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17 Feb 2013

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February 17th, 2013 Posted 2:48 pm

Finally, the last page of that speech.  As I have said many times over the years.  The Earth is cycling.  Human beings are not causing a global warming or climate change or any other euphemism that is being used.  The South polar ice cap is expanding.  The North is losing some but not in all places.  Just another hoax to raise and add new taxes on citizens.  We can have 5 years of no rain followed by 5 years of rain. We have cold Winters and not so cold ones.  Early Spring or late.  Did the evil humans cause the dust bowl early last century?  Of course not.  If you want to talk about carbon emissions then let’s talk about Air Force One, Air Force Two, Al Gore’s jet, Pelosi’s jet, etc.  Seems like those who talk about it the most as far as wanting monies are the ones doing the most polluting.

Ah the voting problems.  Why was Spain counting our votes?  Machines are rigged.  No doubt.  Dead people are voting.  Definitely.  Those not eligible to vote are voting.  Yep.  Each state must figure it out.  Purging the voting lists is not new.  If Florida had been given the lists requested the year before the election it would have not been a problem.  State-run media prefers to not tell the whole story.  Long lines?  Use absentee ballots.  Not registered?  It’s your own fault for not getting it done.  There are so many agencies and people who will help if you would just ask and stop complaining.

Trade treaties are good if they are fair.  Haven’t seen too many.  Why is this regime so bent on giving away to other countries while we basically get nothing in return?

This government ,contrary to what was said, does work on behalf of the few and not the many.  Entrepreneurs are taxed out of business.  Individual initiative is squashed.  Try to buy a television made in America.  There are none.  Very few things are 100% made in America.  There are foreign companies here that build or make their products that are allowed to put “Made in America” on their labels.  Do the profits stay in America?  Of course not.

Gotta love the parading of the grieving families who have lost loved ones because of shootings.  Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?  Let’s not mention the psychotropic drugs involved with the illegally obtained guns used in posted gun free zones.  Let’s not mention how it was gang violence that killed the 15 year old.  Chicago is a gun free zone.  Oops.  Not for the criminals.

And that is my take on the State of the Union address.

Yesterday I read about how we cannot call illegals “illegal aliens”.  It hurts their feelings.  In my opinion aliens come from outer space.  Alien to this world.  Illegals are criminals as in not legal.  They can chant “Pilgrims were illegal aliens” all they want.  I have to smile over the ignorance of it all.  First, they were not pilgrims.  They were Puritans.  Second, they came to a free land where there were no borders nor law of the land.  Third, the Indians that were already here at the time were both peaceful tribes as well as warring tribes.  They fought each other and killed each other.  Go figure.  And here it is thought that only the White men killed the Indians.

And now we have a new term to shake our heads over.  “Emerging Majority”.  In my own opinion this means Hispanics want to become the largest ethnic group in America.  Is it for control?  I don’t see too much assimilation going on.  Teddy Roosevelt once said people should not hyphenate who they are.  Immigrants were to assimilate to this country.  Therefore Americans are Americans.  We speak English.  We shouldn’t need half our signs and paperwork in two or more languages.  Our ballots should only be in English.  I would think those speaking Spanish would want to learn English once in the USA considering how the Spanish killed so many during conquistador days in North, Central and South America.  If we can’t talk about that then I guess we also can’t talk about those diseases that were brought back to Europe.  Why not tell the whole story so folks can learn from history instead of having the bad repeat itself.


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16 Feb 2013

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February 16th, 2013 Posted 11:42 am

Back to the sorry state of the union.

I thought I had read where the USA was lowering the amount of nuclear weapons.  Why did this speech state the United States was bent on improving its own missile defense systems?  Since Al Sharpton warned gun owners that he and anti-gun people had drones to use against American citizens it only makes sense that the dictator warns North Korea that he has drones to defend against their nuclear weapons.  I think I might get a holster so I can keep a pair of scissors on me at all times.  Just in case.

