars for extra security in case of civil unrest.  That security is only for the government buildings and “officials”.  It is not for the citizens.  No pretty speeches about “please do not riot” or anything.  No news coverage but I’m sure reporters and news media are gearing up for their scoops. Will there be a poll on who’s fault the riots will be?  Press 1 for GOP.  Press 2 for TEA Party.  Press 3 for Bush.  Press 4 for All of the above but never dear leader.

Will Martial Law be put into place then?  Who really knows.  We still have the power grid shut down “drills” to get through in the middle of the month.  Will we be ordered to “shelter in place”?  I am almost ready for whatever happens.  Are you?  I ask that you stay safe.

Being out and about I ask folks if they know about these things for November.  Nope, not a one.  I explain the best I can and tell them to research it.  I have a feeling most will not but I think those I see trying to hear what I am saying will.  I hope so.  And it’s always the older folks who truly either listen or agree.  I don’t want them scared.  I want them prepared and safe.  Take care.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God protect us all.

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30 Oct 2013

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October 30th, 2013 Posted 9:35 am

I have noticed for quite some time now that a lot of white people seem to be pushing for a race war/riot or something to have Hispanics “rising up” against white people.  Politicians, churches, schools.  I find it odd that certain white groups are pushing this. I have to ask WHY?  Are these while people feeling guilt?  Hatred for their own race?  Eugenics for both races via riots?  Or perhaps even more sinister would be a plot to have Hispanics riot in order to open fire on them.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Now, the politicians are looking for votes.  Duh.  The churches might be wanting to keep their tax-free status.  The schools might want to keep their grants.  But what will happen to all these white folks who keep pushing for an up-rising and they become the target?

La Raza wants all whites killed.  They don’t consider blacks even human.  Just trying to figure the insanity out.  I am an American. That is the only label I need in order to be free.

Came across this yesterday.  I was most interested in the Bilderberg part.

60 Minutes reported on Benghazi.

Just two days from now.

So many words deemed politically incorrect.  I just cannot allow myself to be a doormat for those clearly in the wrong.  Since Seattle wants to ban the word “citizen”, I’d like to ban 99% of politicians names for I find them very offensive and repulsive.

I have noticed two words in particular that hasn’t made the list. Slave and slavery.  Are they intended for We The little People?  It is a thought worth pondering.

Could it be that lamestream media is waking up?

Depending on who says it or reports on it, Mr Dick Tator [in regards to the NSA spying on American allies] had no knowledge about it, was told three years ago about it, has ended it, will end it, might end it and may end it.  Just love today’s “journalists”.

The answer is most likely yes.

If you voted for this.  If you wanted this.  Bless your heart.  You are a retard.

Must be the comedy hour.  Seig Hiel!

It’s really sad any time dementia takes over.

Stay safe Michael.  God bless you.

They ain’t got a lick of sense.

I feel so safe knowing these coppers exist.

British or American.  They are the same as far as torture.

I’ve often wondered this myself.

This is just too funny.  More maroons.

Do not comply.  It was designed this way on purpose.

To all Virginians.  You might want to know this about Billary’s BFF.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Wow.  NBC reported on this?

The more the truth comes out the more I smile.

The plague.  How apropos, the black death.

Another slave journalist.

Criminals just don’t like laws.

Jobs?  Economy?  Foreign relations?  Nah.  Campaigning?  Oh hell yes!

Aw, NSA got thrown under the bus.  So sad.  Too bad.,0,3235295.story#axzz2j728VMcl

It’s throw up time.

Hey Peter, how’s Hanoi Jane doing these days?

Spinning it so fast your head will pop off.

I thought there was a separation.  Perhaps this really isn’t a church.  Just more ACORN.

A pig in a poke.  And that’s just for the website.

Hey Billary, did you break up with Huma?  Haven’t heard about her in a while.  Speaking about Benghazi Billary, is she planning on having McAuliffe as her running mate?  Even Mr Dick Tator and Slick Willy are campaigning for him.  So fitting as he wants a disarmed American citizenry as well.

First it was Billary to be first woman president even though that simply wouldn’t be true.  Now I notice she is to be Billary, the first lesbian president.  Why?  What ever happened to being a qualified American for president?  Gender and race and sexual orientation speak nothing about qualifications, character or anything else as far as being a decent president.  Gee.  We haven’t had one of those in a long, long time.

I wonder if she will speak of transparency considering she is already barring videos and reporters from her speeches.  Will she design her own flag?  Put it on a jet?  Her slogan could be, “Benghazi was nothing.  Wait till you see what I do to America”.  Or how about, “I will be the president.  What does it matter.  It’s MY turn”.  Might even be, “My bus is big enough for everybody to be thrown under”.

So many retards are already referring to her as madam president.  You’ve got the mad part right.  I still do not think the deaths of four Americans is phony.  Over a year and still no answers.

Dangerous people and the most unqualified keep getting elected and re-elected.  Since when is it automatically a given that any president now serves eight years?

I hope the lamestream media continues to wake up and start reporting the truth.  MSNBC won’t because they are federally funded. Just like NPR.  The others still do what their masters tell them.

During the last Bilderberg gathering in England earlier this year the residents had to show their passports just to enter their own driveways.  Are you to tell me that every one of those residents had passports?

Good morning NSA.  How are you doing?  Whatcha gonna do?  Whatcha gonna do when the torches and pitchforks come for you?Don’t look for old Tator to defend you.  He will deny he was even aware you existed.  Bwahahaha.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.


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29 Oct 2013

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October 29th, 2013 Posted 11:04 am

We now live in a perpetual state of campaigning.  It just doesn’t stop.  I guess some folks thrive on the drama.  I liken it to sports. Did your “team” win or lose?  Are they winning or losing now?  One “team” promises everything to all.  Hurrah!  They score a touchdown and win the game.  Weird because everybody loses.

No sooner had Mr Dick Tator been sworn in than Piglosi said impeachment was off the table.  First day or week on the job and she brings up impeachment?  Why the no vote of confidence for her own star quarterback?

But the campaigning wasn’t over.  Already the media began to talk about 2012.  Jobs was priority number one.  No, foreign affairs. No, budget.  No, the military.  No, back to jobs.  Really?  Just how many priorities being number one can there be?

One scandal after another.  One shiny object of distraction following each of those scandals.  The curtain gets pulled back to reveal the emperor with no clothes.  It’s not a pretty sight.  The fix-it-all to cure all?  More campaigning.  And golfing.  And vacationing. And golfing.

How many New Yorkers hurled their lunches when they saw Air Force One flying so low just for a photo op?  But look!  Several jobs were found by the unemployed.  Sorry, not a “shovel ready” job.  Not a full time job.  Just a few who were able to get a job on their own.  Oh crap, I forgot.  They didn’t do that on their own.  No one did anything on their own.

The Apology Tour.  Such a slap in the face to all Americans.  The skeet shooting photo.  As in singular photograph.  As in a load of bull.

The messiah.  The new Lincoln.  The great uniter.

Actually, we saw all the ships sink, more jobs sent overseas, more division among Americans, more poverty, more debt, more loss of respect and dignity.  But their “team” won and that is all that mattered and matters still.

The very ones lecturing American citizens about civility, manners and politeness are the very ones yelling and screaming trying to demonize all those who disagree with them.  Lie after lie after lie.

This is the United States of America.  Why do we have czars?  We were a sovereign nation but now belong to the UN.  We’ve lost too many American citizens but those involved, those in charge know nothing about any of it.  They get a free pass because they “won”.

All those “green” companies paid for by the American taxpayers are up and running with no problems.  Oops.  No, they have failed and quite a few were shipped overseas.

Everybody is driving their “green” cars to get to their jobs.  Nah, hardly any of those clunkers sold and what job?

All American citizens now have healthcare.  Woohoo!  Don’t think so.  American citizens now have less insurance but are  paying way more in premiums that still don’t get them free anything.

Don’t like it?  Say anything about it?  You are labeled a birther, racist, tin foil hat wearer, terrorist, traitor, patriot, prepper, enemy, anti-American, libertarian, conservative, right-winger, wingnut, extremist, constitutionalist, pro-gun, pro-lifer, Bible clinger, veteran, tea-bagger, etc.  You are put on the no-fly list, files generated on you by the FBI, TSA, NSA, IRS, DHS and FEMA.

