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28 Feb 2013

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February 28th, 2013 Posted 10:06 am

It is really becoming quite amusing watching the faux panic with the dictator and politicians running around wringing their hands and blaming everybody else for doomsday to happen tomorrow.  The dictator wanted to use the threat of sequester to get what he wanted.  He signed the paper and now he plays the victim.  Some politicians are upset because they are up for re-election next year.  Lame stream medias try to pump as much hatred as they can telling the sheep which direction to cast their hate.

I don’t see the citizens panicking.  I see most simply ignoring another false flag being raised again and again as a way to increase spending.  Since drunken sailors stop drinking once they run out of money, I can only guess that the citizens haven’t run out of all their money just yet.

Nobody seems to be able to determine what exactly the amount of spending is to be cut.  From all the speculation I can say it is not near 10% for domestic and not 10% for military.

Oh, what’s a dictator to do?  Trot out the teachers, firemen, police.  Interesting as all are union and have scowls on their faces.  The elderly will DIE!  No promise that the Social Security or disability checks will go out.  The military won’t be paid.  The sky is falling.

Just like with all the other threats from all the other crises of the past the checks will go out.  People will be paid.  No one need have their jobs cut.  Just cut the waste and bloating in the budgets.  That’s all one needs to do.

That would be too simple.  Now the Department of the Motherland Security [without waiting] has released illegals from jail into the public.  No exact number of released criminals has been given.  The dictator denies any knowledge of this.  But hey, thanks for the laugh.  Really believe that one.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if the laws were enforced the illegals would have been deported as soon as they were caught being in the United States illegally.  Isn’t that how the law reads?  Must be nice to be paid a government salary without having to follow the laws of this land.  Maybe I should pick and choose which laws to obey and disregard the rest.  Yep.  Sounds good to me.

I can guarantee you all those checks have already been printed and are sitting in their envelopes waiting to be sent.  They will be delivered.

$2 million just for paper targets of white people for “no hesitation” training?  Over 2 billion bullets and the assault weapons to go with them [personal use of course].  Have you requested your solid gold toilet seats yet?  The circus is certainly in town.  I grow weary of the clowns.

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27 Feb 2013

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February 27th, 2013 Posted 8:45 pm

The dictator orders and signs the sequester.    Now that the time is up he whines like a spoiled brat and blames others.  You would think he’d be happy.  He gets to play “victim” again and he is exempt from it anyway.  He’ll feel better once he kills more innocent people with drones.

The dictator told of the things he would do in the never-ending campaigning of around 6 years now?  He said he would shut down coal plants [cleanest in the world] and that power prices would skyrocket.  And the sheep cheered.  He said war was bad and continued to send troops to more wars.  And the sheep cheered.  He promised FREE healthcare for all that turned out not to be free nor for every American.  And the sheep cheered.  He took Bill Clinton’s free phones, put his name on them and guess what?  The sheep cheered.  He got a peace prize for not being Bush and in case he did something.  The sheep cheered.

He allowed union GM workers to keep their jobs, the non-union workers lost everything including their pensions and a lot of those jobs moved overseas.  And still the sheep cheered.  SEALS killed a CIA agent posing as bin Laden and once again the sheep cheered for the dictator.

Silly sheep.  Shearing time will be soon and those not of the collective will be gathered up and done away with.  More than likely those sheep will still cheer.

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26 Feb 2013

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February 26th, 2013 Posted 10:33 am

I realize most people don’t see or feel UN Agenda 21 around them but it is there.  Total control doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes its sweet but damaging time to invade.  Ovomitcare is part.  Already the premiums are doubling and are expected to quadruple.  Jobs are being lost because it’s cheaper to pay the fine than insure employees.  Can’t fault the employers as they are in the business of making money and not the business of insurance.  Don’t forget it was insurance companies that wrote ovomitcare.

Let’s look at Virginia.  The personal property taxes have just risen 23%.  A new wholesale gas tax has gone into place that will lead to higher gas prices at the fuel pumps.  The state sales tax has gone up.  New car title taxes are up 43%.  Vending machine taxes, heavy equipment taxes, commercial taxes, hotel taxes, hybrid vehicle taxes and diesel fuel taxes have also risen.

Payroll taxes raised on those making as little as $22,000/year.  Good thing the dictator promised taxes wouldn’t be going up.  oops.

