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30 Sep 2013

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September 30th, 2013 Posted 8:32 pm

Here we are.  On the eve of 1 Oct 2013.  While I still have not seen an exact day for this “drill” for Region III, I did find it is to be a power grid “drill”.  I saw where Mr Dick Tator has been invited down to Louisiana and he is to go over to China sometime in October.  His dance card is full.  Oh when to decide to strike?  Poor man must be in a dither to decide.

When folks are seeing how much money they are forced to pile into ovomitcare and decide enough is enough, will they demand their money back?  If they are politically correct they will do nothing but pay more out into this boondoggle.  Certainly don’t want to piss off any illegal who is receiving everything free.  And I do mean everything.

Really want to see just how stupid some folks are?  Take a look.   I sincerely hope their parents and grandparents see this.  Just incredible.

Our beloved military is trying to warn us.     

Warm and fuzzy feelings for all.

This explains it a bit more.

Want more?

A lot of folks were warned.  You need to hear Gregory Hines talk about Condi Rice warning him.

A false flag?  You don’t say.


Shh! Did you know there is no less than $16 TRILLION missing from the Fed?  Shh!

From a judge who actually read the ovomicare bill/law.   JUDGE KITHIL wrote:
Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.

Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.

Page 65/section 164: The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN).

Page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax. (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)

Page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors’ fees.

Page 272. section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient’s age.

Page 317 and 321: The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.
Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an “end-of-life planning” seminar every five years. (Death counseling..)

Page 429, line 13-25: The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

HAD ENOUGH???? Judge Kithil then goes on to identify:

“Finally, it is specifically stated that this bill will not apply to members of Congress.
Honorable David Kithil of Marble Falls , Texas

I tried to put the photo of the United States broken into the 10 regions but it just won’t happen.  Always interesting to know in which region you live and just who is the chosen governor for that region.  Chances are really good it is not your state governor. Look up Council of Governors to find your new demi-god.  Such a wonderful time in which we live.

My fellow human beings.  My fellow country men and women.  Tomorrow concerns me greatly.  October and November causes me much concern as well.  I will not go quietly into that night.  May we all be spared from all ills of this regime.  May the masses arise and as peacefully as can take back our country from those who have committed treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Let the arrests of these traitors begin and the trials be swift and the judgement harsh.

Good afternoon NSA.  How y’all doing?  For those of you in the giant alphabet soup of traitors against the United States of America, as you go out to help destroy this once great nation I want you to think of your families, your parents, grandparents and friends.  Think about how they will feel about you once the great culling has begun and knowing you have been a part of it all.

God bless America.  God help us all.



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29 Sep 2013

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September 29th, 2013 Posted 8:20 am

I am suspicious.  I see Mr Dick Tator and the new president of Iran getting chummy and all smiles.  Then the song “Smiling Faces” pops into my head.  I feel old Tator is playing nice to earn brownie points.  With whom remains to be seen.

Ah, two more days until 1 Oct 2013.  Two more days for the deadline of all those supplies of food, water, ammo, weapons, vehicles and foreign troops’ training to be completed.  Why?  Just what do you think might happen?  Region III, I pray for you and the rest of us.

Found this amazing site.  Click on Electronic Harassment.  After that, click on Added up at the top.  So much information in this site.  So much scary stuff just in time for Halloween.  Sad part it is real.

Mr Dick Tator called for a “transformation” of our nation’s gun laws. On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the so-called U.N.”Small Arms Treaty” in New York City.  By putting American citizens under UN control Mr Dick Tator washes his hands once again of the bloodshed that could result in the UN takeover.  He absolved himself of all responsibility.  Now there is a bit of good news.  The Senate has to ratify this treaty for it to become effective.  So far it looks good but you never know.  Don’t you just love all the things done quietly?  If reported on, it never is explained to the public.

A little light reading:   Not the first bank that decides how you spend your own money.   Stolen or given?  Benghazi was a gun running operation.   How can you “stop resisting” when you get zapped with each movement?  This is cruel and inhumane.   What job will anybody be able to get once every thing is done by robots?  NBC – bought and paid for by the regime.  Ah the Hollywood values showcased.   Hey, Piglosi, cut back on the haircuts, gym, banquets, parties and expense accounts paid for by the American taxpayers and the salaries for starters.  Give up your jet and body guards.  Please put a “gun free zone” sign on your houses, cars and offices.  Why?  Why?   Kerry.  Such a warmongering joker.  Or is that jester.   Got himself a peace prize.  More like a piece of the prize.  Try assimilating and just be Americans.

This is a listing of nations purchasing power.  Will be interesting to see this chart after ovomitcare bankrupts us all. <>

Next time you head to the gas pumps, think about this:


Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.81
Rank by most expensive gas: 58
Rank by pain at the pump: 59

Saudi Arabia

Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.45
Rank by most expensive gas: 59
Rank by pain at the pump: 58


Price per gallon of gasoline: $0.06
Rank by most expensive gas: 60
Rank by pain at the pump: 60

These countries sell to their citizens first before letting the oil/gas go onto the open market.  America has oil.  It is sold on the open market first and then we get to buy it back at the higher prices.  Europe and the British Isles pay over twice [at least] what we pay.

I love this one.  Glad somebody else thought it was suspicious.  So pathetic the lengths this idiot goes to appear legit.

Definitely something to think about and smile.

Bad news.

Codex Alimentarius – this is something that’s been around for a long time.

This is a good site whether you are a vet or not.

I don’t know what next month holds for Americans nor the rest of the world.  I feel for Region III.  I am finding that virtually no one I know has heard about any of this.  I’m trying my best to help folks understand.  This is not a game.  It will not be a “drill”. Every time in recent years during these so called drills people are killed.  More and more the police state is pushed upon us and each time it is not only worse but the sheeple are fine with it.