Troops will be coming out of Afghanistan as per the agreement Bush had with the Afghans.  But the dictator wanted those very same troops to stay.  Good for the Afghans to tell him to get bent.  If the troops actually get to enter their own homes it won’t be for long.  They will be deployed yet once again to Syria, Libya, Yemen and other parts of Africa and who knows where else.

Among proposals there is a $1 billion “investment” to create 15 institutes to develop new manufacturing technologies.  Royalties from gas and oil from federal lands will be used.  Is federal land not the people’s land?  Is any money ever used to pay off any debt?  But we must wean cars and trucks off oil.  Or so the dictator says.

Time for a story boys and girls.  Once upon a time there happened to be two patented designs for vehicles that had engines which ran on water.  This was in the early 1900’s.  They would have been wonderful for everything.  But the oil companies did not like that so they bought the patents and sealed them away forever.  One of the men who developed the engines died from being poisoned.

Patents for using hydrogen to run engines have been around for a very long time.  The end result :  water is the only emission.  How evil.  What’s more evil is that people can also build their own refueling stations on their own property.  Self-sufficient Americans are so selfish and must be stopped!

In the 1960’s a man named Shelby [yes, the same one] invented a carburetor that allowed vehicles to get up to 65 miles per hour.  Alas, our good and benevolent government refused to allow Shelby to manufacturer it.  Once again the evilness of self efficiency was stopped.

This next part of the [campaign] speech was about “high-quality” preschool for every child in America.  I truly hope people do realize what this really means.  Parents are already not allowed to be parents.  We cannot raise our children to be independent thinkers.   Can’t discipline them when they do wrong.  We can listen to the government and Big Pharma and medicate their little brains until they are beyond fried.  How dare a parent swat their child on their butt and tell them no!  Oh, the horror.  But it’s okay for a senator to think you can kill a child up to the age of three years old.  Murder is so much better than discipline.  Don’t you think?  After all, the man is a senator.  Politicians don’t lie.

So parenting is out.  You will turn your innocent trusting children over to the government [because they know best] so they can be indoctrinated early and often.  Children should be allowed to be children and play, explore, learn and bond with their parents.  Right?  No, no, no.  They must be good little soldiers, vaccinated with poisons and work to learn so they can go from school to the work force.  That is if they survive the vaccines and do as they government tells them.  Don’t worry about those who are slower at learning or handicapped.  There are special places for them.  They are called cemeteries.  Must depopulate.  Bill Gates and many others say it’s best for the world.  You do want to save the Earth, right?  You don’t ever want to be a loving parent who works hard to support your family and raise them as loving, respecting, intelligent human beings.  That’s just too evil and selfish of you.

Of course this and those new institutes won’t add to the deficit because they are consistent with the budget deal of  18 months ago.  What budget?  Was it in one of the many ceiling debt or fiscal cliff false flags?  Of course these proposals also include helping homeowners refinance their mortgages.  That worked out really well in the past.  We now have many more homeless because of that one and the loss of jobs.  Is “JOBS” now a four letter nasty word?  Was it even mentioned in the last campaigning?  Might be a code word for “there aren’t going to be any jobs, suckers”.

“The era of single-minded-deficit-cutting should end”.  SPEND-SPEND-SPEND is the answer!  “Cuts would jeopardize our military readiness.”  Who writes this garbage?  Stop spending all those millions to drug our military with psychotropic crap.  I do realize the dictator thinks we need far more drones to kill Americans here in America.  More drones to kill civilians overseas who never posed a threat to us.  Has a crocodile tear ever been shed for those families?  Of course not.  Hard to do as one gloats and struts about.

Only a little bit more to go but that is for tomorrow.

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15 Feb 2013

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February 15th, 2013 Posted 11:38 am

I must comment on the State of the Union address.  I do not watch the news.  I read the news so I can digest it and try to make sense out of it all.  Lame stream media only gives the very slanted side.  All of them.

Three questions as a nation:  “How do we attract more jobs to our shores?”  First, stop sending jobs overseas.  Stop selling American land and oil to China.  Stop having China make steel products for American bridges.  Stop giving  South American countries money so we can be their best customer for their oil.  Allow oil in America to be retrieved and processed here in America to be sold to Americans first before putting it on the open market.  Get rid of union thugs and allow the plants and factories to  be open for American made products made by and for Americans.

