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26 Jul 2013

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July 26th, 2013 Posted 8:22 am

I didn’t want to look at this.  I didn’t want it to be true.  Janet Napolitano is a traitor to The United States of America.  That is old news but this is just horrendous what she is having the FBI do since 2009.  Her boss?  Mr Dick Tator.  Another traitor.  Please read and research.


Want to know about whistleblowers?  Read and research.

Let’s just keep on reading and researching what lame stream media  hides from us.

Dallas, Austin, Chicago harvesting organs through fraud.  healthy people being killed for harvesting.

I’m sorry to have only links posted but Operation Vigilant Eagle just send me over to the dark side for a bit.  This regime is so utterly corrupt.  Our precious veterans are our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, friends, husbands and wives.  If any veteran reads this, please know you are THANKED for your service, for doing your duty for our country.  We The People salute you and honor you for your sacrifices.  We believe in you.  Do not give up.  Please heal from your wounds both physical and mental.  America still needs you.

God bless America.  God bless our troops.


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25 Jul 2013

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July 25th, 2013 Posted 9:31 am

I do not like any kind of hatred in my life.  It drains me of energy and wastes my time.  I do, however, simply and absolutely loathe this government.  I love my country.  I am loyal to my country but I will not accept traitors of any sort as my “leaders”.  To the members of Congress – are you being blackmailed?  Have you no moral ethics or backbone?  Why have you miscreants melded into one party?  A party against the citizens of The United States of America.  You had a chance to limit the amount of spying on US citizens and yet you chose to not do so.

$85 billion each and every month goes to central banks to pay for derivatives that are not our debt and you remain silent.  You allow immigration laws to go unenforced while trying to make even more laws that will only continue to destroy MY country.  And why?  All in the name of getting votes.  You are not worthy of being an American citizen much less a representative of any sort for me.

You party hardy, you blame each other for your failures, you lack morals and ethics.  You praise the almighty dollar and lick the boots of your handlers.  You allow Mr Dick Tator to run roughshod over you and the Constitution.  You have turned the power of the purse over to him.  You claim to not know things so you cannot be held responsible.  You work in secret behind closed doors.

Please explain why I should have to obey any rules or laws you present to me?  If I spent just one day like you and others I would end up in jail.  You cater to illegals.  They are criminals.  You need to stop texting and sexting each other, grab a dictionary and learn the meaning of legal versus illegal.

You need to stop the campaigning, the partying and going on long vacations you refer to as “recess”.

You swore an oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of rights of The United States of America.  Instead, you give your loyalty to the UN, NATO, DHS, IRS, NSA, lobbyists, unions, illegals, New World Order, elites, globalists and so many more.

You allow other countries here with buying parts of our country, housing and training of foreign troops, endless wars, taxation without representation and no redress for the grievances of We The People.

You are unfit for office.  You are abetting old Tator in all he is doing to destroy us.  Your silence speaks volumes. While many foreign nations ban the poisoned Monsanto food and poisonous vaccines you just sit there.

There is a huge human trafficking problem including using children and adults as sex slaves and you just sit there and say nothing.  You don’t care about individual state sovereignty and certainly not the sovereignty of the USA.  You truly do not care that ovomitcare will bankrupt this country.  MY country.  You voted for that monster without even reading the bill.  You allowed your cowardice to show when you allowed the Piglosi to order you to sign it so We The People could be led to slaughter.  You think you are protected by your perceived elitism?  Think again.  When this treasonous regime goes down so will you.  There will be no place to hide.  Your owners and masters will gladly offer you up to We The People in a heartbeat to save their sorry skins.  You have sold your souls to the devil.

One last thing.  NSA – kiss my ass.  I am a free American citizen while you are the traitors to The United States of America.

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23 Jul 2013

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July 23rd, 2013 Posted 11:32 am

Definition of ‘Quantitative Easing’

A government monetary policy occasionally used to increase the money supply by buying government securities or other securities from the market. Quantitative easing increases the money supply by flooding financial institutions with capital, in an effort to promote increased lending and liquidity.