Hitler is pleased.  Stalin and Mao are thrilled.  The globalists and elites are ecstatic.  As America goes up in flames, Mr Dick Tator and his sycophants keep adding more wood and gasoline on it in hopes of helping make things better.

Until we get rid of the DRAINO party things will never get better.  Democrats/Republicans Acting In Name Only.  DRAINO.  They keep flushing us down the toilet every day.

As you read this article linked below,  notice the times monies were “suddenly” discovered to keep on going.  Notice how the projects and things that affect We The little People were cut.  “Unspent money from earlier years”? Really?  What exactly is a “sequestration replacement”?  Um, Navy just happened to “scrounge” up nearly $1 billion in unspent money?

Wow.  Good for the Army.  Kudos and medals all around.  They stopped painting buildings and mowing the grass.  If we all just stopped doing both of these things then we will save gazillions of billions of dollars.  We are saved!

Accounting tricks?  Has this regime just confessed to criminal activity?

Oh, dear God!  They mentioned the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, KS.  For all who do not know what this is, please research Plum Island off the coast of NY.  This is the same facility.  It is now in the heart of cattle country.  Lyme disease [although named for the city of Lyme, CT] was produced, made, manufactured at Plum Island.  They study hoof and mouth disease. Study or produce a deadlier form?  Who knows.  Research how much land is quarantined off for the slaughter of all cattle infected and not infected. Research how top scientists have already said there will be viruses and things that will escape this level 4 facility.  Level 4 being super duper secure.  From where do you think the Montauk monsters came?  Research how the workers cannot own pets nor visit zoos.  So many other things going on at this secret facility.  The research is really experimentation.  Think it applies to animals and insects only?  Guess again.  Look for the report on the slightly mutated human body found on the shore.

Cell phone users might want to take heed.

Yummy,  I want some toxic Yellowfin tuna.

I just envisioned Sgt. Schultz.  “I know nothing!”.

This is why I like my older, perfectly fine vehicle.,0,6090226.story#axzz2ix2RncVc

This must be a shock to dear leader’s ego.

Time for Piglosi to fall down and bump her head a few times.

If Britain’s press lose their freedom, who will tell us the truth about America?  Certainly not our regime.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.  You knew about this 3 years ago.  Such a maroon.

Hey Billary.  I wonder the same and much more about you.

Are these folks just too cute or what!

Tell us something we don’t already know.

I think Cheney the kettle just called the pot[head] black.

I don’t want America feared.  I want America to be a sovereign nation with secure borders.  A country that stands for Freedom and Liberty.  I want the warmongers to go away.  I want our troops home to defend us.  I want the innocent citizens around the world and here on our own soil to not be under the threat of death by any agency or peoples or drones.  Let’s keep America for American citizens only for a while so we can get our act together.  Our noses out of others business.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.




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28 Oct 2013

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October 28th, 2013 Posted 10:16 am

Another of our most honorable WWII veterans murdered.  There will be no outcry nor even a mention from the likes of Mr Dick Tator, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Wright or any others.  The murderers have no concept of respect, honor, value of life or worth of anything.  I thank you, Mr. Lawrence E. Shine Thornton, for your service to America.  You fought for the freedom of all American citizens, even those who murdered you.  May you rest in peace.  There will be no riots but only prayers for you and your family as it should be.

“Four teens have been charged with capital murder after an 87-year-old WWII veteran died from injuries sustained during a brutal mugging.

The Delta Democrat Times reports that Lawrence E. Shine Thornton of Greenville, Miss., died two days after the October 18th mugging, allegedly at the hands of Terrance Morgan, 19; Edward Johnson,19; Leslie Litt, 18; and Geblonski Murray, 18.

Thornton was attacked in his own driveway, according to CNS News. The teens allegedly pushed him down on the ground and stole his wallet.

CNS News’ Eric Scheiner described Thornton’s life as “a story of hard work, overcoming adversity, belief in God and finding some success in doing something you love.”

The Associated Press reports that the four individuals accused in Thornton’s death are being held without bond. Each of the four suspects is also charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.”

Are you ready for some “drills”?

Already saying this “drill” will fail miserably.  Are they planning to just keep the grid down?

FEMA has it’s 2 billion rounds of ammo.  Some of it hollow points. To use in war?  Illegal.  To use for target practice?  A waste of ammo.  To use on American citizens?  BINGO!

Seattle, Washington, is ever so special and intelligent.  They are trying to ban the word “citizen” because it is…..drum roll please….. offensive.  Really?  Offensive to precisely whom?  Certainly not to the citizens of The United States of America.  Must be talking about illegals who are here on American soil illegally.  Certainly not to those legal immigrants waiting to become American citizens.  Kudos to the government of Seattle for showing your ignorance and stupidity.

Forgive me for repeating things but I think they are well worth repeating so more can understand just how wrong things are going for America.

Remember that FEMA has its 2 billion rounds of ammo.  Power grid still set to go down in November.  “Experts” already saying it will fail.  EBT cards and SS check amounts reduced come Nov. 1st. igoogle [part of NSA] is going away Nov. 1st.

Arrested for legal open carry guns.

Oh please, please, please destroy it.

Imagine that.  Insurance companies are raking in the dough.

Here is some proof, my little chickadees.

It is not health care.  It is extortion.

Are they saying the city water is polluted?

Snicker, snear.  The plan is working accordingly as planned.

This guy is truly a numbnut.

Feds are going to party hardy.

I’m surprised they just didn’t shoot her dead.

Certainly couldn’t be because of incompetence, right?

Oopsy Daisy!

I don’t think this will end well.

Mr Dick Tator needs to be arrested now.

We have met the enemy and that enemy is not We The little People.  It is this regime.

Well then, stop creating these super bugs in the labs.

Can you say “extortion:?  I know you can.

So many bought into this folly.  It’s going to bite you in your butt.

Except you won’t be able to opt out in the end.!-Will-Halloween-ad-scare-Millennials-off-Obamacare-video <>

The best and the brightest?  Ain’t saying much.

Hero?  Yes.  Slain?  Yes.  But the whole crew was really nurdered by Mr Dick Tator’s orders.  You don’t use Chinooks to carry troops. They are for cargo and outdated.

igoogle ending 1st Nov.  EBT card amounts down 1st Nov.  Power grid going down in Nov.  1st?  13-14th?  here it is.

All those carbon taxes go into AL Gore’s pockets and other globalists and elites.

Hello!  It’s all been a scam.

Billary’s BFF, again.

Ego big enough yet?

For the truth, go here.  For all of Al Gore’s bullshit, also go here.

I most likely just got myself into trouble.  I sent an email to my state’s governor.  I wanted to know why he hasn’t told the citizens about the power grid going down in November.  The EBT cards and SS checks for November.  Why he has allowed UN Agenda 21 to invade our state.  Why he allowed FEMA concentration camps to be built here.

No sooner had I sent my letter when I immediately got the interim letter.  I wonder if he knows he is not one of the governors on the Council of Governors.  I wonder if he cares?  Might be too busy campaigning for re-election.  Might be too busy packing to go far, far away to a safe place.  Dare I say the rats always abandon the ship first?  Yes, I dare.  Of course I did have to also ask why he didn’t deport all the illegals as promised.  One of the reasons I voted for him in the first place.  I had sent a letter some time ago asking the same things.  Never did get a reply.  Does anybody ever get a real reply from an elected?  I do not include form letters on a single topic as a true reply.  Anyway, the ball is in his court and I am not holding my breath.

We need a bit of laughter about now.  I do like SNL.  I hope you enjoy this.

The NY Times reported on the Feds wanting to raise inflation.

“The Fed has worked for decades to suppress inflation, but economists, including Janet Yellen, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Fed starting next year, have long argued that a little inflation is particularly valuable when the economy is weak. Rising prices help companies increase profits; rising wages help borrowers repay debts. Inflation also encourages people and businesses to borrow money and spend it more quickly.”

Really?  Seriously?  That will fix the economy?  Balderdash.  If that were true we could just double everything.  All prices on every item and all wages.  Companies and people now have twice the profit and people twice the wages.  Uh oh, I see more problems.  Those who were making just barely enough to meet their bills are still going to barely meet their obligations.  Nothing available for emergencies.  Those who borrow are now further in debt.

But the wonderful news is those who were getting the profits in the first place now get even more.  Could this be the real reason behind the lust for inflation?  Hmm, Yellen?

What if we just capped those profits and bonuses to shareholders, CEO’s and the like.  Prices could drop for once and people could live within their means.  Wouldn’t that build the economy?  Folks would still borrow but it wouldn’t cost an arm plus another leg to repay.