Second, “How do we equip our people with the skills to get those jobs?”  You don’t.  Those jobs should be American jobs in American companies.  Take politics out of education and teach Reading, Writing, Math, manners, respect, etc., so children grow up to have social and work ethics.  Parents need to also be involved.

Third, “How do we make sure that hard work leads to a decent living?”  Read the first and second questions’ answers.

Rubble of crisis.  What does that even mean?  Our Union is not stronger.  It is more divided than ever since before the Civil War.

Immigration?  Deport.  All illegals must go to the back of the line and wait until those who have waited years to legally become Americans do so.  No cutting in line.

Budget negotiations.  Oh please.  What budget?  How many stuck in the Senate?  About 16?

Gun control.  Leave the 2nd amendment alone.  How about enforcing the laws already on the books.  How about securing our borders.  How about stop bringing in the drugs and sending guns to other countries. How about truly dealing with criminals and leaving law-abiding legal citizens alone.  How come no tears shed over all killed in Chicago?

Climate control.  I did not pollute China, India, Mexico or any other country.  Their corrupt governments did.  Why must American taxpayers pay for their wrong doings?  Stop trying to make people feel guilty over everything.  Go hug a tree.  Your carbon footprint gets larger every time you set foot in Air Force One.  Hypocrite.

That’s all I can stand for one day.  I’ll continue tomorrow.

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14 Feb 2013

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February 14th, 2013 Posted 6:02 pm

Happy Valentine’s Day.

A good definition of irony:  anti-gun people want pro-gun people to die by getting shot with guns.  Kind of makes the head spin.

Very interesting how anti-gun people place a murderer on a pedestal, call him a hero and want him to kill more cops and other people.  Dorner was never going to have his day in court.  LAPD made sure of that after they shot innocent people along with their vehicles while searching for him.

I listened to the recordings of the police scanners.  Cops yelling for the cabin to be burned down.  Calling for the gas to be brought in.  Putting the plan into action “like we talked about”.  Place the burners.  Light the burners.  Burners have been placed.  Burners have been lit.  All on tape.  But the lame stream medias reports that their flash grenades started the fire.  Oops.  I don’t think they can.  Charred body with an unburned license next to it. Is that the same license that was found two days earlier near the Mexican border?  Spin it LAPD.  Spin it till you puke.  I declare “Operation Torch Bad Guy” a success.  By the way, how are those two women who were delivering newspapers when you shot them doing?  Did the fire department really put up signs warning of fire in that snow covered area the day before the burned up truck was “found”?

Since our Marines were unarmed during the inauguration, why not disarm the Secret Service and put up “Gun Free Zone” signs all over the place?

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13 Feb 2013

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February 13th, 2013 Posted 3:23 pm

I read where the middle class will disappear.  I don’t think it is that simple.  I feel it will be more like the poor class gets obliterated and then the middle class becomes the new poor class.

Well, I see the 6th Amendment is going by the wayside now that this regime finds it okay to order drone attacks of American citizens on American Soil.  I guess we will no longer have “due process” under the law.  Now senators are proposing “secret” and “assassination” drone courts.  Make sure to keep whatever wireless device you have with you.  The chip inside makes it much easier to find you.  One state wants to get rid of land-line phones.  After all, you can’t be found once you leave your home unless you have a wireless device.  Rats.  Forgot that the new vehicles will come not only with GPS but black boxes.  Am glad I like my old vehicle.  Perhaps one of those many cameras set up om poles at intersections will find you.  Not the red light cameras but the ones with microphones that record conversations.  I wonder if the microphones on some buses have cameras?

Am trying to teach myself about derivatives.  I can understand how a farmer can sell his crop before it comes in.  When it comes to the big banks or others betting against the American citizens I just feel that is treason.  The big banks make more money which is never lent to the citizens and the citizens get the shaft.  Small businesses can’t grow and get to go out of business.  Isn’t that special.  I miss Church Lady.