Investopedia explains ‘Quantitative Easing’

Central banks tend to use quantitative easing when interest rates have already been lowered to near 0% levels and have failed to produce the desired effect. The major risk of quantitative easing is that, although more money is floating around, there is still a fixed amount of goods for sale. This will eventually lead to higher prices or inflation.


In a nutshell, if I understand correctly:   Bill Clinton deregulated the too-big-to-fail banks.  Deregulation is the reducing or elimination of government power.  Bill Clinton also either deregulated or privatized the US Post Office and you see what a mess that is.  High priced, pensions in jeopardy, losing money every month.  Do we really want yet another Clinton in the Oval Office?  Go away, Billary.  Please go far, far away.

Anyway, Bush II and then Mr Dick Tator both bailed out these same banks.

Bill Clinton wanted everybody to own a home.  Did not matter if they could afford one or not.  Bush II warned several times that the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing bubble was going to burst.  Congress wouldn’t listen. Democrats were in charge then.  Oops.  Bubble burst all over the place.  Now American citizens who bought mortgages for homes they could not afford were facing foreclosure.

In 2007 Bernanke [selected by both Bush II and Mr Dick Tator] announced the mortgage crisis was “contained”.  This is where QE I, II and III Unlimited come into play.  QE III without the unlimited part is equivalent to 20.4 million jobs paying $50,000/year.  But that’s not where the money goes or went.  Bernanke prints and sends $85 billion each month which is paid to those same banks to buy the mortgage derivatives that were dumped on We The People as our very own debt.  It is not our debt!  The central banks do not give this money out to the citizens.  They instead invest it into Wall Street, the stock market and stash it into off shore bank accounts.  $85 billion each and every month.  $85 BILLION each and every month!

There are approximately 114,800,000 households in the United States.  That $85 billion averages to just over $740/month for households.  It comes to $8885/year.  That is quite a chunk of change.  Money that We The People could certainly use that is paying off a debt that is not our debt.  Iceland had the same problem but they grew tired of their corrupt government and threw out the criminals and jailed the corrupt bankers.  We need to follow their example.    Too bad we have such a spineless and corrupt criminal government.

Central banks, elites and globalists run the world.  You can see the destruction all around the world caused by them.  It is by design as they are controlled by their greed.  The bankers consider themselves to be technocrats.

Google wants to implant RFID chips into every person’s brain.  No thank you.  I like being able to think for myself.  Google is part of DARPA and the CIA.  Look it up.  Research these wonderful people.

Did you know that Congress held hearings in 1969 about the cancer viruses in the polio vaccines?  Did you know those same cancer viruses are still in those and other vaccines as well as Mercury and other poisons.  Is it any wonder why cancer of all types is exploding all over?  So many ads proclaiming we need to give more money for cancer research while our government is allowing the cancer viruses to be given to us.  If this makes sense to you, then please give away your money and take those vaccines.

You might want to check the Harvard study on fluoride in our water system.  Yummy stuff there.

IF Congress makes the laws, then how come Mr Dick Tator changes laws?  Ovomitcare is one such law.  Kathleen Sebelius adds more regulations all the time and the employer mandate has been delayed.

If Ovomitcare was completely repealed then companies would start hiring full time again.

It’s time old Tator was forced to realize he is NOT above the law.  neither are Holder, Piglosi, Reid, Feinstein, Napolitano and the others.  Time for We The People to stand united and throw the bums in jail.  They can be provided trials with juries of citizens and not of the elites.  Let’s have war crimes included so we can once again be a free nation.

What difference does it make, Billary?  The difference between Liberty and Freedom versus slavery.

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22 Jul 2013

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July 22nd, 2013 Posted 9:31 am

The song “Another One Bites The Dust” comes to mind when I think of Detroit.  Long gone are the automobiles rolling off the assembly lines.  Mo-Town?  How passe.  Unions certainly didn’t help when they made sure those sitting in seats on wheels going back and forth across aisles piecing together vehicles while being paid $75/hour. Keep those wages very high.  Union leaders are very grateful for your dues.  Didn’t want to join a union and give your hard earned money to thugs?  Too bad.  So sad.  No work for you.  Let’s add very corrupt leaders, more union thugs, gangs, etc..  And no one noticed the decent people leaving for freer pastures.  The poor were stuck.  Jobs were being shipped overseas  so wages could be in the slave category while prices for vehicles kept going up.  No maintenance on the tunnel between Canada and Detroit.  No upkeep for the parks, roads and schools.  The ruins of once beautiful homes is hard to grasp and when you look at photos it looks like third world slums.  The population has dwindled and most folks are on welfare.  The entire nation of taxpayers pay for those EBT cards.  Still welfare.

