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31 Mar 2013

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March 31st, 2013 Posted 12:14 pm

Happy Easter.  I hope all who truly believe keep some joy in their hearts for a little while longer.  Christmas spirit doesn’t seem to stay very long.  Why should Easter joy?  Might be because too many live under the umbrella of guilt.  Guilt put upon them by society, government, religious and other control freaks in order to gain money, votes, power and who knows what else.

I read the comments under some articles or opinion pieces.  Quite an eye opener.  There are those who feel personally responsible for all the ills of the world, or the fact there used to be slavery legal in America.  They feel personally responsible for this group or that group of people persecuted in a particular area or time and yet had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  What would any group of guilty be without a group of victims to complement themselves?  As long as there are “victims” and the guilt-ridden, things will not change.

People are so dumbed down I can see why the struggle for a free America is a long, uphill battle.  The solution is actually quite simple but it is that very simplicity that befuddles the sheep of this country.

Look at everything happening around us.  Ammo being bought up by the government.  Government denies the purchase orders.  Guns, tanks, etc., bought up by the government.  Government denies it all.  Stories change.  Government keeps getting caught up in lies.  Lame stream media are jelly fish when it comes to actually reporting.  They wouldn’t know the truth if it stood in front of them blazing in glory.

Religious leaders actually being trained to tell their followers to obey the government.  Don’t obey God.  Don’t follow your conscious.  Do what the beloved dictator commands you.  And the sheep just nod their head.

Central banks have dumped their debts onto the USA and other countries.  These banks tell the countries this is now their debt.  Now the central banks are looting the bank accounts of citizens to pay themselves.  Makes the head spin, doesn’t it.  The solution?  “No more!”.  Stand up and declare NO MORE!  No more theft.  No more lies.  That goes for UN control,  NATO control.  Monsanto control.  New World Order control.  Dictator control.  Globalists and elites control.  NO MORE!

I will not wear a white bracelet nor explain to others about white privilege when I worked for all I got.  I will not be labeled a terrorist simply because I believe in Jesus, freedom, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights.  Right now there are many standing up.  Those who refuse to do so will one day find themselves alone and regretting they didn’t speak out and think for themselves when there was still time.

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23 Mar 2013

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March 23rd, 2013 Posted 12:11 pm

Ah, the dictator wants young Israelis to see life through the Palestinians eyes.  The Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East do not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  Is the dictator telling the Israelis to commit suicide?  Israel gets bombed every day.  They have a right to self-defense.  When Israel fires back, the dictator’s sheep cry foul and charge Israel as the aggressor.  How can the followers of something so evil be so stupid?

In April, FEMA will hold yet another Zombie UFO Crash Apocalypse where the sheep will believe anything as long as they can show their undying love and support for the fuhrer.  Will some of the new 2700 tanks be used?  IF they were for al-Qaeda, they would be in desert colors.  Notice how all the weapons and artillery are for American citizens.

In Texas, Big Pharma has been granted immunity from prosecution for forced vaccines on children and child care workers.

The sickness that encompasses the people in this world is amazing.  I know there are good and decent people but those who are plain evil stick out and the sheep are drawn to them.  So many of us just want to live out our lives in peace.  May God have mercy upon us all.

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22 Mar 2013

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March 22nd, 2013 Posted 12:40 pm

Not too sure what to say.  I caught a cold from somewhere and I feel miserable.  Wish people would stay home and away from others when they are filled with cooties.

Such timing with Eric Holder.  First we are told that big banks are too big to prosecute.  Then the big banks hit Cyprus.  I think Holder forgot to tell the citizens of Cyprus about how they were to bend over and take it with a smile and a thank you sir; may I have another.  The IMF [International Monetary Fund] loves to force countries into rioting.  This way their total takeover is so easy while the police are busy with the rioters.  No one notices the IMF just takes over all the banks.  Poof!  Now all the money is gone.  Well, the citizens’ money.  Holder doesn’t want anyone taking notice of Icelanders winning their battle with the too big to fail bankers.

I have to wonder what America’s initial reaction will be.  I can actually visualize more than one.  Those who say they like the dictator’s “spreading the wealth” will just be tickled pink until they realize their money has also been taken.  They really think the dictator wants them to become as wealthy as himself.  Very funny.  There are those of us who realize the dictator is out for everybody’s money.  We believe in keeping what you earn.  We believe in personal responsibility.