Cap the expenses of the entire government and drop those taxes.  Send the ovomitcare to hell and watch full time jobs reappear, cost of health care plummet.  Pay for doctors in cash.  Medicare/medicaid for legal citizens [esp. those who have worked and paid for it already].  Let us buy our meds from Canada [like the VA] and force competitive prices back here in the states.

Get rid of NAFTA and watch our American companies come back to life.  There are lots of solutions to help American citizens.  But then, the Fed really isn’t interested in that now are they?

Oh wow.  Sheldon Adelson, billionaire  Being well-monied makes him such an expert in these things. And the Foundation for Defense of Democracies sounds more like an oxymoron.  They want to nuke Iran into submission.  Are you that sure that bit of desert you want to bomb is unoccupied?  Or are you just yet another warmonger?  Fire just one nuclear weapon at another country and you invite all nuclear weapons to be launched at America.  The citizens of America deserve better just like the citizens of all other nations. Obviously an imbecile, Adelson apparently has never seen nor looked into the affects of a nuclear bomb.  Ask the survivors of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  Adelson needs to go live on Bikini Island.–fdd-want-to-nuke_b_4159584.html

Last week of October.  Getting close to a most uncertain part of our lives.  Will the truth come out about the plans this regime has in store for us?  Will enough citizens speak out and bring it to light?  That would at least be an effort to stop some of this madness.

I wish I knew which state but there is at least one governor who is planning on taking his family and getting out of the country.  He won’t even say what he knows.  Doesn’t he realize that if he speaks out loudly and clearly to all he can reach that he can just possibly save this country?  Amazing.  Seems to me a lot of folks higher up on the food chain know the truth but would rather run away and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Spend some time on youtube and listen to all the military personnel and ex-military speaking out.  They are trying  to help us. There are many citizens who are aware of what is truly going on.  I come across them all the time.  They approach me quietly because they see the hat or shirt I am wearing.  I am not afraid for myself but rather for my family, friends and country.

For those who always have to ask, WWJD?  I’m afraid you are already on the wrong path if you don’t know to do just what is right.

May we all stay safe.  May our powder remain dry and we watch our six.  I am here today because I am an American.  If I am here tomorrow, it is because I am still an American.  Born free and will remain free until the day I die.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and Veterans.  Rest in peace, Mr. Thornton.  God help us all.

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27 Oct 2013

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October 27th, 2013 Posted 12:56 pm

“I don’t care what you do as long as the cops don’t come to my front door.”

“I pay my kids to do their homework.”

“My parents made me do chores.  I’ll never do that to my children.”

Those are actual statements I heard from people years ago in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

This is what I heard from a grandfather not too many years ago:

“I can’t get my grandchildren to mow my lawn even if I offer to pay them.”

Respect?  Out the door.  Learning to grow up knowing right from wrong?  Pfft.  Courtesy, self respect, manners?  Rare to find those wonderful qualities but they do exist.  They exist not because of the government but because of parents not afraid to actually practice parenting.

My children did not come with instructional manuals so I was not a perfect parent.  I learned to apologize to my children when necessary while also letting them know when they crossed the line.  Today I have wonderful grown up offspring who are self reliant, hard working, empathetic adults with wicked senses of humor.  I see my grandchildren growing up to be well mannered, critical thinking  young people.

Pew!  Pew!  Pew!  Yes, we play with our hand guns.  You never know when one of us will curl up three fingers, point our index finger out and raise our thumb.  We even have rapid fire.  Pewpewpew!  The laughter is endless.  We don’t cry and wet ourselves or throw up.  We can be very dramatic if we choose to have been hit.  The arms fling out.  “I’ve been hit!”  Thud.  We have fun because we know it is a game.  It is make believe.  We don’t even have toy guns but we do have bubble guns.  We are also very aware that real guns are not toys and not for play.  They are for protection and hunting.

For those who procreate but refuse to be parents, well, you reap what you sow and you are missing out on some of the most fun life has to offer.

Speaking of real guns:

Gunboats?  Why?

Freedom of Speech?  Freedom of the press?

Let the lawsuits begin.

We need to impeach this traitor who is committing treason.

Such a maroon.

Why are democrats so afraid?

Yep.  He’s Billary’s BFF.

What next?  Hire Billary’s hitmen?

A serious question that requires a truthful answer.

The complete takeover plan is working.

Why has this been allowed to go on?

You understand this, Americans?  It’s called eugenics.

God help the children.

Friendly? Fire.

Wow.  Is it for money?

We are in such trouble.

It is unnecessary, unjust and illegal.  It is just murder.


Once again, why?

We need to impeach this jerk.

Because they are money pits, you idiots.

Yes, yes, yes.

WTF!  Total insanity.  Business as usual.

From Rand Paul:

“I’ve proposed a constitutional amendment stating Congress shall make no law applicable to a citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to Congress.
This amendment also contains two provisions that apply that same principle to the executive branch and judicial branch of the federal government.”

I like this because a lot of idiotic laws would fly out the window and help prevent more idiotic laws from even coming into existence.  Let’s also get an amendment in about term limits for all politicians.  That would be mighty nice.  Add to that no more lifetime salaries and perks.  It is just a job.  Let’s keep it that way.


“As you might have heard, right now the so-called “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (S. 815) is up for a vote before the U.S. Senate — for the first time in over 15 years.

Inside sources say a vote on this bill — better known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights — could come as soon as next week.”

We are all equal as Americans.  Let’s get rid of those “special” boxes to check to get into college or get a job or get elected. Qualifying grades, qualifying skills and quality of being a decent American citizen should be all that matter.

From Americans For Prosperity:

“Just when you thought the Obama administration’s job-killing policies couldn’t get any worse, the Department of Justice wants to kill the lifeline of one of the United States’ largest airlines. For years, American Airlines has been severely struggling, causing the airline to file for bankruptcy in 2011. The future looked bleak for American’s 60,000 employees. The airline sent pink slips to its staff last year warning of potential layoffs.

Fortunately for their families, US Airways threw them a life vest. The successful company agreed to merge their two airlines, saving thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. Management and labor alike applauded the decision. Even American’s historically hostile labor unions cheered after discovering that their employees would receive a raise as a result of the savings. Just when it looked like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, the Obama administration decided to extinguish it.

In August, the Department of Justice filed its opposition against the merger, claiming that the new American Airlines will decrease competition and increase ticket prices. This is economic ignorance, plain and simple. US and American only compete on 12 nonstop routes, meaning the new airline will face plenty of competition from other companies that will keep prices low. Plus, the merger will create $1.4 billion of annual added benefit from new revenues and lower costs-leading to cost savings for consumers.

But, lower prices and higher wages aren’t good enough for Obama. Even worse, our state is teaming up to block the deal. Attorney General Pam Bondi filed suit along with the Department of Justice and six other states.”

I don’t fly.  Never had; never will.  Make the companies and employees happy and the regime gets upset.  Let’s get rid of the TSA. That will really piss off the regime.

I really do not know how this clown got re-elected:

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson‘s promise a few weeks ago that he was going to be kinder and gentler with his words about Republicans is ancient history now. That was apparent earlier this week with his fund-raising letter comparing the tea party movement to the KKK.

KKK was started by Grayson’s party, Democrats.

Now the Orlando Democrat has brought his hyperbolic anti-Republican humor show to the Florida Democratic Party’s convention at the Disney Yacht and Beach Club Resort, with a bit calling some Republicans everything from bigots to gun worshipers. He got a few laughs though some might have been nervous, as many Democrats weighed their love of Grayson’s successful liberal politics with their common assertion that politics need to be more civil.  Love of his successful liberal politics and their common assertion that politics need to be more civil?  Oxymoron.

In Grayson’s bit, to about 1,200 delegates gathered here, he claimed to have a leaked copy of the Republican Party’s convention agenda. Here are some of the points he imagined:  If it’s a “leaked” agenda then why does he have to imagine it?

“At 8 a.m., the raising of the flag, the Confederate flag.  A Virginia battle flag.

“At 8:30 a.m. the morning breakout sessions. Ballrom A: the bigots. Ballroom B: the paranoids. And Ballroom C: the largest group of all, the gullible.  Strange.  This seems to be the very definition of Grayson and his lackeys.