Seems like only a year ago Mr Dick Tator promised Detroit would not go bankrupt.  Oops.  It was last year.  Now Detroit has filed for bankruptcy.  We’ve known for months that those wonderful huge pensions were going to be cut.  I believe it was Bernanke who recently announced that the funds would be replaced once the economy got better.  Hello!  That means the monies were already being stolen from those who worked to earn it.  Good bye retirement.  The economy is in the toilet.  Those retirement/pension funds will continue to be drained until there is nothing left.  Where did the money go?  Only the Shadow and Bernanke know.  We need to fund another committee to think about how to investigate.  I know.  Let’s have the union leaders do it.  And please make sure they are paid for all their hard work.  Of course the American taxpayers will pay for it and much more.

Ovomitcare will now raise it’s costs even more because those still unfortunate to be living in Detroit cannot afford to pay their premiums.  Another huge domino falls toward the American citizens.

It seems that “national security” is fast becoming the cause of death for quite a few people.  Take the Boston Marathon bombings.  A friend of the alleged bombers is shot several times in the body with a shot to the back of the head.  A citizen who told friends he knew the FBI was going to kill him was murdered just as he was about to sign his statement?  A person who cooperated fully for hours suddenly attacks armed FBI agents and others?  Hogwash.

Speaking about the surviving alleged bomber, he will not get a fair trial.  The Rolling Stone magazine has already defined him as THE bomber.  Forget all about the “drill” taking place with lots of FBI, DHS, private security teams and SEALS near the finish lines.  Forget about the bomb sniffing dogs.  Forget about the news of a white conservative man taken into custody as the bomber.  Forget about the FBI stating to ignore all photos except of the two brothers.  Forget about the news conference that was cancelled because of a “bomb threat”.  Forget about it all.  Do you hear me?  Forget about it!  Doesn’t matter that there was no 7-11 robbery and that the one cop may have been killed by friendly fire.  A backpack with a pressure cooker would be bulky.  Look at a photo of THE bomber and his backpack is flat.  What happened to the other brother who was handcuffed and naked while being placed into the cop car?  How did he end up laying on the road only to be run over by his brother?  Or was he run over by another vehicle?

And please forget about THE bomber in the photos as he exits the bullet-ridden boat with absolutely no weapon and no wound to his throat.  The blood only started to gush once the cops slit his throat!  Both brother declared their innocence.  The older worked for the CIA [most likely as a patsy].  They went back for a party after the bombings instead of running and hiding.  This is what a false flag looks like.  Must blame either a white conservative or Muslims.  The photo of the blown up backpack does not look like the backpack THE bomber was carrying.  It did look like those carried by the “drill team”.  Ah, forget about it.

Where was the gun the younger brother supposedly used to shoot at the cops during the boat incident?

Used to be in America that an alleged suspect would be given a trial.  Now THE bomber will not get a fair trial.  If it is proven that an alleged bomber committed the crime with his brother then so be it.  But you don’t keep changing the official story again and again and keep lying about so much.  You don’t slit a man’s throat so he cannot speak.  Only hearsay about his confession before his rights were given to him.  Why was his hand bandaged during his first appearance before the judge?  Why did his aunt agree to give an interview only to back out at the last moment because she needed to think about her children?  The whole thing reeks of the government using a false flag to stir up trouble.  Marshall Law and total gun confiscation.

Were you aware that Mr Dick Tator promised millions of taxpayer dollars to Africa so those nations could have electricity?  Did you know that IF they have houses and cars to drive that the Earth will MELT?  Yep.  That’s what old Tator told them.