Unless stopped, cash will cease to be.  Louisiana has already made it illegal to use cash to purchase second hand goods.  With everything electronic, you will be monitored 24/7.  Step out of line and your assets are frozen.  Oops, did you buy beer?  Let’s raise your ovomitcare premium, again.

Pension funds are being used to prop up these too big to fail banks.  Looks like retirement is out of the equation.  Pensions and retirements are unsustainable.  We are all expendable according the the globalists and elites.

Those making the rules of banking have made themselves exempt from the taxes.  Almost makes one giggle with glee.

The sequester has claimed more victims.  The Easter Egg Hunt/Roll at the White House is off; it’s on; it’s off; it’s on.  But $49 million is being spent for a new GITMO prison.  And the senators still get their free hair care services at $350,000/year.  House republicans privatized theirs in 1995.

The dictator wants babies to have the anthrax vaccine.  I have a better idea.  Let’s start at the top.  Dictator and his entire family get all the vaccines that Bill Gates says we all “need”.  And those vaccines must be the same as used in Africa, Mexico and other places.  Not those clean vaccines they use for photo ops.  Then Biden and his family.  Then all the rest.  You want to see mass hysteria among the politicians?

Chase Bank on the west coast had a “glitch”.  Customers showed a zero balance.  Not a “glitch”.  Chase was just trying to see how much they could get away with.  And so it has started here in America.

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17 Mar 2013

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March 17th, 2013 Posted 2:24 pm

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

History can be interesting.  We are supposed to learn from history.  If we don’t then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes that we see before us now.

Twenty-five years ago yesterday [16 Mar 1988] was Bloody Friday.  In Halabja, Southern Kurdistan, between 3,200 to 5,000 Kurds were killed.  Between 3,000 to 10,000 were injured.  Thousands more died over the next few years from complications, diseases and birth defects.  Why?  Because of several poisons.  Mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun, VX and Hydrogen Cyanide.

This mass murder is not to be confused with the Anfal genocide that killed the Kurds under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.  This took place from February to September, 1988.  Hussein [of Iraq] blamed Iran.  The USA also blamed Iran.

The Kurds and Iraqi people lived side by side in Iraq.  Most likely as peacefully as they could.  But Saddam Hussein set about dividing the people against each other.  Sound familiar?  Reminds me of what is happening in America right now with all the race division, gender division, religion division,, sexual orientation division, political party division and even age division.  Let’s add in all the hype of returning veterans are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, white people are terrorists.  Christians, libertarians, Republicans, pro-life people are terrorists.  Supporters of Ron Paul and those believing in conspiracy theories are also terrorists.  That sure is a lot of terrorists.

The dictator and his flock of sheep are good.  al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are good.  Monsanto is good.  Union thugs are good.  Criminals are good.  Globalists and elites are good.  The nanny state is good.  Big brother is good.  Bill Gates and others who practice eugenics are good.  For a bunch of thugs, liars, murderers and just plain evil people, we are to believe they are good.  But let’s continue with history.

Saddam Hussein is tried for crimes against humanity along with his brother Chemical Ali.  They both get executed.  Twin Towers are imploded in 2001.  Iraq is invaded in 2003.  Saddam Hussein is executed in 2006.

Both houses of Congress give permission to Bush to attack.  Democrats agreed as much as Republicans that this was the way to proceed.  Information believed by all was that there were weapons of mass destruction in them there hills.

I haven’t been able to figure out the time line for when the weapons were moved or removed but I know where they went.  Sixty-three thousand [63,000] metric tons of Phosgene gas wound up at Fort Little Rock in Arkansas from Iraq.  It was stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal, also in Arkansas.  That is 138,889.8 pounds of gas that virtually explodes the lungs and causes blood clots quickly.  By quickly I mean a flock of red-wing black birds flying in the air could just start dropping from out the sky and hit the ground dead.  Fish in lakes could just go belly-up in mass numbers.  Sound familiar?  I can thing of Arkansas on New Year’s Eve two and three years ago and Tennessee last New Year’s Eve.

Russia did not like that America had not destroyed the gas as promised.  So, the military injected all [or almost] all that poisonous gas deep into the earth in Arkansas.  This caused over 500 minor earthquakes.  As long as the gas was destroyed or hidden who cares?  It’s no big deal and what does it matter.  Right Hillary?