“At 9 a.m. the colloquium on “How Gay Marriage Ruined My Straight Marriage,” by no one.”  Is Grayson announcing he is gay?
“At 11 a.m. a seminar on the dangers of education.  I agree.  A dangerous liberal education based on Communism.

“At noon, a special luncheon event with Gov. Rick Scott, on the subject of, ‘How I bought my job. And turned a profit.’  Please elaborate, oh wealthy democrat.

“3 p.m., a special breakout meeting of the gun worshipers.”  Does Grayson own guns?  Does Grayson have armed body guards?

Grayson lost an election to Daniel Webster who ran a clean and honest campaign.  Webster still walks the walk and talks the talk.  Grayson could and should take a few lessons from Webster.  Constantly trying to divide American citizens and still not offering any solutions never helps our nation.  Kindergartners are more civil.  We need Americans in government and not party affiliated morons.  Ohio senate says no Libertarians may run in their elections.  California is rejoicing over their virtual one-party system.

Calling members of the TEA Party [Taxed Enough Already] teabaggers is a slur [hate] against gays.  Democrats constantly love to use this term.  Go figure.

Perhaps I am wrong but things in this don’t seem correct.     I recall the shooting.  A tragedy and heart rendering.  Ambulances not allowed into the site.  Story about Lanza changing every five minutes.  No autopsy reports released.  No film footage of the state of the art security cameras released.  Bodies not removed until the dead of night in secrecy.  And yet parents went to the school the following day to meet with the Dick Tator?  How does one even function after losing a child to murder so quickly?  But then I do realize this “piece” of news is merely a plug for the book.  If somebody in DC breaks their leg, does it some how have to become a news article about Dick?  That may seem like a ridiculous statement but so much happening turns into a story dealing with dear leader.

The things I know about.  The things I’ve heard.  They alarm me greatly.  I want them verified and made public.  I so desperately want American citizens to realize the peril we are in from this regime.  Forget about political parties.  So much has already been said and publicized.  So much hidden in plain sight.

Impeachment must come soon.  Trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity must be arraigned.  They must include Mr Dick Tator and so many of the elected.  Let the world see that American citizens and this corrupt government are not the same entities. With liberty and freedom again, we might also have peace on our soil.

Good morning TSA.  Sleep well?  Have you told family and friends what you do?  I bet not.  Y’all stay safe, okay?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.


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26 Oct 2013

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October 26th, 2013 Posted 1:02 pm

I didn’t want to start my morning out like this but I came across yet another stupid article from some cretin who practices transference.  That’s when you point to others to make them look bad and keep the eyes off of you.  Don’t look at me, I’m good.  See them?  They are bad.  Enough.  Just stop it.  All who love stirring up hate, jealousy and racism, just stop it.  We are all in this together. As Americans we are all equal under our Constitution which is why so many want to destroy it and take away our Bill of Rights.  They want to be “more equal”.  So sad.

All of New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  Interesting group. You see, they all fought together as one against an enemy.  There were a few who remained loyal to the British Crown but not enough.  I am talking about the Revolutionary War.  The beginning of our nation.  Not fifty united states but only the East Coast.  Mainly farmers and tradesmen led by those who had experience in the military.

Many years later there is a riff between those Northern states and the Southern states.  The North preferred industry while the South was mainly agriculture.  Trade, however, was not equal.  Much like today the North wanted to trade more with Europe instead of fellow Americans.  The South wanted to trade with fellow Americans in the North but were treated more like the red-haired step child.

Many will beg to differ.  For now let’s leave all other reasons alone.  The South decided they could do better by becoming their own country and keep their states sovereignty.  What was wrong with that?  Nothing.  Nothing different from today in America.  States still do have sovereignty even though the regimes of the past few years like to state otherwise.

I talk of this because once again some idiots want to stir up more racial garbage.  They want to gloat over having won and the others lost.  Sounds like today.  They want to throw slurs at others simply because they can [Freedom of speech].  They want to punish and take revenge on those they still choose to hate.  Sounds just like today.  I guess it makes them feel big and important.  We are to learn from the past but this just proves certain folks haven’t and cannot move on.  They will always remain the schoolyard bully.  Sounds like today,.

I like the flag of The United States of America.  I like the flag of the Confederate States of America.  They are both a part of my history.  I have Northern ancestors.  Slave holders and none slave holders.  I have Southern ancestors.  Some slave holders.  Some none slave holders.  Do I feel guilty?  Not in the least.  I have never believed in slavery [which was legal years ago] and I have never owned a slave.  Nobody I have ever come across in my entire life was a slave or a slave owner.  I rest assured that goes for all Americans today.  I learned and still believe that we are all equal as American citizens.  You want to see racism?  Try Detroit, Chicago, California and parts of the rest of the country.  I have seen more Northern transplants who are racists here living in the South than I have of Southerners.  Go figure.  I suspect the true racists [no matter where they choose to call home] will always be around to stir up that pot of hatred.  Here is the dreaded Confederate Flag:
The Army of Northern Virginia battle flag was square, of various sizes for the different branches of the service: 52 inches (130 cm) square for the infantry, 38 inches (97 cm) for the artillery, and 32 inches (81 cm) for the cavalry. It was used in battle beginning in December 1861 until the fall of the Confederacy. The blue color on the saltire in the battle flag was navy blue, as opposed to the much lighter blue of the Naval Jack.

The flag’s stars represented the number of states in the Confederacy. The distance between the stars decreased as the number of states increased, reaching thirteen when the secessionist factions of Kentucky and Missouri joined in late 1861.

These quotes are good to know.  I do recall many retards referring to Mr Dick Tator as the “new” Lincoln. Seems to fit as he is a most racist scoundrel.

Quotes of Abraham Lincoln:
“My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause.”

“Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.”

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

So to all who can’t stand the fact that ONE veteran had the Confederate Flag with him along with the American Flag at the protest in Washington DC, I say Do Not Tread On ME.  By the way, that is not only another battle flag but was the first political cartoon centuries ago in America.  Do a little research before you spew your hate.

Oops!  38 countries just defriended their bff in the Oval Office.

More like their computers caught on fire again because they are imbeciles.

Destroy everything.  Leave no trace.  Leave no evidence.  Where are the security tapes from that ultra high tech security system?  Never to make light of such a tragedy but still too many questions unanswered that this looks like a cover-up.

The campaigner in chief. Such a nice cushy job while the entire nation crumbles.

“The President’s remarks in Brooklyn came ahead of two high-dollar fundraising events in Manhattan, the kick-off of a month-long fundraising swing that will see Obama cross the nation in search of campaign cash for House and Senate Democrats a year in advance of the midterm elections.

On Friday, he was to raise money for House Democrats alongside Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, at a reception hosted by Kathryn Chenault, the wife of American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault. The event also features dinner at the home of major Democratic donors Dennis and Karen Mehiel.

Tickets for the event went for $16,200, according to an invitation obtained by CNN. A Democratic official said around 60 people were expected to attend.

Later, Obama was to attend an event benefiting the Democratic National Committee. Tickets for the second fundraiser cost as much as $32,400 and organizers anticipated around 20 people would attend, according to another Democratic official.

In total, Obama has nine fundraising events over the next month spread out across the country, including a stop in Boston next week, events in Dallas and Miami at the beginning of November, and a West Coast swing at the end of the month.”

Read more:

I personally believe this regime is the true hate group.

No joke.

Of course it’s “free”.  bwahaha

It’s the American Nightmare.

Allies are pissed.  I don’t blame them.

Kudos to Ron Paul.

Really?  For “gun free” zones?  Why?

Just in case you haven’t realized that we ain’t free.

Ignorance is no excuse.  Never ever say you weren’t warned.

The circus is in town.

God bless this person.

Sanity and truth.

Americans need health care and not mandated insurance.

Bwahaha.  Ethics anyone?

A big phuk you to all who voted for the clown and wanted this freebie.

Same sentiment as above.

Reminds me of fractured fairy tales.

So true.

Who has the war on women?

Not the beginning and certainly not the end.

Don’t you just love unions?  I know I don’t.

Freedom of speech?  Freedom to STFU.

She speaks the truth.  No one in the government works for We The little People.

The new three stooges live.

Loose lips give us some truth.

This should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. But we need wars and czars and more.  Right?

This guy is still alive?

“Billionaire George Soros, the money man behind dozens of radical left-wing causes and hyper-liberal candidates, has signed on to co-chair Ready for Hillary in preparation for Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Soros has also invested an initial $25,000 in the PAC to build up the left’s grassroots ground game ahead of Hillary’s presidential campaign.” 