DHS is releasing illegals instead of deporting them as required by laws already on the books.  Divers licenses for illegals are being given out.  They have a pink strip on them.  Will they be required to buy vehicle insurance?  No one has said.  That would be called racist.  Must not upset the poor little victims.  Poor little criminals.

Orange County, Florida has a wireless house.  Woo hoo!  Now single mommy can watch over her children and the house while she is away.  I wonder who else is watching besides the CIA, DHS, FBI and all others with the know-how.  If those tiny drones aren’t for surveillance of citizens then for just what are those expensive toys being used?

We fail to take in the rest of the world.  We are so busy with our own lives on a daily basis that we forget about other people.  India has children as young as 5 years old working in the coal mines.  State officials claim they have no child labor problems.  They have laws against child labor but they have no problem not enforcing them.

Children along with any surviving parents are living in caves to escape the killings and drones in Syria.  They cannot cross the borders.  Our dictator just loves all the children of the world.  He can just keep washing the blood of innocents off his hands and authorize more drone attacks at his weekly kill meetings.  He rarely goes to the daily national security meetings but you can bet he is at the kill meetings.  It’s called eugenics.  I prefer to call it by its real name – murder.

Agenda 21 also involves our food.  Starve the people and then shoot them when they revolt.  Worked out really well for the French, right Marie Antoinette?  Places in Florida are trying to get rid of home gardens.  Monsanto has taken over 400 American farmers to court claiming their genetically mutated seeds drifted over onto the farms from the wind.  Those are the seeds where the crops can’t reproduce because the new seeds are sterile.  Those are the seeds that cause insects that feed on the plants to die.  Monsanto is involved with so many brand name foods.  Besides the listeria and hormones in poultry, there is also arsenic in the chicken feed.  Yummy.

The levels of ethanol in gas is going to rise even though mechanics have been saying for years that it damages the vehicles engines.  Must get rid of all vehicles except the gas guzzling, armored vehicles and jets for the dictator, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore and other globalists and elites.

China has ordered the dictator to disarm American citizens.  Makes it easier for their take-over.  People aren’t being allowed to rebuild after hurricanes or huge storms.  Only businesses and wealthy.  Can’t rebuild Detroit for people to live in single-family homes.  Must save the planet!  Sure.  Right.  Okay.

So you see, UN Agenda 21 is all around us.  Alabama said NO!  It is outlawed from their state.  I say NO!.  Will others?  Will others before it is too late?  I hope so.

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25 Feb 2013

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February 25th, 2013 Posted 10:02 pm

China demands that ovomit wage war on American citizens to get our guns.  Wow.  Once disarmed, China says they will help with the rest of the disarmament.  China does own us to the extent that the beloved dictator will kiss their butt to appease them.

Eric Holder said years ago the American citizens needed to be brainwashed about guns.

Ovomit, Holder, Hillary, Feinstein, Piglosi and so many others are traitors to the United States of America.

God bless our veterans.  They are not terrorists.  This corrupt government is the true terrorists and threat to us.

DOJ agrees with the NRA that assault weapons cause very little of the number of murders.  So, the DOJ’s reasoning is to outlaw and confiscate all guns.  Talk about retards.

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24 Feb 2013

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February 24th, 2013 Posted 10:56 am

We live in a society of stupidity, greed and lust for power.  I see women who can’t think for themselves.  Any “movement” and they jump right on it.  The same goes for men.  Facts don’t matter.  Research is rarely part of the equation.  History continues to repeat itself because so many fail to learn it.

No sooner had the last election taken place that the headlines were screaming how it’s never too soon to think about 2016.  Nothing good came out of the previous 4 years but there sure was a lot of campaigning going on.

The two parties of evil are not only evil but they are the same.  Americans need to get out of the trance they are in simply because they have a need for “their side” to win.  Doesn’t matter who wins.  We all still lose.

So now we have the popularity contest moving right along.  A lot of voters want Hillary Clinton as president.  Please pass the barf bag.  Why?  Because she is a woman?  Because she is a democrat?  Because she is a democrat and a woman?  Is that the best people can come up with?  We have already had every first that needs to be.  Yes, even a woman as president.