Let’s see now.  The oceans are reported to be rising less than 2″ per century.  Quick!  Build thyself an ark.  Temperatures have not risen in the last 15 years at least.  Any one remember the warnings of an ice age a few years ago?  Globalists and elites are so funny and the sheeple are incredibly stupid.  This is all for money.  And it goes to Al Gore and Bill Gates and all the rest of the scammers.  That includes the UN.  But let’s scare the superstitious African tribes that they will cause the Earth to melt if they get houses and cars.  At least their huts and lean-to’s will have electricity.  I wonder just how many Americans can barely pay their electric bills?  How many live without heat in the Winter?

Africa will get their coal fueled power plants while we continue to lose ours.  Our electric bills are way too high and keep rising.  We shall all soon have to declare bankruptcy.  That is unless we all rise up and stop this regime.  The sheeple need to wake up out of their love trance for old Tator.  True American citizens need to stand together and tell this regime, “NO!”.  No more.  We have had it.  We are tired.  We are broke.  Did you know Mr Dick Tator bypassed Congress [I know, a shock] and gave himself a raise?  He now gets $500,000/year for being a traitor to the USA.  For committing war crimes and high treason with his murdering innocent people all over the world with his drones.


To “fix” global warming/climate change/scam-of-the-century will only cost each person around $13,000.  That’s not each American family.  That’s not each family in the world.  That is each and every person on this entire planet.  But since Africans, Chinese, Mexicans and so many other citizens of the world will never be able to pay, just who do you think will pay and pay way more than $13,000 per person?  Think about it.  You might just want to listen to Lord Monckton and others so you can make an informed decision.

A few more things you should know.  Government employment is up while the private sector is down.  More folks have part-time jobs than those with full-time jobs.  This will cause the price of ovomitcare to rise even more.  But hey!  It’s FREE!

Hi NSA.  How are you today?  Kiss my ass.  You already told people how you can go back through all our records, make a timeline and open up all those recorded conversations and emails.  Please don’t worry.  It is still hidden in plain sight because the sheeple think you are just super for protecting them from the boogeymen.  As Bugs Bunny would say,  you are such maroons.

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16 Jul 2013

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July 16th, 2013 Posted 9:55 am

While Mr Dick Tator is busy interjecting himself into individual state’s matters and having his sycophant minions such as Holder and Reid keep up with the race-baiting, it is quite obvious just how dumbed down so many Americans are.  I’ve never seen such an openly racist person occupying the Oval Office and the rest of the government too cowardly to call him out on it.

Did anybody say a prayer, hold a vigil, conduct memorial services or even care about Daniel Atkins?  Any protests or statues erected or candles lit?  In a nut shell, Daniel Artkins was a 29 year old mentally disabled Hispanic who was walking his dog in Arizona.   After a shouting bout with a 22 year old black man in a truck, Daniel was shot and killed by the black man.  Daniel was unarmed.  The black man is not identified.  He claimed self defense.  He was not arrested nor charged.  He is free to live his life without fear of violence or lynching by the government for the rest of his life.  I guess it is okay to now kill unarmed Hispanics as long as you are black, armed and in a truck.

No outcry from Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, New Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, bleeding heart liberals. No justice for Daniel Atkins.  Sounds so much the opposite of the news today.  Mr Dick Tator will read about it in the media only if it gets on lame stream media which, of course, will not happen.

To all the racists out there:  you are so incredibly stupid.  If you had an ounce of  intelligence you would see how you are being played by this regime.  Your faux god is so cozy with La Raza it is treasonous.  La Raza is an extremist organization.  They want all whites killed.  Now before you start celebrating that you should also know something else.  They consider blacks to not be even human.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?  Why do you think he put Soto-meyer in as a Supreme Court justice for life?  She was or still is a member of La Raza.  Oh please do not take my word for it.  Research this and learn.  Think for yourself.  You have been played and it could cost you your life.

That certainly doesn’t mean you go around killing Hispanics.  You need to face the problem and put the blame where it truly belongs.  It belongs to the racist Dick Tator.  He hates whites and blacks and America.  I know.  I know.  You got a free phone[s] that the taxpayers pay for.  You get to check the “I am special” boxes for freebies and you have this huge bright and shiny Race Card to do as you please.  You are going to absolutely love the FEMA concentration camps, re-education facilities and death.