I am not fine with any of this.  “Missing” nuclear warhead no longer talked about.  Russian troops [15,000] to be ready by 1 Oct 2013.  Folks, it ain”t for sporting event security.  So much for FEMA and DHS going on with the deadline in just 2 days.  Now I see why all the Russian weapons and ammo was bought.  FEMA and DHS don’t use it but the Russian troops do.  Isn’t that just special?  I miss Church Lady from SNL.

IF October becomes a disaster it just might prevent November’s attack on us.  Keep your powder dry and watch your six.  May we all survive this and bring justice to those committing treason, acts of terrorism, and being traitors to the United States of America.

Good morning NSA.  You had your chance to stop all of this.  Cowards.

God bless America.

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28 Sep 2013

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September 28th, 2013 Posted 9:31 am

I find it simply amazing all that is going on in full sight of the world with basically no outcry from the masses.  Crowds with torches and pitchforks should be marching upon Washington, D C.  Groups with tar and feathers should be in front of local government buildings to meet with the groups bringing the railroad ties.

John Kerry went and signed the UN Small Arms Treaty.  Um, John, that is not your decision.  It should be up the United States of America Senate to decide that.  Not you.  I’m quite sure your boss, Mr Dick Tator, will sign it into law.  Another act of treason.  You, Tator and Billary sure have dealt us a dirty deal.

Thanks to you and others we are now slaves to the UN.  Our military belongs to the UN and NATO.  I still see people spewing about Bush.  Try living in the present.  Yes, Bush I and II, Clinton, Carter, LBJ all had a part but unless we sever the head of the snake in power now we will continue to plummet deeper into hell.  Let’s stop all this madness now and take care of the others later.

So much to cover.  But first a burning question of utmost importance in “celebrity” news.  Is Billary breaking up with Huma?  I just, like, ya know, can’t function unless I know.  Meh!


DETROIT — A bailout still isn’t on the books for Detroit, but top Obama administration officials met with regional leaders Friday before announcing an aid package that will total at least $300 million.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan joined local and regional leaders in a closed-door meeting Friday morning at Wayne State University in Detroit. Members of Michigan’s congressional delegation, local faith leaders, philanthropic advocates, business executives and union representatives were also invited.

The $300 million package, which was announced at a press conference following the meeting, includes $25 million for Detroit’s firefighters and enough money to hire 10 new police officers; money to demolish more of the city’s 70,000 abandoned and dangerous buildings (including commercial buildings, for whose demolishing no funding stream previously existed); $24 million to repair the city’s battered bus fleet and install security cameras on board; and $65 million in Community Development Block Grant funds. Several million dollars will be spent to stimulate regional transportation and aid construction of the city’s M-1 rail project.  How much money goes to politician salaries?  How many homes that could be easily renovated will be demolished?  Folks will keep leaving because there are no jobs and places to live.  According with UN Agenda 21 those homes will not be rebuilt.

Besides the federal grants, these funds are also coming from businesses and charitable foundations.

In addition, Sperling said that Todd Park, chief technology officer for the Obama administration, would bring tech experts to Detroit in October to help modernize some of the city’s antiquated bureaucratic functions.  Just what does this mean?  How much will the tech experts get paid?

Harold Schaitberger, general president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, represents Detroit’s firefighters and attended Friday’s meeting. He stressed in an interview with The Huffington Post that the aid announcement was not a bailout and that the money pledged won’t go toward the city’s estimated $18 billion in debt.  And it won’t be paid back either.

“The administration made it clear that there just was no real opportunity for any new stimulus money,” Schaitberger said, recalling a meeting he had with Obama aides two weeks ago. “There’s not going to be a stimulus, and the Congress would never pass it if there was such a suggestion.”

Some of the $300 million is money that should have already been in Detroit’s coffers — previously awarded grant funds that, for one reason or another, never made it to the city. The funds are “being expedited, repurposed, reprogrammed and unlocked,” Sperling said at the press conference.  Should have already been in the coffers?  Never made it to the city?  Where is that missing money?

Sperling told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday that the $25 million to hire as many as 140 new firefighters had “been accumulating for years” but could not be accessed until now. Federal agencies also withheld $33 million in Community Development Block Grant funding from Detroit last year because the city hadn’t met required obligations.  Then let’s remove the $58 million from the $300 million if the city already has it.

The Free Press also reported that the Obama administration has named Don Graves, a deputy assistant Treasury secretary and executive director of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, to assume Sperling’s current role in directing the White House’s response to Detroit’s bankruptcy filing.

HUD Secretary Donovan, whose agency was instrumental in gathering almost $150 million to battle the city’s self-proclaimed “blight emergency,” told reporters that his first priority was making sure the money “hit the streets” with all deliberate speed.

“We all believe that this will be one of the great comeback stories of American cities,” he said.  Now that is funny.

While the White House plans to be a “key partner” for the city as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings this fall, Sperling said it wasn’t the White House’s job to take the lead.  Another funny.

“We do not think of it as our job to devise the priorities for Detroit or the strategies of Detroit. Our job is to listen to all sectors of Detroit,” he said.

Schaitberger said he gave the Obama administration high marks.  Money always gets high marks.

“They did what they said they intended to do in pretty short order,” he said. “That doesn’t take care of everything — but they certainly followed through with what we talked about weeks ago, about what the administration could do to help the city.”

But Schaitberger was displeased that there was no discussion Friday about the future of Detroit’s retired and active employees, whose pensions and health care benefitscould be cut or even eliminated in bankruptcy court. He said he had hoped that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) or Kevyn Orr, the city’s emergency manager, would have raised that topic during Friday’s meeting.

Schaitberger argued that Orr has overstated the size of the shortfall facing the city pension funds. The city’s pension fund managers and Orr disagree over how the funds have been valued. Orr puts the projected shortfall at a minimum of $3.5 billion, more than five times the previous estimates, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“We can’t be talking about destroying retirement plans or throwing retirees off of health care or freezing their benefits if we don’t even know what is the real true debt and status of those plans,” Schaitberger said.  Detroit will still go through bankruptcy and the citizens can kiss those pension funds good bye.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Harry Reid.

         Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had a blunt message for House Republicans on Friday.

The Reid-led Senate passed a bill that would institute a short-term measure to keep the government funded, while stripping the House’s provision to defund Obamacare. With a 54-44 party-line vote in hand, Reid said the House needed to “accept what we just passed,” while adding some choice words on Obamacare being untouchable.

“Here’s a president, who less than a year ago, won the election by five million votes, five million votes,” Reid said. “Obamacare has been the law for four years. Why don’t they get a life and talk about something else? People deserve better.”

Hours after Reid spoke, President Barack Obama echoed his sentiments, accusing Republicans of “political grandstanding.” He also vowed that a repeal of the Affordable Care Act is “not gonna happen.”

“Any Republican in Congress who’s currently watching, I’d encourage you to think about who you’re hurting,” Obama said.

Reid has been animated in recent days over Republicans’ efforts to defund Obamacare. On Monday, he accused the party of being laden with “fanatics” acting like “Thelma and Louise.” After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke for 21 hours against the law on the Senate floor, Reid called those antics “a big waste of time.”

Hey Reid, you and the Senate haven’t passed a budget in 5 years.  Ovomitcare has been designed to bankrupt American citizens.  It has death panels in it.  All it takes is reading the damn thing to see that.  Take all your talking points and movie references and shove them.  You are the poster child for term limits.

May I be perfectly clear here?  I really don’t want to be Frank.  The Congress house is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  The Senate house is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.  Stop telling the world that the Senate is Democrat and the Congress is Republican.  Both of these houses make up the US Congress.  They make up the Legislative branch of our government.  Three branches needed to keep the government balanced.  We The People are supposed to be in charge but you keep telling people you are in charge and could save the world if it weren’t for those fanatics, enemies, whatever.  Both houses are corrupt.  All three branches are corrupt.  We The People are so tired of being screwed over by all of you.

Oh, and Mr Dick Tator, it’s going, not gonna.  Whomever paid for your “college” education needs to demand their money back.

I can say “you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the girl”; but I cannot say “you can take the boy out of Chicago but you can’t take Chicago out of the boy”.  Actually I can and just did because I am neither racist nor politically correct.   Never have been.  Never will be.  I refuse to be a doormat for any one.

It’s business as usual with these articles.  Never covered by lamestream media.  Sure wish we had real journalists today instead of state-run media.

“Recently, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer let it slip that when it comes to the NSA, “If you don’t comply, it’s treason.” ”  Does that mean I can spy on the NSA and it’s okay?  We pay their salaries, too.  Right?  Good for the goose must be good for the gander.

Ah, but there’s more.

A young boy playing in his own back yard with a toy gun that shoots foam bullets got suspended from school for 9 months because a neighbor felt “uncomfortable”.

Many Californians sign a bogus petition to put sterilizing agents in the tap water.  I just shale my head.

Why is $6 TRILLION missing from the Federal Reserve?  How is that possible???

Any body else noticing that it seems the rest of the world governments want American citizens disarmed?  Kerry signs the UN Small Arms Treaty.  15,000 Russian troops here to help with civil unrest.  China offering to help finish disarming American citizens once Mr Dick Tator has his way.  That missing nuclear warhead is still missing, right Lindsey Graham?  Still going to attack Syria and then it’s on to Iran.

No answers still about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, IRS targeting non-Tator sycophants.

Gee, I truly, sincerely, with all my heart hope that Billary and Huma can make up and stay the loving perfect couple that they appear to be.

So very sweet of Mr Dick Tator to steal American citizens money to fund our known enemies Al qaeda.  So peaceful about all the mass killings and wars in Africa.  So thankful American troops are there and there and over there and there instead of being able to be in America to defend Americans.  Isn’t it just peachy keen how America has illegal foreign troops to help the illegal domestic Tator’s army for when we savages get all uppity and such?

Going to be such fun for Region III in October with their “drills” and the entire North American continent in November when the power grid is turned off.  Please do not worry about dear leader.  He will be in China during October and most likely elsewhere in November.  He’s too delicate and fragile to witness the violence that is likely to occur through his orders.  Let the Great Culling begin!

God bless America.  I mourn for her.

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26 Sep 2013

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September 26th, 2013 Posted 12:01 pm

So much garbage about ovomitcare.  So many lies spewed out by Mr Dick Tator and yet he needs, no he actually relies on Billy boy Clinton to sell it to Americans as something good.  Mr Dick Tator cannot explain his law.  Senators, Congressmen/women and lawyers cannot explain this law.  No one can fully explain this piece of crap.

Lamestream media “reports” on refunds folks are getting and how inexpensive this will be.  Sheeple parrot those reports back as the truth.  No examples are ever given relating to first person experience.  Only generalities.  What I have personally seen is higher costs for doctor visits.  What friends and family are telling me is that their healthcare premiums are still rising, doctor visits are costing more and prescriptions costs are rising.  The following is what I’ve found.

Tuesday, the Politico Pro Whiteboard summarized some of the key findings in the CBO budget report (sub. req’d):

Federal spending on major health care programs and Social Security is projected to grow to 14 percent of the GDP by 2038, according to the CBO’s Long-Term Budget Outlook released today. That’s double the 7 percent average in the past 40 years, the CBO said.

CBO attributed the rise in spending to an an aging population, rising health care costs and an expansion of health insurance subsidies.

Yeah, lowers costs?  Baloney.

The report released by the Department of Health and Human Services breaks down the numbers in Florida metro areas for the average 27-year-old and for a family of four.

In Orlando, a 27-year-old with an income of $25,000 would pay $225 a month for a silver plan, but only $145 after applying a tax credit. A family of four with an income of $50,000 would pay $816 for a silver plan, but only $282 with a tax credit.

In Broward County, that same 27-year-old would pay $199 a month for a silver plan, but only $145 with the tax credit. The family of four would pay $722 for a silver plan, or $282 after applying a tax credit.