All this time John Parsons Wheeler, III, retired Vietnam veteran, West Point graduate, Harvard graduate, etc., is working for the Air Force.  He had been involved with the military for many years.  He finds that an aircraft is headed over to Afghanistan full of Phosgene gas.  The mission was aborted when something went wrong with the sprayer and the craft had to return to base.  Oops.  Around that same time all those birdies and fishies “mysteriously” died.

John Wheeler had had enough.  He decided to go to Washington and tell the story.  He did make it to Washington, DC,, but good luck finding with whom he talked.  Security cameras had him on tape trying to find his car to drive back home.  His battered and beaten body was found in a dump in Wilmington, DE, on 31 Dec 2010.  It is suspected his body was dumped from a refuse truck from NJ.  One of the last people known to talk with John Wheeler asked him for his parking ticket.  She was told it was in his briefcase.  When asked where was his briefcase, Wheeler said it was stolen.  Nobody ever found the missing briefcase.

Did the military search the Wheeler home?  Did they remove things [for national security]?  Will we ever find out the truth?  Perhaps.  Come to your own conclusions.  I believe another whistle-blower bit the dust.

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16 Mar 2013

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March 16th, 2013 Posted 9:08 am

This country is so incredibly doomed if citizens don’t get a grasp on reality and open their eyes as to what is going on around them.

The dictator, in addition to being very narcissistic, is also very paranoid.  He couldn’t eat with the Republicans at lunch because his taste tester wasn’t there?  Since he was the inviter you would think he would know lunch means food will be served.

The dictator demanded the sequester.  He signed it into law.  He got what he wanted.  An email from this administration was sent to at least one department stating to make the sequester as “painful as possible”.  Is he about 5 years old mentally?  If you don’t agree with him, you are the “enemy”.  There was to be “revenge in voting”.  WTF.

“The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction wants white VISTA volunteers to wear white bracelets who work with low income, racially diverse public schools to examine the “privilege” their Caucasian race confers on them.”  What privilege?  To learn English, work hard, take personal responsibility or is it something else?  I was taught to do my best, treat all with respect and be responsible when I did something wrong.  Exactly what privilege was I given?  We were poor while I was growing up.  I still got a good education.  There were no special boxes for me to check to get into college or get a job.  I wasn’t given my grades.  I earned them.  I didn’t go to college but have gone to vocational school twice in my life.  I got my jobs on my own.  I had to do the work of Affirmative Action employees because they didn’t know what they were doing.  I had to keep it a secret so no one got offended.  Did I receive extra pay for this?  No.  So somebody please tell me just what that privilege is or was.

The Beyond Diversity Resource Center out of New Jersey even has a flow chart named Addressing Racial Privilege:  A Mental Model for White Anti-Racists.  What a bunch of baloney.

Bill Gates has stated there are days he wishes our government was more like England’s so the dictator had more power.  Do not worry Gates, the dictator is working as fast as he can to destroy America.

The Monsanto Protection Act.  How could anyone vote for this?  Monsanto is poisoning our foods, putting American farmers out of work and now they just want full immunity from all laws that benefit Americans?  If this goes through, the government will be helpless to stop Monsanto from killing more people all over the world.  Bill Gates loves Monsanto so much he has at least 500,000 shares of stock in the company.  This pure evil is trying to take over the world and the sheep just go baa.

Planned Parenthood wants webcam-abortions now.  A pregnant female “chats” with a doctor through the webcam.  If he is “satisfied” with the chat then he can push a button and a drawer will open at the Planned Parenthood center where the pregnant female can get her baby-killing drugs.  But Planned Parenthood is about women’s health and not abortions.  They are all about mammograms and such.  And yet not a single Planned Parenthood center has the equipment or know how to perform a mammogram.  How interesting.

Those horrible, vile and evil Republicans, whites, libertarians, conservatives, Christians and all others wanting a free America are at it again.  The LA Times reports they are the terrorists and will attack.  Run and hide.  The sky is falling.

So curious that the dictator and Biden plan on being out of the country at the same time.  Must be time for another false flag come March 22.  Are these trips part of “plausible deniability”?  Plan on blowing up the Hoover Dam or another place to blame on whitie?  Ooh.  Then you can declare martial law and become the official dictator of the last and soon to be formerly free country in the world.  Roll out those drones.  Open up the FEMA camps.  Kill what’s left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.