Edith Bolling Gait Wilson, second wife of Woodrow Wilson became the “secret” president of the United States from 1915 – 1921.  Everything went through her to her husband after he suffered a stroke.  She did it for love of her husband and love of her country.  Don’t make the mistake of taking this lightly.  We haven’t had a decent leader of our country in many, many years.  We need an American who will put America and American citizens first.  One who will not ever sell us as slaves to the UN and the New World Order.  One who will tell the truth whether good or bad.

Which brings us to a traitor to America, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  She has worked hard over the years to make sure the United Nations has control over America.  She has worked hard and openly for Agenda 21 to be implemented here is the states.  Many speeches on youtube verifies this.  But let’s just keep covering that bit of facts up like Benghazi.  After all, what does it matter.  It matters because the Ambassador wanted out of the gun running going on.  The same weapons that disappeared and then reappeared later.  Sounds like Fast and Furious.  It matters because cries for help went unheeded.  It matters because 4 Americans were tortured and then slaughtered because you did not care, Hillary.  You needed to cover up, again, the wrong you were causing.

While on the subject of the UN and Agenda 21, let’s throw in another traitor to the United States.  Susan Rice.  She is a twin to Hillary.

Speaking of traitors, there is another one just as dangerous as the others.  Janet Napolitano.  How dare she or any other twit declare our veterans as terrorists?  How dare she not enforce current laws when it comes to illegals and the security of our borders?  Not every veteran comes home on psychotropic drugs even though the military shrinks try their best to make it so.  You, Janet Napolitano, and your ilk are the real terrorists right here in America.  The Patriot Act was to make Americans the targets for the likes of you.  You just can’t wait to fill up those FEMA camps with legal, law-abiding American citizens.  You think you are a globalist or an elite?  Think again.  Benedict Arnold thought he was special too.  You’ve purchased enough bullets to shoot every American 5-6 times.  You ordered paper targets, No Hesitation targets, of elderly white men and women, pregnant white women, teenage white girls., white boys and girls.  Why is that?  Why $2 billion to the business from whom you bought those targets?  How come you don’t tell folks you were at Brian Terry’s funeral, gave a eulogy praising the dictator and gave the Terry family a personal letter from the dictator right after the funeral?  How much were you paid extra to keep your mouth shut?  You disgust me.  You should be arrested and brought up on charges of treason and murder just for starters.  You along with Clinton, Rice, Holder, the dictator and so many more.

May God bless our troops.  They have been sent into hell all over the world.  Their thanks?  Total abuse from this very corrupt administration.

The United States of America is on the verge of failing.  We are the last bastion of freedom and liberty.  We either stand up for America and Americans or we let her fall.  I prefer to stand up for America and my fellow citizens.

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22 Feb 2013

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February 22nd, 2013 Posted 9:21 pm

I see there is yet another idea floating around on how to get people to give up their private vehicles.  Florida wants all vehicles equipped with GPS tracking within 5 years to tax the drivers on the miles they travel.  Only on the most traveled, of course.  Right.

The reason given is because so many are now driving fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles.  I thought that was to be a good thing.  Oops.  Less revenue for the roads to be kept in decent condition.  It’s not that I’ve seen them get worse but I just haven’t seen them being repaired as when folks drove the gas guzzlers.  Where is all that money going if not for the roads?I suspect the road tax at the pump is going to stay and the new road tax through the GPS will be added.  It’s to make sure all residents “pay their fair share”.  Baloney.  Check out how well that works in Japan where it is already being used.  You get fined caught driving when your GPS is out of funds.  The GPS or transponders can be read by the signs on major roads and tells you how much is about to be stolen…err…taken out of your “account” as you go through.

Minnesota and Oregon are already in the testing stage and Nevada and Washington are looking into doing the same thing.  With Agenda 21 only the globalists and elite will keep their vehicles, jets, etc.  They are exempt from the very taxes and fines the slaves of the world have to pay.

If I choose to not have a GPS on my vehicle, will I be refused gas at the pumps?  If I take the back roads to my destination, how soon before even those are included in the taxes?  Remember, our elected representatives do our thinking and voting for us so we don’t have to think about anything that matters when it comes to our own money.  After all, they do think it is their money.

