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26 Jun 2013

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June 26th, 2013 Posted 10:49 am

I see great joy in the land of killing babies.  I don’t know how many times just this morning I read it was a great day for women and babies.  Women and babies.  Doesn’t really make sense now does it?  How is anything good for babies that are killed by women?  Perhaps it refers only to women who abort the baby girls because they really want a boy.  Oh the irony of it all.  Women who want power over men because of a conceived notion there is a “war” on women so to even the playing field, these women abort their daughters in order to have more males running around.

Make no mistake about it.  If you are pregnant that child is your son or daughter.

Let’s talk about the “war” on women.  If you look at the first year of Mr Dick Tator in office with both houses of Congress being held by the Democrats you need to look at the bills presented for votes.  The ones which would have actually benefited women were voted down by Democrats.  Look it up.

I keep reading how Republicans love the baby but don’t want to raise it once born.  Could that really be that Republicans are raising their children because of personal responsibility and do not wish to raise other people’s children because others lack personal responsibility?  I generalize because baby killing folks love to generalize.  There are many Democrats who are pro-life.  There are many Republicans that are anti-life.  But in today’s society we must put all into one or the other category.  Just like all Republicans are filthy, stinking rich and all Democrats are gutter poor.  Then why are the top money makers in politics Democrats?  Look it up.

I have never known a woman who had an abortion that didn’t have regrets or feel ashamed they killed an innocent life.  You do realize that birth control was the brain child of Margaret Sanger in California, right?  She loved eugenics.  She wanted to make sure that black babies [“weeds” she called them] were killed before having a chance at life.  For those who are so in love with abortion, have you ever asked your mother why she didn’t just abort you?  Perhaps you should.

Let’s generalize again.  ALL abortions are because of rape.  No, ALL abortions are because  of threat to mother’s life.  No, ALL abortions are due to incest.  It is more like 99% are due to “inconvenience”, baby daddy not wanting a child to be financially responsible for and selfish woman who feel that precious child [a gift from God] will ruin their own lives.

Yes, a gift from God.  There.  I said God.  I wonder how many atheists exist simply because believing in a supreme being would mean they have a conscious.  You know, critical thinking, morals, knowing right from wrong, being responsible.  Instead, if you say you don’t believe in God you can just blame everybody else for your misery.

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23 Jun 2013

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June 23rd, 2013 Posted 11:52 am

Two very serious issues need to be addressed.  The first is ovomitcare and the second is the UN Agenda 21.

Ovomitcare is designed to install a government healthcare insurance from which there is no escape.  Premiums are still skyrocketing since it’s passage into law.  The ultimate plan is to keep costs rising until folks see no other option but to buy into the government plan.  Then you will still see the premiums go up.  More and more fees are being included under Sebelius.  She has free rein and answers to nobody.

More doctors are leaving the medical profession.  Insurance companies are offering policies that do not include children.  So much for pre-existing conditions or keeping your doctor or plan.  Companies are laying off workers and cutting back hours so they do not have to comply.

Selling your home?  It comes with an extra tax.  Still can’t figure out how that has anything to do with healthcare.

I read about the death panels before the vote to pass this insane, unconstitutional piece of bunk.  Having bureaucrats decide your fate instead of you and your doctor is dangerous.  These bean counters will think of the bottom line only.  You are history once they decide you are expendable.  And yes, some people have already been told that.  Over 65?  No Lasik eye surgery for you.  No more mammograms.  Develop cancer?  Make out your will.  You are expendable.

Hospitals are closing.  Doctors are turning away patients.  Just like England and Canada, the wait for treatment will be longer than the time you have left.

More people are becoming poorer and do not qualify to buy the insurance.  Up goes the premiums of those still paying.  Free healthcare is being offered to the illegals and so the premiums will increase a lot more.  It’s been in the news.  Research and decide for yourself.  Please remember that our beloved leader, his family and others in government are exempt from this nightmare.  Bottom line – eugenics.  You will see the population dramatically decrease.  Those not complying get to go to the FEMA camps where they will die.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  Death certificates will just say “natural causes”.  DHS and the IRS are fully armed to help you comply.  Some states are already ordering more death certificates than they should need.

Vaccines filled with Mercury, live cancer viruses, aluminium, etc.,  will be mandatory.  Thank you, Bill Gates, your eugenics loving father taught you well.

Need a scooter to get around?  You have to rent one for a year first before the decision is made as to whether you get one or not.  Probably not.

Onto the UN Agenda 21.  If you think of massive dominoes lined up and ready to fall on you, you will understand this more easily.