From Grassfire:

Can the U.S. Marine Corps be added to the list of things our “Commander-in-Chief” wants to change in his quest to “fundamentally transform America”? The Obama administration reportedly wants to create a “unisex” look for all USMC uniforms.

According to Stars and Stripes, the Marines were “asked by the DoD (Department of Defense) to find a unisex option for a dress and service cover.” Reports that DoD considered changing the current Marine “cover” (or cap), which hasn’t changed since 1922, were met with outrage when they swept across the Internet this week.

The New York Post reported that the new covers were called “girly,” “ridiculous” and “too French.” Citing an internal memo to Marine brass, The Post said the service cap proposal was rooted in an objective from the President himself:

“The Marine Corps is being ‘encouraged’ by DoD to standardize on a unisex/universal dress and service cap.”

The change to the new, gender-neutral cover reportedly would have cost $8 million. But 94 percent of male Marines surveyed by Marine Corps Times hated the new look, while 79 percent of female Marines didn’t like it either. A commenter on the Times website wrote: “The [proposed] cap looks too French, and the last people we want to associate our Marines with would be the French military.”

Each story is important:

I guess we need “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” back into law again.  That way all straight military cannot be persecuted and prosecuted. Why the about face?  [I see what I did there]  Why the push for everyone to be of one sexual orientation in everything from the military to TV shows?  In schools?  On the job?  Since Mr Dick Tator wants the Marines to all wear women’s caps, then let’s put every single one of them in skirts.  There is nothing wrong with having two genders of human beings.  There is a certain insanity to creating division in order to have more “special” groups.  Too much time, energy and money wasted on nonsense.  We are all equal as American citizens.  Get over it.  “Clowns to the left of me.  Jokers to the right.”  The circus is indeed in town.

Too many problems going on in our country and the shiny objects keep getting thrown about to keep us distracted.  Those in the know won’t speak up.  Those planning are criminals.  May God protect us from them all.  All hell is going to break loose next week just with the EBT cards.  Be prepared and stay safe.  To those who know this and have the power to speak out but refuse because of “orders” – you suck!

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.





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25 Oct 2013

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October 25th, 2013 Posted 1:46 pm

I must admit it.  Folks still surprise me.  Last I checked, human beings need water and food in order to live.  If the Blackberry goes down for just a day, all who own one seem to go into the fetal position and can’t function.  They are crippled for the duration of the shutdown.  If a sports channel gets removed from cable services, fans protest and hold their breath until it is returned.  Lots of electronic gadget owners and sports fans.

Have a nuclear warhead that wasn’t to be in existence get transported to Charleston and then go “missing”.  Not a peep.  Something of national importance and no one bats an eye.  Ah, not true.  The EUTimes reported on it.  Others across the great pond knew of it. But here?  Pfft.  Perhaps the citizens of Charleston said something but it certainly wasn’t loud enough to be heard or reported upon.

Let the EBT cards go unavailable for a few hours and the riots break out with some holders.  Theft by some holders and simple resignation by a few holders willing to wait the shutdown out.  When the news comes out that the shutdown on EBT cards was ordered for 17 states, there is a sudden surge in…..nothing.  No riots reported.  No questions asked.  No press conferences and certainly no apologies or reasons given.  There was one twit that said if it happened again there would be Rodney King style riots.

As we approach November next week we do hear that the EBT card amounts and Social Security amounts are dropping.  I do know that some letters to individuals were sent out.  Were all participants notified?  Who knows.  Haven’t seen any interviews, complaints or protests.  Perhaps some folks cannot read or understand what the notification read.  Perhaps too many cards are in the hands of others than the applicants.  Perhaps granny died and her card is in the wrong hand.  Might even be those card holders are too busy on Craig’s List trying to sell them to be bothered.  I truly do not know.

So, what will happen on November 1st?  Or November 2nd?  Or a day or three later?  Let’s see.  We have some EBT card holders that went on a massive shopping spree because the card had “unlimited” funds when they really didn’t.  Will they be  able to feed their families in November?  Will they cry foul?  Those who rioted before are guaranteed to riot and loot and more.  Will there still be others who just accept and remain silent?

If I were such a person who needed that EBT card to feed myself or family until I could back on my feet I would most certainly have been asking questions.  A lot of questions.  Why?  Who ordered this?  Where?  All 50 states?  When?  W e know that.  November 1st. Is it because of the sequester?  The faux government shutdown?  Something more sinister?  And yet there are no questions. Nobody seems upset.  Nobody cares?  Not a peep out of any politician?  No voice for the little people?

Ah, but something is going on and hardly noticed or reported.  Might be connected.  Might not be connected.  Several major cities are spending oodles of taxpayer dollars on security forces in case of civil unrest.  To protect the government buildings.  Not citizens but themselves.  Why?  Why the need?  Why now?

I have a feeling that the press is getting ready to report on that civil unrest about to happen.  They need the ratings.  They need scoops to exploit whether there are facts or not.  If you wish to party hardy with the mayors and upper echelon this holiday season, you had better keep your trap shut and follow orders.  Those who love flying aboard Air Force One know the routine and are  very good at following orders.  Hush!  Keep our secrets and you get to tag along.  I think those simpletons are referred to as “groupies”?

With no EBT cards this month [or very little in funds for some] there will not be much of a Thanksgiving Day this month. Thanksgiving Day.  When we come together as family and friends to be grateful for our blessings.  There are not enough soup kitchens and not enough food and supplies to ensure that all in those long lines will be fed.  In America.  In 2013.  In this day and age.  This is where we are now.  Ungrateful, selfish, greedy and with no empathy for others.  Too many refuse to question the wrongs going on openly on a daily basis.  Too many refuse to believe we have a corrupt government diligently working against We The little People.  Anger and division among the peons.  The plot not only sickens but is working according to plan.

I sense the timing is right for Martial Law.  The “buck never stops here” Oval Office will richly enjoy the plethora of parties, gatherings, fundraisers, hoopla, feasts, etc. this Thanksgiving.  A widdle turkey will get a pardon while some citizens will receive the death sentence.  The elected/selected will go off for their feasts and parties right on schedule.  Some will have had the advance warning to go to safe places.  Others…hmm…others might just have to face riots, protests and well, I really don’t wish lynchings but a good old tar and feather session might be nice and justified.  Of course that would only ensure innocent civilians getting murdered by those uber trigger happy security forces.  I would much prefer for a peaceful revolution to occur.  Throw out all the bums.  Incarcerate them.  What a grand and glorious Thanksgiving Day we could have knowing that impeachment proceedings could start.  That the trials for war crimes and crimes against humanity are scheduled.  Drones could be put away or even destroyed.

Who benefits from all the destruction when rioting happens?  Not the neighborhoods.  Not the business owners.  Not the innocent. Never the innocent.  The ones behind the plots and plans and schemes.  They benefit greatly when an uninformed, dumbed down, lazy and apathetic citizenry stops thinking.  When they stop asking questions.  When they rely on mommy and daddy government for all their needs.  Once they have to do without, they rebel like spoiled brats.  Oops.  Possibly too late for that rebellion has already been carefully prepared for.  Are those about to rebel protected?  Prepared?  Ready to act without raw emotion to riot? Nah.

I want this regime exposed now before any more people are killed.  I want the truth heard before Mr Dick Tator takes it all just to give our country and citizens to his masters.  I want a united American citizenry to stand up to the tyranny so many deny.  I want all the sheeple to open their eyes and remove those blinders.  Our military should not be forced to fire upon fellow Americans. Those Russian troops and Chinese troops and all other foreign troops do not and should not need to be here.  It is illegal and against our Constitution for all of this to be happening and yet the majority remain silent.  It is sad.  So very sad.

Will the power grid shutdown still occur during November?  Will we have any freedoms left by the end of the month of November? Only if the truth is told.  Only if the truth comes out.

Since most of America’s allies are angry about all the NSA spying on themselves who will defend the American citizens?  No one. And America will implode upon itself.  Not like we haven’t been warned.  Not like it hasn’t been talked about at length before.  All hidden in plain sight.  Ain’t that a kicker.

I went to school with home-made lunches.  My children had the same nutritious food.  Mu grandchildren are not allowed.

While I agree and still want this to be totally scrapped, how come Mr Dick and not Congress keeps changing the law?

It’s so true.

Is Mr Dick Tator losing a BFF?