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21 Feb 2013

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February 21st, 2013 Posted 2:37 pm

I really don’t feel much empathy for the women who fell for the republican “War on Women” propagandized by the democrats, liberals and others.  Perhaps they feel their right to having no personal responsibility and having others pay for it is God-given.  Can’t be that considering at the democrat national convention God was denied three times.  I seem to remember a man named Peter denied Christ three times a very long time ago.

I wish women and men would glance the entire world over to see the real war on women.  Women far more than men are targeted by vaccines.  Vaccines for Malaria for women in the third world helped with the $10 million Bill Gates donated to the Copenhagen university.  Only women and only those of fertile age.  Men don’t get Malaria?

There are campaigns for testing of HIV only for pregnant women.  Men don’t get HIV?

Some states in America have mandatory HPV vaccines for young girls just entering puberty.  HPV might cause cervical cancer.  It also might not.  This vaccine is not proven to not cause sterility.  Time will tell.  I guess we shouldn’t dwell on the fact that males are the carrier of the HP virus.  To the parents of these girls who force their young daughters to have this vaccine – I hope you really didn’t have your hearts set on being grandparents.  It might not happen.  I hope you tell your daughters why they are infertile. No need for any explanation for the girls who have died from the vaccine.  After all, Bill Gates likes vaccines and says that is the way to depopulation.  He’s such a silly globalist.  So do not grieve.  Just take comfort that you have helped advance Agenda 21’s program.

Back in the 1950’s in policy papers of the Rockefeller family came the population movement.  Around the same time as women’s lib, in 1974 Henry Kissinger had a National Security Study Memorandum about “the consequences of the global population growth for the US security and overseas interests”.  It called for urgent measures to be taken to reduce fertility.  This memo recommended zero growth rate in developed countries by 1985 and zero growth rate in lesser developed countries by 2000.  It also called for abortions, birth control, day care and other things.  Does not matter if you are a responsible person with a mate who is willing to share parenting with you.  Not your choice anymore.  Day care.  No need to stay home and raise your children.  The government will do that [and more] so you can get back to work.

In the 1950’s John D Rockefeller said all vaccines should have mercury in them.  Not the planet and not the car but the poisonous, highly-toxic waste product.  Mercury impedes in fertility and than there is the case of more mercury = more autism.  More mercury = more diabetes.

Despite the fact that around 70% of all Tetanus cases occurred in men, the WHO [World Health Organization] went into the third world nations and vaccinated only women.  Women between the ages of 14 to 44 years of age. The vaccines were mixed with hCG [growth hormone found during pregnancy].  This causes the body to produce antibodies to both the Tetanus and hCG.  No hCG?  No more fetus.  These vaccination campaigns were performed in Nicaragua, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania and the Philippines on millions of women.  Millions.

Here in the States we have the free free free ovomitcare.  We give thanks and praise to the dictator.  In Oregon children at age 15 can get free sterilization without their parents’ permission.  A vasectomy can be performed in a doctor’s office.  A tubal ligation is performed in a hospital because it is considered major surgery.  Fear not, parents.  It’s FREE!  I’m sure each and every 15 year old fully understands all that the paperwork says.  They are all so competent, knowledgeable and mature.   Still can’t speak English?  A translator will be provided.

The grand and glorious Kathleen Sebelius  has stated, “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception”.

Perhaps I should mention that the pregnant women in Mexico who were given the Tetanus vaccine were not told it would kill their babies.  Let us rejoice and be glad for the vaccine has been patented as a “birth control vaccine”.  Same thing happened in 2004 with the UNICEF-sponsored polio vaccine in Nigeria.

So to all who fell for the phony war on women, party on.  The real War on Women has been underway for many years and will continue.

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20 Feb 2013

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February 20th, 2013 Posted 6:53 pm

I do not like the public education system in America.  There are too many bad teachers versus good.  Too many lazy teachers versus hard working.  Same goes for parents, administration and school boards.  The solution in Florida is to throw another $2700 at them.  Why not.  After all there were the countless ones having weekend get-togethers to correct the FCAT papers so the scores improved.

Texas is using a program called CSCOPE in 80% of the schools.  Is it legal?  The Senate Education Committee is investigating.  Come on, Texas.  You are better than this.

CSCOPE is modeled after the dictator’s Common Core Curriculum.  Common Core Curriculum is promoted by the education adviser to the dictator who just happens to be associated with Communist Bill Ayers and some Marxist guy.