2020 is going to be a very bad year, if we are so lucky as to have survived to this point in time.  Agenda 21 means living [?] without any emissions.  Zero emissions.  Think about it.  Gates, Gore, Rockefeller, Rothschild and other globalists and elites [which includes Mr Dick Tator and Billary] want the world population decreased by 95% and more.  Get a calculator and do the math.  That’s an awful lot of folks to kill off.

Germany and Japan are fully committed to be comply-able by 2020.  People will live in cities and in apartment buildings.  Japan will rely on body heat [seriously] while Germany wants to use turbines.  You just can’t make this crap up.

The map of the USA is all over the internet as to where people will be allowed to live and the areas off limits.  It is quite astonishing.  These will be small apartments.  There will be no garages or places for your vehicles.  You will get to work [and yes, you will work] either by walking, public transportation or riding a bike.  You will have a job because your children will go to government schools to be indoctrinated…I mean educated.

What will you do for fun?  No time for that.  No money to rent vehicles for a vacation as most of the land is off limits.  Getting taxed for owning that electric vehicle yet?  On its way because the taxes for road maintenance are falling.  Anyway, you want to walk your pet?  Oh please.  Pets expel emissions.  There will be a limit on number of children you will be allowed to have and there will be no pets.  Think about it.

Do you really think the globalists and elites are going to give up their mansions, private jets, pets, lifestyle just because you have to do it?  Bwahahahaha.  They are raking in millions to billions just on carbon taxes and other means.  They will still have their steak while you get the Japan’s poop steak.  They will spew their emissions jetting all over the globe while you work like slaves to benefit them.

Those curly light bulbs have already been proven to lower IQ.  Those “smart” boxes on homes are making people in entire neighborhoods ill.  The vaccines are loaded with Mercury, live cancer cells, aluminium, etc.  They will be mandatory because that is Gates’ wish.

What happens when you crowd people into small spaces?  Diseases.  Research it.  TB and meningitis just for starters.  I think even cemeteries will be a thing of the past.  Can’t pollute the land so just get burned up and ashes flushed.  Only you will be drinking this water so do not worry.

The elites do not eat GMO food nor anything by Monsanto.  The water they drink is non-fluoridated.  They get only “clean” vaccines if any at all.  They are gods.  Kiss their asses now!  Do not forget to eat your insects for protein.  So what if it really destroys the ecology by way of the natural food chain.  So what if the wind farms are killing birds?  So what if the contrails are making solar energy decrease by 20-30%?  What difference does it make?  Right, Billary?

If you do not believe me, just do some honest research and see for yourself.  The truth is very frightening but I would rather fight against the globalists, elites, Monsanto, Bilderberg and this regime we live under than live through their idea of our future.  Educate yourself and decide how you will live.

Don’t you feel ever so safe knowing those smart, energy efficient appliances are listening to you, know when you are home and watching your every move?  Now that’s freedom.  So are the drones flying overhead.  Are you on Mr Dick Tator’s kill list yet?  You will be if you disagree with these plans.  Your choice.  Chances of dying from a lightening strike are greater than a terrorist attack [unless of course it is provided by our own government].

I intend to live my life as a FREE American with liberty.  I do not want this dictatorship saying they will keep me safe as long as I comply.  That is not liberty nor freedom.

You can research [read] the UN Agenda 21 book and the Re-education Training Manual online.  You can actually buy the UN book from the UN.  Look it up.

God bless America.

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21 Jun 2013

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June 21st, 2013 Posted 12:14 pm

Mr Dick Tator has put into his new budget a proposal to limit the amount Americans can put into their retirement plans.  How ever so nice and thoughtful that a multimillionaire can dictate how much money you can live on if you are even lucky enough to retire.  That’s similar to saying politicians can use insider trading to make millions but you can’t.  Oh, wait.  It’s already like that.  Gotta love globalists and elites.

Now Mr Tator is trying  to enlist professional sports teams to endorse ovomitcare so more sheeple will join.  Another way to eat up your retirement savings.  Not to worry.  All those illegals here will gladly get jobs and pay taxes to help out.  Well, except the Islamic.  They will be exempt because they are just like family to Mr Tator.  Just like auntie Illegal in Boston and good old drunken illegal uncle.  I’m sure they are enjoying living off American taxpayers each and every day just as they have done for years.

How come we no longer hear anything about mom-jn-law voodoo queen?  Too busy chopping off chicken heads and drinking the blood, I suppose.  One can only guess.

“What we’re seeing taking place in Syria is heartbreaking,” President Obama said during a debate with Mitt Romney last October, “and that’s why we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we are helping the opposition.”