Forget that the gun free zone known as Chicago has had over 500 blacks killed so far this year.  Forget that last year blacks were being shot and killed every day.  What difference does it make?  Right, Billary?  You definitely want her as your next president because she sold out America to the UN, the New World Order and just loves the Muslim Brotherhood along with Al Qaeda.

All is well in America.  The regime, celebrities and sports figures want a lynching of a man deemed innocent by a jury of his peers.  Rest well knowing this is all propaganda for gun control and Martial Law if you start /continue rioting and spewing hatred.  It pleases your master greatly.  While you continue to be a slave, he will think about you while playing golf and jetting all over the world, living in luxury while you accept it or die.  Let’s all pop the bubbly, shall we?

While you were so focused on the shiny object that was the trial the anti-propaganda law was overturned.  Did you know that?  Do you even care?  Now we will have true state media.  State run media of only what the government wants you to hear about.  You will, of course, take Mr Dick Tator’s word as gospel.  Take dear leader’s word as gospel or else!

So continue to drink the fluoridated, Mercury and Arsenic laden water.  Continue to eat the poisoned GMO/Monsanta food.  Dear leader has his food tester with him at all times.  I wonder why.  The military is unarmed while in his presence.  I wonder why?

Please add some apple juice to your daily intake of fluids.  It’s jam-packed with yummy Arsenic.  So good for you.  Eugenics is good for the Earth.  You just keep on believing that.

God bless America.  God help us all.

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14 Jul 2013

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July 14th, 2013 Posted 9:13 am

The Zimmerman trial is over.  The unfounded hatred is not.  No matter how hard Mr Dick Tator, the lame stream media, the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and all others tried to make it into a racial civil rights violation the prosecution failed to prove it as such.  Mr Tator is upset because there were no riots and he could not declare Martial Law.  The New Black Panther Party and Al Sharpton are upset because there were no riots and they won’t be in the spotlight until the next “crisis”.

This was not a federal case.  Why did old ‘Tator feel the need to inject himself in the middle of it?  Why did he send people to stage protests and memorial services?  Because he is a racist and wants to wield power over this country. The elites and globalists demand it.  He failed.

The New Black Panther Party will have to wait until the next election so they can try to bully white crackas.  Don’t you get it yet?  Folks are tired of the race card, race baiting, lies and those who like to play victim.  It is old and tiresome.  Find something constructive to do.  Use your brains.  There are important things going on.  Stop letting Mr Dick Tator and others control you.

We don’t need immigration reform.  We need the existing law to be enforced.  Deport the illegals.  They must understand we are a nation that has laws.  Immigrate legally and there is no problem.  Break our laws and you should be sent home.  Fix your own country first.  Wow.  Such a novel idea.

For those still fuming with hatred, listen to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.  They wanted peace for all.  Equality for all.  You are to be known by your character; not skin color.  Listen to Larry Pinkney. Stop listening to the bullies.

Apparently Eric Snowden “leaked” information about HAARP.  How do you leak something that is already known?  Research it.  A wonderful place to start is with Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” program.  They are on youtube and very informative.  Listen carefully to the son of the inventor of HAARP and what he had to say.

California is putting non-citizens in charge of polling places.  Oh, California.  Were would we be without you and Feinstein and Piglosi.

Toll roads all over America.  So many with long leases to foreign countries who get the monies.  One foreign country has a 99 year lease.  Too bad the citizens of those states get squat.

Be your own person.  Think for yourself.  Stop being sheeple.  Believe in yourself.  America has far more decent and intelligent citizens than the regime wants to talk about.  We don’t have to agree about everything.  By defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights we will remain free.  Right now we are becoming slaves under this regime.

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13 Jul 2013

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July 13th, 2013 Posted 8:19 am

I think I understand why the regime has injected itself into the Zimmerman trial.  This keeps it as a shiny object to focus on so more damage can be done to our country.

The NYC  Metro Transportation Authority recently released a “harmless” gas into the subway while filled with people.  All part of a “terrorist readiness drill”.  The people were even thanked.  For what?  Being guinea pigs?  For staying silent?  For not knowing about this?  There were no gas masks involved.  The Transit Authority admitted they don’t know the side effects of said gas but that it can lead to early menopause in women.  That’s a powerful punch to a woman’s reproductive system.  What about those already pregnant?  How about those wanting to have children later on?  Apparently there is no danger to men.  Who’s brilliant idea was this?

