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4 Jul 2013

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July 4th, 2013 Posted 11:29 am

Happy Fourth of July to all who still believe in America.  To all who hate America and Americans, kiss my butt.  That includes the racist, traitor Mr Dick Tator and his sycophants.

So many headlines today about The United States of America being all about immigrants.  Let’s explore that for just a little.  When Orientals came from the other side of the world via the Bering Strait, when the Vikings came over from the Netherlands, when Columbus came over from Spain and the Europeans came over from the British Isles and other ports, there were no borders.  It was no one’s country.  There was no “law of the land”.

When immigration laws were placed into effect folks came to Castle Garden and Ellis Island.  They also came into the southern ports in Virginia, the Carolina’s and other places.  Castle Garden and Ellis Island required that  immigrants not be criminals or sick.  If either, they were shipped back home.

Those truly wishing to become Americans assimilated.  They did not hyphenate their citizenship.  They learned the language [English].  They worked and made sure their families were educated.  Teddy Roosevelt warned people to not hyphenate their citizenship as only America is their true nation.  Dwight David Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex.  John F Kennedy warned of secret societies.  Oops.  That got him killed.  America has gone down hill ever since and is continuing at a rapid pace.

Our borders are not secure.  Our laws are disregarded mainly by the regime.  We have so many illegals here draining us via monies the regime gives them in exchange for votes.  Political correctness has turned so many into doormats because they are afraid of offending some one, any one.  Oh, the horror.  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong; but too many only want to see grey.  It’s so much easier than standing up for truth and honesty.

Every body is special.  Every body gets an award.  Every body is a winner.  Yippee!  Is that why we have some of the dumbest citizens in this country?  Some of the laziest?  Some of the most immoral?  It’s also why we have eugenics happening, slaughter of innocent babies, destruction of the nuclear family and so forth.

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  In a nut shell – a belief in God.  Plain and simple.  Does not mean you even need to believe in God or even a religion.  Just follow the Golden Rule.  And yes, it is that simple. Some scream about other’s faith being shoved down their throats.  I don’t.  My faith is mine and private.  I do not, however, want to have this non-religious garbage shoved down my throat because of the ACLU and others who wish special rights when our Constitution and Bill of Rights already declares us equal.  I am no better than any one else and they are no better than myself.

We have immigration laws already on the books but the regime fails to enforce them.  Billions of taxpayer dollars wasted because our lawmakers break their oath and refuse to enforce the laws.  We The People are at the top of the flow chart.  We The People are supposed to be in charge.  That ended quite some time ago.  We The People are not listened to.  We The People are dictated to for everything from what we can say to what we can eat to how much money we must give to the regime.  There goes freedom and liberty.  We are not safe under the regime and it’s getting worse.

Our prison system is under private contractors who get paid and run these gulags with the regime’s promise to keep them at 95% capacity.  Our education system is based on communist principals since the early 1900’s.  It is by design to dumb down Americans so the New World Order can take place.

We have German, Chinese, Middle East and Russian troops here on our soil.  Illegal.  Russian troops are now going to be in charge of security at sporting events.  This is by FEMA because we know Mr Dick Tator [aka Pontius Pilate] will never dirty/bloody his hands.

I do believe the dead children just from Tator’s drones has reached over 800.  You can find their names and countries of birth by researching.  Takes only a few seconds.

Now Mr Dick Tator is demanding that companies hire black felons.  To do a background check on blacks is racist but not when doing the same for whites.  Look it up.  You won’t find it on the lame stream news programs.  This traitor is such a racist.  He takes great delight in dividing America in order to make us weak.  Not only does he wish to disarm law-abiding citizens but China has already agreed to come over and finish the job.  Look it up.

Jobs sent overseas, foreign nations buying America land.  $7 billion to go to Africa for electricity while good old Dick is shutting down our coal and nuclear plants so we pay more and more just to live in this land of the formerly free.

Whistleblowers are encouraged to come forward and they do.  They warn American citizens of so much just to be persecuted and hunted down.  This entire regime is treasonous and a group of traitors.  The dumbed-down sheeple just let it continue.  Must.  Vote.  Party.  Line.  In hopes things will change.  Sorry, folks.  Given only two choices is no choice at all.  The two parties have been melding into one for many years.  To vote for the lesser of two evils is to still vote for evil.

Look around the world.  Bilderberg Group, globalists and elites decide who runs each country.  Think about it.  There are no real elections by citizens anywhere.  This regime declares a leader a dictator who must be removed.  Once removed, they are replaced by the choice of the globalists and elites.  Why do you think the citizens revolt?  Morsi in Egypt is a prime example.