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15 Mar 2013

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March 15th, 2013 Posted 10:16 am

I had a wonderful night last night.  Met a lot of intelligent people of all backgrounds, races [which shouldn’t even need mentioning since I already said intelligent], like-minded people.  We were there for a common purpose.  To get our CWP.  I enjoy a shooting range.  I like watching those who are very proficient with their skills and safety measures.  I hit my target both times in the shoulder.  Not bad for not having fired anything in three years.  I did find the semi a little too heavy for my liking so I will need to research for just the right gun.

A woman in New Jersey was arrested for reciting the Constitution at a tax meeting.  Not right then and there.  It was the next day so they had time to trump up some charges against her.  Free speech.  First Amendment.  Ya know, silly stuff like that should always be trampled upon under a dictatorship.

Billboards have gone up in Austin,, TX, in Spanish at $15,,000 a pop to tell Hispanics to rise up.  Paid for by either taxpayers or private funds.  Wow.

Security cameras will be used against a little terrorist to find the owner of a water gun at a school.  And yet there is no footage of the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut.  I wonder why?  All that expensive high-tech security equipment and no footage?  Will it only show the truth?

If it weren’t so serious it would be quite amusing how certain white people are spewing their hatred towards whites.  But it’s not really about whites now is it.  It’s any other political party or thought or persuasion.  The white al qaeda is the threat shouts Janet Napolitano.  Not really, you silly idiot.  You are the terrorist with your threats because of the sequester.  You are the traitor to the United States of America.  You are a bully and a lapdog to the dictator.

Go Kentucky!  You passed the Right To Carry bill.  Now let that sucker get signed into law as quickly as possible.

A Florida man is facing 5 years in prison for releasing balloons into the air to show love for his lady.  Are balloons now a weapon of mass destruction on the environment?  Who would have thought.

Democrats saying those who talk about DHS buying all those bullets are extremists.  They must really think those hollow points are only for target practice.  They must think the sky is falling every time it rains or snows.  Do they ever really think?  They must really miss Gibbs because he could lie so well, not.

I really enjoyed the videos produced by the group that filmed the ACORN scandal and showing how anti-gun hypocrites didn’t want the “gun free zone” signs in their front yard.  The latest one showed police actually telling them that citizens are on their own until the police arrive.  Get a dog.  Grab a bottle of bleach or ammonia.  Seriously?  And they laughed while saying all this.  Truly?  Stunning revelation there.  We seriously lack good sense.  We have too much of the common common sense.  But that’s what you get with collectivism and consensus.  People have forgotten how to think for themselves or realize there are consequences for every action.


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14 Mar 2013

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March 14th, 2013 Posted 10:56 am

Why can’t Bill Gates just go away?  Far, far away.  I see he recently bought almost 25% of a water treatment plant in MN.  Why would a private person buy part of a public entity?

Does he plan on injecting his vaccines and other poisons into the water system to kill off more elderly so more crappy teachers can be hired?  Not enough of the poison fluoride in the water for you, Bill?  People aren’t dumbed down enough for you yet?  You take the first swig.

Looks like sometime last year the EPA experimented on college students at North Carolina University.  Seems they wanted to prove diesel fumes were dangerous and set up a chamber to fill with the fumes and air for the students to breathe.  The International Nuremberg Code was set up after the Nazi experiments.  Glad to see the EPA is being sued.  I could have told you diesel fumes were dangerous without endangering those students.  We are human beings, not test animals.

Dallas Co., TX, cops searched through a man’s home and possessions without a warrant.  It’s only illegal.  But hey, what’s new.

California is confiscating guns, even from those convicted of misdemeanors.  Feinstein and Pilosi need anger management classes every year and kept away from weapons of all types.

al-Awlaki has been tried and found guilty of his crimes by the NY Times in order to vindicate the dictator’s use of drones on civilians.  Kill first.  Trial by newspaper later.  It’s historic.  It’s sweeping.  It’s the communist way.

Florida gets to try out the new and improved genetically mutated/modified mosquitoes this summer.  20% bigger and more powerful than before.  Who in their right mind would ever even consider doing this?  Ah, I answered my own question.