The Android OS smart phones are connected to the NSA.  This involves one third of all smart phones.  Get them while they’re hot.

Good news is that Janet Napolitano is leaving the Department of the Motherland Security [DHS].  I’m sure her replacement will be just as incompetent.

Continue watching the Zimmerman updates.  The TransAtlantic US-EU Trade Agreements merger is about to happen.  Lame stream media barely mentions this.  This will destroy America’s sovereignty.  We already lost individual state sovereignty.  Of course this leads to the North America Union.  No borders.  Just one big happy family.  Here we will get to experience the true distribution of wealth.  Since Mexico has so many poor they will be raised up while Americans and Canadians drop in income.  Must maintain equality for all.  No longer will personal responsibility and good work ethics matter.  Of course the globalists will not be included in this equality.  Their wealth is sacred and protected.

For those who are unaware, when the European Union was created the supreme leader was selected by a group of globalists.  There were no elections or consideration of the citizens.  Read up on Greece and see how well they have done in that Union.  Italy and Spain are floundering as well.  France hiked their tax rates up to 70-100%.  All is well though.  Now they are all equal and ever so happy.  Not.

Let’s say you are an American or Canadian with $100.  A Mexican has only $10.  Not fair or equal.  Therefore you are now only allowed to have $70 so the Mexican can be equal.  That’s before taxes.  Now the governments and the globalists will want their “fair” share of your money.  Don’t forget the climate tax.  Forget that the Earth goes through cycles.  Forget that the poles change position.  Forget how the globalists will never be taxed or have to give up their mansions or jets or lifestyle.  Forget that climate change hasn’t changed in 15 years.  If you have money you earned, they will take it.

Speaking of money.  If you have [or think you have] a pension coming to you when you retire, think again.  Those funds have already been raided.  You might want to research it.

I do believe most of our politicians are being blackmailed.  Mr Dick Tator rules by executive order.  He bypasses the lawmakers every chance he gets.  He disregards the Supreme Court’s decision that several of his recess appointees are invalid because there was no recess at the time.  And yet Congress [both houses] say nothing or quickly shut up if they dare speak out.  Thanks a lot, you bunch of spineless wimps.

The idiotic sheeple constantly say none of our rights have been taken away.  Free speech?  Gone.  Right to bear arms?  Gone in a lot of places.  Journalists that dare speak the truth are arrested or fired [oops. even killed].  Several homes were invaded by the police in order to stake out neighboring homes.  Illegal under the third amendment.  Fourth amendment?  Warrant-less searches.  Unreasonable searches and seizures.  Your home, your vehicle and your person.  Doesn’t matter.  Cop wants your blood?  Some take it by force.  Fifth amendment?  Seems that’s only for the IRS, DHS, FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup.  Clapper lied to Congress but it’s okay because he said he lied.  WTF!

Three and a half more years of Mr Dick Tator [if we survive that long] and then what?  Billary?  God help us all.  If you want a warmonger, murdering traitor, then by all means vote for her.  You will be pleased when she puts the draft back in and sends your children off to the slaughter.  Perhaps it will be you sent to the FEMA concentration camps if you don’t like living under the New World Order.  You should also like living in tiny apartments under the UN Agenda 21.  It’s okay.  The globalists and elites live by their own rules, pay no taxes, don’t have to comply and enjoy having you as a slave.  They claim it will save the planet.  Bill Gates wants up to 95% of the planet’s population dead in order to save the planet.  Truth be told, they only want Earth as their private playground.

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12 Jul 2013

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July 12th, 2013 Posted 11:32 am

Several months ago I sent the same three-page letter to six different elected representatives.  I was very serious in my opinions and questions.  It was also an experiment to see if I would get any response or just form letters.  Well, there were no form letters and only one response.  I can’t even remember which subject the senator chose but it was a safe one.  I had talked about  the UN Agenda 21, Re-education Camps.  FEMA Camps,  Second Amendment, Constitution and so much more.  None of that was mentioned.  Are any of our senators and congress members worth trusting with our country and our lives?  I am beginning to think not.  Out of six and just one lame response.