Let’s demand another peace prize!  Pentagon is funding [crap, American taxpayers are funding] al Qaeda who is fighting the Syrian rebels.  We are also funding and arming these same Syrian rebels.  I guess funding both sides makes it a win-win situation.  Meanwhile peace-loving, anti-war John Kerry wants to bomb Syria.  What fools these mortals be.

It’s still sequester time.  Makes perfect sense that the IRS is planning on giving employees $70 million in bonuses.  Yippee!  More debt for Americans.

God bless Monsanto.  They are going to receive a World Food Prize for pioneering  GMO research.  The very GMO’s that are being banned all over the world [except the USA] because the food is killing people.

Our cows, hogs and chickens are being pumped full of steroids to ensure that they’re bigger and fatter.

“And the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the livestock industry uses 29 million pounds of antibiotics each year.

Have you ever heard of ST398?  (You likely haven’t; the government would like to keep it hidden, too.)

It’s an antibiotic-resistant staph infection – sometimes called “Pig MRSA” – that’s slowly spreading into the general population of farm animals.”  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Pesticide use is through the roof. In fact, to foster the highest possible crop yields, approximately 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States every year.”  And we are ingesting it all.

Glyphosates in our drinking water.  CA has 1000 times the recommended dosage.  We want more in all the water.  So what if that is Round-Up weed/grass killer.  We all want to die to save the planet.  Such a moronic regime we live under.

Now we are being told to eat insects for our protein.  Must save the cattle for the elites to consume since they are so much more important than the rest of humankind.

For all the numb-nuts out there, let’s get real.  Insects are part of the food chain.  We need some for plants.  We need some for putting nutrition into the soil.  Animals, birds, fowl and other critters need them as their food source.  The bees are already dying in great numbers [thank you Monsanto] so the crops are affected.  Go to where the people eat insects as their main staple of food and what do you see?  Desert, wasteland, no life basically.  Just starving, malnourished humans.

Bloomberg of NYC.  Bless his heart.  He wants all to compost.  Who will pay for the compost bins?  Where will all this compost be used in a city with mostly apartment buildings?  Perhaps Bloomberg and the rest of the rats will eat roaches.  Will they have to compost?  Pfft!

The FDA does such a great job in keeping our food safe.  You might want to check out all the recalls lately.

So glad the Mr Dick Tator family pays for their own vacations.  Too bad the American taxpayers are the ones forced to pay for all the millions wasted on security, vehicles, transportation, staff [including food tester], etc.  By all means go to Africa and please just stay there.  Somewhere a village needs its idiot back.  What sequester and what difference does it make?  Right, Billary?




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19 Jun 2013

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June 19th, 2013 Posted 10:10 am

Perhaps we need a new set of politicians.  Ones who never went to college and ones who especially never went to law school.  The ones we have now are incapable of rational thinking.  They cannot see further than a few moments in time.

Prime example is this nightmare/amnesty for illegals bill/act/whatever.  It involves letting around 20 million law-breaking non-citizens to stay in the USA.  Ahead of all who have waited up to ten years to legally enter our country and become legal, law abiding citizens.  Assimilating, English speaking citizens, I might add.

One major reason is the thought that this will produce a whole new group of taxpayers.  Watch the economy explode, right?  Nah.  Think about it.  Just how many of these illegals are being paid “under the table”?  Does anybody truly think their employers will then add them to the books, register them as employees and deduct taxes?  Why weren’t those millions to billions in tax dollars already being collected?  Do you think these freeloaders will actually want to start paying taxes, pay into Medicare and Social Security?  They already get food stamps, free ER medical treatment, free phones, etc.  Do actual research and you will see this is true.

The “welcome to America package” includes more food stamps, free ovomitcare, free education, drivers licenses and voting privileges without having to show ID.  Ah, there is the true reason.  Votes.  Surprised?  Just about everything a politician does these days is for votes.

And yet it still does nothing to secure our borders.  Which means open borders, loss of American sovereignty, North American Union, amero for currency, more terrorists coming from the Middle East via South America learning Spanish and crossing our very insecure borders.  There are Congressional reports on this listing the countries and number of illegals caught from each enemy country.  This report used to be made public.  No longer is it available to We The People.

Mr Dick Tator has committed treason.  Eric Holder has committed treason.  Billary has committed treason.  Janet Napolitano has committed treason.  John Kerry just gave the Muslim Brotherhood how many millions of US taxpayer dollars recently in Egypt?  Add him to the list.  There are probably 50 more that can easily be added.