I am smiling as more is revealed.

Effective?  Of course.  Legal?  I don’t think so.

Stay safe, Mr. Greenwald.  I want you to release it all.

Gee.  This sounds an awful lot like us.

Oh, Angela, Angela, Angela.  Of course your phone was bugged.

We will have more uninsured citizens than before.

Oh Billary.  Just go away.

Give me a break.  This is such a crock.

Are the tents air conditioned?  How about we just stop all the wars.

From the MRC Action Team:  “The radical leftist Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson sent a fundraising email to his brainwashed left-wing base in which he explicitly charged the Tea Party with being just like the KKK!”

A little bit of history for Grayson.  The KKK was started by the Democrats and the NRA was started by Republicans after the Civil War to help the freed slaves arm and defend themselves.  Lincoln only wanted the Southern slaves freed.  He wanted the Northern slaves to remain slaves.  He wanted to punish his enemies, the South.  Wow.  That reminds me of a certain cretin in the White House.

God help us all.  We are in so much danger from this regime, the puppet and his handlers.

I thank all our honorable veterans for their service to our great country.  As the saying goes, “All gave some; some gave all”.

I want every citizen of The United States of America to have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.

God bless America.



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24 Oct 2013

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October 24th, 2013 Posted 1:37 pm

How much longer?  How much longer before enough of We The little People simply cannot stomach any more of the lies, deceits and authority imposed over us by this regime?

How much longer can the lamestream media keep up the charade of everything is fine under Mr Dick Tator and his corrupt band of barely men and women?  Will there be a day where at least one stops for just a moment and sees what is in store for themselves and their own families?  Instead of always defending this most unfit “leader and his crumbling facade, the questions of Who? What? Where? When? and Why? need to be thought out, investigated and reported upon.

For those of us who are aware and fully awake to the folly that lays before us, we can see the most corrupt and evil emperor wears no clothes.  And it ain’t a pretty sight.  Another person “faints” or sways during yet another speech and while it was others who caught the damsel in distress, dear leader gets accolades for turning to the microphone announcing “I’ve got you”, turns back to swooning female and touches her on the shoulder.  Turns back again to the microphone,  “You’re okay”.  The crowd goes wild.  May I please see the script that was on the teleprompter?  Seems a bit rehearsed if you ask me.  And now the rescued fair maiden is making the rounds on all the news platforms.  Ack!  Ack!

Just think about it.  Dear leader has the healing touch.  He has the all seeing eye and can predict the future.  I’m, like, so totally, ya know, impressed.  Actually I think it’s more like waves of nausea.

Does America have any allies left?  France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Italy and even Saudi Arabia are pissed at all the spying the NSA is doing.  This regime got caught and is embarrassed.  Still think Assange, Snowden and Manning [just for starters] are traitors for exposing the regime’s dirty little secrets?  I think they are Americans who couldn’t take all this garbage anymore.  They are brave men who had the conviction of their beliefs to tell the truth.

I think more are realizing that Americans and the government are two distinct and different entities.  Billary is certainly embarrassed.  Eh, what difference does it make.  Didn’t Piglosi utter those very same words just the other day?

I heard the IMF has been funding some of those extra cops and security forces around the country lately.  Why?

The leader of INTERPOL actually stated that armed citizens are needed to take out the terrorists.  Wow.  That was a surprise.  Could it be he has a little intel that says we are treading in deep and dangerous waters because of our government?  He might be giving us a warning. Good for him.

Really? Economy sucks. Gov. website a money pit. People needing jobs. So much in dire straits. And now this.
WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (AP) — “President Barack Obama is preparing for an intense stretch of fundraising for Democrats, planning at least nine fundraisers outside of Washington before the end of the year.

The events will take Obama to more than a half-dozen states, from Florida to California. Obama’s appearances will benefit the national Democratic Party as well as committees that raise money for Democratic House and Senate candidates.

First lady Michelle Obama is also pitching in.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden held off on political events during the government shutdown. But with the crisis averted, top Democrats are looking ahead to the 2014 midterm elections and want to make sure Democrats have the resources they’ll need.

Obama has promised to headline at least 20 fundraisers for Democratic committees ahead of next year’s elections.”


WASHINGTON — “With rebel forces in Syria in retreat and the Obama administration’s policy toward the war-ravaged country in disarray, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived at the White House Situation Room one day in June with a document bearing a warning. President Bashar al-Assad of Syria had used chemical weapons against his people, the document said, and if the United States did not “impose consequences,” Mr. Assad would see it as a “green light for continued CW use.”

President Obama had signed a secret order in April — months earlier than previously reported — authorizing a C.I.A. plan to begin arming the Syrian rebels. But the arms had not been shipped, and the collapse of rebel positions in western Syria fueled the atmosphere of crisis that hung over the June meeting.”

Are you really believing all this bullcrap?

Full story here.

The NY Times reports on this and yet will not touch the DHS “drills” set for next month?  Lovely.

Just so you know, The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court just renewed the NSA program to keep records of all Americans phone calls.  I knew you’d want to know.  Foreign Intelligence Court and Americans in one sentence.  Okey dokey.

I must say I am a bit suspicious with this.  “Experts” talking about the power grid, DHS “drills” set for next month on the power grid and this guy.  Is he a patsy?  A fall guy to be blamed on a shutdown?  Are we citizens to be blamed so Martial Law gets put into place?  Why all this talk now?

Such effing bullshit!  Dick did not catch her!

Hmm.  Is the “glitch” in the gov. website just a shiny object to distract us away from Syria/Iran?,0,7258474.story

You get what you voted for.  I did not vote for the Dick.

I truly am enjoying the show.

Please remove your precious children from public schools.

So sad what our country has come to.

I think I just saw a unicorn.

Ah, some truth.

All  of it important but especially that last paragraph.

Just let it die and go away.  Far, far away.

And it’s not even November yet.

Hahaha.  Lies and more lies.

What is he, 5 years old?

Know anyone happy about any of this?

I remember when doing this would get you arrested.  Seig Hiel!

It’s the comedy hour.

The Earth is going through a cycle just like it always has for thousands of years.

One reason I no longer watch sports.


I know some folks think of Bill Gates, Al Gore, Warren Buffet and others as just oodles of wonderfulness.  After all, they just keep giving millions of their own dollars away to charity.  Except there is a slight catch.  All have their own foundations.  Tax exempt. They give to each others’ foundations of which they also serve on the boards of those same foundations.  They get their monies back through bonuses, dividends, etc.  Hello!  They are just passing around the money to the others and then back to themselves. Millions of tax free money going straight into their offshore bank accounts.  All the while claiming the ultra rich need to be taxed more and knowing full well they can’t be touched.  Warms the heart to see such philanthropy.

Will the retards fall for it?  Probably.

Sounds about right.

Give illegals a vote?  Hell no.  Deport and deport some more.

Watch the video first and then read the rest.
Outbreaks of methylmercury poisonings have made it clear that adults, children, and developing fetuses are at risk from ingestion exposure to methylmercury. During these poisoning outbreaks some mothers with no symptoms of nervous system damage gave birth to infants with severe disabilities, it became clear that the developing nervous system of the fetus may be more vulnerable to methylmercury than is the adult nervous system.

In addition to the subtle impairments noted above, symptoms of methylmercury poisoning may include;

  • impairment of the peripheral vision;
  • disturbances in sensations (“pins and needles” feelings, usually in the hands, feet, and around the mouth);
  • lack of coordination of movements;
  • impairment of speech, hearing, walking; and
  • muscle weakness.

Symptoms of elemental mercury effects

Symptoms include these:

  • tremors;
  • emotional changes (e.g., mood swings, irritability, nervousness, excessive shyness);
  • insomnia;
  • neuromuscular changes (such as weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching);
  • headaches;
  • disturbances in sensations;
  • changes in nerve responses;
  • performance deficits on tests of cognitive function.

Symptoms of high exposures to inorganic mercury include:

Last but never least is death.

From Rand Paul:
“It’s no secret Washington, D.C. is chock-full of people who think they can run our lives better than we can.

They just don’t want to have to live under the laws they pass for the rest of us.

Maybe they really do think they’re “better.”  Or “smarter.”  Or just flat-out “more important.”

To many Americans, there is no better example of Washington, D.C. being out of touch and out of whack than special deals like we saw in ObamaCare.  To many, it’s like rubbing salt in our wounds.

After all, aren’t politicians supposed to serve the people who elect them – not take advantage of them?