Isn’t there supposed to be a sequester going on?  That is very funny as Dick Tator’s “working” vacation is costing the American taxpayers $60 – $100 million.  He has told Africa that they are getting $7 billion for electricity but that people having homes and cars is not good for the planet.  Meanwhile Americans are paying out the wazoo for electricity.  What gives?  Where is this money really going?

Our forefathers gave us the tools necessary to never allow another King George to rule over us.  Our elected have destroyed that.  The un-elected judges on the Supreme Court allow this.  The White House has a petition site for grievances.  But Mr Dick Tator just either ignores them or says no to them.  That crappy immigration reform bill says the borders must be reinforced but there is a clause in it where Janet Napolitano doesn’t have to do that.  We are in a police state.  The sheeple will continue to listen to the state [taxpayer] funded MSNBC so they will know what they are to think and say and do.

Our veterans have been declared terrorists by the regime while al Qaeda is in bed with the regime.  Out troops are drugged out of their minds with psychotropic drugs.  They are asked if they will fire upon American citizens.  A civilian army is already in place.  Very illegal.  We were told this would happen.  All of it.  I listened to the teleprompter speeches.  Too many did not.  Too many are no longer capable of critical thinking.  We are doomed as a nation if more folks do not open their eyes and seek the truth.  The regime is not capable of telling the truth.

As part of We The People [employer] I wish to tell all in this regime and of either party that they are FIRED!  My flag is flying but there is not too much to celebrate.


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2 Jul 2013

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July 2nd, 2013 Posted 11:43 am






Thomas Minor, Lt. Colonial Wars

John Minor, Capt., Colonial Wars

John Booth, Sgt., Colonial Wars

Ephraim Wheeler, Sgt, Colonial Wars

William Simeon Spivey, Lt., Revolutionary War

Dr,. Stephen Treadwell, Sr., Lt, Revolutionary War

Arthur Winthrop Spencer, Pvt, WWI

Herbert Earl Hightower, Sr, Pvt, WWII

Herbert Earl Hightower, Jr, Pvt, Vietnam Era

The above names may have no meaning to most people but they do to me.  They are but a handful of family who fought for my freedom and liberty.

Before America became a nation, my ancestors arrived when there were no borders and no law of the land.  It was free and open to all.  My ancestors who came after that immigrated legally.  I am a native to this country called The United States of America.  A free and sovereign nation.  I am proud of my nation and heritage.  I am proud of those who fought for me.  They were never terrorists and those veterans still living that belong to my family are certainly not terrorists but patriots of this great land.

And so I thank them and all the others for their service.  All gave some.  Some gave all.

God bless America.  Happy Fourth of July.


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1 Jul 2013

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July 1st, 2013 Posted 12:14 pm


Ever wonder just where your tax dollars go?

Animal experimentation is a big government program. Every year the government taxes you more than $12 BILLION – that’s billion, with a “B” – for wasteful, painful, and unnecessary animal experiments
. Consider:

Professor Marilyn Carroll at the University of Minnesota wasted over $3.6 million tax dollars to study how heroin, crystal meth, and Angel Dust affect menstruating monkeys. For over 30 years she has spent your money to forcibly addict animals to illegal, recreational street drugs.

Professor George Billman at Ohio State University spent $1.9 million tax dollars to induce heart attacks in small dogs, like Beagles, while forcing them to run on treadmills. His taxpayer-funded conclusion? Exercise may be good for you. Billman has been cashing your checks to experiment on dogs for over 20 years.

Professor Arthur Weber at Michigan State University surgically removes eyeballs from live cats and crushes their optic nerves. For over 25 years you’ve picked up his tab, including $2.4 million in big government payouts for cat blinding experiments.

Somewhere there are little shrimp running on treadmills [I kid you not].  What good does all this testing do if our food is still being poisoned by Monsanto?

Speaking of food, I really like Paula Deen.  Many years ago while working in a bank she had a gun put to her head. She dared to not only think but say what is now considered a racial slur if said only by a white person.  This was long before her cooking career.  I wish her even more success because the likes of Walmart and Smithfield have dumped her.  I stopped going to Walmart several years ago.  Took me a while to figure out why going there was not pleasant.  The white employees were always very polite and helpful to me.  The black employees were always very kind and helpful to me.  One time I called a black employee an Angel for helping me.    She showed me her name tag.  It said ‘Angel”.  Cue the spooky music.  We had a good laugh over that.  I won’t name the ethnic group that was always surly and not about to help.  The pharmacy area was the worst.  The other departments had these employees sitting on the floor to stock the shelves.  Put one package on shelf, talk into cell phone, repeat. They leave full shopping carts in the aisles instead of doing the returns.  Makes it very hard to maneuver in a wheelchair or scooter.   As far as Smithfield goes, I decided to never buy your products ever again once I learned you sold out to China.  I guess they needed to do something with all those thousands of dead pigs in the river over there.