The citizens of Iceland didn’t like how the big banks dumped their debts on the Icelanders.  Peaceably, without force or anybody getting hurt, those wonderful, brave Icelanders turned out their corrupted government, arrested the big bankers and threw them in jail.  Now they have a thriving country once again.  Imagine that.  Rothschild bankers in jail.  America, Canada, England and the rest of the world need to do the same thing.  We might even need a couple new prisons just for these rascals.  Any body out there  knows how this can be done?  Some of these big bankers have assets into 100’s of trillions.  No country need ever be in debt again.  People could live in Republics where the people rule and politicians are public servants and not officials.  Our government has no money.  Taxpayers fund it and our enemies and it is time that the corruption and betrayal of USA citizens stopped.

Ah, but China “owns” us.  All those trillions can’t be paid back so our very own corrupt government is selling then American land, ports, oil rights, oil rigs in The Gulf of Mexico and who knows what else.  Other countries hold toll booth receipts for up to 99 years.  So the money from the tolls don’t go to the cities or states but overseas.  China wants us unarmed so they can come over to rule over us.  Some of their troops have been here training for years.  Training for what?    And the sheep go “okay”, take their medication and go back to sleep.

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12 Feb 2013

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February 12th, 2013 Posted 12:54 pm

Why is this government trying to destroy and kill our military?  There is no sensible logic to constantly dope our troops with psychotropic drugs that result in suicide or harm to others,  After sending them back into combat then it’s home to continue on these most dangerous drugs.  Why?  Is it in hopes they will commit suicide or go on a killing spree?  Either way [at least 22/day] less money spent on returning vets or decreasing the population and further gun control.  Why doesn’t the media report on the number of suicides happening to our troops overseas?  I don’t like state-run media.  Never the true and whole story about anything.  People kept from the truth are easiest to control.  Look at North Korea, China and the Middle East.  They firmly believe America is bad.  Is America bad?  Are American citizens bad or is the government bad?  Are the North Koreans bad or the government?  Are the Chinese people bad or is the government?  Two separate entities.

While the world waits impatiently for the latest electronic gadgets coming out of China, the slaves work hard.  Life is extremely difficult on the Chinese or there wouldn’t be suicide nets surrounding the dorms at the Apple Corporation.  Who cares?  We must have our gadgets!  Torture camps for those who don’t agree.

Let’s go back to psychotropic drugs.  Vast majority of mass school shootings have been done by kids on these drugs.  Mustn’t report on that or speak about it.  Mustn’t allow parents the knowledge they can opt out with those as part of treatment for their children.  Children can act out for lack of discipline, constantly moving, constant “friends with benefits” for whichever parent has custody, bullies, drugged up parents, etc..Must not truly look into the problems and solve them.  That would make good sense.  Let’s just turn all the children into “special needs” children so they can be medicated which causes more problems.  Hey foster parents – you get more state [taxpayer] money if you have a special needs child.  Wow.  What a deal.

As The Tick once said, “Evil doers, stop your evil ways”.  Our government and those that control them are truly evil.  May they stop their evil ways.

God bless our troops.  God bless America and her citizens.


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11 Feb 2013

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February 11th, 2013 Posted 11:45 am

Modern science is just great.  Girls are now entering puberty as early as age 6.  An 8 year old girl in Mexico recently gave birth.  She will be 13  when her child enters kindergarten.  That certainly couldn’t be because of all the hormones put into our food now could it?  Hormones are put into just about everything we eat.  Let’s just continue to put crap into plants and animals for more poundage to sell.  We certainly don’t want to think about the consequences.  The government just loves us.  Monsanto rules the farms now.  Wind blows their seeds onto a neighboring farm and they sue for the crops.  Family farms bad.  Monsanto good.  So what if it kills you.  Decrease the population.  Great and lofty goal.

Japan has approved their poop steaks,  Now that is wonderful news.  Now humans can ingest other humans’ waste.  Could that cause mad human disease?  Who cares.  Just because cattle fed cattle bits and pieces which in turn produces mad cow disease certainly doesn’t mean there is a risk to humans.. Let’s just choose to not even think about it.