As the ObamaCare fiasco unfolds, more and more Americans are beginning to understand what we’ve been served isn’t exactly appetizing.

***    Less than 3% of American citizens who visited the ObamaCare website were able to actually create an account.  In fact, Consumer Reports is urging Americans to “stay away;”

***    More and more employers are cutting hours to avoid ObamaCare’s outrageous mandates.  Last year, six full-time jobs were created for every one part-time job.  But this year, only one full-time job is being created for every four part-time jobs;

***    According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71% of small businesses say ObamaCare makes it harder to grow.  Nearly one-quarter says they’ll reduce hiring to ensure they never exceed 50 total employees, which would create new mandates and costs under the program;

***    ObamaCare is expected to increase the average family of four’s healthcare spending by nearly $4,000 by 2016.  And that’s not even counting ObamaCare’s $1 TRILLION in new taxes over the next decade.

Yet Washington, D.C.’s insider class – from Chief Justice John Roberts who signed off on this unconstitutional law to members of Congress – don’t have to feel the American people’s pain?
Washington, D.C. insiders get their special taxpayer-backed “deals,” perks, exemptions and ObamaCare subsidies.

The American people get stuck with the tab . . .

Whether it’s the infamous glitches, cut hours, layoffs, higher premiums, or citizens losing their existing health insurance, the American people are just now getting their first taste of ObamaCare.

That’s bad enough.

But thanks to special subsidies Congress created for itself, many of the same politicians who voted to impose this monstrosity on the rest of us are getting off virtually scot-free.

This can’t be allowed to continue.

Just recently, I introduced a Constitutional Amendment to stop my colleagues from passing legislation that doesn’t apply equally to U.S. citizens, the Executive Branch, Congress and the Supreme Court.

If Chief Justice Roberts likes ObamaCare so much, he can live under it.

From Energy Citizens:

Congress continues to play politics with our fuel. Instead of repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), Congress is considering a freeze that would keep this mandate in place for two years. You have emailed them before but now they need to hear from you directly that you want the ethanol mandate repealed!

Make the call: 1-877-354-7783

The proposed freeze would do nothing to solve the many problems being caused by the RFS:

  • Increasing food prices. Corn prices have more than doubled since 2010, thanks in part to biofuel mandates.
  • Damaging engines. E15 fuel can harm engines in power tools and many older vehicles.
  • Harming small business owners. Local gas station owners, many of whom are small businesses, will have to make expensive upgrades to comply with the law.”

From Grassrootsaction:

Amidst the dizzying reports of the failing ObamaCare website comes news that another government giveaway might also need “a tech surge.”

Fox News reports that food stamp recipients are turning their government handouts into quick cash by selling their EBT cards using Craigslist. Despite efforts to crack down, fraud is rampant in the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Ads like this one, from Atlanta, are all over the Craigslist website:

“I don’t need to sell. If you would like to get an extra
$150 to $175 in grocery and pay no taxes and
can see the benefit that you will still be saving then email me or call me and we can arrange the whole deal as soon as you like.”
And this one from Philadelphia:
“If you need food. This is not a gimmick or game. Please let me know, I have food stamps for sale. Serious replies only!!!”
Since taking office, Barack Obama has become the “Food Stamp President.” He’s overseen an “explosive” increase in SNAP. The program has grown by more than 70 percent — surpassing $74 billion annually and doubling the overall cost to taxpayers.

And with an additional 13,000 citizens enrolling in the SNAP program every day, there appears to be no end in sight.”

Pretty disgusting stuff.  So many shiny objects dangled in front of us.  So many distractions as to what is really going on.  Secret this.  Secret that.  Much hidden in plain sight.
We have so much to forward to.  The White House will soon be decorated for the holidays.  Much planning for all those wonderful and decadent parties the taxpayers pay for and yet never get invited to attend.  All the expense accounts to be bursting at the seams. The campaigning.  The endless campaigning has already begun.  All the monies collected  for….  Really, for what exactly?
Has there yet to be an apology of any sort to our honorable veterans who were so mistreated and abused verbally and physically during the faux shutdown?
I thank all our veterans for their service.  God bless each and every one of you.
I thank the Oathkeepers for standing up to tyranny and abiding by the oaths they took to defend our nation against both foreign and especially the domestic enemies.  God bless you.
God bless America.

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23 Oct 2013

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October 23rd, 2013 Posted 10:43 am

I love a good joke.  Don’t you?  Jokes can make us laugh, ease tense situations and help us deal with life.  I do not, however, like being the butt of the joke.  A joke that is not funny and has means to harm.  More like a ruse, plot or scheme.  I am talking about ovomitcare. I read the bill before it became law.  I saw many disturbing things in it.  Yes, it did and still does include death panels.  They just aren’t called that.

I read where you had to rent a scooter for a year before being allowed a prescription for it.  I wanted to know what was in those extra 300 pages put in on the day of the voting.  Those wishing to read it had to leave the floor to do so and therefore miss voting. Had to pass it to find out what was in it.  Now that was one of the most idiotic things I had ever heard.  And yet, our elected representatives fell for it.  They are so easily controlled.  They are so stupid.  They are so incredibly retarded.  I want Piglosi to sign a piece of paper without reading it for the same reason.  That way, after signing it, she can read how she signed her own death warrant and gets taken outside and shot.  But that won’t happen.  Sigh.  Too bad.

After all the many lies and hoopla over a piece of crap designed to implode on itself and bankrupt American citizens, the bill became a law.  Retard after retarded sheeple crying tears of joy because they now have free gas, free homes, free food, free education and now…ta da…free healthcare.  All hail the great and powerful messiah.  Our hero Mr Dick Tator.  The second coming. Look how the tides rose and all ships were risen.  Peace broke out over the entire planet.  We no longer have poor or homeless or hungry.  Let us drop to our knees and praise his highness.

Oops!  Just a few? problems.  “Glitches” if you will.  The gas isn’t free.  The housing isn’t free.  The food isn’t free.  The education isn’t free and that healthcare most certainly isn’t free.

Jobs have been lost by the hundreds of thousands.  Hours have been cut by the millions.  Taxes on every single working person have risen.  Taxes upon taxes with still more to come.  The ships have sunk.  There is war throughout the entire planet.  The poor are poorer.  There are now more homeless and hungry.  What the hell happened?

Ovomitcare happened.  Doctors are leaving in droves.  Hospitals and clinics are closing.  Patients are being denied treatment and some just flat out turned away.  Premiums are still rising.  Some are doubling if not more.  Deductibles are unaffordable as much as those premiums.

Still mandated.  Buy something you don’t want and it’s called a tax.  Don’t buy it and pay fines in the thousands.  Really?  If you pay that fine you still have to pay/buy the tax.  So bogus.  Such a farce.  Say no and you are called a racist.  Say no again and you are called a birther.  Say no yet again and you are called a racist birther who hates America.  If that makes sense to you, you are retarded.

Millions spent on software and that even Canadians deemed a total failure.  And yet, messiah spent American tax dollars for it.  Now proven to be a total failure, millions upon millions more of American tax dollars are going to be spent to “fix” it.  Can’t be fixed.  It was all a hoax.

We are not being told exactly how many citizens are actually enrolled.  But I have news for some of you.  If you were fooled into going into that website and gave all your private and personal information just to find out your password was changed [identity theft by the regime] and that you still aren’t enrolled?  Well, you just gave all that information to the IRS.  The IRS now knows you are uninsured and you are now on the special list.  The list that makes you eligible for a visit by the IRS.  Seig Hiel.  Papers, please.

American citizens are still paying their premiums.  They are still being denied policies.  They are still finding it harder to just see a doctor.  How does it feel to be the butt of this most heinous joke?  The horror stories I am hearing are heart wrenching.  I have yet to hear from a single living person that they are happy with this.  Not a one.  Have you?

The best and brightest are going to “fix” this website?  How much more gets spent until some one actually has the backbone to say it can’t be fixed?  Has all this money come before, during or after the sequester and shutdown farces?

I will not comply.

Good morning NSA.  Parlez-vous francais?  Espanol?  Deutsch?  tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’e’?  You must feel all warm and so fuzzy all over knowing you have pissed so many folks off all over the planet.

Want to know the truth about  It is designed to take ALL your personal, private information so it can be shared with the government alphabet soup.  You get squat out of it except for the paying money part.  bwahahahaha.

Gee, I really feel sorry for these folks.  Not.