In Palm Beach County, the 27-year-old would pay $220 for a silver plan, or $145 after the tax credit. The family would pay $797, or $282 after the credit.

Take all those differences from without and with the tax credits.  Is there even a guarantee you will receive a tax credit?  How is that difference in cost going to be made up in terms of revenue?  Never mentioned much less explained.

The part-time workers exceed the number of full-time workers and is about to increase,.  Several large companies/corporations already announced a cut-back in hours but with a delay.  That delay is about to end.

When I go out I ask the employees about their hours.  I know to make sure their manager is not nearby.  Each and every time the response has been the same.  “My hours have been cut.”  Not once has anybody said they have the same number of hours.

Now there are teams of people hired under this regime to go around and convince folks to sign up for ovomitcare.  Most are NOT licensed.  Are you going to give a complete stranger all your personal data including your Social Security number which was never meant to be a means of identification?  Why not just print that number on your shirt for all to use.

And yes, both houses of Congress and their staff have been exempted.  That is a done deal.  They complained it was too costly for them.  Imagine that.

I hope the first 3 videos are different.  If not watch one and the others will follow.

From Grassfire:

Breitbart News reports that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) are “pressuring other Republicans to oppose Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) principled stand to defund ObamaCare.”

This disturbing news of Republican infighting comes just six days before a potential government shutdown and seven days prior to the start of ObamaCare enrollment. What are these GOP leaders thinking?

Yesterday from the Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) blustered against conservatives and tea party Americans saying, “We are not going to bow to tea party anarchists who deny the mere fact that ObamaCare is the law.”
I read the bill before it was voted on.  The vast majority of those voting on it could not have possibly read it.  Yes, there are death panels in it.  They are called bureaucrats.  They are also known as bean counters where the bottom line is of utmost importance. That means how much money can they save in their decisions.  If you are 65 or older, you will not be getting lasik eye surgery. You will not be getting mammograms.  You will not be getting a lot of things you need because you have been deemed too old and the cost of helping you or saving your life just isn’t worth it.  Hip replacement?  Meh.  Chemo?  Oh, please.  You will, however, get to have a visit from some “caring” person on your end-of-life plan.  I already feel so warm and fuzzy.
Went to one of my doctors recently.  I am usually out of there in reasonable time.  Not anymore as my doctor had to enter so much into the computer just for the government.
Many insurance companies already stopped offering policies that include children.  That cuts out a lot of those pre-existing conditions.  Adults with pre-existing conditions are finding themselves dropped from their insurance policies as well.  So many doctors are retiring.  So many patients are now being seen by physician assistants and yet they still pay full price.  Hospitals are getting rid of emergency rooms and labor/delivery services.
I have a feeling that most of the sheeple still in favor of the “free” healthcare/ovomitcare crap are those who don’t pay taxes or still are under 26 years of age and willing to let mommy and daddy forever pay their way while they live in the basement and play video games all day long in between complaining about how racist and anti-American it is to not want healthcare for all because it’s FREE!
Prepare to see more taxpayers getting their hours cut back, premiums rising even more and more taxes increased to pay for this all.  After all, some one has to pay for tax credits, subsidies and the elected exempted demi-gods.
God bless America.  God help us all.


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24 Sep 2013

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September 24th, 2013 Posted 12:05 pm

I do not like being treated like a mushroom.  Kept in the dark and fed BS.  This is what Mr Dick Tator and his regime do constantly. Put out a false flag, hold up a shiny object or just tell lie after lie all the while knowing the sheeple will just nod their heads and agree.

The following video is one I found yesterday after hearing some rather interesting things.  I cannot say it is news as I don’t know if it is true.  I hope it is true.  If true, there are fear factors included because it goes to show just how much of a dictatorship we are under and how incredibly worse things are about to become.

Freedom at last.  This is very good news for the man put in federal prison for violation of probation.  Federal prison and not local. Did the added bank fraud charge  make the difference or was it really to keep folks from discovering the truth?  This is the man who made the video trailer that no one saw that “caused” 4 Americans to be murdered in Benghazi.

This next bit of information should take people way back over 6 years when the community organizer stated new coal, plants could open but he would bankrupt them.  Right after the election we saw electricity prices soar [which Tator also said would happen].  I will bankrupt businesses.  I will make utilities soar in price.  Vote for me.  And the sheeple said, sounds mighty good to me.  And so it came to pass all the Messiah said [except for jobs, strong economy, etc.].  Recently Mr Dick Tator said he was putting in stronger emission control rules/laws/whatever.  And here it is.

More videos/articles on different subjects.   Well, duh.  Affordable my butt.  Free my ass.   Poisoned food is now normal?   Mr Dick Tator sent troops to 30 nations in Africa.  Why?  Domination.  This is a must see video.

I go to our local newspaper and read the stories making headlines that interest me.  I glance over the others.  I go to the Opinion page and have noticed of late that most of those same articles are from the front page.  WTF!  We don’t get real news but merely some hack’s opinion?  Oops, I did forget.  All this media falls under “entertainment”.  Explains a lot.

I don’t know about any one else but I want to hear the Boston alleged bomber speak out and tell his side of the story.  I want to see him appear in court without being drugged up.  I want to hear if he truly needed that trach or did the cops just slit his throat to keep him from talking or possibly even die on the way to the hospital.

I want to know why the Boston cops were at the Navy yard during or right after the shooting.  I want to know why the SWAT team, was ordered to stand down.  Why was Aaron Alexis allowed through 2 checkpoints with a loaded sawed off shotgun?  I want to know the names, rank, positions of all those murdered.  I want to know if those murdered were on their way to arrest Mr Dick Tator on treason charges.

So, NSA, what was the chatter before all this happened?  Are you in cahoots with Dick or what?  What do you suppose will happen to you and/or your families when you out-live your usefulness or grow a pair and decide to be a whistleblower?  Tator and Billary love adding notches to their invisible gun belt.  Will you be disappeared, suicided or deemed a terrorist after your bullet ridden corpse is found?