All hail the mighty Plum Island folks.  They’ve given us Lyme disease and some of their genetic experiments have washed up on shore over the years.  They just love injecting mosquitoes with all sorts of germs and setting them free.  They experiment with hoof and mouth and much worse.  I just know the folks in Manhattan  Kansas will be delighted to have them as neighbors on the university campus.  Smack dab in the heart of cattle country. Since it will be at the highest level of danger for a laboratory, I’m sure the security risk is next to zero.  After all, after World War II the Nazi German scientists were brought over to continue their experiments.  They also developed the bombs for America.  Nazis good.  They were involved in human experimentation, genetics and eugenics.  Our government is so good to us.  Plum Island is so secure that the employees cannot own pets and special permission must be given to visit a zoo.  It’s also a place that no one can visit.  Well, ordinary citizens that is.

Once again, did a fictional movie precede truth?  “The Island of Dr. Moreau” sure fits the description.  Oh but that could never be.  Right.  And the CIA doesn’t operate on American soil.

Speaking of the CIA, the director…oops…former director Panetta lovingly said we [citizens] will be “watched” through all our new, smart energy saving appliances.  Is that why those curly mercury-filled light bulbs have the FCC label on them?  Yep.  Federal Communications.

So, as the sheep grow lazier, fatter and more complacent enjoying all the electronic gadgets and reality shows and keeping up with celebrities, hating fellow Americans because of political parties, new vehicles with black boxes and gps, cameras on street corners, microphones on buses and so many other things the sheep won’t mind as the police state grows bigger and bigger.  I am armed with scissors.  What more do I need?

Grilled poop steaks and veggies filled with listeria.  Sounds so yummy.  Hey, Whole Foods.  How’s that totally “organic” thing working out for you?  Do you supply McDonald’s with the silicone-laced oil for the fries and mcnuggets?  Just wondering.

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10 Feb 2013

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February 10th, 2013 Posted 11:48 am

A couple of months ago a statement came out of the White House declaring there are no zombies.  My first thought was why would the government talk about something that doesn’t exist.  A couple weeks later another statement from the White House on how to deal with zombies.  The answer was to prepare like you normally would for such things like a hurricane.  Again I was confused.  Bur now I understand.  American citizens such as conservatives. Christians, gun owners and Constitutionalists are being portrayed as future zombies once gun confiscation begins.  A bit silly, isn’t it?  Not really when you take in such statements by government “officials” [no longer servants of the people] declaring our veterans are the number one terrorist threat to America.  Hillary and others now say Al Qaeda is our friend.  Well of course they are.  The CIA created the group.  The American taxpayers get to fund them.  Regardless of whom they kill the government has said Al is our friend.  And the sheep will fall in line and agree. and go back to grazing upon the poisoned food and water in the troughs.

Greece has been destroyed so badly economically that the people are seen swarming a produce truck for bags of potatoes just to eat and have food for their families.  Similar to zombies wouldn’t you say?

Hollywood and the White House/government have been close buddies for quite some time now.  Makes me wonder if movies come first and then the “fiction” turns into real life or is it the other way around?

Good brainwashing there.  Create a movie based on real things and events.  Market it as fiction.  A few years later when the truth comes out most people scoff at such fantasy.  You are only confusing reality with a fictional movie.  “Star Wars” “Space Odyssey” and all the “Night of the Living Dead” and other zombie movies.

Now we have “zombies” eating faces of other human beings.  They have [for the most part] ingested “bath salts”.  Not real bath salts meant for the tub but a mixture of chemicals you can’t pronounce and won’t find in your house or any local store.

It is a well-thought-out plan by our government or perhaps their handlers.  The sheep will just go along with this when the police/military/etc. start shooting and killing Americans here because they are “crazed zombies”.  After all, this tyrant has been declared our father and we must obey.  No thank you.  I can think for myself.  But what will happen when the sheep find themselves slaughtered?  Who knows.  By then it will be too late.  Perhaps they will grab their scissors to defend themselves.  Thank you, Department of Motherland Security, for that great suggestion.