Mr Dick Tator is campaigning once again.  He is trying to “sell” immigration reform telling folks that it will be good for our sagging economy.  Keeping American jobs here in America for American citizens would be great for the economy.  But they are still being shipped overseas.  He wants the illegals to work what jobs are still here.  That will just bring down more wages, over-crowd even more our schools and cause more crime.  Those who adore Mr Tator also probably agree that we need to replace our national anthem with an Amanda Bynes song and most likely thought the Lady Gaga version was cute.

Ovomitcare gets delayed for businesses.  This gives businesses more time to reduce employee hours so the employees have to pay for this scam on their own.  Yes, his evil plan to bankrupt American citizens is coming along quite nicely.

Mr Dick Tator injected himself into the Zimmerman trial.  Totally disrespecting his daughters because he really wanted a son.  There was no reason to arrest Zimmerman and certainly no reason for this circus act just because racist agitators around the country wanted to stir up trouble.  Now the judge has told the jury that they can always find Zimmerman guilty of another charge if not second degree murder instead of finding him innocent.  WTF!  Pressure from the White House?  Guilty until proven innocent?  The cop in Chicago needs to stop saying there will be riots all over the country if there is an acquittal.  Looks like a plan to install Martial Law.

Spain, China, Italy, Russia, the Middle East and more.  What do they have in common?  Their troops have been here for years training on our soil by American troops.  I wonder why.  They are not training in the desert to fight in deserts.  They are training in the cities.  Doing drills in the cities.  They are good little soldiers for the New World Order.  God help us all.

Mr Dick Tator dare not speak the “coup” word.  To do so would mean all those millions to billions being sent to Egypt would be illegal.  Not that he would ever do anything illegal but because The People might rise up and say “No!”.

Affirmative Action is expanding.  Soon employers must hire a certain amount of gays, qualified or not, in order to stay in business.  Easily researched with S.815 ans H.R.1755 bills.

Medical records [once private but no more] are being merged with the National Gun Database.  Not just your recent records but your entire life’s records.  ALL medical records.  Think about it for a while.

What sequester?  There is a sequester going on?  Who’d of thought it.  Our elected representatives voted to give themselves a raise.  Yep.  Dated for July of this year.  The ones I saw ranged from over $55,000 to over $253,000.  Must be nice.  First bonus I ever got was for $25.  Last one I received was one of those coupon books for restaurants.  You had to activate a plastic card in order to use it.  What an insult.

How’s your thyroid and those of your children?  The toxic particles from Fukoshima reactor explosions from two years ago are still falling from our skies.  One of the levels for a radioactive isotope was just raised.  This regime doesn’t think it important to report on or tell the citizens.  In just two years the leader of the group who volunteered to go in and seal the reactors the best they could and others are dead.  The leader just died this past week.

Mr Dick Tator is threatening all foreign nations considering giving Eric Snowden sanctuary there will be consequences in doing so.  Love how the regime dictates to others for doing the very same thing to other nations.  The spy business is very lucrative.

Hey Germany.  Still asking for your gold back?  Good luck there as I doubt it still exists.  Perhaps you should just request some of that gold smuggled out of the Middle East.

God help us all.

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11 Jul 2013

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July 11th, 2013 Posted 12:39 pm

I remember way back during the 1960’s while in grade school we were learning about German history.  More precisely it was about Nazi Germany.  The German citizens were told which citizens were the “enemy”.  Didn’t matter that those “enemies” were also Germans.  Some had been friends and some family members and still others were neighbors.  The citizens were told to report on these other Germans if something seemed “fishy” or out of place or if there was talk against the current administration.

Children were taught to spy on their parents and turn them in to the KGB.  Those good little and innocent soldiers of the government didn’t really understand when mommy or daddy got dragged away never to be seen again.

Churches were closed.  Christmas was celebrated in hiding as well as all other religious holidays.  Prison and perhaps death to those who disobeyed and were caught.

“Papers, please” was the usual chant when out and about during the day or night.  Prisons and concentration camps were built.  Everybody was spied upon and young children were dressed in Nazi uniforms when they belonged to the collective/Nazi Party.

Food was uber high in prices.  The mark was devalued to the point of almost being totally worthless.  Everything cost more and the prices just kept rising.