I am not a mushroom!

God bless America.

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23 Sep 2013

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September 23rd, 2013 Posted 10:48 am

It doesn’t bother me what others think about me.  I do not like the idea of the many misconceptions folks around the world have about America.  Just like all the other nations on this planet, the citizens are not the government.  Americans citizens don’t sit around in their mansions with staff waiting on them hand and foot all the while plotting on how to take over the world.  Our government, on the other hand, is filled with such people.

The New World Order, Bilderberg group, elites, globalists and central/world banks control everything in terms of money.  No nation goes untouched by them.  At the top of each you will find the most corrupt, evil and vile entities on the planet.  Their ultimate goal is to rule Earth and eliminate most of the population where only their slaves will be left to do their bidding.

So many different things to observe.

Eugenics is occurring through wars, vaccines, GMO food, abortions and more.

Wars are started through false flags.  Meaning a country will kill their own citizens just to blame it on their enemy for justification to attack.  Citizens who survive fall for it and demand their government save them and extract revenge on those accused.

Bankrupting countries by overtaxing, phony schemes such as climate change/global warming/carbon taxes.  Give us all your money because you are destroying the planet.  The money is given to those who continually jet around the world, live in luxury and give speeches about how bad all the lower classes are in their evil ways.

One set of folks are demonized so another can step in as the rescuer and monopolize or dominate.  And the sheeple believe.  A prime example is ovomitcare.  America’s healthcare has never been the problem.  It has always been the insurance corporations. Amazing how inexpensive it is to see a doctor when you pay in cash.  Amazing how the cost for medicine, tests and hospitalization would be without insurance corporations and Big Pharma.

Holistic medicine was favored far above medical doctors and drugs until the propaganda created by pharmaceuticals and the AMA decided they wanted that money.  Just look at all the lethal side effects of modern drugs.  Look at all the doctors pulling out their prescription pads while not even looking at you or listening to you.  Doctors [not all] make money off pushing the drugs and Big Pharma gets richer with each patient.  Doctors treat.  They do not cure.  Vaccines are filled with Mercury, formaldehyde, preservatives and live cancer viruses.  There are “clean” vaccines but they are provided to the highest in the food chain.  Cold and flu season really gets a jump start once the flu shots are given.

The H1N1 is patented.  Scientists in labs developed it to give to humans so they can sell the vaccines.   HIV [man-made] was and possibly still is in the vaccines given to males in California.  Anybody care?  Some do.  Others?  Meh.

UN Agenda 21 wants all the lower classes of citizens and nations living in crowded, congested, small apartments with zero emissions.  Japan wants folks to use “body heat” to stay warm.  Germany wants to use turbines of some sort for…well, they just never said.

Most of American soil will be off limits to the citizens.  Most are to be relocated into major cities.  No private vehicles.  Only walking, riding a bike and public transportation.  You will have a job given to you by the government and your children, if you allowed to have them, will be taken by the government for training.  Sounds pretty far fetched, right?  Research it and see for yourself.  MSNBC has already had their ads about children not belonging to their parents but to the “collective”.

What happens when you crowd folks into small areas?  Diseases break out.  Tuberculosis, meningitis and others.  Crime really goes up.

Small Pox was once totally eradicated.  Totally.  No more did anybody in the entire world have this terrible disease.  However, two countries did have the virus kept locked up in laboratories for “study”.  America is one of those countries.  Not quite sure what the other country is so I will not guess.  Now guess what disease has suddenly been making its appearance?  Yep, that’s right.  Small Pox.  Of course it didn’t show up in America.  These things are started in third world nations for deniability reasons, pleads for more vaccines and it’s great for eugenics.

Remember Haiti?  Any one?  Hit by a hurricane and left devastated?  Lots of money donated?  Lots of celebrities showing up at fundraisers?  Lots of politicians running around?  Oh, you mean the one where people still live in tents or have no shelter, no electricity, barely any food Haiti?  Yes, that one.  Please do not worry.  The resort towns are doing just fine, thank you for asking.

How many know it was the UN rescue team workers that brought the cholera with them and infected the Haitians?  I couldn’t understand how a disease outbreak could happen so quickly until it was traced back to the UN workers.  Just where did all those donations go?  Hardly any money was spent on Haiti and the country is still not up to livable standards by any means.  Who cares. After all, the new cell phones are out!

War!  War!  and more War!  Yippee.  Mr Dick Tator and John Kerry are beside themselves.  They just can’t wait for one of their false flags to be committed so they can go to war.  Oops!  I meant to send more American troops to war.  Not enough Syrians have been killed.

Iranians are next.  Nuclear war is certain unless the citizens of the world and especially American citizens scream STOP to the Dick Tator.  He has committed so many acts of treason and war crimes that make Hitler and Mao look like choir boys.

The recent “re-plumbing” construction at the White House was a bit too large, too deep and too secretive no matter how much shit old Tator spews out.  It was more likely an extension of the bunker or a new one.  Do not fool yourself.  Tator will be hidden safely away along with the others once the killing spree begins here in America.

What difference does it make, right Billary?  Your blind sycophants are already calling you madam president.  You are a much bigger warmonger than Mr Dick Tator.  You’ve always wanted absolute power.  One of the first things you will do is reinstate the draft.  Please fall down again and don’t get up.  Did “he makes us laugh” Billy Boy give you syphilis and your brain is rotten or are you just that evil?

Media refuses to report on the extremely toxic waters headed our way from Fukushima.  They don’t mention the tar balls, mutations or marine life still dying from the Gulf of Mexico.  Miley Cyrus is still making headlines.  All is well.  Can’t have coal for use but all the alternative “green” energy sources are proving useless right now.  Love how those foolish enough to buy into the “green” cars are now paying more in taxes because they are not using enough gasoline.  Wind farms are killing the birds.  Solar panels can’t function at full capacity because the deliberately placed chemtrails are interfering.  “Smart” meters are making entire neighborhoods ill.  Utilities are still rising in costs.  Food is poisoned and yet still getting more expensive.

