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22 May 2013

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May 22nd, 2013 Posted 12:01 pm

We have a Teflon dictator.  Nothing sticks to him.  AP emails seized.  AP phone records seized.  Executive privilege claimed for Fast and Furious.   IRS targeted non-liberal groups, anti-dictator groups.  Even Billy Graham Ministries.  Really?  Billy Graham?  Benghazi?  That was a very long time ago, except for Americans who care.

It is interesting that the White House Visitor’s Log shows IRS meeting with the dictator the day before the IRS auditing began.  That was in March 2010.  Over three years later dear leader reads about it or watches it on the news.  Wow.

All the nonsense how it is the Republicans fault for cutting budgets that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi.  I guess that means the sequester the dictator demanded, signed into law and demanded the cuts hurt.  In reality all the dictator had to do was give the order to save the Americans DURING the attack.  He had the say; not a budget cut.  I am glad military are beginning to speak out.  I pray they are not “disappeared” or “suicided” before they can speak the truth.  I want to hear from the survivors who have mysteriously disappeared and are forbidden to speak.  May they also stay safe from being murdered.

Billary wanted those weapons to go into Syria for both al-Qaeda and the rebels.  Interesting how our tax dollars are funding both sides.  “What difference does it make”.  Oh, Billary.  You are so funny.  Almost as much as your “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” husband.  Just from the good old Arkansas days, how many people have you and funny guy murdered or had killed?  The number will increase because, well, that’s what you do.

Ambassador Stevens didn’t want to run guns anymore and you couldn’t let him live to tell the tale.  Did you pop the bubbly while watching him get sodomized in real time in the situation room or did you politely wait for the word of his death?

Now we have the military brass saying they don’t need anyone’s permission to take control over civil upheaval in America.  Notice the sound of crickets coming from Capitol Hill and the White House.

Since Gates already said he had to lie to We The People it is fair presumption that Carney has yet to speak the truth about anything.

When will the sheep stop resting in the dictator’s rectum and realize they are next once the rest of Americans have been destroyed?

Legal documents held by the British from days when Kenya was owned by the British show that Barack Obama, Sr., had a son in 1961.  Anybody reporting on that?  Shh!  You might get silenced forever.

God bless America.  God bless our military.  Our military and veterans are not terrorists.  The dictator, Billary, Janet Napalotino, Eric Holder and so many others are guilty of treason and are the real terrorists.

Contrary to what Billary says, The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are not our friends.





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7 May 2013

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May 7th, 2013 Posted 12:15 pm

Every day I think “what is wrong with people?”.  I find so many totally without a clue as to what is going on around them.  They are stupid, illiterate, mean, dumb, close-minded, bigoted, racist and retarded.  Some are all these things at once.

Since people love to generalize and I have mainly left-leaning media to read, I will give the generalized “facts” I keep seeing and reading.

All Republicans are filthy, stinking rich white old men who cling to guns, Bibles and pay no taxes.  They also hate women.  They only lie.

All Democrats are poor, underpaid, hard working and love everybody.  They fight for the downtrodden and always tell the truth.

I’ve been a republican and a democrat.  Income levels remained the same.  I don’t belong to any political party.  I am owned by no human, party, lobbyist, religion or anything else.  Income levels have remained the same.

IF republicans are so wealthy, how come the top wealthiest of all politicians are democrats?  Easily found through research on the internet.

IF republicans hate women and have waged a war on them, how come most legislation voted in the Senate dealing with things beneficial for women have been voted DOWN by Democrats?  And yet these very same things were passed by the Congress which is mostly Republican.

Liberals/leftists/democrats/whatever love everybody EXCEPT those who do not think, act or look like them.  They can parrot every little thing their controllers say like that will make those statements true if repeated enough.

Don’t agree with something that will hurt Americans?  You are a racist.

Want to talk about UN Agenda 21?  You are a birther.  No logic to that one but there you go.

Want the laws obeyed and enforced in America, especially in dealing with immigration and borders?  You are a racist, anti-everything, Indian killing, land grabbing hypocrite.  Wow.  My ancestors broke NO laws coming to this continent.

Pro-Life?  Conservative? Patriot?  Constitutionalist?  Take personal responsibility serious?  You are a racist along with some of the most vile names that can be slung.

Pro-Gun?  The left wants you killed with a fully automatic assault weapon.  Ironic, eh?

The dick-tater demanded the sequester.  He signed it into law.  Now he whines about the mean republicans and the sheep whine along with him.  Suck it up, dick-wad.  You tried to bully Americans and it backfired on you.  You will never be a true man because you refuse to accept any responsibility.

And now we have those urinating all over themselves while crying tears of joy because they want Billary to become president.  The campaigning just never ends anymore.

Billary is a traitor to the USA.  She sold us out to the UN.  She and her “I make people laugh” husband caused the deaths of how many people from the days in Arkansas until now?  So many “friends” committed suicide?  Billary might not care about Americans murdered in Benghazi but true Americans do.  The murderer usually doesn’t.

First Woman President of the United States of America?  Try Edith Bolling Gait Wilson.  She ran the country out of love for the USA and her husband after Woodrow suffered a stroke.  Honest research is a wonderful thing.  Learning the truth is quite rewarding.  Being a sheep must be sad.

I want a real American president who puts America and American citizens first.  An honest American who is willing to tell the truth and do what is right.  One who keeps the oath they take.  One not owned by a political party or the UN or the NWO or the Illuminati or the Bilderburg Group or the elites or the globalists or the lobbyists or the unions.

The above listed groups and the lame stream media won’t allow it.

Hey, Department of the Motherland!  Molon Labe.  You traitors to the United States of America.

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