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20 Apr 2013

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April 20th, 2013 Posted 11:00 am

Many prayers go out to the murdered and injured at the Boston Marathon.  The grieving all those families are experiencing is unfathomable.    Same goes for the fertilizer factory explosion in Texas.

I know in my gut that there is way more to the story in Boston than we shall ever be told.  I do realize that all media want to break the story first.  So truth and facts tend to get in the way from getting ratings or prizes.  I do have a problem when the government starts changing their story every few hours.  I would expect a certain amount of professionalism or at least training in areas of investigation.  As soon as the FBI changed their story my first thought was a false flag, again.

Crybaby dictator saw the sequester he demanded and signed into law come to fruition.  As part of the temper tantrum he told his minions to make it be as painful as possible.  Not for himself or the other corrupt idiots in the government but on the citizens so they would get upset at the dick-tater’s enemies.

Didn’t get his way for the gun control.  Oops!  CISPA got quietly passed this week, didn’t it?  When will they pass SOPA?

Because Janet Napolitano didn’t get all “her” money, her threat of another terrorist attack occurred.  Wow.  Is she psychic or just plain psycho.  Perhaps both and very much involved.

So, what happened to the Saudi suspect in custody who got deported the same day?  Or why might be the better question.  What about the black suspect?  Was he the naked guy, the handcuffed guy, the guy talking with the police or the guy taken away in the cop car?  What about the third suspect which turned into no third suspect?  Second suspect cornered but then not cornered?

How come the FBI said to only use two photos of the new “suspects” in trying to identify the bombers?  A bit odd, don’t you think?  Why was a bomb drill going on at the same time as the ending of the race?  Why were security forces other than police very obvious at the finish line?  I was looking at the many photos and noticed too many wearing the same clothes, shoes, hats and with black backpacks.  Did they all just happen to shop at the same store for this special day?  Bomb-sniffing dogs and yet they failed to detect two bombs that exploded.  Two more bombs found and disarmed but then those bombs didn’t exist?

One suspect killed in shootout and his wounded brother runs him over in a car while escaping.  But wait, he fled on foot.  This new type of “journalism” is insane.  These so called writers have their distributors turned so severely.  But I digress.  After saying there is no sign of the second suspect, less than an hour later he is found in a boat by a citizen.  Suspect is wounded and non-communicative.  He does not shoot the citizen but has another shootout with the police.  Obviously no one ever considered taking target practice as the suspect is captured? and taken to the hospital.  Story is he is still alive.  He is not going to be read his rights??  This is for the public’s safety?

Aw, rats!  The leftist, statists couldn’t pull off their plot of a mass killing by pro-gun folks.  They got exposed for the false flag and had to scramble to change their story.  Quick.  Get the Saudi money-man out of the country.  Dictator took care of that.  Get the foreigners [but make sure they are citizens] out there.  Crappy Plan B but it worked.  Yep, yep, yep.  It worked.  For now.

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10 Apr 2013

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April 10th, 2013 Posted 11:51 am

MSNBC says we need to “lean forward”.  Isn’t that the same as “bend over”?  MSNBC is just chock full of intelligent beings, not.  Our children do not belong to us?  Really?  They belong to the “collective”?  Seriously?  With so much money wasted on idiot teachers and administration in education that allows arrests/suspension/expulsion for students over hand, paper and Pop-Tart guns; the thought is that even more money is needed to fix stupidity.  And the sheep nod in agreement.  They bleat “oh, baa mama” while using their taxpayer paid and yet still considered free phones.  They prance about gloating how their dictator won and every body else lost.  Looking about for some one to blame for their woes they still chant that “it’s Bush’s fault”.  Please, sheep, do give your children over to the government.  Don’t let the little things like morality, ethics, personal responsibility and a sense of right from wrong stand in the way of turning innocent children over to the pedophiles, abusers and murderers.

On to something more pleasant.  Yippee!  More drone strikes and more children killed.  Warms the heart doesn’t it to know the dictator kills other countries children before starting on ours.  Not even a need for crocodile tears to be shed.  Those were evil children and families, right?  I mean, that had to be because you rejoice in their murders.  Don’t you?  Oh, baa mama,.  Well, either you do or you are hypocrites.  Blame Bush for crimes and praise the dictator for the same and worse.  Rats!  No photos of dead children to see as they have been blown to smithereens.