Get your phones!  Get your free phones!  Get your healthcare!  Get your free healthcare!  DO It! or you are a racist, terrorist, anti-American, white ass cracka, patriot, veteran, libertarian, anti-abortionist, conspiracy theorist, conservative, constitutionalist, liberty-loving person.

Mr Dick Tator called over half of American citizens the enemy.  Billary told us Al qaeda was our friend.  Piglosi said we must vote yes on ovomitcare in order to find out what is in it.  Tator and Kerry said it does not matter who used the sarin gas.  We must kill, punish and go to war.  The world drew the red line and we must kill, kill, kill.  Drone them all.  The “innocent” that have been killed should not have been in the strike zone anyway so they must have been in cahoots with the terrorists, rebels, protesters, regime, etc.

No wonder other countries are confused about Americans.  We are enslaved by our own regime.  Just like the rest of the world.

All those “shovel ready” jobs were meant for the grave diggers and crematory workers.  FEMA Re-education Camp for all!

Please research the Phosgene gas that is stashed away at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.  Ever wonder why all those birds died two years in a row on New Year’s Eve?  Make sure to read about the murder and cover-up of the whistleblower.

God bless America.  God help us all.


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22 Sep 2013

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September 22nd, 2013 Posted 8:46 am

From Reuters:

* House Republicans ram spending bill through House

* Senate Democrats to kill Obamacare defunding ploy

* Obama tells Boehner he won’t negotiate on debt ceiling

By Richard Cowan and Thomas Ferraro

WASHINGTON, Sept 20 (Reuters) – A familiar Washington melodrama – will they or won’t they shut down the government – took center stage on Friday when the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill to fund the government, but only if President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare law is ransacked.

Notching their 42nd vote against “Obamacare” and knowing full well the Democratic Senate will reject it, Republicans in the House cast their votes, staged a noisy celebration in front of a placard declaring: “SenateMustAct,” and then left town for several days to give time for the Senate to demolish its work.

“The Senate will not pass any bill that defunds or delays Obamacare,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said flatly.

Later on Friday, Obama called House Speaker John Boehner, to reiterate he would not negotiate on another bill that will soon be before Congress: one to increase U.S. borrowing authority, which is rapidly approaching its $16.7 trillion limit.”

Talk about slanted news reporting.  Are all news reports in the media merely opinion pieces?  The reason Congress left for a few days was because it was…gasp…the weekend.  Oh, the horror.  How dastardly.  Golly, gee whiz, Batshit Man, the Senate also left for a few days for the very same reason.  Fancy that.

Mr Dick Tator ain’t gonna negotiate on the debt ceiling.  That’s a shocker.  Will somebody please tell this numbskull he does not make the laws and cannot just spend willy nilly as he wants,.  Congress makes the laws and has the power of the purse.  And please somebody tell Congress the same thing and demand that Tator stop by-passing Congress to get his way.

There has to be some sense somewhere in both houses of Congress when it comes to spending and more spending.  America has not lived within its means for decades.  We are over $16 TRILLION in debt.  Forget common or bad sense.  We need good sense.

Now that it is no longer illegal to put propaganda in the news we might never get the whole truth about anything ever again.  The media is owned by the state.

Bring on the shutdown.  It will stop all new spending and, therefore, new wars [Syria and Iran].  It won’t stop all the false flags lined up but it is a start.

For all who still have not grasped the meaning of “new” spending and are about to go into cardiac arrest because dear leader is still trying to scare folks into believing their govt. checks won’t be in the mail, listen up.  Stop wringing your hands.  That is not new spending.  That money for military, Social Security, disability, SSI, VA, etc., are in the budget just as always.

Please tell me nobody actually believes that on a set day a person gets out the checkbook and writes out millions of checks each month to be put into the mail.

Mr Dick Tator – stop your scare tactics.  You are so lame.  You are such a bully.  You are just pathetic.

Let’s get some real news out.  Let’s get informed.   Well, duh.   No, really?  You think?   Right, Mr Dick, you show them.   We eat so much poisoned food thanks to Monsanto.  I think the whole alphabet soup are terrorists.  Perhaps I need to report them.  And tar balls are still showing up.  Seafood is still mutated.  Did the heads roll?  Was anybody fired?  Nah.

Seems we were told about NSA spying long before Eric Snowden.

China doesn’t like old Tator spying on them.

Do remember that both the House and Senate and their staffs are exempted from this.

What is it with California?  Now illegals get driver’s licenses.  Piglosi must be pleased.

These links speak for themselves:

Such a sad state of affairs this country is in.

“For the traitor appears not as a traitor but speaks in the accents familiar to his citizens and wears their face and their arguments. He appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation and works secretly to undermine the pillars of the city, infecting the body politic so that it can no longer exist.”  Cicero 106 – 43 BC.

This is quite enlightening.  FEMA has also ordered thousands of antibiotics along with their other supplies for the October “drill” in Region III.  Are they seriously thinking about using poisonous gas on American citizens?  Why else would they tell residents to have gas masks in their hurricane supplies?  The Air Force base in Arkansas has a good supply of chemical weapons just waiting to be delivered.

Are you connecting the dots and looking at the full picture?  The enemy is from within.  It is domestic.  It is our government.

Good morning NSA.  Bite me.

God bless America.


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20 Sep 2013

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September 20th, 2013 Posted 12:36 pm

I love Autumn and Winter.  I love my windows open and listening to the birds and my wind chimes.  Not too sure how things will be for the rest of this year.

I had to clear out over 150 pieces of spam this morning.  These folks need to get a life.

It’s taking me a long time to start this.  The words just aren’t there and I’m not sure where to begin.  Everything seems to be connected and it all spells doom for America.

A known mentally disturbed man on psychotropic drugs is able to gain access to the Navy yard through two check points with a sawed off shotgun.  Am I reading all this correctly?  Was he a contractor or IT person?  Was that really his first day on the job?  Why do the stories keep changing?  How come no body knows anything?