Eugenics was alive and well in Germany.  Adolf Hitler was elected by the people because he promised them every thing.  He wanted a pure German race consisting of tall, blonde, blue-eyed citizens.  Hitler himself was short with dark hair and dark eyes.  Hitler even had Jewish ancestry.  Schools taught children only what the government wanted people to know.  Hitler wanted world domination.  Only state-run media existed.

Six million Jews and ten million of other religious faiths were imprisoned, tortured and killed.  So many into the gas chambers.  So many children taken from their parents.  Prisoners [citizens] were tattooed with numbers identifying them.

Hitler invaded other countries that never threatened Germany.  The citizens became as sheep and adored their leader no matter what.  Fluoride was added to the water for the prisoners in order to make them docile and dumb.  Skin was removed from people in order to make lamp shades for wives of the officers and others.  Tattoos were especially desired.

Does any of this sound familiar?  It should.  Replace Germany with the USA.  Replace Hitler with Mr Dick Tator.  Replace the mark with the dollar.  Replace the number tattoos with the Real ID card.  Replace the KGB with the NSA, IRS, DHS, TSA and other agencies.  Replace countries like Poland with Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and lots more.  Replace the children in Nazi uniforms with American children in Mr Dick Tator’s personal army and scouts.  The guns were taken away from the German citizens as well.  They were defenseless.  Replace the concentration camps with FEMA camps and Re-education Camps.  Replace the number tattoos with the RFID chip.

Hitler was a traitor to the citizens of Germany and a war criminal.  Mr Dick ztator is a traitor to the citizens of The United States of America as well as a war criminal.  May we all survive to see the trials as were held in Nuremberg.

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10 Jul 2013

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July 10th, 2013 Posted 9:33 am

I’m not sure how to begin as I wish to be polite.  So much is hidden in plain sight.  I see no outrage by those in power.  I think politicians are only thinking about elections and getting re-elected.  Am truly wondering if any deserve it.

It’s been known as far back as 2010 that the GMO corn out of Texas helps transmit HIV/AIDS.  From a nutritional point of view GMO corn is dead.  But to produce and sell what helps spread HIV/AIDS is deplorable.

Monsanto got a world food prize.  Monsanto got a global prize for poisoning our food?  You just can’t make this crap up and it’s easily searchable.

Warren Buffet just gave $2 million to the Bill Gates Foundation.  Mighty charitable of him.  They are such good friends.  It makes for a nice tax deduction, don’t you think?  Now Gates can produce even more GMO-DNA vaccines.  These vaccines contain SV40.  This is a cancer causing virus taken from the kidney cells of the Rhesus monkey.  It is used in the polio vaccine.  You get cancer but hopefully not polio.  Fancy that.  The citizens in the nations of Africa are ever so thankful.  Good for eugenics.  Bad for people.

The IRS “accidentally” published  as many as 2319 Social Security numbers of conservatives on the internet.  Just how do you do such a thing by accident?  Must have been those pesky “low level” employee rascals, again.

Of course the IRS also spent $50 million [damn that sequester] on luxury hotels, booze and baseball tickets.

$70 million is still slated for bonuses.  That has not been cancelled out.  Certainly wouldn’t want these misfits to not get rewarded for all the mistakes and scandals.

More dominoes about to fall towards We The People.  The number of part-time workers is higher than full-time workers.  Guess the companies realized they didn’t want to pay for ovomitcare.  So that means more workers will struggle even harder to meet the continually rising cost of premiums for healthcare.  As long as our precious regime is exempt who cares?  Golly gee whiz.  I care.  Why is the regime exempt from everything that hurts We The People?

Let’s mention that we have Predator Drones flying around in our skies.  I hope folks do realize that the Predator Drones are the armed ones.  Think they are for our safety?  Think again.

To the citizens in foreign countries – The United States of America is under a tyrannical regime hell-bent on world domination, eugenics and New World Order.  Please do not confuse American citizens with the regime.  We The People are losing our rights every day.  This regime is pure evil.  Mr Dick Tator still thinks the world adores him.  The Egyptians are correct.  This regime is the cause of their misery.


God bless America.  We need as much as we can get.

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