I have been advised to watch my 6.  I do realize this.  However, if my body is found dumped somewhere, bound, stabbed, shot and a rope around my neck, it was not suicide.  I do not believe in suicide.  If this blog stops and I “disappear”, it was not my choice.  I live free and will continue to do so till the end of my days.

I do not drink the fluoridated water.  I do not eat the gmo foods.  I do not take the vaccines.  You do realize that Baxter patented their H1N1 flu vaccine two years before the outbreak?  You do realize it has live organisms and formaldehyde, mercury and other poisons in it?  If you research you know this to be true.  The American Pediatrics Association wants mercury put back into the baby vaccines.  Bill Gates’ foundation’s vaccines paralyzed 50 children in just one African village.  It’s called eugenics and it is done on purpose.  Bill Gates also says depopulation is necessary.  What a great guy.

Why do you think so many are being conned into thinking abortions are great?  Why are humans being referred to as locusts?  Why do some say it should be legal to kill children up to the age of three years old?  Why do some insist the fetus is not even human until born?  I never gave birth to puppies, frogs or any other type of living creature except human beings.

Isn’t partial birth abortion just great?  The doctor delivers the head, stabs the brain stem with a sharp object and voila! – a dead baby.  Mission accomplished.

Eugenics was being studied in Europe but the late, great Margaret Sanger did her own in California but called it “birth control”.  Why?  Because she wanted the black babies killed.  I believe she referred to them as “weeds”.  That idiotic vaccine for girls to “protect” them from the human papilloma virus has not only killed some girls but has the possibility to make the girls sterile.  Since males are the carrier, why not just sterilize all males?  Makes as much sense.

Who needs self respect and personal responsibility when modern medicine can take care of you.  Oh, but the victims of rape, incest and the mother’s life is in danger.  Really?  Seriously?  In the over 40 million abortions performed over the last decades just here in the United States, how many were for those reasons?  Yes, ladies, it is your body but when there is another life involved it is also their life and they have no say.

The Department of Motherland Security has obtained another 21.6 million bullets.  This brings the total to 1.625 billion in the last ten months.  Wow.  And for target practice.  Who uses hollow points for target practice???  And the sheep go “baa”.  It is a good thing the DHS is going to protect us from the zombies.

Are you hungry?  Then you should really enjoy the steaks Japan has approved.  It is made from sewerage [human waste].  It has passed the sight and taste tests.  Yummy.  After all, we must protect the animals God gave for us to enjoy and eat.  Please don’t worry.  The elite and globalists will hunt them down and devour them with relish from their private woods which the slaves [us] cannot enter.  Reminds me of  the movie “Soylent Green”.

Make sure you get your FDA approved GMO flu vaccine with the insect virus.  I didn’t know Army Caterpillars got the flu.  Big Pharma just loves our money.  Since Monsanto joined Agenda 21 make sure to eat all their products that kill insects just by feeding on them.  After all, our government would never harm us.  Right?  Right?


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9 Feb 2013

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February 9th, 2013 Posted 10:41 am

This is how low America has degraded.  A house where Lee Harvey Oswald spent the night before President JFK was assassinated will be remodeled and turned into a museum while the childhood home of President Reagan will be razed for the parking lot of a dictator’s library.  In other words a house where a convicted person spent one night will be memorialized but the home of a former president becomes a parking lot.

How many “celebrities” will attend the ever so grand and pompous opening of the library?  This would be the time to use the Styrofoam Greek columns being kept in storage.  I can just imagine the historical, sweeping and glorious speeches given and banquets held.  Perhaps it will have a sports arena attached as well as a movie theater and golf course.  It can all be built in China.  Will it have a statue of Lincoln somewhere on the property?

Speaking of Lincoln,  Most folks still think the Civil War was about slavery.  Oh, please.  That wasn’t even considered a thought until around the last year if the war when the North was losing.  And by the way, Lincoln never wanted all slaves to be freed.  He only thought the southern slaves should be freed and never thought blacks were capable of holding a high or important office.