A SWAT team was on the scene ready to defend those innocent people who were murdered.  They were told to stand down!  Stand down.  Reminds me of Benghazi.  Some body was in need of not only a body count but a high body count.  I remember hearing the body counts during the Vietnam War.  It was not a “police action”.  It was a war.  Many thanks to those who served.

The Boston Police who were at the Boston Marathon bombings were at the Navy yard.  How did they get their information to be there so quickly and why did they show up in the first place?  Washington, D C doesn’t have enough qualified police?  Something is just not right.

Update at 11:25 a.m. ET. ATF Team At Scene:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has about “20 specially trained, locally stationed special agents” at the scene, NPR’s Carrie Johnson reports. She says it’s the same team that was instrumental in capturing accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


Another shiny object to talk about because…drum roll…we are going to war with Syria.

John Kerry’s speech:

“United States secretary of state John Kerry has mocked the notion that Syrian rebels were responsible for last month’s chemical weapons attack near Damascus.

He has called on all United Nations member nations to “stand up and speak out” on Syria’s chemical weapons at the upcoming General Assembly.

Mr Kerry said the Security Council must be prepared to act in the wake of what he says was a definitive report into the chemical weapons attack.

“The world can decide whether it was used by the regime which has used chemical weapons before, or whether the opposition secretly went unnoticed into territory they don’t control, to fire rockets that they don’t have, containing Sarin that they don’t possess, to kill their own people,” he said.

“And that without even being noticed, they just dissembled it all and packed up, and got out of the centre of Damascus controlled by Assad. Please!” ”

If anybody who knows the truth about anything is wanting to become a whistleblower, I suggest you do it loudly with lots of witnesses and publicity.  Public attention seems to keep you from being killed by Mr Dick Tator.  Don’t say you are going to appear before whomever to say what you know on Monday.  You will be found suicided on the Saturday before.  Or you will be disappeared.  You might even be labeled a terrorist or drug dealer or whatever.  You just might even get droned.

Mr Dick Tator willingly funds Al qaeda by stealing American taxpayer monies for this.  Oh, that can’t be true because Al qaeda is the enemy.  Funding them would be aiding and abetting  which is TREASON.

Ireland gets it.

Get through the first video of 23 seconds and then click on Illuminati Surprise,  That’s the one I want you to see.

Just a tidbit here.  The Internet Tax Mandate is up again for another vote.  May it fail.

What is going on with the police these days?

Where is the outcry from Mr Dick Tator, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Holder, Feinstein, Emanuel?

I couldn’t go through all the photos of the school lunches as they were making me feel quite ill.

A little BS for the day:

“On July 11, 2013, the United States and Communist China agreed to restart negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT). “The two sides agreed to enter a more substantive stage of negotiation as soon as possible,” said Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng to reporters following the 5th round of the annual China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, on July 11. “China announced its intention to negotiate a high-standard bilateral investment treaty with us that will include all stages of investment and all sectors,” said U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew in his closing remarks.

According to China Daily, the state-owned Chinese newspaper, on July 13, “the US pledged to treat Chinese investment equally and fairly and to welcome investment from China, including that from State-owned enterprises.” ”

When have any trade agreements been fair and equal?  My guess would be never.

I really enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas times.  They are colorful and festive.  What will this year be like?

Virtually no American military troops in the USA.  Thousands of foreign troops here fully armed and trained under FEMA and DHS control on American soil.  More ammo, weapons and supplies to be given to FEMA and DHS with the deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  All training of foreign troops to be done with a deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  Tons of emergency rations and water for FEMA and DHS to be delivered with a deadline of 1 Oct 2013.  Mr Dick Tator out of country during part of October.  Region III gets a drill of some sort by FEMA and DHS this October.  Region III includes Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, D C, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. FEMA included gas masks for that region’s “hurricane” supplies.  Can we just connect the dots now?  This will not be a “drill”.  This is yet another false flag to see how much this regime can and will get away with.  That’s our October Surprise.

Our November Surprise is the “drill” of  the USA, Canada and Mexico power grids going down 13-14 Nov 2013.  But it will only last 48 hours.  No, 72 hours.  No, at last report up to a week IF the grid comes back up.  Wait, wait, wait.  FEMA says we should have seven days worth of food/water stored.  No, no, no.  DHS says that would make us “preppers” which makes us terrorists.  Wow. More dots to connect.

I would truly enjoy a remake to the beginning of “King Ralph” but an American version and real.  And let it be filmed in high def.  And let us be able to slow it down and play it over and over again.  Just the thought of it makes me smile.

May we all have a great day and many more for as long as possible.

God bless America.


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19 Sep 2013

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September 19th, 2013 Posted 9:33 am

A multiple choice pop quiz.  The answers are:

A.  the comet heading near us.

B.  Solar flare.

C.  Cyber-attack from someone.

D.  Syria attacked us so we had to blow their country up.

E.  All of the above.

The question is:  Which excuse will the regime of Mr Dick Tator use for the failure of the power grid coming back up?

I can see answer E since the story on everything changes every five minutes.  Answers C and D together could also be plausible.

You can research all day long on the subject of the 13-14 Nov 2013 Power Grid “Drill”.  Most of the stories are really just the same.  I went to the FEMA and DHS websites.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  They only have generalities and past events.  I did finally come across the ones in charge?  It’s hard to tell who exactly is in charge because no one takes responsibility for their actions.  Please check this one site.  They name no names.  They are treating this like a game.  I am simply not amused.

Here are some others about the “drill”:

I first thought okay 48 hours without power.  Have gone up to 3 weeks without electricity from Hurricane Charley but still had water.  Used a battery operated TV for news and a grill for cooking.  Shade was provided on the front deck from the oak tree on the roof.