But let’s talk about Mr Dick Tator.  Off to Africa for a “working” vacation.  Only costing the American taxpayer anywhere from $60 – $100 million.  Government finds math hard.  Now Mr Tator wants all of Africa to have electricity by way of American tax dollars.  He calls it electricity and never mentions wind or solar.  That means coal and nuclear.    While shutting down our power plants he wants Africa to use them.  Wants us to go bankrupt paying carbon taxes while letting other nations be exempt.  Keep showing the polar caps in the Summer but never in the Winter when the ice increases.  Kill America and the rest of the world is his to take over and control. Mr Tator doesn’t care about the HIV/AIDS program in Africa but obviously loves the eugenics via vaccinations over there.  Mandela is his “hero” but I highly doubt Tator is Mandela’s hero.  Mandela is a kind and intelligent man who has always fought for his people.

Amazing how this regime wants to overthrow other nations conceived dictators and put in the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yes, I know this has been going on throughout many of our regimes.  Wrong is wrong and it needs to stop.  Billary said the Muslim Brotherhood is our friend.  What difference does it make that they want to kill Americans?  Right, Billary?  If these people were so great then why do the Egyptian people riot and want their other way of life back?  Could it be they do not wish Sharia Law crammed down their throats and then beheaded? When the winds change Mr Dick Tator will stand with his Muslim brothers.  He stated it and nobody listened.

In England you can be jailed for speaking ill of Islam extremists while these same protected and “peaceful” folks go about chopping up British citizens.

Australians have to tell about their sex lives to their government or face court, fines and jail?  Looks like our government is not the only perverted one.

I do not care if homosexuals [oops, I said a dirty word banned now in some areas] marry each other.  You fall in love with whom ever you choose.  I do think it should be up to the people in their own sovereign states to decide.  I do care about the deliberate intent on destroying traditional marriage and family while both could co-exist peacefully.  I do care how so many media headlines state this or that “openly gay” person is now in charge of whatever department, agency or government program.  Just more affirmative action that excludes only qualified people so “special” groups can be hired.  If a person is qualified to do his/her job then why does their sexual orientation even matter?

Good morals have gone by the wayside.  Television has so many reality shows that are nothing but garbage.  “Founding Fathers”, “Pregnant and Dating”, “Bridezilla”, Bridezilla Boot Camp”, “The Fosters”, “Summer Camp” and so many others.  We have professional athletes who don’t put their baby mommas on their insurance.  Taxpayers pay for them.  But they are celebrities so who cares.  A  pro athlete announces he is gay and Mr Dick Tator calls to tell him he is a hero.  When are you going to come out of the closet, Mr Tator?  Wouldn’t that make you a hero in your own eyes?  You announced in your first term that you were the Democrat President.  Not president of all Americans?  You are Kenyan.  You are Irish.  You are African.  You are German?  Frankly, I don’t know what you are.  British paperwork from Kenya days has where your father had a son in Kenya in 1961.  Doesn’t that make you a British citizen?  Why do you have the Social Security number of a dead man from Connecticut?  How did you travel to Pakistan when Americans weren’t allowed into that country back during your college days?  Did you use the passport stating you were a citizen of Indonesia?  Just what happened to that passport?  I heard it was stolen but then what do I know.  Three different birth certificates?  Really?  And the third one so layered it is just pathetic.  Please do not worry, Mr Dick Tator.  Your sheep still adore you even though you are hell bent on destroying us.

I am reminded of Glenda, the good witch of the North, in the Wizard of Oz.  She said “Come out, come out where ever you are” to the munchkins.  You did the same thing to the whistleblowers.  How many have now died, were disappeared or suicided?  Have you already forgotten about Benghazi, IRS scandal, NSA spying scandal and Fast and Furious scandal?  You remember Fast and Furious, right?  Where you sent a hand-written letter to Brian Terry’s family with Janet Napalotina on the day of Brian’s funeral and personally called the Terry family while they were at the funeral home right before the funeral started?  And yet you stated to the world you only heard about it from the media months later in the following year.  Yes, Mr Tator.  That Fast and Furious.

So many wars [Syria and others].  They are yours.  Over 800 children killed in the Middle East and Africa by your drones.  You haven’t shed a single crocodile tears for them.  No tears for all the children killed in just Chicago either.  Did the anti-gun Sandy Hook folks enjoy their ride on Air Force One?  I noticed you did not invite any pro-gun parents.

I’m sure you are up-to-date on the Zimmerman trial since Trayvon Martin would have looked just like you if you had a son.  But you were stuck with two daughters.  No wonder they never look happy.

God bless America.  God bless our troops and keep them safe.  God help us all.


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