Children can’t wear t-shirts with the flag of the United States on them.  Children can’t eat the lunches their parents make for them.  They can’t play or have an imagination.  Toys, paper, pop tarts and fingers will get them suspended or expelled as terrorists.

Billboards in TX are in Spanish telling the Hispanics to rise up.  Paid for by the American taxpayers.

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13 Mar 2013

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March 13th, 2013 Posted 11:20 am

In Syria for the past two years the killing just keeps happening.  Both sides though are being financed by the America taxpayers.  Not something folks usually think about.  The government has no money.  Other than the borrowed monies and fake printed monies from the Federal Reserve it is the American taxpayer who funds the killings.  Some like the war[s].  They think it generates money and is “romantic”.

What’s really going on are that children are being shot, tortured and raped on a daily basis.  This is being done by both sides of this American backed war.  Children.  Those young, short humans who should be going to school and enjoying playing with their friends and then being with family at the end of the day.  Where is the outcry?  The news coverage?  The United Nations?  Any sense of decency?  There is no moral outcry.  Out of sight and out of mind.  I guess i really shouldn’t be surprised considering there is barely any mention of the children shot daily in Chicago.  Over 500 just last year.

War is for profit and not safety or security.  The MIC and global banks love war.  The most immoral and greedy are inflicting the most pain and trauma in today’s world.  The families fleeing Syria are lucky if they find refuge in a cave.  There is little where else to go.  The UN remains silent.  Leaders and rulers remain silent.  They are Godless heathens preying upon the most innocent and vulnerable.

I sense Karzai will be killed soon.  He is upsetting his handlers by announcing the the US and Taliban are in collusion.  Hello!  America funds the terrorist groups because America’s handlers tell them to do so.

Since 1899 the International Law of Warfare has outlawed hollow point bullets.  The Department of Motherland Security continues to buy more.  Heckler & Koch just received a $4.5 million contract to provide the DHS with firearms over the next 5 years.  Another no-bid contract was given to Sig Sauer for $4.5 million for 5 years for firearm parts.  Anybody taking notice?  $9 million in spite of that mean old bad sequester taking money away from Janet Napolitano.  She will punish American civilians with her treasonous terrorist attacks.

Eric Holder claims the global banks are just too big to prosecute.  So I guess he is saying they may continue to launder monies from drug operations in Mexico and Iran and Afghanistan.  How much goes into your pockets, Holder?

Democrat lobbyists are threatening Colorado sheriffs with no pay increases if they don’t submit to gun confiscation.  Hold your ground, OathKeepers.  Hold your ground.  You are in the right.  The gun confiscating traitors are in the wrong.

John Kerry likes being a member of Bilderberg.  That’s what got him the Secretary of State position.  Kerry is the hoodlum, not those who oppose Bilderberg.  Kerry likes the thought of an Iranian war.  He’s also talking about “boots on the ground” in Syria.  Give that traitor a peace prize!  If a global bankster is in Oslo, he will get one.  They make a lot of profit off wars.

General Electric, Apple, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Google, Merck,, John & Johnson and others put most of their profits in offshore accounts.  This allows them to pay little to no taxes.  So what if that money doesn’t go back in our economy?  We only have 47.8 million Americans on food stamps.

Whole Foods has graciously announced they will label their foods containing GMO’s by the year 2018.  Why not now?  Why wait?

Poor Mayor Bloomberg of NYC.  He lost in court trying to ban large sodas.  Makes me kind of sad, not.

Meanwhile, Diane Feinstein claims it is “legal to hunt humans”.  Quick!  Somebody please staple a “No Hesitation” target on her forehead.

Al Qaeda is now run 100% by the Pentagon.  The 9/11 hijackers trained in US military classes for a year before their final exam.  Most of the opium and heroin coming into the United States is from Afghanistan.  Our troops are there to protect the crops and then bring the goodies back here to military bases for distribution after the harvest.

How come our intelligence committees are not allowed to see those “white papers” regarding Martial Law?  Is something odious and illegal in there?