Now I read and hear things like 72 hours without the grid.  FEMA saying we need 7 days of food and water,  Doesn’t that make us “preppers” which according to FEMA and DHS also makes us terrorists?  Plenty of talk about the failures during the drill from those about to participate.  The failures are the grid not coming back up.  That should not be an issue.  The “players” response should be the issue.  So, is this a false flag and we are not going to have our power grids back up and running?

Our water supply needs electricity to keep it safe and transported into our homes.  We need that water to drink, cook and in the bathrooms.  We need our lights, stoves and refrigerators.  So many depend on power for oxygen and respirators.  Gas pumps use electricity.  Street lights, grocery stores and countless other things.

This raises no concerns from our elected officials?  This isn’t worthy of news media to report?  If We The People are forced to participate, shouldn’t we also be informed thoroughly?  We are not mere players in some sick and twisted government video game.  This is a matter of life and death for many.

What is to be done about the panic from some?  The looting and rioting from others?  Most cops have families.  Whom will they protect first?  You or their family?  Multiple vehicle accidents which will involve injuries and possible deaths.  Loss of wages because of no businesses able to operate.  No ATMs, no food stores, no gas, no air conditioning, no heat.  Who’s brilliant idea was this?  Each and every death that occurs from this “drill” should be declared a murder.

No military leave whatsoever until the middle of November.  Most troops deployed to the Middle East.  Are you finally seeing a false flag?  Coincidence?  Pfft!  I do not believe in such nonsense.

Perhaps, just perhaps the October FEMA “drill” for region III will be enough of a disaster to stop the November attack on Canada, Mexico and America.  Why doesn’t any body question why?  Why all three nations?

Good morning NSA.  How are you doing?  I’d like to report a terrorist attack being planned at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D C.  Mr Dick Tator is planning to attack the USA and blame it on Syria.  John Kerry, John McCain and many others are involved.

Gotta love all the shiny objects being thrown our way.

Let’s move on to others news.–sector.html

This one is just sickening.       

This one is very interesting.

In this time of great struggles for many folks it is heartwarming to know that my county mayor and commissioners are getting a 21 percent pay raise come January 2014.  I think they are being most generous in giving themselves that raise.  Let’s give them a round of applause, shall we?

Stay safe.  Stay alert.  Research until you are content with what you hear, read and know.

God bless America.  God help us all.

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18 Sep 2013

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September 18th, 2013 Posted 1:25 pm

I found this little video helpful and insightful about universal healthcare.

At Janet Napolotino’s farewell dinner, Vice President Joe Biden boldly proclaimed to Attorney General Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s cabinet members, and others in the crowd. . .

I think Janet should be in the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Shall we raise our glasses of Hemlock and toast them all?  Please, let’s put good old Uncle Joe back in his cage.  Give him a cookie and keep all microphones away.

And the beat goes on….DUBAI, Sept 17 (Reuters) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that President Hassan Rouhani had exchanged letters with U.S. President Barack Obama, confirming direct communication between the leaders of the two countries.

The United States and Iran cut off formal diplomatic ties in 1980, shortly after students and Islamic militants stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and took American diplomats hostage.

Aren’t there rules in place for ambassadors to do this?  Is there even an ambassador to the main country this regimes wishes to attack after Syria?  Way to set up another soon-to-be-labeled tyrant, Dick.

After reading so many intelligent comments from such well-informed citizens about needing to ban all guns from Americans, I need to say that Washington D C is a gun free zone.  Just like Chicago.  Put a “Gun Free Zone” sign in your front yard and see how long you remain safe.

Love how we are under International Law crude as American citizens.   

I am so tired of hearing how this and that undermines our “National security” without any specifics being given and no troops have died because of leaks.

I can think of four American citizens who died from the inactivity of those in the Situation Room and those playing Spades on a certain night during the Benghazi attack.  I can also recall how a certain film maker is still in jail for making a movie trailer that virtually nobody will admit to seeing.  Is there is movie?  Has anybody seen it?  Ah, but the charges were violation of probation.  Guilty before being proven innocent.  It’s the regime’s way.

I really enjoy Steve Crowder videos.

I just realized a whole mess of my stuff disappeared.  I will try this again.

Propaganda from CNN on the Navy yard shooting.

Oh, this is just not right.  Mr Dick Tator is aiding and abetting the enemy even more.  I do believe that is called treason.

With all his rhetoric about carbon footprints, how come we never hear from Al Gore on this subject?  He makes loads of money off his carbon taxes on a phony global warming climate change that is actually in truth just the opposite.

Poor little Mr Dick Tator wants so badly to punish Syria by attacking them that he is beginning to sound like a very sadistic dominatrix.

It is long past time to audit the Federal Reserve.

We need to get out of the Middle East before more of our troops are slaughtered.

Why is FEMA shutting down the very program that was being helpful for Colorado during their floods?

It’s really sad when some are wanting America to become more like China.

Are we about to have yet another citizen disappeared or suicided?

Looks like cold and flu season is starting as flu shots are being offered and the sheeple are gobbling them up.

All is well with our ocean waters.  All is ,,,,,.well,,,,,not really well.

Still not ready to comment on Navy yard shooting.  More questions now.  Was the shooter really a Buddhist with severe mental problems that required some serious medications but allowed the ownership/rental of AR-15/s that were either rifles or shotguns or something else, still employed by the  US government as a contractor with clearance, blah blah blah?

It seems that so many itty bitty things [mental issues, medications, dismissal from Reserves, anger issues and who knows what else] would make a sane person think twice before allowing this individual access to weapons, to the Navy yard or even not having to go through security.

All in all, is this just another shiny object to get our minds off Syria?  France is still itching to strike, attack, kill, main in Syria and still blaming Asaad instead of the rebels for the use of chemical weapons.  Kerry hasn’t spoken for five full minutes about Syria.  Perhaps he is in need of new drums to beat.  Dear leader is packing his golf clubs to go to out of the country and Feinstein still yells for American citizens guns.

“Just another day in Paradise.”

Good morning NSA.  How’s it hanging?  A little to the Left?  bwahahahaha.  I made a funny.

God bless America.


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