Well, duh.  It was designed this way.  Wake up, people.  Just more of our tax money sent down the drain.

DHS – the domestic enemy.  Okay, one of many in this regime.

I warned you November is not going to be a good month.  Blame the regime and not your neighbors.

All hail the mighty Dick Tator and his minions.

OMG!  He does nothing and yet gets the applause for it.  Give him another peace prize.

A most curious video.

Seig Heil!  Another plan coming to fruition.

Most disturbing.

It would be a start.

So sad.  Too bad.

Bit by bit more comes to light.

Never allow the vampire to enter in the first place.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I refuse to comply.

It’s called a scam!

Delay it?  Let’s defund and scrap this boondoggle.

Any one care?  I do.

This idiot is such a douchbag.

Still waiting for her to fall down and bump her head.

Yes, Virginia.  There are death panels.  Oh just suck it up.  Dear leader knows best.

I. Am. So. Shocked!

Their parents must be super proud.

To protect and serve?

I want everything to come out.

How many more will he buy?


Only 5?

Somebody just woke up.

I sense desperation. I simply will not comply to this mandated fiasco.  Please do not fall for this BS.

WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States on Tuesday defended drone strikes targeting al-Qaida operatives and others it deems enemies, rejecting reports by two human-rights groups questioning the legality of strikes they asserted have killed or wounded scores of civilians in Yemen and Pakistan.

Human Rights Watch alleged that 82 people, at least 57 of them civilians, were killed by the unmanned aircraft and other aerial strikes in Yemen between September 2012 and June 2013 and called such strikes unlawful or indiscriminate. Amnesty International called on the U.S. to investigate reports in Pakistan of civilian casualties, among them a 68-year-old grandmother hit while farming with her grandchildren.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said such strikes are unlawful or indiscriminate. Amnesty, based in London, said it is concerned that the attacks outlined in the report and others may have resulted in unlawful killings that constitute extrajudicial executions or war crimes.

President Barack Obama’s chief spokesman, Jay Carney, said the U.S. “would strongly disagree” with any claims that the U.S. had acted improperly, arguing that American actions follow all applicable law.

Repeating Obama’s defense of the drone policy earlier in the year, Carney said there must be “near-certainty” of no civilian casualties before the U.S. proceeds with a drone strike. He said they’re not used when targets can instead be captured.

“U.S. counterterrorism operations are precise, they are lawful and they are effective,” Carney said.
Full story:

I have to say this snow job put out by Carney and old Tator is a load of crap.  All one need do is to see and listen to is the video leaked by Pvt. Manning.  The one where the guy [in a safe place] is begging to fire upon the unarmed journalist and those near him.  And then gleefully begging again to murder the others who sought safety.  It is so disgusting.  Precise?  Lawful?  Effective?  Only if you mean murdering innocent people is the objective.  These drone murders are war crimes and crimes against humanity.  All is well.  You get a free ovomit phone if you sign up for ovomitcare in California.  Yippee!

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans.  God help us all.


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22 Oct 2013

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October 22nd, 2013 Posted 2:00 pm

I would like to see a “I will not comply Day”.  Turn that into a week, a month or a year.  Longer if necessary.  By that I mean Americans refuse to comply to the bullying, extortion and demands of this regime until they come clean about all we need to know.

So many lies.  So much corruption.  Excuses for everything.  Pointing fingers at everyone else.  Transparency?  There was never meant to be such a critter.  Voters were fed only what they wanted to hear and lapped it up.  The sheeple and lemmings go happily off to slaughter and over the cliff because they know of nothing else to do.  Their blinders are on firmly.

For myself I feel such things are such as the truth about ovomitcare.  All of it.  Forget the rhetoric and the stuttering,.  Take away the teleprompters and spokespersons.  Honest, clear answers to all of our questions.

I want to hear how this healthcare for all is not free.  It was designed to make big insurance companies thrive while eliminating the smaller ones.  It was designed to force every one of us onto a government plan [it’s called monopolization and is against the law].  It was designed to bankrupt us all into submission.  It was designed with death panels.  Yes, having the bean counters decide if and what treatment you get strictly by the cost and your age are what death panels do best.

It was never about health care.  It has always been about making more money.  It should have been about insurance reform.  Stop the insurance companies from continuing to run amok and those wanting the insurance would be able to afford it.  Stop having insurance companies dictate to the doctors and patients what they can do or have.  That is the problem.  Always has been.

I will not comply.

I want to know why Mr Dick Tator is allowed to aid and abet America’s enemies.  I want to know why the American taxpayers are paying $85 billion each and every month for the derivatives dumped upon us by the big banks while being told it is out debt.

I want to know why only the interest on the $17 trillion [and rising] debt is being paid but nothing on the principle.  I want to know why the borrowing still continues.  I want to know where each and every penny goes.

I want the truth on UN Agenda 21, why our military is under the UN and NATO.  I want to know the truth about all the places our troops are stationed and why.  I want to know why the 7 countries in 5 years plan even exists.

Not only Agenda 21 but the New World Order.  I want the truth.

I will not comply.

I want the truth about climate change/global warming/whatever it’s called now.  I want the truth about how it is all a money scheme to fill the coffers of Al Gore, Warren Buffet and all the other elites and globalists who are trying to take over the planet.

I want to know the truth about the eugenics being committed all over the world.  It is not good for the Earth to depopulate. Humans are not destroying the planet like being reported.  Why should Americans pay for China and India’s pollution?

I want to know all about the scandals.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, ACORN/ovomitcare navigators, all the false flags, Boston bombing, World Trade towers, Sandy Hook, Waco, OKC bombing, Navy Shipyard murders, Fort Hood murders, nuclear warhead taken from Dyess Air Force Base and exploded in the Atlantic off the coast of Charleston, SC.  Let’s throw in Columbine school shootings.  Include Dorner in LA and all the others.  Not a one is phony.

I want to know about all these “drills” occurring all over our nation.  Why?  How come somebody always has to die during one of these “drills”?  That unarmed woman in Washington, DC.

I want the truth on rendition and special rendition.  I want the truth on CIA operating on American soil.  I want the truth on whistleblower deaths sanctioned by the government [past and present regime included].

I want the truth on the excessive and obscenely lavish lifestyles of this government.  I am not impressed by people because they throw money around.  I am certainly not impressed when that money belongs to the American taxpayers.

I want to know why we are the only nation allowing illegals to cross our borders every day and then give them freebies meant for legal citizens of this nation.

The truth will jail almost every politician we have.  Might even lynch some.  But that truth will set America and Americans free!

I will simply not comply until the truth is told.  I will obey good and sane laws but not give in to extortion nor bullying.  There is so much more kept from us but I will stop for now.

Just how stupid are these folks?  Very.

The first minute and one half tells a lot about these “non-violent” people.

Morals?  Values?  Ethics?  Huh?

How much are we going to wind up paying just for the website?

And November is almost here.

Hey France.  Don’t hold your breath.

Take that, Diane Frankingfeinstien.

Time for her to fall down and hit her head.

If you like your doctor or insurance…tough crap.  You fell for that lie?  bwahaha.

Golly gee.  To all who voted for Mr Dick Tator – thanks a whole lot.

How convenient.  Good thing he didn’t make a video no body has seen.

Did they unique up on it?

“According to the White House, there have been more than 19 million unique visits to the website since its launch this month.”

We The little People get to pay extra for this.  So trendy and cool.

Thank you Sharpton, Dick Tator, Holder and all other racists.

Not a peep out of the Muslim in the Oval Office.  I wonder why.


How many lobbyists are employed by this Dick?

$634 million of taxpayer money down the drain.  Thanks Piglosi and the others who wanted Americans to have this but not themselves.

Bull Shit Alert!

If you like your doctor or plan you can keep it.  bwahhahaha.  And the sheeple loved it.  Until now.  Still want to comply to dear leader’s command?

Secret pact since 2011?  Really?  Oh the games little boys play. Such “transparency”.

But I thought the Taliban was no more.  I thought Al qaeda was our friend.  I thought Pakistan told Mr Dick Tator to stop droning the country.

Is there any nation not pissed off by the USA’s government?

Still waiting to hear on state-run media about November’s power grid shutdown “drill”.  Not a peep.  Why?

Until this regime has to comply by their own rules and laws, I simply will not comply.

Good morning, NSA.  How are you feeling?  Sleeping well at night?

God bless America.  God bless our troops and veterans,.  God help us all.



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