Do the parents have access to view the CSCOPE lessons?  NO.

Do the students have math and science books?  No.

Everything is to be done on the internet.  That would be K through 12.  Of course we all know that all families across the entire country have computers and the internet.  They don’t?  Wow.  Well, then all students can read, comprehend and use their thinking process to find the necessary materials, right?  No again?  Parents who can read, comprehend, think and help?  Oh mercy.  We are so doomed as a nation.

Some of the information is incorrect, some plagiarized, some lessons show no respect to our American patriots.

In some of the high schools there are lessons in Social Studies, World History.  These include “The American Muslim Experience”, “Islam: Beliefs and Practices”, “Muhammad’s’ Example in Action” and “Women and Islam”.  That deserves a big WOW.  Can’t give a Bible to a student.  Students can’t wear any religious symbols but they are taught about Islamism.  I wonder what’s next.  Prayer rugs?

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19 Feb 2013

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February 19th, 2013 Posted 1:04 pm

I put together an interesting timeline on Fast and Furious.

14 Dec 2010 – Brian Terry was killed.

22 Dec 20190 – Brian Terry’s funeral was held.    Before the funeral started the Terry family had a phone call from    the dictator while they were at the funeral home.  During one of  the eulogies for Brian Terry it was Janet Napolitano who talked and praised the dictator.  After the funeral the same Napolitano gave the Terry family a hand-written letter from the dictator.

Feb 2011 – Sharyl Atkisson of CBS broke the story on Fast and Furious.  She received two phone calls.  One was from the Justice Department who screamed and cussed at her.  The other phone call was from Eric  Shultz of the White House [at the time] who just yelled at her.

12 Jun 2012 – NBC finally talked briefly about Fast and Furious.

At some point in time Eric Holder sent an apology e-mail to a sister of Brian Terry.  Not a letter.  An e-mail.  Not to his parents or the whole family but a sister.

If you have ever watched any of the tapes during the Congressional hearing on this then you have seen quite a song and dance.  No answers are directly answered.

The dictator said he first heard of Fast and Furious from the news.  And yet he called the Terry family the day of the funeral and had sent a personal letter with the head of The Motherland Security.  Oops.  Quite a huge lie.

Eric Holder can’t quite remember his own name but he’s in charge.

A lot of the papers concerning Fast and Furious were redacted [blacked-out].  Thousands were requested by Congress.  Hundreds were given.  Eric Holder runs to daddy to hide behind his skirts through executive privilege.  I thought that only protected a president.  But then we have a dictator who takes us to wars because the UN and NATO tell him to do so.  When is Congress going to grow a pair and tell the dictator that they and not the dictator, the UN and NATO  have the authority to put us into war?  Bush II went to Congress for military action in Iraq and Congress voted overwhelmingly yes.  If I am not mistaken, the democrats held the majority then.  It is so hard to remember since both parties are the same.

I must write a little bit on a most disturbing thing I was told.  A couple I know who are very dear to me were told by their doctor that they are “expendable”.  I don’t know if he was mocking ovomitcare or truly buys into that crap.  No human being should ever be deemed as expendable by any person on this planet.  This is our future, folks.

I read the bill before it was signed.  I saw the death panels [bureaucrats who are nothing more than money crunchers], the micro-chips and many other horrors.  The day of the vote another 300 pages were added.  Anyone wanting to read these new pages were allowed to do so but they had to leave the floor in order to do it.  That meant they would miss the vote.  Since virtually nobody had read the just under 2,000 pages anyway, why read 300 more now?  I couldn’t believe it actually passed.  And the sheep cheered.  Free everything for all!  Such a victory.  “Must pass it to see what is in it”.  It is now at least 2700 pages long.

If you need a scooter because you can’t walk, you must rent it for a year.  Okay, that’s not quite free.  After age 65 there is no lasik eye surgery.  After a certain age there are no mammograms.  Premiums have doubled and are expected to quadruple in a few short years.  Bureaucrats, not doctors, will decide what and if you will receive as far as treatment and tests.  Selling your house?  That’s going to cost you another 3.something %.  Each doctor visit will cost another $1 to go into the pension funds of government workers.  Don’t buy enough insurance?  The IRS will be contacting you.  Don’t even but the insurance?  No doctor will see you.  No hospital will treat you.