Hey, NSA, go screw yourself.  I’ve been sending you messages for years in my emails.  Same for the FBI, DHS, CIA and the rest in the alphabet soup.  Traitors committing treason each and every day.

I’ve seen the FEMA camps, I’ve seen the UN Agenda 21 book.  I’ve seen the Re-education Training Manual.  I’ve seen the FEMA coffins, the Council of Governors list and map of America under UN Agenda 21.  I’ve seen the black helicopters and the three cameras on the trunk of police cars.  I know about Bilderberg.  I know about the globalists and elites.  The cancers in vaccines.  The Georgia Guide Stones.  You are all scum.  You will not be among the living after you have totally destroyed The United States of America.  You will start destroying each other for more power.

“What difference does it make?”  There is a big difference because too many Americans have died by your hands.  What difference does it make indeed.

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10 Jun 2013

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June 10th, 2013 Posted 10:08 am

The news seems to be getting more depressing with each passing day.  There is good news but it doesn’t sell like celebrities and their sex lives or their plastic surgeries or their arrest records or drug habits.  Whether Hollywood, sports or politicians, they are all they same.  Quite frankly, they are very boring.  To find the real and important things that affect us in our lives you have to dig deep.  You have to research.  Critical thinking is very important because each side [and there is more than just two] only seem to give their version and leave out anything that would make them look bad.

Mr Dick Tator ran partly on whistle-blowers being able to openly tell their information of wrong doings without persecution.  Sadly, such is not the case.  First it was if something seemed “fishy”, tell the White House.  But when the fishy things being reported came out about the government it wasn’t received so politely.  People started getting persecuted and prosecuted.  The whistle-blowers were now targets of the very government that encouraged them to come forward.

Want to go to college?  Great; here’s the stimulus money.  But the dictator was none too pleased when folks chose private or independent schools to attend and actually learn a trade instead of the crappy public institutions that dictate you must think and act like them.

Now whistle-blowers are the enemy for exposing nasty secrets of things happening.  Once again it is involving some part of the government or corruption in society.  A member of Anonymous came forward about high-school football players raping a girl and posting the photos on the internet.  The FBI raided his home and confiscated things that most likely aren’t connected to their “case”.  I hope this brave man isn’t disappeared or suicided like others in the hands of the FBI or CIA and sometimes local authorities.

I think of Pvt. Manning.  So many call him a traitor and think execution would be great as a punishment.  He exposed how cruel and inhumane some of our military are towards innocent people.  All should see the video he exposed of trigger happy soldiers begging for permission to kill an unarmed photographer and those around him.  It is heart-wrenching to watch and listen to.  The murderer may have been in a safe and far away location doing the killing by remote control but it was no video game.  This is real life and those giving the orders to shoot are just as guilty.  All should watch until the end where the blood covers the road.

Now Pvt. Manning looks pasty and a bit emaciated.  He has spent too much time in a 6′ by 8′ cell for 23 hours a day.  He is forced to sleep naked because the elastic in his underwear might harm him.  I pray for his safety from this regime.

Then there is wiki-leaks.  I read all I could find on the leaked articles of such monstrous “national security”.  Not once did I find anything that could ever put our troops in harms way.  What I did see was heads of state of quite a few nations bad-mouthing each other, gossiping and such.  This included, of course, Billary.  She is such a nasty, vindictive witch.  I think billary got a bit embarrassed but What Difference Does It Make?  Right, Billary?  You and your ilk are the true traitors to The United States of America.  It is you, Billary, who has committed treason and should be charged, arrested, indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Did you enjoy attending the Bilderberg meeting this past week?  Surrounded by all that evilness must have thrilled you to no end.  I think I counted over 40 murders you and your “he makes people laugh” husband have committed from the days in Arkansas through the days in the White House.  But let’s add at least four more Americans from Benghazi, shall we?  Have you tried on your crown and purple robe for 2016 yet?

Our Founding Fathers gave  us The Constitution and The Bill of Rights to protect us from the likes of Mr. Dick-Tator, Billary, Holder, Feinstein, J Napolitano, Piglosi and so many others.  So many others.

God bless America.

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6 Jun 2013

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June 6th, 2013 Posted 11:10 am

Today is research day.  I’m going to post lots of links.  Read them.  Research them.  Make up your own mind.  Do some critical thinking.
people tattooed.  Now where have I heard of this before?  I’ll go ask Hans and Marta.
Hans says Sig Heil.  Marta is in hiding.
Molon Labe
this is a joke, right?

If you fail to inform and educate yourself you stand the chance of losing everything.  Being a sheeple is baaad for you.



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