So many people don’t understand all the reasons behind the dictator pandering to Hispanics, especially La Raza.  La Raza [of which Sotomayor is/was a member] wants all whites killed.  But before the celebrations begin, do realize they also do not consider blacks to be even human.  This is where a little research is a wonderful thing.  Forget the over 500 murders in the gun-free zone known as Chicago.  How about Detroit being razed to be mainly a “green” zone.  Let’s keep those other gun-free zones known as NYC and Washington, DC and their high crime rates.  Getting the Hispanic vote is of vital importance.  That’s ever so much more important than the voice of We The People.

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8 Feb 2013

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February 8th, 2013 Posted 1:37 pm

So much I need to talk about but only so much time.  Let me start with respect for our elders.  Why?  Because there is hardly any.  I adored my grandparents.  I was raised that you respect your elders, wait your turn, don’t interrupt, etc.  Too many people here and in the world simply want our elderly to just die.  Just go away.  Why?  Contrary to the ill-mannered. ill-bred, know-it-all-know-nothings, the elderly have shown us the way to live.  Most had hard times at one point or another.  Not everybody is born into a wealthy family.  There are those who chose to work the hardest they could, use good judgement and good sense.  Not that all too common “common sense” which is virtually if others do something stupid then I can too.  It takes critical thinking and realizing the consequences of each thought and action.  Really not hard to do.  It is about respect for yourself and others.  The Golden Rule.  You need nothing else to live by.  Not every person who doesn’t believe in God is a bad person.  Not everybody who believes in God is a good person.

An article in the paper told how residents in The Villages [a retirement community in Florida] are complaining their golf cart insurance premiums are increasing again.  Not so much the article but the comments are very revealing..  One said The Villages is just old rich republicans.  Really?  How would you know?  Are all republicans rich?  Not by a long shot.  Are all democrats poor?  Not by a long shot.  In fact, the top monied politicians in Washington, DC are democrats.  Fancy that.  Another comment was on how these filthy rich, greedy, selfish republicans should be taking care of their children who are facing foreclosure and are now the working poor.  Wow.  Methinks jealousy is rearing its ugly head,

Just about every day I ask what is wrong with people?  Why are there so many ignorant people in this country?  The answer lies in our education system.  An absolute wonderful person to listen to is Charlotte Iserbyte.  She is on youtube.  She will be 83 years old this year.  Very intelligent and well-spoken.  She explains by telling and showing the books and papers how our public education failed system came to be.  It comes from the Communist style of education.  Children from kindergarten on are taught they are incapable of not only critical thinking but just plain thinking for themselves.  She is very enlightening.  I do hope you will check her out.  She can also explain some about Skull and Crossbones as her father was a member.

I am so tired of the dictator repeating how we will get the best and brightest through open immigration.  Excuse me?  We in America have exceptionally intelligent people.  If only our schools were allowed to have decent teachers who teach the basics first and leave out the slanted political views.  If only all our children have attentive parents who teach their children right from wrong, respect for others, and that they are capable of critical thinking.  Children can be like sponges when it comes to a good education.  Unfortunately they can also absorb all the rudeness, disrespect and insults thrown their way.

Should everybody go to college?  I think not. Get rid of Affirmative Action.  Get rid of the check boxes for race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation.  Get rid of those who are perpetual “victims”.  Let colleges choose from those who work to make the grades.  Stop the obscene salaries and tenures of the staff.  Make the tuition affordable and you will see America with the best and brightest without forcing more illegals upon us.  Illegals are NOT immigrants.  They are invaders who illegally cross our borders.  Did you realize there are many Hispanic naturalized citizens of America [aka Americans] who are subjected to racial slurs and violence by others of Hispanic background?  Illegals are simply cowards and traitors to their own country of origin.

I know this will fry some peoples behinds.  There are NO indigenous people to North America.  The first settlers were of Asian descent who crossed the Bering Strait centuries ago when it was still land and others by boat.  Some of my family has been here since colonial times.  Am I an immigrant?  No,  I am a native to the United States of America.  I live in my native country.  I will fight for my country to the best of my ability to get rid of those who do harm to my country.  This most definitely means this most corrupt government we have.  And the UN.  And the MIC.  And the New World Order.

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