This un-affordable monstrosity was never going to include all citizens.  I think it was around 20 million citizens.  I don’t ever recall seeing the reason.  But now the IRS is saying that 7 million are being priced out of affording this.  The over 20 million who are awaiting their welcome package by illegally immigrating will also be included in ovomitcare.  Round the number up to 50 million.  If The United States of America has just over 300 million people, let’s put heads of households at around 100 million.  Close to 50% of families are on food stamps. With more jobs being lost and more still being shipped overseas, I have to ask, who is going to pay for this and for how long until there is a total meltdown?  When the citizens are bankrupted there is no more money the government can take.  All will be forced onto the system and the take-over is complete.

And the sheep will go “baa”.  “Wait.  What do you mean I am expendable?  Our dear leader loves us.  See?  I have several free phones.  Where are you taking me?”  The ride to the FEMA camps will be taken in those luxurious cattle cars with the padded seats and shackles mounted on the floor for your feet.  Don’t worry; there are vents on the sides for air.  Thinking of resisting?  Hoping your neighbor who used to own his legal weapons is going to come to your rescue?  Think again.  He has been disarmed because you wanted him to not have a second amendment for protection against tyranny.  So go ahead and resist.  It will either be a shot to your head or a drone.  After all, Al Sharpton gleefully said they have drones on their side.

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18 Feb 2013

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February 18th, 2013 Posted 3:07 pm

Just for a little fun copy/paste the following.  It is an audio/visual of Lord Bertrand Russell’s book “The Impact of Science on Society”, written 1952.  Looks like a blueprint for today.  No wonder college graduates have the same level of knowledge as they did in high school.


This next one is”An Introduction to Agenda 21″ with Lord Monckton.


I need to pay closer attention to the start of next year’s flu season.  Does it really start when the flu shots are given? I wish folks would realize that the nasal spray one has the live virus in it and is sent directly into the mucus membrane.  My first and only flu shot made me ill.  Never again.  Why would I ever want a shot for a flu that was patented by Bayer two years before it ever showed up?

Oh, North Carolina, what have you done?  Why are the police training with military drones?  Why are the police who are participating in these drills taking steroids?  Why is this to be not held at checkpoints to take the arms of citizens but at the homes of gun owners to confiscate everything?

Why is your governor one of the tyrant’s chosen for the Council of Governors?  For those who are unaware, the United States under Martial Law is to be divided into 10 sections each with its own governor.  The map is easily found on the internet.  So much for the sovereignty of our 50 states.  Military drones to be used on American citizens on American soil.  Without warrants.  The crime?  For possessing legal firearms provided us by the Second Amendment in The Bill of Rights under The Constitution.

I wonder what false flag will be used?  Will it be the economy crashing?  Perhaps another Waco or OK City bombing or even another 9/11.  Whatever gets the people to panic.  But, Congress makes the laws.  But, the police serve and protect us.  But nothing my little chickadee.  The tyrant can declare martial law any time he wishes.  He is but a mere puppet willing to do his masters bidding.  Have you forgotten about the Patriot Act?   NDAA?  How about that cute little bit about if you don’t agree with the tyrant you are the “enemy”.  Must remember how INTERPOL not only has immunity here in America but has authority over our police.

Sometimes I think the tyrant does fit the description of the anti-Christ.  But lately I am reminded more of Pontius Pilate.  Must wash the blood from your hands and let others do the dirty work.  Which brings me to rendition and torture.  When asked about rendition and torture, Hillary Clinton said “We don’t use those words anymore”.  Of course not but that doesn’t mean it has stopped.  GITMO was closed.  Right?  Oh, wait.  No, it wasn’t.  No more torture.  Right?  Hard to tell since everything is so “top secret” and “classified”.  It’s the extraordinary rendition you need to watch out for.  That’s when the bag goes over your head, you are tossed into a plane.  You arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia or Afghanistan.  These are where the torture camps are.  Their military and the CIA are in charge.  Please never get on any plane.  Get in the plane if you must.  It’s safer that way.

One last thing for this morning.  Why is Australia spraying illegal poisons on the wetlands?  Wouldn’t it be safer to either burn the poisonous weeds or gather them up wearing protective clothing and gloves?  At least that would be less expensive and legal.

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