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12 Mar 2013

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March 12th, 2013 Posted 3:13 pm

I never got around to posting yesterday or the day before.  Spent so much time writing 2 congressmen and 3 senators.  Three and a half pages long, single-typed.  Not bad for typing with my non-dominant hand.  Now that those letters have been sent I will await for a response.  I wanted to send actual letters instead of email because I want each of my concerns addressed and not to receive just an interim email or form email.  I demand real answers.  This can be so frustrating.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has announced in a letter to the dictator that he needs to be braced for right wing terror attacks.  Really?  This center really believes that Oathkeepers are terrorists?  The Oathkeepers are the sheriffs who have vowed to uphold their oaths to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Conservatives, Libertarians, pro-life people, Ron Paul supporters, Christians and so many others are terrorists?  I would think the Southern Poverty Law Center and those like them are the real terrorists.  Such a nasty little hate group.  They want the peaceful, law-abiding folks killed.  You don’t have a pro-life center shot up with a worker killed while trying to kill the top employers of the pro-life center and say you are the good guys.

I’m sure there will be another false flag.  Another “terror attack”.  But is will be minions of the dictator carrying it out.  Innocent people will die.  Martial Law imposed.  And the sheep will bleat for the dictator to save them.  So sad.

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9 Mar 2013

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March 9th, 2013 Posted 2:38 pm

New York is a very controlling state.  Now they want all births to take place in a hospital.  Forget saving any money there.  Also all moms must breastfeed.  No choice.  If a mom is found incapable of breastfeeding, then formula will be provided.  Lots more expense.

I really have a problem with folks thinking Bill Gates is so wonderful.  Bull.  His father was a eugenicist and ran Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood was a dream come true for Margaret Sanger in California.  She was an eugenicist and promoted birth control.  Sounds sort of good until you realize she wanted to eradicate all blacks.  Weeds, she called them.  And where does Bill Gates and his wife do”God’s work”?  In Africa.  As many nations in Africa as they can go into with their evil syringes filled with poison.  Vaccines for all!  Pay no mind that they kill, sterilize and paralyze.  The world’s population is just over 7 billion people.  Bill Gates says it will SOON be 9 billion.  I’d like to know just how soon almost 2 billion people will be born.

Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1979.  There is no cure; only vaccines.  A few years ago the CDC announced that only 1,000 in 1 million who got the vaccines had severe adverse reactions.  That doesn’t sound so bad unless you realize that is 1 in every 1,000 people.  This vaccine has the live smallpox virus in it.  The injection site must be carefully chosen.  Afterward the site must be guarded to prevent the vaccine from entering the rest of the body.  What?  Well, it can kill the liver after all.  It takes about three weeks for the blood to clot, pus to drain and the scab fall off.  Ew!

Bill Gates wants every person to have a cell phone and be fingerprinted so the entire population of the world gets all the vaccines.  I think there are only 7 more to be developed.  Cause, ya know, like, it’s God’s work.  Now Gates wants fetuses vaccinated.  Gates is a psychopathic murderer.  Let’s give him a peace prize.

Now, Ted Turner wants the population cut by 95%.  He recently donated to the Gates Foundation.  Mayor Bloomberg of NYC also recently gave $1 billion to the UN.  Bloomberg also gave $1.1 billion to Johns Hopkins.  The Gates alone are worth $22 million.

San Diego recently had a FEMA zombie drill.  You can’t make this stuff up.  The next one will be in April in Idaho. The news of it was creating an uproar so now it’s quietly in the works.  Shh!  Mustn’t talk about it.

Africa now has genetically mutated mosquitoes.  They spread Malaria.  Gee, I wonder how that happened.  Africa is the experiment continent.  Let’s see how many people can be murdered before anyone catches on.  Florida now has genetically mutated mosquitoes.  Interesting.

Gardasil vaccines have killed around 20 girls as far as I can find.  Of course it also causes strokes, seizures, auto-immune disorders and more.  Scientists still don’t know if it causes sterility.

Another cruise ship has the noro-virus.  Interesting how not too long ago two women in a state also came down with the noro-virus.  Got to wonder who invented this lovely piece of garbage.  And, it’s air-borne in nature.  Lovely.

I’m glad some folks like the fact that more and more robots are being built to do the work of humans.  One day those same people just might realize that more robots means no need for most people.  The will be deemed unsustainable and expendable.  Time to vaccinate so they will go quietly into that good night.  The globalists and elite only want at the most 1 billion people for the entire planet to be alive.  That’s a lot of murdering to get done.  Not to worry though.  There will be no funerals since they would pollute the Earth.  Just cremate us all.

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