I keep reading how so many of the sheep want the USA to nuke the crap out of North Korea and the Middle East.  As one who has never been politically correct I must say those who truly believe in this are severely retarded.  After all in the vicinity are blasted to death, the fallout begins.  That means that the rest of the world will have some degree of radiation in a matter of days to weeks.  Pay no attention to the fact that children in Hawaii, California and other states are experiencing many thyroid problems thanks to the nuclear plant failures in Fukushima.  As long as they are not your children, right?  As long as you don’t have to see them, right?

To fully understand just how severely retarded the sheep are you must realize they are already celebrating just thinking about the witch Hillary as president.  Yep, the very same evil beastie that worked her butt off to sell us out to the UN.  The same who sat in the situation room watching in real time the murders of four Americans and others in Benghazi.  What does it matter, right?  The war-mongers needed the ambassador silenced since he didn’t want to run guns and weapons anymore.  Did they pop the bubbly after they were assured he was dead?  Since her husband is so well liked because he makes people laugh, let’s just call the beastie Billary.  Do remember that when Sharia Law comes to America it was Billary who said the Muslim Brotherhood are our friends.  Do remember how she and the dictator declared Islam and al-Qaeda good and Americans terrorists.

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6 Apr 2013

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April 6th, 2013 Posted 12:03 pm

I know there are a lot of psychopaths in the world.  I fear the majority are in government and left-leaning political parties.  Post-birth abortions and murdering children up to the age of three because they aren’t really human beings?  The reason I think  so many are psychopaths is because I hear no outcry from the democrats or liberals.  Is there no morality left?  No sense of decency or moral fibers?  Personal responsibility went out the window years ago.  The world is quite capable of handling billions of human beings and other life.  Too bad the globalists and elites are destroying the Earth with poisons, chemtrails and killing off humans via abortions, vaccines, gun free zones, wars, diseases and so much more.

The corrupt government along with the state-run media love to label good, law abiding citizens as “anti-government”.  That is far from the truth.  I am anti-corruption, anti-dictatorship, anti-murder, etc.  Remove the corruption and our government has the chance of being good.

The only reason Eric Holder declared the big central banks too big to prosecute is because he is afraid of going down with them once more American citizens start to realize the big banks own America and are taking billions of American taxpayer dollars each and every month that is being placed in off-shore accounts.  The banks also dumped their debts on us and claim we, The People, owe them.  Not true.  They lost big time doing this with Iceland.  I hope they fail swiftly as soon as more citizens wake up and see what is happening here.  What happened in Cyprus was done without consent of the people.  It will continue to happen throughout Europe and then it will come to us.  There go the bank accounts, pension funds.  It will be called a “bailout”.  Folks will scratch their heads and say, huh?  The sheep will cry out to their messiah to save them.  They will be “saved” with Martial Law and FEMA camps.

And another one bites the dust.  Fiskar’s Auto is dumping 75% of their employees without severance pay.  Most of these will be in Detroit.  Fifty-three senior managers and executives will stay on.  Most of these will be in California.  After all, can’t really keep actual auto builders around when you haven’t produced a car in almost a year.  Another super-duper “green” company is on the verge of bankruptcy.  I guess $529 million back in 2009 just wasn’t enough to produce those “green” vehicles.  Or perhaps it’s that there aren’t enough people who can afford $100,000 cars.  Bet those salaries and benefits were good.  Will the plant in China stay open?  Most likely.

“Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that the government has begun borrowing from the federal employee pension fund (the G fund) to keep operating without passing the approaching debt limit.

The move will free up $156 billion in borrowing authority while the debt limit debates proceed in Congress. Geithner said that he will replace the money in the fund after the borrowing limit is raised. That of course assumes Congress comes to an agreement soon and does, in fact, raise the debt ceiling.”

Ha ha ha ha ha!  The money is going to be replaced.  Ha ha ha ha ha!  Oh my sides hurt from laughing at that one.  Cyprus anyone?  That money is gone.  The money stolen from Social Security and Medicare has never been replaced.  Why would any body think this corrupt government is going to do right by its citizens?  Were you asked?  Did you give permission for your pension to be looted?


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